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Good Girl


"You're doing a wonderful job."

"Sir?" I look over the top of my glasses at you as I put the files away.

You grin at me as I close the drawers, "You're keeping my office so organised and tidy! I'm going to have to think of some way to reward you...."

I roll my eyes at you, "Sir, its my job, I don't need to be rewarded for doing my job." As I bend down to open one of the drawers I hear you chuckle.

"You're such a good girl."

I pause. "Sir?" I try to keep my voice steady, but it sounds like a squeak rather than confidence. I rummage around in the drawer, attempting to buy some time to compose myself.

"I said, you're such a good girl..."

Each word drips off your lips like its coated in velvet, all soft and rough; a deep rumble in your throat.

My knees start to shake. I close my eyes and get ready to compose myself and stand up.... and feel you come up behind me...

Your hands encircle my waist, thumbs rubbing either side of my spine as you step close, bringing your body flush with mine. I reach up to steady myself against the filing cabinet, arching my back as your hands slide under my skirt, pushing it up over my arse...

You growl approvingly at what you see... Stockings and a barely there g-string...

You rub yourself up against me, I can feel your cock through your pants, hard and hot against my bare skin... I bite my lip and close my eyes as I push back against you.

Your hands tighten around my waist pulling me more firmly against you, your foot against the inside of mine, pushing my legs apart. You slide your hand down over my arse, slipping it between my legs to run a finger over the material of my g-string...

You growl again, your finger coming away damp. "You. Are. Such. A. Good. Girl." Each word punctuated by you thrusting against me... You slide your hand back between my legs, and pull the flimsy material aside, your fingers rubbing the flesh underneath...

My breath catches as you slide a finger into me, and my aching wet cunt spasms around it. You thrust into me a few more times, rubbing your wet finger over the plump lips and back up and over my tight little rosebud... You push against it with your finger, and I let out a low moan...


You spit the word out... Hard. Harsh.

I shudder.

I hear you slide the zip of your trousers down, and can only imagine what your cock looks like. I feel you rub the thick tip of it along my cunt, coating it in the wetness that drips from it. You push it against me, the head pops past and your thick hard cock fills me completely.

I whimper softly and clench hard around your cock... Your hands grip my hips and pull me more firmly onto your cock.

You begin to thrust slowly, long smooth strokes, stretching me apart, your hands pulling me against you...

I thrust back against you, matching your strokes, using my muscles to squeeze you tight. You pick up the pace, thrusting faster, harder, the sound of skin against skin gets louder...

Soft sounds fall from my lips, matching your pounding... I feel hot, light-headed, my knees start to tremble... all I can focus on is the feeling of your cock stretching me apart.

You groan and your cock swells, your breathing loud and erratic... the trembling spreads from my knees and up my body as my impossibly tight cunt spasms, clenching even tighter around you... I moan loudly and my knees give out.

You catch my hips and whilst still buried inside me, you drop to the floor with me. You stay still for a moment, relishing the feel of my muscles spasming and trembling. I whimper, face buried in my arms, facedown on the floor.

"Good girl..."

Its a whisper, soothing, calming...

You begin to thrust again, hard, fast... My hands grip the floor as you pound into me. Faster, harder, one hand pulling my hips, the other pushing me down onto the floor.

I whimper, I moan, I beg you to fuck me harder... I beg you to come inside me...

Your cock swells impossibly large inside me, and you groan loudly... I feel you jerk and spasm inside me as you thrust a few more times... You slow... and with a final thrust that makes me shudder, you stop...

You lean forward, still buried inside me and whisper in my ear... Its a gentle loving caress...

"Good girl..."

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