Good Friends: The Mutual Orgasm


They, however, also felt a warmth they hadn't felt before. Not just a physical warmth, also an emotional warmth; a stirring that had never been there before. They both paused. Their eyes fixed on the others. Their mouths were slightly open, lips manipulating the other's lips, and that breathing into the other's mouth. Then, their eyes welled up ever so slightly. The emotion was too much. They were almost crying. With fear? shame? delight? love?

These two women stood there motionless except for the lips of their slightly opened mouths, which gently, ever so slightly, adored the other's lips. Then, suddenly, and this time completely in unison, both women slid the middle finger of their right hand back and forth across the slick vaginal lips of the other woman.

"Mmmmmmggggghhhh" was the mutual moan that emanated from both of them, mouth to mouth.

After just a few swipes, moisture escaped each of them. LeAnn appreciated the small, tight labia of Laura's pussy. Laura, in turn, was taken aback by the ample and swollen labia of LeAnn's pussy. Without speaking, they realized, and giggled a little, at the contrary nature of their lips. After that little giggle, both women simultaneously thrust their middle finger deep into the welcoming cavity. The thrusts were fierce enough to force the knuckles of the remaining fingers up against the puffy lips.

"Oooouuugggghhhh" was again a mutual grunt that emanated from both of them, mouth to mouth.

Instinctively, they spread their legs a little to afford better access to their intimate parts. Immediately, each finger eased in a bit further. Both women curled their finger slightly and began rubbing that special place on the front wall of the pussy. Knees weakened. Respitory systems gasped. Inner walls constricted. Laura actually sucked the air out of LeAnn's mouth! Not completely, of course.

Laura realized she was getting a little better access to LeAnn than LeAnn to her because she was wearing jeans. She wiggled her hips to try to get them to loosen and scrunch down a little. No success. She let go of LeAnn's breast and hurriedly pulled her jeans maybe an inch or so and then franticly shoved her hand back under her best friend's blouse and lovingly squeezed the object of her attention. Making sure she had that wonderfully thick nipple between two of her fingers to ensure she could adore it.

"Thank you honey," LeAnn whispered.

"No, thank you," Laura responded.

And, of course, both were speaking into the other's mouth as to not drastically disrupt the kiss. LeAnn was now able to worm her hand a little further. The breathing of both women accentuated the enhaling. Listening to the light, feminine grunting in the others exhales, succeeded in heightening the stimulation for both. This little rendezvous was certainly more than kissing (but those lips, those eyes...). If we were still in high school, would we call it "making out"? But it wasn't that rushed, fumbling and stumbling effort to orgasm that epitomizes high school make out sessions. This felt relaxed; and aroused; and emotional; and stimulated; and romantic all rolled up. It felt like the objective wasn't to achieve an orgasm. It felt like the objective was to become closer and connect emotionally. Was all the rest just an added bonus?

Laura couldn't believe the electricity of it all. Every touch point was shooting with sparks. Her nipple was rigid and extremely sensitive. Every time LeAnn squeezed her little breast and pinched her long nipple, Laura arched her back into it and exhaled that cute, little, feminine grunt. Laura was amazed at the length and strength of LeAnn's middle finger. It seemed to reach way up inside her, the inner reaches physically and emotionally where no one had ever been. Laura felt her vagina constricting around LeAnn's finger as it sensually stroked her. When LeAnn felt the constrictions, her eyes widened and she smiled. There was nothing at all frantic about the stroking. It was a slow caressing. When LeAnn would pull her finger to circle her outer lips, she felt them squeeze to hold her in. Laura's pussy was on fire. And to Laura's surprise, it was entirely without even making any contact with her ignored clitoris! It throbbing and screaming, But Leann was making sure her hand was curved in a manner that she wasn't touching it. It was then that Laura realized that she, also, was careful not to make any contact with LeAnn's clit. The greatest amount of electricty, however, was generated through their mouths. One may have thought that it might have grown to be redundant or boring after 20 minutes. Hardly. The mutual exploration of each other's mouth was still new and exciting.

LeAnn felt that same unbelievable electricity; the same throbbing. Laura's hand, a little smaller, didn't come close to enclosing LeAnn's sizable breast. If it wasn't covered by a blouse, the sight would have looked very exciting... a smaller hand caressing a larger breast, but the breast overpowering the hand on both sides. And a nipple, as thick as the thumb, and just as hard, clearly protruding through the fingers. The greatest distinction between the two women may be, however, the sheer size of LeAnn's pussy. Laura was gaining a small, and not yet full, appreciation for this. LeAnn's labia were visible; puffy, if not swollen, even when she wasn't physically stimulated. As Laura reached for LeAnn's inner being with her middle finger, the rest of her hand felt the largeness of her outer lips. Laura was not shocked, but certainly well surprised. Little did Laura know what surprise was in store for her when she would first encounter LeAnn's clitoris.

Both women were at a precarious state of sexual arousal; extremely close to the edge. When either sensed the other was 'too close', she would back off enough as not to push the other overe the edge. It had been roughly 45 minutes since their lips first met. Laura had never been sexually aroused for this long before. It was certainly a new experience for her. LeAnn somehow knew what to do to keep her at that heightened level. Her nipple and vagina were both a wonderfully type of sore that she had seldom felt. And they were still kissing me and Laura wanted that to never stop.

Finally, LeAnn became motionless. Both hands remained where they were. Laura's eyes opened a little more in surprise. Her hands held still in response. Laura did notice that there was a mild suction in LeAnn vagina pulling on her finger. It was delightful. Then in a meek, schoolgirl voice, LeAnn whispered (into Laura's mouth)

"Honey, I have to get to work soon"

"Uh okay" Laura was almost shocked and certainly disappointed. She began to pull herself away slowly.

"Not so fast. I want to finish. We need to finish. Don't you want to?"

"I don't want to rush it though."

"Oh sweetie, you have me so close, it won't take much."

"Me too." Laura smiled. "I want us to slowly go over the cliff together."

"Me too." LeAnn smiled. "ever so slowly and then free fall."

LeAnn then slowly eased her tongue into Laura's mouth for really the first time. Laura mouth felt so full. She sucked it in further. LeAnn opened her mouth and allowed Laura to take as much as she could. For some reason, Laura found this to be extemely erotic. She arched her back and pushed her hips into LeAnn's capable hands. Laura was entranced with this invasion into her mouth. She felt as if she was being controlled by it. She wanted to mutually fall over the cliff, as she ever so cutely put it. But she did want to be controlled by it, by the situation, by LeAnn. Laura wanted to be LeAnn's.

LeAnn felt herself being sucked into Laura's mouth. She tilted her head slightly to allow her as much as she wanted. She thought to herself if we aren't careful, we could be here another 15 minutes. Hoping Laura would follow her lead, began to take them over the cliff. LeAnn pulled on Laura's nipple with her thumb and forefinger.

"Oooooooooo" Laura squealed around Leann's tongue.

As desired, Laura followed suit, still utterly amazed at the thickness of LeAnn's nipple. It felt like another finger to her. Laura's arm was still restrained by LeAnn's blouse; and LeAnn's by Laura's blouse. They were, however, successful in pulling and extending their nipples quite far. Why hadn't they removed their clothing or at least their shirts? Was it because they were ashamed? Terribly nervous? Laura thought to herself. She finally realized it was because she wanted this first time to be tender, innocent, shy. Laura was hoping that LeAnn had similar thoughts.

LeAnn, subconsciously worrying about getting to work, wiggled her middle finger a little faster against Laura's inner wall. After she felt Laura returning the favor, she pulled her long, sticky finger all the way out of Laura slowly. Then gently slide it back, pressing against the front of her pussy all the way up.

"Mmmmmmgggghhhhh mmmmmgggggggghhhhhhh" Laura groaned with each stroke.

Laura was a quick study. She got the hint. Soon, in unison, both women were sliding their fingers completely in and out, almost painfully slowly. The pressure they each applied during each stroke was rocking them front to back. Still kissing, they groaned on each stroke increasing the intensity for them.

After a minute or two, Laura was the first to alter her approach. In between a long, slow, slide, she shoved her finger quickly, a little harder and in much shorter strokes against LeAnn's spot.

"Mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh," LeAnn groaned as she received Laura's finger.

LeAnn's body teetered. Laura knew she was very close now. She wanted so badly for LeAnn to 'fuck her' in the same way. Their eyes met. 'Don't leave me behind' was the message Laura attempted to convey. LeAnn blinked and gained just enough consciousness to apply the same to Laura's vagina; the quicker, harder, shorter strokes inside, against that place on the front wall.

"Mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh," Laura was now the one to groan as she was now receiving LeAnn's finger.

They were teetering over the edge. Their eyes were locked and lips were still joined. There was tenderness and gentleness there. But their right, middle fingers were now almost frantic and vaginas were convulsing. Both hands were a lovely combination of slick and sticky from the excretions.

"Mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh." The grunting continued.

Their bodies were noticably trembling. Their legs were wobbly. Their eyes were almost rolling up under their eyelids. Their fingers were on a mission; and were not to be denied.

"Mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh." The grunting echoed in their open mouths.

Laura pinched and pulled harder on LeAnn's nipple, followed by arching her back, inviting LeAnn to do the same to her. She did, with a vengeance. When she screamed out, it finally hit!

The explosion hit LeAnn and Laura simultaneously! The grunting released into a extended gasp and then a tsunami of groans. Wave after wave of shock waves.

"Uunnhh uunnnhh uunnhh!" echoed quietly through the empty house.

They continued as long as they possibly could. They prolonged the orgasmic waves, groaning with pleasure, trying to keep their eyes open. Until, utterly, physically exhausted, their legs were not able to support them. They collapsed in a heap; their legs crossed over and under each other and in each other's arms. The mutual orgasms subsiding into panting. Each had her head resting on the other's shoulder.

After a minute or two, their breathing had recovered, for the most part. LeAnn lifted her heaad an looked down at her friend. Holding Laura in her arms, she looked so attractive. LeAnn couldn't help herself. She reached down and under Laura's shirt and up to cup Laura's breast again.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" LeAnn felt Laura groan into her neck.

Laura finally lifted her head and their eyes met. Laura smiled.

"You like that, do you?" Laura asked in what seemed a whisper after the loud orgasms.

"Yeah, I do. I like holding your boobie in my hand."

There was that word again, Laura thought. LeAnn ever so lightly flicked at Laura's swollen, sore nipple, Laura felt the aftershocks circulate through her body.

"That was absolutely wonderful," Laura said expressively.

"Yeah, it was. I have never cum like that before."

"Like what before?"

"Um, without, uh, contact. A vaginal orgasm."

"Oh, me neither! Never. It was fabulous. Wasn't it?"

"Utterly fabulous."

"My clitoris is actually aching!"

"Mine too. Wonderfully so. A throbbing, lonely, pounding, needy ache. It'll be that way all day long."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, really. I'll be thinking of you all day while it aches. Thinking that your's is aching as well. That they likely want to meet sometime."

"I believe we could accommodate that. Don't you?"

To respond in the affirmative, LeAnn nodded and gently pinched and pulled Laura's swollen nipple. Laura groaned.

"I better get going."

"Yeah, me too."

They helped each other up. They re-adjusted their clothing; unzipping and unbuttoning to allow tucking in. When finished, they stood and looked to each other's eyes for a minute.

"I... um, I love..." one started.

"I think I do to."

"Is that wrong?"

"I don't think so. Do you?"

"Neither do I."

LeAnn reached back and opened the door. Laura stepped forward. Their lips met for one last time that day. It was, again, so wonderful. Their eyes didn't separate. They smiled as they kissed. Slow. Soft. Firm. Then as they parted, both noticed there was a slight hint of a tear in the other's eyes.

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