tagGroup SexGood Friends and Good Times

Good Friends and Good Times


It started out a normal night with just nice casual dinner with their friends John and Sherry. A few drinks at a local bar and a few hours later back to John and Sherry's house. Things seemed to be winding down until Sherry said three little words.

"Boy, I'm horny," Sherry exclaimed. That simple phrase set off a firestorm of activity in the up until recently neat and tidy living room.

Steve and his wife Kim brushed it off as Sherry being Sherry. Never one to filter her thoughts they figured that they better be packing up to leave so Sherry and John could handle their business. Before they could move, John darted across the room and took Sherry into his arms. He kissed her deeply. Steve could see their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouth occasionally tangling in a passionate knot. Steve looked at Kim with his eyes wide and jaw dropped.

"Well I didn't expect that," he whispered to his wife.

Kim looked just as surprised as she said, "Come one, let's get out of here so they can do what they need to do."

They wanted to leave but Steve and Kim were still fixated on what was happening in front of them. They both watched as John ran his hands up and down Sherry's body. He pulled her leg up to his waist and rubbed the outside of her thighs. Still locked in what seemed to be an infinite kiss, Sherry moaned with pleasure just loud enough for Steve and Kim to hear. Steve turned to Kim just as she blushed, the alcohol was affecting them both now and he gave her a look that said "we should try that." Kim immediately shot back a disapproving look. Still, Steve leaned in to kiss her.

As John and Sherry had before Steve and Kim meet in a deep and passionate kiss. Unlike John and Sherry's, Steve and Kim kissed in short but fervent bursts. Steve held her head and pulled it closer and closer to his as they kissed. Looking up for a brief moment Steve saw John had already removed Sherry's shirt was going to work on her bra. Steve watched with great interest as he'd always wondered what her tits looked like. He'd imagined many times. They had all been friends for many years. They had been to many swimming parties, dinners out, and just simple nights in together. As John released the last clasp, Steve took in a breath as he witnessed Sherry's perfectly round and full breasts spill out.

Steve's breath of surprise drew Kim's attention and as she pulled away from him she saw John gorging on Sherry's exposed breasts. Taking each nipple into his mouth he gently pulled with his teeth making Sherry moan even louder with pleasure.

Kim turned and looked at Steve and said, "Well don't just stand there suck on MY tits."

With mischievous smile, Steve was quick to oblige, he wasted no time removing both Kim's shirt and bra and he pinched both her nipples in his hands. He ran them down the side of her tits and back around brushing her nipples.

John and Sherry pulled away from each other just in time to see Steve and Kim going at it. They smiled at each other as the realized that their plan was working. They had both always wanted to be in group sex scenario. They never felt comfortable trying to find strange couples in bars nor did they want to swing. They just wanted to be around another couple while having sex.

John slipped Sherry's skirt down to the floor and placed her gently on loveseat. Surprised to find she wasn't wearing panties, he smiled and kissed her again. He pried her legs a part and took a look at her already moist pussy. It glistened in the light from the room beckoning him near. He obliged and took clit into his mouth.

Moaning louder now, Sherry felt him flick his tongue against her clit.

"You taste so good," John said as he ran his tongue up and down the length of her pussy enjoying her taste.

She felt his hot breath on her all ready warm labia has he stroked his tongue up and down in a rapid fashion. Sherry began to lose control of her body. She grabbed John by the hair and shoved is face even further between her legs. She began wiggling as he licked faster and faster. Finally, she came. Thrashing about, legs shaking, she screamed in ecstasy.

"Oh fuck," she screamed. "Eat it, fucking eat it, yes!"

This commotion got Steve and Kim's attention. Not to be out done, Kim reached over and grabbed Steve's belt. She quickly undid it, unbuckled his pants and pulled out his engorged cock. She got of the couch kneeled in front of him and took the length of his dick into her mouth. She learned long ago how to suppress her gag reflex much to the delight of Steve. She took him out of her mouth and began licking the tip. Circling around the throbbing head, she was sure to flick her tongue underneath the sensitive ridges of his head. At the same time, Kim gently squeezed his testicles creating a most pleasurable dichotomy of pleasure and pain. Again, she took him into her mouth. Steve looked up from this action to see that Sherry had done the same with John. He smiled at John, and he back as they both realized the scenario that was about to unfold.

Having Kim giving Steve the most amazing head would have been enough on any other night to get Steve ready to go, but the added action of John and Sherry ignited a desire in Steve he hadn't feel in a long time. He pulled Kim off of his member and stood her up in front him. Leaning up from the couch he unbuttoned her pants, removed them, and gazed at his wife's near naked body. He was ready to fuck, but first he wanted a taste. He wanted to know how all this was affecting her. Pulling her moistened panties aside, he was happy to see that she felt the same way. Slipping a finger inside, he found ample moisture for the fucking to come, but he leaned forward and gently licked her. Her legs gently spasamed as her clit finally felt what it had desired.

Steve removed her panties, tossed them aside and pulled her close. Putting her knees on the couch, she straddled him. Not wanting to waste another moment, Steve thrusted into her. They groaned in ecstasy. Steve felt her silky and wet pussy surrounding his rock hard cock. Kim bucked towards him riding up and down his cock. She felt every inch of it being thrust into her.

"Fuck me hard," she said rolling into him. "I want them to see me cum."

Thrust after thrust, she dug her nails into Steve's back. He squeezed her sides harder and harder as he neared orgasm. With increasing breaths, she climbed off of him just in time to prevent him from cumming.

"Not yet. I wanna taste your cock," she said coyly taking him into her mouth to clean her own juices.

While Steve and Kim had been going at, John and Sherry had been busy as well. Sherry was bent over the arm of the couch, her round and perky ass in the air. John had mounted her from behind and was ramming into her with as much force as he could muster. She took each of his deep thrusts with a gasp.

John grabbed her hair and pulled it back toward him. Sherry responded with louder grunts of ecstasy. She felt like she might cum again. Her breathing grew more shallow as John's pace and depth increased. She felt his cock taking all she could give.

"Fuck me" she pleaded, "please make me cum."

She squeezed around him as he thrusted in and out. Her pussy flashed white hot and then began to spasm. As the orgasm moved from her pussy and past her clit, she felt it rush up her spine.

Again, unable to control her self, Sherry screamed in pleasure "yes, yes, ohhhhhhh yes."

John looked back at Kim and Steve smiling as if to say "your turn."

Steve turned Kim onto the couch facing him. He pulled her to the edge and put her legs on his shoulders. He slowly entered her waiting for her to moan. She did so, breathlessly, as she realized exactly how wet she was. Kim and Steve had sex many times before with varying degrees of intensity but the naughtiness of onlookers, and the added voyeuristic pleasure of seeing John and Sherry turned her on like never before. Steve leaned into her and began taking long, deep, and slow strokes.

Kim, looked up at him and said "Just fuck me. Give me what got. I want you to make me cum."

Steve smiled and pulled her closer to the edge of the couch.

Now at the exact same height, Steve knew he could get the G-spot. He thrusted into her with force she had never felt. They simultaneously moaned as she felt the length of him fill her soaking wet pussy. She took him in and at each stroke he rubbed her G-spot. Time and time again he pushed himself into her. Steve, now heavily breathing was doing pretty well himself. He looked down at his wife, disheveled hair, mouth agape, screaming in pleasure.

"Fuck me, fuck my pussy, make me cum, make me cum," she screamed between breaths.

Soon she did. She drew in a breath in anticipation of the coming orgasm. Her pussy contracted around his still thrusting cock. She released her breath with a scream of ecstasy. "Ohhhhhh fuck!"

Steve couldn't hold it any longer either. He felt his cock begin to throb as he sent shot after shot deep into Kim's pussy. He continued thrusting until he was spent. Panting he pulled out her and sat next to Kim on the couch. He kissed her, passionately. As they pulled away they suddenly remembered where they were and what had been happening.

John and Sherry had begun fucking again. This time John sat on the couch and Sherry squatted onto his cock facing out. Bouncing her ass up and down his cock, he knew it would be long before he came. Feeling the burn in her legs, Sherry increased her pace. Stroke after stroke she took is dick into her. She squeezed around it ever time she came up and every time John, moaned.

"Oh fuck yeah," he said, "faster, faster!"

Sherry increased her pace so that even faster she ground her self into his now throbbing cock. John let out a shout as he began cumming into her.

"Yessssssssss," he shouted as she sat on his dick one last time.

He emptied himself into her. Sherry slowly got up and let his cum dribble out onto his still hard cock. She kneeled down and licked every bit of it off. With a satisfying smile, she kissed John and sat beside him.

The couples stared at each other, at first in awkward silence. However, just as it had begun Sherry was the first to speak.

"Well that was fun," she said with a smile.

They all shared a laugh and brushed away the awkwardness. They were after all good friends.

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