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Good Girl

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"Get down on your knees. Crawl to me. Don't speak." My eyes are locked on her as she follows my orders, no questions asked. I still get nervous at the beginning of each scene. I still feel a chill down my spine when she says "yes Mistress," in that soft, sweet voice of hers. She's half-way across the room and she looks up at me. In her pale blue eyes I see my reason for being. With just a quick glance up, she says so many things. I am a truly lucky woman. "Wait. Stop there. Up on your heels."

I take a deep breath. There are butterflies in my stomach but I am in control. The few seconds it takes to walk the four or feet from the bed to her feel like an eternity. I'm sure she feels the same way crawling toward me. "Look into my eyes, girl." Our eyes connect. I see stars. Softly, I smile down at her--my girl, my love, my everything. I reach down with fingers trembling and gently caress her cheek. She sighs softly and her eyes close. With one finger I slowly trace her lips. We're in a rhythm now. She opens her mouth, willingly accepting my finger, sucking it; her eyes are locked on mine.

I pull my hand away and my finger slips from her mouth with a "pop." I slowly slide my hand to the back of her head; my fingers tangle in her light brown hair. I am in control. Time stands still. Tilting her head back with a gentle tug of her hair, I lean down and softly kiss her waiting mouth. She wants to touch me--to wrap her arms around me. As much as I want to let her, now is not the time. With the end of our kiss, I feel her body relax. I let go of her hair and walk behind her. "On all fours."

Her ass really is perfect. Her skin is so smooth, so flawless. As beautiful as it is now, it's even more beautiful when it's bright red. I scrape my nails down her back with excruciating slowness--all the way down over her ass. She arches and groans as I lovingly caress her skin. "Count." I draw my hand back and with a resounding "SMACK" it connects.

She draws in a sharp breath and softly exhales, "One, Mistress. May I have another?"

She's such a good girl. SMACK! She tenses up. "Two, Mistress. May I have another?"

I'm in my element. SMACK! She whimpers, "Three Mistress-" before she can finish the sentence I surprise her with three rapid blows. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She fights a scream. We really mustn't wake the neighbors. These apartment walls are much too thin.

Panting, she says, "Thank You Mistress." Her ass is a nice shade of bright pink. A sheen of sweat is covering her body. The need to stop everything and take her right here on the floor is overwhelming. I can sense her need too. I can smell it. I reach down and teasingly run a finger along her pussy--so wet, so warm. She wants me. She needs me. Easily my fingers slides past her outer lips and into her warm center. A soft moan escapes her lips as she presses her hips down on my hand. "Such a wanton slave, I have..." Slowly I bring my glistening finger to my lips and taste her. "Mmmm you're delicious, pet."

"Thank You Mistress." she whimpers. She beginning to squirm now. She's growing restless. Quickly I pull a leather flogger from a hook on the wall and smack her ass with it, reaffirming my control. "Do you want more, slave?" I tease her with the straps of leather, caressing her burning skin with the tips of the flogger. As she begins to answer I respond with a sharp SMACK of my palm against her bare ass.

"Yes Mistress, please..." She's quivering at my feet. My last blow surprised her and she fell forward on her elbows. She looks so good this way--ass in the air, presented for me.

"Beg for it, girl. Make me think you want it more than anything in the world." Shes slipping now--going to that place inside her head. Her voice sounds distant but still filled with need. She really is mine now. How easy it would be to do whatever I want...This power is intoxicating.

"Please Mistress, again..." her voice trails off as I draw back my hand, "with a crop this time, Ma'am. Push me harder Mistress, I need it...I need You." She's whimpering, still squirming, but drifting deeper and deeper inside her head to a place where only she and I exist. I exchange the leather flogger for a stiff riding crop, one she presented to me on my birthday. It's always been her favorite.

With a flick of my wrist I snap the end of the crop against the small of her back. In almost a whisper she says, "Thank You Mistress..." Again I bring the crop down on her, the shaft leaving a bright red mark across her ass. She's completely silent now, save a few whimpers. She's in heaven. I raise my arm higher, this time flicking the end of the crop along the backs of her thighs. She starts whispering, begging, "Please Mistress, more...harder..." Three quick lashes across her thighs--SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her moans mixed with the snap of the crop are a symphony in my ears. This is the stuff life is made of.

Her whispered words are incoherent now. Still, she urges me on. I land the crop right across her ass. The red lines are beginning to blur into one mark. Again--SMACK! She rewards me with a moan. SMACK!--a muffled cry. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Finally she collapses on the floor from exhaustion, tears falling from her eyes. I let the crop fall to the floor as I bend down and pick her up. She's so weak, so vulnerable now. Carrying her to the bed, I whisper in her ear, "You're such a good girl. Mistress loves you, pet."

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