Good Girl


Author's Note: This inspiration for this story came from an appearance that Rashida Jones and Carrie Underwood did on Jimmy Fallon's talk show. It was written as if it took place that same night after the show. Of course, the events in this story are completely fabricated and never happened. To enhance the story even more, I encourage the readers to look up the pictures or even video of that appearance to get a better sense of what the stars of this story were wearing and what they looked like that night, etc. Hope you enjoy. I greatly appreciate any comments or feedback. All ideas or story suggestions are also taken into consideration. Thanks!

The round of applause and cheering from the audience could still be heard as Carrie Underwood made her way to her dressing room after an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The stunning country music star absentmindedly smiled at the random stage hands and interns she passed on the way. She was looking forward to changing into some comfortable clothes and relaxing at her hotel for the rest of the evening. She had been on edge for the past couple of weeks with the stress of her upcoming live performance of The Sound of Music and the lack of relief that her husband could provide. She tried to take the edge off herself during her rare alone time between rehearsals, interviews, and appearances, but it always just left her wanting more.

"It was fun to perform with Jimmy and Rashida tonight," she thought to herself as she gazed at her reflection in her dressing room mirror. "Rashida seemed like a lot of fun..."

Carrie had no idea that Rashida was having very similar thoughts as well.

Rashida had just finished saying an extended goodbye to Jimmy and was hurrying towards the dressing room areas. She ignored the few glances that her short dress drew from some of the stage hands and interns she passed. She was on a mission and couldn't be bothered.

"I hope she didn't leave right away," thought Rashida as she quickened her pace a bit more. She walked past her own dressing room and went right to Carrie's and she just hoped that the singer was still inside.

Knock, knock, knock...

Carrie was just about to unzip her skirt when she was interrupted by someone at the door.

"Ugh...this better be good," the blonde beauty thought to herself.

She walked over to the door and opened it just a crack to see who was bothering her.

"Oh! Rashida...hi! I wasn't expecting you..."

"Hey Carrie! Fun show right? Can I come in for a sec?" Rashida responded.

"Umm...yeah sure. I was just about to get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable,"

Carrie said as she opened the door further and turned around to let the sexy brunette actress into her dressing room. She didn't notice Rashida quickly licking her lips and giving the country star a once over from head to toe. Rashida thought she looked great in her black heels, nylons, silver skirt and tight black top.

Rashida quickly composed herself as Carrie primly sat on the small couch in the room and looked over at her.

"So what's up Rashida?"

"Well I just had a lot of fun with you on the show and was wondering if you maybe wanted to come join me for a drink back at my hotel?" Rashida said as she leaned against Carrie's vanity.

Oh...I don't know," Carrie started, "I was just planning on trying to relax a bit tonight."

"C'mon Carrie, I know you could use a drink, plus I want to get to know you better. I had a lot of fun out there with you and Jimmy tonight!" Rashida said.

Carrie seemed to think about it for a second and as soon as Rashida saw her begin to smile, she knew that she had her.

"Oh ok, why not?" Carrie giggled, "I could use some more fun."

Rashida had to control herself from licking her lips again at the thought of the potential that her night now held. She quickly wrote her hotel and room number on a scrap of paper and handed it to Carrie. She then surprised Carrie by leaning in for a quick hug and giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

As Carrie slightly blushed, Rashida headed out the door.

"Keep those nice clothes on Carrie," Rashida said as she exited the room with a smile. "Just in case we decide to go down to the bar."

An hour or so later and Rashida was back in her hotel room sipping on a glass of wine. She had gotten back to her room with enough time to get everything set up for her plan for Carrie. She had ordered some really great wine via room service and went through some of her bags and put a few items in the bedside drawer. Just as she was about to sit on the couch in her suite and wait for Carrie to arrive, there was a light rapping at the door. Rashida immediately grinned at the thought of what awaited her on the other side of that door. It had been too long since she last executed a plan like she had for Carrie on an unsuspecting woman. Not since her days working on The Office, in fact, when she had been on the set with Jenna Fischer.

A tremble of anticipation made its way down Rashida's smooth back as she briefly remembered her time with Jenna. She quickly refocused on her current task and made her way to the door. A quick glance through the peephole confirmed it was Carrie and also allowed Rashida another unseen look at her target. She licked her lips one last time, straightened the hem of her low-cut dress, and threw open the door. With her black-framed glasses still on and her wine glass in hand, Rashida made quite the sexy sight.

"Hey Carrie! I was just wondering when you would get here. Come in, come in."

Rashida made sure to pull Carrie into another hug and peck her on the cheek once again. She smiled inside when she felt Carrie hug her back a bit this time.

"Hi Rashida. Thanks for inviting me again," the long-legged blonde replied, "I realized I really needed a night like this."

"No problem Carrie. We girls gotta stick together right?" Rashida said with a laugh.

Carrie returned the laugh and agreed with her new friend. The two ladies made their way to the sitting area of the hotel room and Rashida poured Carrie a glass of the red wine she had ordered earlier.

"I hope you like red wine Carrie..."

"Oh yes I definitely do. Haha. I take it we are just staying in for the night then?" Carrie inquired as she accepted the glass of red liquid from Rashida's hand.

"Yeah, I figured we would. I've had enough running around for one day," Rashida said as she took a seat on the sofa across from Carrie's chair. She crossed her legs after she sat and made sure to do it slowly, giving Carrie a great look at her long, tan leg and thigh. Rashida could tell that Carrie noticed but was very discrete about it.

"So Carrie, are you nervous about your live show..."

The two stunning women continued to talk and laugh together as the bottle of wine slowly disappeared. During the conversation, Carrie had moved onto the couch next to Rashida after the brunette correctly pointed out that it was easier to share the bottle if they sat next to each other. It made sense to Carrie who was already working on her third glass of the night.

As the conversation continued, Rashida began to notice the subtle signs that told her it was almost time to make her move on the innocent, wholesome country star. Carrie had kicked off her shoes and removed most of her jewelry. She was also starting to get really giggly. Rashida knew she needed to start her plan before Carrie was too far gone from the alcohol.

"Is it tough being away from your hubby for so long Carrie? I don't know if I could handle that," Rashida asked.

"Oh it's not so bad. I mean we talk on the phone a lot and Skype when we can..." Carrie replied.

"Yeah, but that's not what I meant. Don't you ever, you know, need some release that only he can provide?" Rashida implored as she made finger quotations around the word release.

An immediate blush colored Carrie's cheeks as she clumsily took another sip of wine to avoid answering the sudden, personal question.

"Umm...haha...well uhh," the now nervous blonde sputtered as she shifted her body on the couch.

"C'mon Carrie. You have to be on edge. I know I need to get myself off almost every night to ever feel relaxed." Rashida chuckled as she took another sip of wine and turned towards Carrie.

Carrie's blush deepened and her eyes widened in surprise at the topic of conversation she suddenly found herself faced with. She would usually be very offended at such a line of questioning, but there was something about Rashida that she just trusted and the few glasses of wine certainly didn't hurt.

Carrie took a deep breath before replying, "Well, actually now that you mention it, I have really been on edge lately. I've been under a lot of stress and being away from Mike just makes it worse."

"Don't you take care of yourself, if you know what I mean?" Rashida asked.


"I'm talking about masturbating Carrie." Rashida bluntly replied.

Carrie was shocked but the wine must have really loosened her tongue.

"Well I mean I try to, but it's not the same and I never seem to quite get there."

"Oh you poor girl, no wonder you are so nervous and stressed out lately. I couldn't imagine how badly you must need some release." Rashida spoke softly as she shifted closer to Carrie on the couch. The Parks and Recreation star set her wine glass down after finishing her last sip and could tell that talking about this was making Carrie start to get turned on.

"You know Carrie, there are other ways to take the edge off when Mike isn't around."

Carrie snapped out of her thoughts when Rashida spoke, "Wha...what do you mean?"

Rashida knew that she almost had Carrie right where she wanted her and knew that it was time to just go for broke. If Carrie wanted what she was about to propose at all then she wouldn't be able to resist.

"Have you ever been with another woman Carrie?" Rashida gently asked as she pushed Carrie's hair behind her shoulder. She felt a shudder go down the younger woman's spine at her soft touch. Carrie didn't move away or seem overly startled at the sudden physical contact, but just looked Rashida in the eyes.

"I would never cheat on Mike." Carrie said somewhat firmly.

"It would be different if you fucked some random dude just to get off Carrie. I could just help you relax a little bit and feel really good," Rashida continued as she was now slowly rubbing Carrie's shoulder.

"This is crazy Rashida," Carrie said, "I've never even thought about doing anything like this at all... I'm not a lesbian or something."

"Neither am I Carrie, but that doesn't mean that having fun with a woman has to be off the table. Trust me, it's better than you can even imagine. Plus, if you feel guilty, we could turn this into a threesome for Mike someday as a special surprise. I bet he would really love that. So just think of this as the test run Carrie. You deserve to be relaxed for the Sound of Music in a couple days." Rashida explained.

As Carrie listened to Rashida's words, the sexy brunette continued to lean in and right when Carrie began to respond, she pressed her soft lips against Carrie's. At first Carrie just sat there, seemingly frozen at what was happening, but as Rashida continued to kiss her, something snapped inside and the blonde began moving her lips in response.

Rashida could barely contain her excitement when she felt Carrie begin to respond. She knew that she had her right where she wanted her. Suddenly, when Rashida snaked her tongue out and teased it against Carrie's lips, the singer pulled back and giggled nervously.

"Haha, I don't know about this Ras..." Carrie started to say before being cut-off by a more aggressive Rashida.

Rashida knew that a little aggression on her part now was exactly what Carrie needed to finally give in to her. She firmly returned her lips to Carrie's and threaded one hand through the singer's long, golden locks. Carrie let out a muffled sound of surprise, but returned the kiss more quickly this time. Rashida wasted no time once she felt that and moved her lithe body so that she was now straddling Carrie. After another moment of kissing, Rashida extended her tongue and was immediately allowed entrance into Carrie's soft mouth. The two women's tongues were now wrestling with each other as each of them got more turned on by the second; Carrie by her first lesbian kiss and Rashida from her position of dominance over the sexy singer.

When Carrie began moaning into the kiss, Rashida reached down her fit, toned body and began lifting her black shirt up from the bottom. Carrie didn't even resist before raising her arms and assisting Rashida in getting the top off. They had to break their makeout session momentarily to get the tight shirt over Carrie's beautiful hair and both were breathing heavily. Once the shirt was tossed onto the floor behind them, Rashida almost drooled at the sight now underneath her. Carrie was wearing a cute black bra that cupped her perky tits perfectly and her tummy was just as sexy as Rashida thought it would be. Carrie's now tousled hair and swollen lips only added to the delicious image Rashida was staring down at.

She could only smile and lean down to once again capture Carrie's lips with her own.

After a couple brief kisses, Rashida leaned down even further and whispered into Carrie's ear, "Why don't we move over to the bed, honey?"

Carrie could only nod as the hot brunette stood up and offered her hand. Carrie took Rashida's hand and stood up on shaky legs before allowing Rashida to lead her to the queen sized bed on the other side of the room. She had a brief thought of disbelief at what she was doing, but it was quickly brushed aside as she watched Rashida crawl onto the bed and lay down while patting the area right next to her.

Carrie had to admit that Rashida looked great laying out on the white comforter. The color contrasted beautifully with Rashida's darker skin tone. Carrie proceeded to crawl onto the bed next to Rashida and was relieved when the former star of The Office immediately began to kiss her again while also caressing her now bare side.

After several more minutes of kissing, Rashida started to move her lips along Carrie's face and down to her neck. She continued her exploration of Carrie's upper body until she reached her black bra. She placed kisses all around the younger woman's bra before planting a firm kiss directly on Carrie's left nipple. An audible moan escaped from Carrie's throat as she was lost in the new sensations she was experiencing.

Rashida continued to kiss and suck on Carrie's breasts through her bra for several minutes until the former American Idol winner was writhing beneath her. At that point, Rashida received no resistance when she unsnapped the closure on the front of Carrie's bra.

Carrie let out her loudest moan of the evening so far when she felt Rashida's skilled tongue against her now erect nipples. Rashida made sure to pay attention to both of Carrie's B-cup tits. While licking one she would be pinching and rolling the other pink nipple between her fingers. She had Carrie panting at her touch and when she gently bit down on a nipple she was very satisfied to hear a squeak come out of Carrie.

Rashida continued to lick, kiss and nibble her way down Carrie's sexy body and was now planting kisses on the country singer's flat tummy. Carrie had her brown eyes screwed shut and her delicate hands were bunching up the comforter at her sides as Rashida continued her ministrations.

"Oh Rashida! Mmmmm...this feels so good...unhh...I can't be...believe we are doing this...mmm," Carrie breathily said.

The sudden sound of a zipper being pulled down caused Carrie to open her eyes. Rashida had found the zipper on the side of her shimmery, silver skirt and was looking up at Carrie with her hands gently stroking the soft skin around the singer's waist. Carrie could hardly believe the sight of another woman in such an intimate position with her. She had never thought that she would ever be with another woman sexually. Sure, there had been fleeting fantasies during private moments, but never did she think it would ever actually happen. However, here she was and it was feeling amazing so far.

"I'm going to take your skirt off now honey," the stunning brunette said. She did not present it as a question, but as a statement of what was going to happen.

Carrie could only bite her bottom lip, nod her head and raise her slim hips off of the bed to allow Rashida to wiggle the skirt down.

Rashida tossed the skirt over her shoulder onto the floor and got her first look at what Carrie was hiding underneath. She was incredibly pleased to discover that the blonde was wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt over matching black panties instead of the black pantyhose that she had guessed the singer would be wearing. Needless to say, Carrie looked absolutely delicious lying on her back with only panties and stockings on with her hair tussled from their makeout session and a blush forming over her chest.

"You naughty girl," Rashida said as she slipped a finger beneath one of the garter straps and let it snap against Carrie's thigh.

Carrie giggled before saying, "They make me feel more confident and sexy onstage..."

Rashida began to run her hands up and down Carrie's long, firm, toned legs and marveled at their magnificence. She had seen Carrie's legs on different award shows and concerts on TV and knew they were incredible, but they were somehow even better in person.

"You have amazing legs Carrie," Rashida said as she continued to stroke the long legs in front of her.

"Thanks..." Carrie softly replied as the caresses were beginning to turn her on even further.

"I'm not kidding honey, best legs I've ever seen. As hot as these stockings look, I need to see your legs without them," Rashida stated and immediately began unclipping the top of the black, thigh high stockings from the garter belt on Carrie's upper leg. She gently stroked the exposed skin of Carrie's upper thighs causing the younger woman to shiver in delight.

"Mmmm...Rashida...God you are making me so fucking horny," Carrie moaned out.

Rashida was happy to hear her new friend curse for the first time as it told her that she was really getting Carrie to the point of no return. It was vital for her to get there if Rashida wanted to execute all the phases of her plan for Carrie.

The beautiful brunette slipped her fingers underneath the top hem of the stocking on Carrie's right leg and began to slowly slip the garment down the firm flesh in front of her while planting kisses on all the newly exposed skin. It was as soft as she could have imagined and felt wonderful to have her lips and tongue all over. Carrie was thinking the same thing and once again closed her eyes and began to grab the blankets around her.

Rashida now had the stocking down to around Carrie's foot and briefly massaged it which caused Carrie to sigh in pleasure.

"Ohh...sooo good..."

Rashida planted a quick kiss on the ball of the foot she was holding before finally fully removing the stocking and tossing it onto the floor beside the bed. She kept a hold of Carrie's leg and surprised the singer by pushing it towards her chest and stretching the muscles in Carrie's leg. This caused the blonde's eyes to open again as she flashed her seducer a brilliant smile.

"That feels great Rashida...stretch it further please," Carrie requested, "I'm pretty flexible...hehe."

Rashida could only smile at the woman laid out in front of her and oblige her request by pushing the sexy limb closer towards Carrie's chest while running her hand up the underside of the singer's leg from the bottom of her ass all the way to her toned calf and down over her foot.

"You must love showing these things off Carrie. Is that why you always wear such short outfits at your shows?" the bespectacled brunette wondered.

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