Good Girl


She lay sprawled on her stomach on the thick duvet. Her hands were level with her head and gripped the pillows tighter in time with the thrusts that shook the bed. She had given up trying to escape into her thoughts within the first few minutes and instead quietly -apart from the odd wince- endured.

Distracting herself proved impossible when his grunts and satisfied moans spilled constantly into her ear and the sound of his balls slapping her flesh filled the bedroom. The fullness invading her was beyond uncomfortable and well beyond bearable pain yet he thrust into her with abandon over and over again, breaching her resisting rings of muscle to force them to stretch and accept his girth.

He released a particularly deep and lustful moan as he sunk balls deep yet again and her stubborn muscles clenched tightly on the base of his cock in protest. Knees on the bed either side of her hips and one hand placed by her head for leverage, the other gripping her waist tightly with greedy possessive fingers, he pulled out then pistoned back in to her ass with relish. A few seconds passed while he held himself still within her hot and constricting passage panting with the effort of not releasing into her anus right there and then.

Of course he wanted this to last. This experience was one he savoured not endured as she did.

A tortured "Oh fuck. You're so fucking tight" was breathed onto the back of her neck while he tried to bring himself back from the precipice. She swallowed tightly and allowed herself a slight stretching and rearrangement of her limbs in the pause, trying to find a position that brought relief to her cramped muscles with little success. She knew that nothing would really take any of the pain away until he withdrew his member from her tired and bruised passage. But he was clearly in no rush tonight.

"I'll be done soon baby, you just feel so good" accompanied another sickening pull and thrust. The hand at her small waist gripped even tighter as he resumed his punishing pace. She'd bruise there for sure. He'd pretend to be sorry when he saw it but she knew from the light in his eyes what he really felt was satisfaction.

She winced at a particularly hard thrust and managed to hold back a sob. The bed shook harder and faster in rhythm with his efforts.




"Fuck yes."

Sweat dripped from his chest onto her back and down her crack. She gripped the pillows with all she had. Just a little longer, just a little longer...

Suddenly both his hands moved to grip the flesh of her buttocks in a punishing grip, lewdly spreading them apart to give a clear view of his thick, veiny cock feeding into her rectum. A thick satisfied grunt showed his appreciation of the sight before him.

A slow withdrawal till all that remained was the tip revealed a cock engorged and darkened with the blood her sphincter muscles wouldn't let escape, and allowed some precum to leak out of her hole. She shivered lightly battling feelings of cheapness and debasement as the cum trickled down and between her legs.

But in no time at all he was forging back in reclaiming what they both knew indisputably belonged to him whether she wanted him there or not.

Thankfully just three rapid pumps later had him tensing and coming powerfully with a hitch in his breaths and a few final "oh fucks".

He slumped down on her, breathing heavily following his release and began to kiss her neck and shoulders lightly while sliding his hands between her and the bed to fondle her breasts.

He exhaled with deep sated contentment and muttered a "thank you" into her ear. She hated herself the most in these moments, for being pleased that she pleased him.

Eventually he recovered enough to pull out of her bottom and she shuddered with relief. But, he remained straddled on her legs so she could feel the wet and heavy weight of his penis on her thigh.

"I'm almost done now darling. You did so good. Just let me see and you can go to sleep."

They'd been here enough times that she knew what he expected. She hitched her hips up and stuck her bottom in the air towards him, reached back with her arms and pulled the cheeks of her rounded ass firmly apart. She knew better than to let her shyness overcome her now. Giving him anything less than an unobstructed view to his thick white cum dripping from her ravaged hole meant he would fuck her again until she learnt to do otherwise.

"Good girl" he said stroking her legs with a proprietary air as he watched. When he was satisfied he guided her to lie on her side and spooned her from behind. Play time was finally over. A hesitant glance to confirm that this was the case met with a reassuring smile from him and she finally felt free to detangle herself from her brother, reach for her pyjamas on the other side of the bed and put them on. He pulled on his boxers while she dressed then lay back and watched her silently.

Her eyes met his repeatedly as she dressed and skirted nervously away from his each time. She always found it hard to adjust to "normal" Alex so soon after "lustful" Alex had used her so thoroughly. Although taking her up the ass wasn't a luxury he let himself indulge in often.

Not that that meant he kept his hands to himself she thought bitterly. He just preferred to fuck her mouth or even take matters into his own hands while making her display herself to him. Anything that allowed him to maintain the illusion that he loved her and would never hurt her. Difficult to do when she spent days struggling with pain after he sodomised her.

"Come here." She crawled back into the bed at his command and he directed her into his lap and her head onto his chest. He placed a kiss on her forehead while stroking her scalp and running his fingers through her tight dark curls. He didn't seem inclined to leave her room anytime soon but his touch was innocent enough now.

"How's college?" She responded with a sleepy shrug and a slurred "Mmm it's okay". Bree always loved when he played with her hair and he knew it. Unashamedly exploited it.

A small chuckle from him then "Go to sleep sweetheart. I've got you"

She fell asleep with no further hesitation, wrapped snugly in the arms and promises of protection from the very man who caused her more distress than anything else in her life.

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