tagFetishGood Girl: Day 02

Good Girl: Day 02


Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Good Girl: Day One, though you don't need to read it to enjoy this. This story involves pet play, watersports, and humiliation.


It was around seven in the evening. Early enough that anyone who stepped out into our yard would have seen a thirty year old blonde woman in a plastic pool as her husband sprayed her naked body with a garden hose.

I felt completely humiliated.

And was afraid to admit how much I liked it.

My nipples were cold, tiny dots on my barely b cup breasts. I had to remain on my hands and knees the entire time because I was Scott's bitch. A few weeks ago, he caught me sending nude photos to a guy in my office and this was his idea of getting even and moving on. He wanted to make me his dog.

I agreed.

I didn't think it would be this bad.

And I didn't hate it.

Part of me felt demeaned yes, when he put the dog bowl of cereal out for me to eat. Or when he made me lick, yes LICK, not suck his cock until he came. And it was disgusting when he made me pee myself on the carpet because I wouldn't go outside like a dog, even more when he rubbed my nose in it and fucked me.

But as dehumanizing and degrading as the acts were, I still came with my face and nose in a puddle of my own piss. I enjoyed it, I just couldn't admit it yet. Hell part of me hoped the whole thing would end at any moment, without having to examine exactly why I felt this way. But Scott didn't want to give me any chance at that. He got to treat me as a dog for a week.

The cold water splashes all over me, causing me to whine and move away as my husband made sure to get every inch of me clean, especially my smallish breasts. My blonde hair was sticking to my side, my tiny nipples were rock hard, and I couldn't stop shivering by the time he was finished. I opened my eyes to look, barely focused on anything other than the bath being done.

Then I saw him. That Johnson boy, the neighborhood who still looked baby faced enough to think he was in high school. He went to the local community college too, and still lived with his parents. Other than being incredibly thin, the kid reminded me of James Vander Beek, from Dawson's creek.

And he just stood there!

Watching me naked as my husband hosed me down.

And I couldn't say anything.

"Arf..." I cried meekly.

"What is it girl?" My husband teased.

"Arf!" I said a little louder.

"I'm sorry, what is it girl?"

"ARF!" This time it was loud enough for the kid to hear.

Scott turned around, saw the boy, and jogged over. I saw them talking, laughing a little, and then they pulled out their phones to trade numbers. I just saw there, my naked bubble butt resting on my ankles as they pretended nothing was going on. By the time they were down, I had almost drip dried completely, and Scott just saunters back as if nothing is wrong. And there isn't anything I can do as he puts my collar back on and fixes my lead.

My knee and elbow pads make it easier to walk before I made it inside. I desperately want to know what Scott said to that teenager, but all he does is direct me to my dog bowl. I drink, then turn up my nose. He has filled my dog bowl with vodka, good vodka, but I never like to drink anything straight.

He points and shouts.

"Bad girl, drink from you bowl bitch!"

So I do, gulping down the liquid too fast. I get four or five shots inside of me and stop. Then he has pulled my collar again. I'm made to follow him to the couch, where he sets me at my feet, stroking my hair and rubbing my ass while he watches the football game.

It was only a matter of time before I needed to pee again. I could feel the urge growing, and this time I knew I wouldn't pee on the carpet again. I whimpered, and motion my head toward the outdoors.

He grabbed my lead and pulled me towards the door to the back yard. There was no fight left me in, I knew I would have to go outside and pee like a dog where everyone could see. This was a part of my punishment.

I hesitated a little at the door, still feeling unsafe in public. I felt a sharp slap on my ass and charged ahead, knowing there was no tree or even a bush for me to hide behind. If anyone came outside, they would just see me, completely naked, peeing outside like an animal.

I went out into the middle of the yard, glad that my pussy and asshole were completely waxed and I wouldn't have to worry too much about wiping. I spread my legs the best I could and then waiting, hoping for a trickle.

I close my eyes and tired to concentrate on the warm urine pushing out of my bladder when he heard low voices. I looked up and saw my husband talking again with the college boy. Worse, they were coming over.

"Connor I want you to meet my wife Karen, you can call her bitch or any name you'd like," He said casually.

I turned to face him. There was nothing I could do about my ass, but I put my legs together and tried to slouch, hiding most of my tits.

"Hi, Mrs. Reese."

"Oh please, you're a young man now. Call me Scott and call my dog bitch."

"Um..." Connor started, clearly conflicted.

"Go on bitch. Bark if you like this."

"Yip!" I said, almost too enthusiastically.

"Oh come on, be a good girl," He said. "Bark for daddy."

"Yip" It was barely louder.

"There a good girl. Now Connor do you know why I have my bitch outside?"

"Uh... no sir."

"Come on, no Scott," My husband said. "Well tell me, what's the number one reason dogs need to go outside for?"

"I guess going to the bathroom."

"Bingo!" Scott said. "So she's out here to go number one."

"Should I go?"

"No, she wants you to watch. See what I have here is a dirty little slut. She likes to show her pussy and ass to the world."


"Bark if you are enjoying this."

I knew better than to misbehave.


"But she is taking a long time to do her business. What should I do with her?"

"Geez, I dunno."

"What about a spanking? I think she needs a spanking. Do you think she needs a spanking?"

"Uh... sure why not..."

"Then spank her."


"I want you to spank my dog Connor. I want your hand on that ass reminding that little bitch of her place in the world. She is a slut, and needs to be punished."


"Spank her Connor, ten times on the ass."

"Look I don't..."

"Sure you do. Come on, hasn't she always been a cunt to you? You know she's the one who called the police at that party when your parents were out of town. Go hard on her. She will never tell anyone about it."

"She's the one who called? That was bullshit, I got-"

"Shhh, just smack her ass. As hard as you can, as long as you want. Then watch her piss all over herself."

The boy moved over to me, and was there anything more humiliating than hearing my husband discuss what was about to happen to me as I watched naked and needing to pee. I didn't call the police on his party, fuck, I didn't know there even was a party, but I couldn't explain myself with barks and growls.


I felt his hand on my ass, barely anything.




Harder still.


My body scrunched up as I gave a loud yip of agony. The burning went around every inch of my ass.

Then I felt my legs getting warm.

"Oh fuck, that bitch is peeing."

I could hear the patter of my urine as it hit against the grass. I put my head down in the grass, but had nowhere to hide as Scott always kept the lawn perfectly maintained. I could sense that the patch of urine was growing and spread my legs, showing my shaven pussy.

They just continued to talk as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

That was the most humiliating part of it.

"At least she's peeing out here. I've got her trained. Early she peed on the carpet."

"Shit! Sorry, I mean really?"

"Yes she was a very bad girl."

My face was beet red. I couldn't even look up. I wanted to be done, by my bladder had other ideas. The piss continued to flow at a steady stream, before spurting out the last few drops.

"Did you punish her?"

"Yes, she had her nose rubbed in it."

"I'd like to see that."

"Tell you what, I'm having a party tonight. Come by around seven."

"Sure see you then Scott..." He paused and looked at me, a few drops still falling from my pussy. "And you too bitch."

I didn't know what to think. Behave like this? In front of a party? He must out of his mind. I couldn't think of any of my friends actually coming to anything like this. Maybe he planned on getting some of his fantasy football buddies together. I thought I could live with that. I'm sure they would keep things to themselves, and I couldn't be more embarrassed than I was.

As it got dark, I heard a knock on the door. Scott had made me drink more vodka from my bowl, and I felt pleasantly drunk. When the doorbell rang, my husband drug me my the lease in front of the door, and he put the lease in my mouth. The door open as I looked down at the welcome mat.

"OH, MY, GOD!" Came the almost shrill voice.

I already knew who it was. It was my sister Madison. She lived with mom and dad, and I'd given her a hard time about it. As my younger sister, she always got the special treatment, everyone thought she was so pretty. But she flamed out in college, and couldn't keep a job.

"What the fuck are you doing sis?"

I couldn't move. Couldn't speak.

"Speak for her bitch."

"Yip..." I choked out.

"No way! So, you're like a.." She stifled laughter. "You're like a dog now?"


"Arf!" I yelped.

"God I didn't realize your tits were so small," She adjust her bra, as if to show me with her cleavage that her tits were bigger. "So she's like... what... a dog?"

"It's a mix between a pet and a sexy slave. If you want to call her bitch, she likes that."


"Call her bitch and she'll bark like she likes it. Or I'll punish her."

"ARF!" I said, trying to smile with my face.

"So will you fetch for me little bitch?"

"Here, take this," Scott held out a squeaky bone-shaped chew toy.

She lowered herself into my face, looking right into my eyes as I surrendered every bit of dignity to her. She looked me right in the eyes as she slowly balanced the bone on my nose. Then she took her hand away.

"I didn't realize this dumb bitch knew tricks Scott."

"Well... she's not quite potty trained I'm afraid."

"How's that? Did this little bitch have an accident?"

"Yes... all over the carpet. But we've learned haven't we?"

Madison reached out and grabbed the toy.

"ARF!" I said eagerly.

She leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"If only Dad could see you now."

Then yelled.

"Fetch bitch!"

I scurried after it, and felt the soft toy squeak as my teeth clamped on it. My ass shook in the air as I turned around and the toy made an obnoxious noise as my jaw clenched around it. I walked back on my hands and knees, and looked up as she took the toy from my mouth.

Then she laughed.

And threw it again.

And again.

And one more time as the guest started coming.

The neighbor boy, Connor was first. Then I realized with dawning horror the rest of my office would best next. It started with Ryan, the man at the office who started all this. We had been spending a lot of time working together, he had been flirting and texting me late into the night. He send this first pic, but how many times can you really position a dick? He kept flirting and I don't know why, but it got me going. Knowing that someone might find out made it even more exhilarating. And once he got the pics with my face and tits, it seemed like there wasn't any point in stopping anywhere.

The worst was the one of me with a toy in my pussy and my ass.

That smile I plastered on my face for two seconds for the photo.

He looked down at me with such a condescending smile as he reached down and patted my head. I didn't ever sleep with him, despite his frequent requests. And so I'm sure like a virgin teenage porn watching hate porn, he probably got off at seeing a woman who rejected him humiliated.

"Karen, you know, you're right, you aren't the type of girl to cheat on her husband," He said to me, as my husband nodded.

"Just the type of girl who will send naked pictures of herself to just about anyone, and then behave like the dirty bitch she is at a party."

Next was my boss, Mr. Johnson, an old wiry haired man who always seemed to have some sort of complaint about me. Now he looked downright jolly. He spoke to my husband as if I wasn't even there. Asking things like how he'd been able to train me and saying he needed to get one of these things for the office.

"But David," Scott protested. "You already have one!"

"You mean it?"

"We will talk to the details later."

I barely had time to think before the group made me play fetch. At first they each took a turn making me fetch, making me balance the toy on my nose, making sit, beg, roll over. More and more arrived until enough of my co-workers made a circle, tossing the chew toy back and forth while urging me to come just close enough to them before tossing it to a friend.

"How about a show?" Scott said, breaking up the game.

"Sure, what did you have in mind?"

"Tiffany could you come up here please?"

Tiffany was the secretary at the office. She was completely ditzy, and honestly kind of stupid. She forget messages, didn't know how manage our schedules, and could barely work a telephone. She got the job because her breasts were at least three sizes up from my B cups.

"Tiffany you have never really gotten along with Karen."

"No..." Tiffany said.

"Tiffany can you tell me how Karen looks now?"

"She's naked... like a whore... and she's on her knees like a dog."

"Like a bitch."

"Like a bitch," Tiffany agreed.

"Do you think that things have changed between you now Tiffany? Do you think Karen is going to be a good girl for you." Scott said.

"What do you mean?" Tiffany was always a little slow.

"Tell her to speak."

"Um.. ok... speak."

"ARF!" I barked.

"Oh.. wow... what else will she do?"

"Whatever you want."

"Can I treat her like a dog?"

"Of course. Treat her like a bitch."

Tiffany came over and bend down, I could see her always exposed cleavage and the red bra underneath.

"So she's my bitch then."

"All yours."

"Stick out your tongue and pant like a good doggie..."

I panted desperately.


"What is this doggie missing Tiffany?"


"How do you know she's a dog?"

"Oh... she's got a collar... A lease. She barks. But she doesn't have a tail..."

"Would you like to give her a tail?"

My husband handed her a small, stainless steel butt plug with a long, furry tail coming from the back of it.

"Oh yes, can I? Does this go in her butt?"

"Yes... would you like to put it in her."

"I would. She has been such a bitch! It's good everyone knows now. This bitch will always know her place at work."

She got behind me as I tried desperately not to cry. She didn't put any lube on the toy, and at first stabbed blindly at my asshole. She moved up and down the crack of my ass before nearly reach my pussy, when she finally decided to pull my ass cheeks apart.

I turned red involuntarily, knowing that my shaved pussy was now completely on display for one side of the room. I was so embarrassed, I didn't even notice until I felt the sharp pain in my ass. I yelped, my little hole surprised but not hurt.

"Did that hurt?" Tiffany asked.

"ARF!" I said.

"Arf is yes, ruff is no Tiffany."

"So it hurt bitch?"

"Arf!" I repeated.

"Good..." She said, making her way back into the crowd.


The night was more of the same, only with the humiliation of being the toy dog for the entire party and having to keep the butt plug tail inside me the entire time. My colleagues were all too thrilled to make me fetch for them, especially Tiffany.

"Remember all the times you made me fetch coffee," She said once, before shaking the toy in my shake. "Now you fetch bitch."

I barked. I whined. I ate dinner (cereal) from the dog bowl. My husband had ordered pizza. He made sure the delivery boy saw his new dog, and even invited him to pet it. The teenager started on my back before having the nerve to suddenly squeeze my left breast. He looked back at Scott as if caught. The whole party did.

"Go ahead, that's what she's for."

The boy spent a good minute feeling both of my breasts before Scott told him that was the end of the tip. Then he made me bark when I needed to go to the bathroom. Twenty or so people watched as I had to piss in the yard, led back and forth like a bitch by Tiffany.

I was laying at the her feet when she made the announcement.

"I need to use the bathroom, would the puppy like to watch."

"I think we would all like to watch Tiffany," said Mr. Johnson.

"Okay, come bitch."

She led me in front of the her and the positioned me on my knees in front of the toilet, my hands held up in fist like little paws. Tiffany smiled at me, and pulled down her underwear, revealing a black thong from beneath her skirt as she sat down. I could see everyone else crowded in at the door, my husband in front of them smiling.

"You know Kay Kay," She said and I winced. "I don't even hate you that much. You really weren't that bad compared to Mr. Johnson. But I liked seeing your naked pictures. And I liked humiliating you. So when your husband told me about this, I just had to make sure everyone came."

She started touching my bare clit as she sat down, rubbing in a circle with the tip of her fingers to tease me. I moaned, unsure of how to feel. I never really considered myself bi, though I'd experimented before. But this... in front of everyone, being so powerless. I wanted to be humiliated even more. Part of me wanted everyone there to fuck me, but I couldn't get past the thought of what I was going to say to them at work.

And there I was, on my knees, in the middle of the bathroom as the big breasted secretary played with my pussy in front of the entire office, my husband and the teenager from next door. My tits barely hung out in front of her, and she didn't seem to notice them. Her fingers pinched down on my lips and then she pulled.

"RUFF!" I said... trying to let her know it was too much.

"You don't like it huh?"


"Want me to stop?"


"Okay puppy, I need to piss anyways."

I turned to look down.

"Oh no... be a curious puppy. Watch me piss."


"Oh I don't care if you don't like it. You can watch or I can piss on you. Scott already told me how he rubbed your face in piss. I've always thought about doing that to a girl. Some stuck-up blonde bitch who thought she was so special. A girl like you would have called me a dyke and made fun of me."

"Do you think I'm pretty?"

"ARF!" I wasn't lying.

"Thanks," She said, then looked away.

I heard the hiss from between her legs and couldn't help but watch as she spread them. I could see that she had a small little landing strip just above her pussy. I saw the stream spread out from her pussy, and leaned in a little too close, almost feeling the heat. I couldn't smell anything.

She got up, her pussy still dripping urine, and grabbed me by the hair, pushing my face into her sex.

"Do you remember me in high school?"


"You don't? I was a freshman, and you were a senior. Some other girls, juniors, gave me a swirly. You saw. You didn't do it, but you smirked a little I bet."


I tried move, but she was several inches taller than me. And strong! She pulled me hair hard and I could taste her salty pee as it dripped against my face.

"I understand Kay Kay," She said. "You didn't do it. But since it happened to me, I always wanted to do it to another girl. I wanted to make her taste my piss. I wanted to stick her face in the toilet and finger her pussy until she cums."

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