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Good Friends Make Better Lovers


(This is one of my first submissions in over seven months. Thank you to hissub1111 for the idea. As always, please vote and let me know what you think. )

To say my friend Chrissy was a dime would be an insult. Oh my fucking God, where could I begin? To start with, she's a natural brunette. I will share how I found that out later. Anyway, she is also very curvy. She's the kind of curvy you dream of when you fantasize about huge breasts and a nice ass. Does she have flaws? She thinks she does, yet I disagree with her. She complains about her thighs and her hair and her hips. Every time she does, I just drool thinking about how I'd make her forget about that.

Except that Chrissy is married to my best friend James. Now James is cool. He married Chrissy back a few years ago. I was a groomsman just because his little brother was best man. You should have seen Chrissy in her wedding dress. Talk about drool worthy. She was even cool with him putting his Xbox in the bedroom.

So the events I am about to describe happened a few months ago. It turns out that Chrissy wanted to surprise James with a few presents and somehow I got chosen to be her chauffeur. Not a bad gig you would think. As I picked Chrissy up from her house, she wore a pair of sweat pants and a large T-shirt.

Now ladies, let me make a very strong point with you. I am a guy. This means that I am subject to certain limitations when it comes to imagining the naughty things about you that I am. Simply put, if you put on loose clothing thinking that I am not going to perv on the body you are hiding under those clothes, you are sadly mistaken. I remembered the wedding dress she wore and how much of a great set of C cup breasts the top of the dress attempted to conceal. I also remember a few times going to the beach and seeing her hips concealed by the red bikini bottoms she wore. I already had her body as much as I could see pictured and imagined. So in English, the loose clothing could not hide her from me.

Our first stop was Victoria's Secret. As I parked the car, Chrissy looked at me and gave me a short kiss on the lips. I was stunned before she started talking.

"Nick, I have a special request of you. What's your favorite color?"

This had me stunned. Then Chrissy unbuckled my seat belt. "Since you don't have an answer, you're coming with me."

I tried to resist. However, I couldn't resist long. So I followed her into the store and started looking around. It was never a previous destination before as we looked around. Soon, she came with three pairs of panties. One was a dark purple. Then there was one that was like a peach colored pair before she showed me a pair of dark navy blue ones. They looked kind of lacey. Sensing that she wanted me to pick, I chose the navy. It was then she teased me again.

"Want to see what they look like?" She then beckoned me towards the changing room and had me sit in a chair in front of the door. As I sat there, she walked in behind the door and yelled that she'd be ready in a moment. I was stunned again. A few moments later, she cracked the door open and showed me what her ass looked like in them. It turns out the panties I chose were boy shorts. As she blew me a kiss, I could feel my cock hardening under my khaki shorts.

She then appeared dressed back in her sweatpants and walked with me to the counter. As I wondered where the panties went, she gave the cashier the tag from the boy shorts. The cashier knew what that meant even though I was clueless. It wasn't until we left the store that I looked over.

"Chrissy, where's the panties?" She looked at me and gave me a naughty grin.

"Nick, do you really not know where they are?" She then pulled down the waist of her sweat pants and I saw a glimpse of the boy shorts underneath. Before I had the chance to ask, she responded, "I normally don't wear panties when I go out on a date."

"This is a date?" I asked.

"Sure, silly. I had to take you out to get everything for our date with James tonight." I tried to remember if he asked me about it before she took me in her arms and stretched up to my face to kiss me. This kiss was a little deeper and when I opened my eyes, she looked at me with a naughty glint in her eye.

"Nick, I am going to take you and James out for dinner. Then I am going to give James his birthday present. I know I should've asked you this earlier...but....can I ask you in the car?"

I nodded my head and we got into the car before I drove away from the store. I decided that we should go somewhere private so she could talk without the fear of being watched. As I pulled into the parking lot of the local mall, she began to speak slowly.

"Nick, I know how you look at me. I know how you fantasize about me after you met me because you talk a ton when you are drunk. I heard you tell James how much you'd fuck me if you got the chance. You have no idea how wet that made me the last time I heard it. So I found out that James always had this fantasy of watching me fuck another guy. The last time we fucked, I brought it up and he cum so hard.....that's going to be his present tonight, Nick. I want to fuck you in front of your best friend. Will you help me make that fantasy come true?"

Ok, pause right here.

There were two ways to look at this. On one hand, your best friend's wife just asked if you could fuck her in front of your friend. Doesn't it sound like a dream come true? On the other hand, you think about Bro Code and how you're supposed to not covet the guy's wife....blah...blah...blah.... Okay, this is a Lit story which means you know this is fantasy. So since you're having a hard time believing this, just read on.

I looked at her and tried to play it cool.

"Okay, how are we going to do this?" Her response was another deep kiss. I swear Chrissy was either a professional kisser or I was just in dream land. As she pulled back, she looked at me with that playful look in her eyes.

"I need your help picking out an outfit. You are not paying for anything, but I want you to choose an outfit that you're going to love on me."

My turn to speak up. "So I pick out an outfit, you buy it and wear it tonight. Then I fuck you rotten in front of your husband?" She nodded her head. "What about dinner? Or are we doing this at your apartment or somewhere else?"

She looked at me now with a questioning look. "Nick....I...."

"What was the plan to get me into those gorgeous panties of yours?" Again she seemed perplexed.

"I didn't think that far ahead, Nick. I guess...."

"Want me to give you some ideas?" She seemed stunned at the idea, and then she gave me that naughty grin.

"What do you have in mind?"

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready. I kept my hands off of Chrissy because it was only right that we honor James by not fucking prior to his audience. That didn't stop us from kissing at all.

I gave Chrissy instructions to the letter. I chose the outfit. I even called to make reservations at this cabana style restaurant for later that night so that we can make James' fantasy happen. As we headed back to her apartment, I dropped her off with one deeper kiss before telling her what to do. She had that beautiful smile on her face as I drove back to my apartment to change.

I pulled a pair of nice slacks out of the closet as well as a summer style dress shirt. I decided against underwear since I didn't want there to be too many obstacles in the way of her ass. After a shower and trimming my facial hair, I was ready to go pick up my date. I slid into my car and drove back to her apartment.

I knocked on the door and Chrissy called me to come in. I followed the sound until I found her in the bathroom still in her bath. I took the chance to glance down her body and noticed her bush was trimmed. Loved the brown hair until I had a naughty thought.

"Has James ever seen you shaven bare?" The alarm went off.

"Oooohhh you are a naughty one, Nick. Except I need help. Let me get out of the bath and I'll have you help me."

We went into her bedroom as Chrissy walked out bare naked. She then laid a towel on the bed and proceeded to hand me the straight razor. It took a ton of willpower to not bury my face between her thighs at that moment as I applied the shaving cream and started to shave. Chrissy was having a hard time controlling herself also. It wasn't until we finished that I looked down and saw how wet her pussy was. I wiped off the shaving cream residue and then pressed my lips onto her clit just to sample.

Her response was immediate. She let out a loud moan followed by her hands pushing my face deeper into her pussy. I started to trace the alphabet into her pussy while she thrashed about before she went limp. She then looked up at me after a few moments and noticed the bulge in my pants.

"That was so not fair, Nick," Chrissy said as she gave me that naughty glance again. She was getting ready to undo my pants before I reminded her that we had to get her dressed. She immediately smiled prior to sliding off the bed. I watched her as she slipped into the navy boy shorts prior to wrapping the white denim skirt around her hips. She then was ready to grab a bra before I stopped her. She then found a navy sleeveless top and slipped it over her unencumbered breasts. A pair of three inch heels completed the outfit.

She performed a model pirouette in front of me before looking for my approval. It was then I noticed her hair down.

"What about your hair?" Chrissy smiled at me with that naughty grin.

"I'm going to keep it down for now. You inspired me to do a surprise of my own." As I took her hand, we walked to my car where I opened the door to let her in. She then reached up and brought me closer to her lips before she smiled.

"I taste good....just wait til later."

We arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes ahead of the reservation. As we were led to our seats, Chrissy texted James to see about his ETA. As she sipped on her Cosmo, I drank a sweet tea knowing that I was driving. Soon, James showed up. As he looked his wife over, he asked about the outfit.

"Nick picked it out for me, Baby. Do you like it?" James gave me a dirty look.

"Dude, it was her idea. She had me pick. Just relax and celebrate your birthday." James seemed to calm down before he ordered a soda. A few drinks and some nachos later, Chrissy winked at me.

"Chrissy, didn't you want to put your hair up? It's a bit warm out here today." Chrissy took a cue to take a break in the ladies room prior to James leaning over to me.

"Nick, um....I..."

"James, relax. If you want to stop, just say the word. She just asked me this afternoon to help her pick out an outfit. No harm done."

Until Chrissy came out. I saw the hair tie she used and it looked familiar. It was a matching blue to my favorite panties. As she slid back into the booth, I caught a glimpse of her shaven pussy and wondered what James would think. Without missing a beat, Chrissy spoke up.

"Nick that was a wonderful idea. It does feel better having my hair up." I then saw her whisper into James' ear and he turned stark white. She then coyly took his hand and moved it under the table. His shock turned to a wicked gleam of his own as Chrissy moaned quietly. She then looked at me.

"I'm not too hungry, Nick. Should we settle the bill and go out somewhere?" I called for the check and then we all shuffled out to the cars. Chrissy whispered into James' ear again before walking over to me.

"I'm riding with you, Nick. Want to go to the Overlook?"

Pause again.

The Overlook in my part of the world refers to what some would call Lover's Lane or something. It's a spot high up where a couple could get lost in each other while looking over the water.

Press play now.

As we got into the car, I started to pull out of the parking spot before Chrissy started fumbling with my zipper. I tried to protest as she slowly unzipped the zipper and found my lack of underwear.

"I owe you for this afternoon, Nick. This way you don't finish too soon when we get there."

Her head began to slowly lick up and down my shaft while I concentrated as much as I could on the road. It was then that my cell rang. I looked at the display and saw James' name on it. I put it on speaker.

"Nick, is Chrissy doing what I think she is doing?"

She moaned loudly in response before I could answer.

"You have no idea how hot that looks. Where are we going anyway, back to my apartment?"

I was barely able to stutter out our destination before Chrissy hiked her skirt up. It was then I made a last minute decision. I pulled over to the side of the road and James parked right behind me. He walked over to the passenger side and was rewarded with his wife's newly shaven pussy exposed while she sucked my cock.

He opened the door and buried his face between her legs. I felt the moan on my cock as he licked. My hand found the back of her head as I started shoving my cock deeper into her mouth. Chrissy didn't let up as I felt her throat open before I looked at James for permission. By then he looked at me and smiled.

Sensing his wishes, I shot into her mouth all the cum saved up from the day's activities. I watched as Chrissy held her mouth in place, sucking all my seed until the shaft softened in her mouth. One more good suck and Chrissy looked up at me smiling.

"We need to get home," she said before James opened his pants and pulled his cock out.

"No, you need to give the birthday boy a quick present first," I whispered.

Chrissy slid to the edge of the seat and buried her face in his crotch. I watched as James put his hand behind her head as I had done except he undid her hair tie. It was then he and I both noticed the tie was the panties she wore. As he grabbed a handful of hair, I could hear him whispering to her to suck him harder. She seemed to suck him harder until she stopped. I surmised at that point that James finished in her mouth. As she turned to me, she had that smile on her face.

"That wasn't part of the plan, Nick." She gave me a stern look before it melted into that playful grin again.

"Okay, now back to our apartment. We have to finish giving James his present."

We fucked like rabbits that night. Chrissy let me fuck her rotten while James watched or participated. It turned out that Chrissy was an excellent fuck, as if there was a doubt about it. There would be many times during the last few months that Chrissy would have me come over and spend time with her. Of course we kept it on the down low so our buddies had no idea. Perhaps if you like this story, I could share some other times.

By the way, for the trolls out there who want to tear this one apart, get a life.

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