tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGood Girl Gets It Good

Good Girl Gets It Good

bycock whore©

"Last stop before home." I think to myself as I come out of the gas station. I pull my key fob from my purse and "chirp, chirp" I see the interior light come on. I climb into the drivers seat, throw my purse to the side, put the key in the ignition and start the car. While I wait for the car to warm a little... I do what I always do and crank my CD player, then start for home. Driving and singing along the way...

"...You can't control my mind. Cause if I thought you were the end all and my be all. I would've never left you alone... Nawl, nawl, nawl. Ain't no way. You gone take away my joy, my peace, my strength. Thank you for the times of all the pain you gave me..."

It is such a cold night, but not as cold as the heavy metal sensation suddenly weighing on the right side of my neck.

"Pull over behind that building and do not turn around slut."

Is all I hear whispered in my ear, even over the loud music, and the only thing else I feel is your hot breath on my neck and down my chest. Without hesitation, I do exactly what I am told - terrified. Hands trembling I reach for the stick and throw the transmission into park. Purposefully I choose to keep the motor running for the heat and hope I can find some peace in my music, which is so muffled by the sound of my hearts thumping.

I feel a hand wrap tightly around my neck from behind and the pressure increases... until I come to. Things have changed. My hands are tightly tied behind my back, my feet are also tied together. It is dark from behind the blindfold over my eyes. I assume I'm in the passenger seat of my car because I'm no longer driving, but the car is in motion and I can still hear my music.

"...I love my hands around your neck! Now I know who you are..."

I'm now re-thinking all of those moments when music like this frequently got me hot. Of course, I have a very good idea what is happening. He isn't saying a word. I didn't recognize the whisper. Thoughts are spiraling through my head. Is it someone I know? Is it a friend? Is it an ex-lover or current one? Is it a Stranger? Surely this is a joke played by one of my many friends that tease me for being such a nymph all the time... I hope. That thought fades as soon as I realize no one knew what I was doing tonight, where I was going and when... It couldn't possibly be anyone safe!

Fear takes over completely now. Even my na•ve sick mind can't convince me this is something good. I feel a strong hand come down hard across my chest in a solid slap and then with the strength of 10 men, it takes hold of my left breast and squeezes so tightly I think I will pass out again from the pain.

"...tied to me tight, tie me up again!..."

Something is wrong with me because now I am finding some minute sense of contentment from my music, which he hasn't bothered to turn off. My music mocks and minimizes situations just like these. But there is nothing minor about this. This is real.

"...Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me. A boy's dream."

The squeezing stops, the car stops and so does the music. I hear him get out and slam the door shut behind him. I feel the cold air, as my door is opened. A strong grip takes hold of my hair at the base of my neck and pulls me from the car. I am scraped all over as I clumsily exit, too tied up to support myself and I fall to the concrete, face down. "Shit!" is mumbled under his breath. He leans down and takes me into his arms, almost caringly... I now smell a familiar smell, but can't place it exactly.

While being carried I feel a hand take advantage of the too short black skirt that I am wearing and start to creep between my legs and discover that I am not wearing anything underneath and that I am wet. For the first time, I realize too that I am wet and very embarrassed to have this subconscious response to this Stranger.

It is warmer now and I know he's taken me inside. I am laid down onto something very hard. "Don't speak. Be a good girl and do exactly what I say. You may just see daylight again. If not, you can be sure you will spend more time kissing this good bye than your lover, slut." As he holds what is obviously a gun to my lips.

My legs are untied and just as quickly they are spread further than I believe is capable. I feel cold chain wrap around the right foot and locked down tight. Something stiff is resting against both ankles as I feel another chain locked around my left foot. I am unable to pull my legs together as they are separated by a bar and secured to whatever I am laying on. I know it is metal, because I can feel its cold hardness under my bare ass and legs and know that my wet naked pussy is completely exposed under my skirt, which is a rumpled mess around my waist.

Next my arms too are released from their temporary bindings and pulled over my head and tied down on either side of me respectively. I feel something cold and sharp just above the waistband of my skirt. In a flash it rips through my silk shirt and it falls open. My breasts are now only partially concealed by my black lace bra. I hope he doesn't notice the bruises just above the bra line, left behind from a time I don't want to forget - unlike this one. I fear he'll use that as fuel and permission to be more rough with me than maybe he has already planned.

His lips press to mine as he invades my mouth with his eager tongue. I decide at this time to submit as willingly as I can so that maybe he will have some pity on me. While his tongue darts around my mouth both hands now tightly grip my almost naked breast. In his next motion he bites my lip hard and tears my bra apart in the center. I feel my heavy tits sink back upon my chest. My nipples are hard rocks now both from their unexpected release and the cool air of this room. A scream attempts to escape my throat but is silenced by his mouth, which is now stealing what breath I have left in me as he is also covering my nostrils with his face. I strain to adjust and search to find oxygen. My body begins to tremble and it starts to go dark again just as he lifts his face from mine. Ah. I take in air as if I never have.

Now I realize for the first time since I have been on this table that he isn't touching me. I can't quite feel his presence but I haven't heard any footsteps so I assume he is still near by. This is confirmed as a stinging thrash comes down on my bare chest, wrapping just into the tenderness of my underarm too. My nipple feels like it has been cut by the invasion. I catch my breath just in time to feel the second thrash high across my widespread thighs and exposed pussy lips. Then faster than I can count, they come down over and over, on what feels like every inch of my exposed skin. Every nerve ending wakes up and screams from this abuse.

I am embarrassed yet again to realize that my pussy is hot and throbbing and I can feel my juices starting to seep out between my legs. My clit is growing hard and I know it is showing off instead of hiding away. Before I can start to morbidly enjoy these sensations that I should be completely ashamed of, the beating stops and I feel something very cold and hard placed against my barely open innermost pussy lips. It isn't too large and I assume it is some sort of toy. It does not stop there. It is too easily slipped in several inches. Now I can feel that this is fairly heavy and still, and I fear the reason behind it until it is revealed. "In case you think of trying to scream again, this should remind you that I have the gun and you have what I want."

Uncontrollably I shake all over. Overwhelming fear runs through my mind with thoughts of it going off accidentally. My attempts to cooperate would be for nothing if I make a single wrong move and the unthinkable happens. Now instead of shaking, I am completely frozen with terror. I can feel myself slipping into one of my trances and decide it may just be better to submit to the trance and away from what is happening to my body.

He doesn't allow me this mental escape as his teeth bite down and what feels like through my left nipple as he molests my breasts with his strong hands. It snaps me right back to reality and insane pleasure as I start to heave in slow steady deep breaths. I give in to the hands that now explore my whole body. I can feel them roughly examining every welt where I was graced with his whip. Then the hand touches the top of my mound and the gun in removed from my pussy. Another deep breath escapes my lips in relief until I feel it laid upon my stomach. He wants to make sure I know who is in control at all times.

"The fun is over for you now." he announces as I hear the zipper go down. I feel the weight of his now naked body all over me, pressing the gun into my gut and can feel the head of a rather large cock press against my hot wet pussy. I am ashamed that my cunt betrays me and is so eager to take this in. I feel my hips actually lift off the table and press into his stomach as if I'm trying to reach this foreign cock. I want it inside of me. I don't! However, my body is reacting instinctively and as programmed.

I don't have to strain for long as he starts pumping his huge shaft into my pussy. Oh my god! I am not used to this. It hurts as he slams it deeper and deeper inside of me. Now I regret thinking I needed it. I wish for him to hurry up and finish and maybe he will be done with me. The slamming continues all the while he is biting both nipples at random and mangling my breasts with his hands. I strain hopelessly to bring my legs together and to try and pull back anything to make his penetration less deep and less painful. It is not possible with the solid table under my back and this bar forcing my legs to stay apart.

I feel a unique sensation building inside of me as he bares down on places that have never been reached before. The weight of his body sliding up and down on my groin is teasing my clit to the point of no return. I fear I may orgasm with this stranger. Just as my clit is about to explode and me with it - he pulls out quickly. Another relieved breath escapes my almost breathless and aching body.

I feel the shackles being handled. I excite that it is all over. I am wrong. He has merely unhooked my feet from the table. He grabs the bar between my ankles and pulls me further down the table. My bottom is now right at the edge of the table as he lifts my legs using the bar and positions himself between this open gateway he has created. I feel his body draw closer to mine and then I feel the hot wet head of his cock at the little hole of my ass. His hand rubs all over and in my pussy as he gathers all the juices that he has forced me to create and wipes them all over my butt. Without any further preparation, he enters my very private place. I can barely take this penetration. He feels like he is in just past the ridge of his head. The worst is over. He pulls out and enters me again the same as before, and then again. This is the worst part. It is hard enough to accept something of this size but to keep having it pierce my virgin ass is unbareable.

Finally, he quits toying with my entrance and gives it to me all the way. I didn't know I could feel deeper invaded than when this cock was in my pussy. But in my little bottom he feels twice as huge. Just as I think I will rip apart, his able fingers decide to toy with the clit that he had worked up so well while fucking me. I enjoy the relief for a moment. Then I feel 3 fingers slip inside my pussy all at once, while his thumb still works at my clit. I think to myself, there is no way I can take those fingers while I am already so full of his cock in back... He does not stop there. He removes those fingers and runs his hand all over my now dripping cunt. Sufficiently wet, he presses his whole hand against my lips. I feel him pushing in with all he has. He is not pumping my ass now - but he is still filling it completely. In a moment or two of effort, his entire fist is now buried deep into my womb and he starts to fuck me again, this time with his cock in my ass and his fist in my cunt.

He must find the tightness of me being overfilled too intense even for him, or maybe it is pure pity as he quits moving his hand, but does not remove it. Yet, now I feel every pump of his long thick shaft jamming in and out of my bottom while my pussy is full of his hand. I can't resist. I try not to let him witness the satisfaction of getting me off and scream "NO!" at the top of my lungs while I involuntarily convulse and squirt all over his arm during extreme orgasm.

He quickly removes his soaked arm from my netherlips and slaps me across my face with it. "Now you'll clean up this mess bitch!" he bellows as forces his hand into my mouth almost strangling me. Without missing a thrust he begins to pump harder and harder until he screams. I realize he is cumming, in my ass!

I lay there and shake with fear and post orgasmic tremors just praying for morning. I feel the weight lifted from my chest as the gun is removed. I can hear him walking around. He releases my legs from the spreader bar. They are numb and I can't feel them any longer. He scoots me back upon the table so that they are supported. I can't move them. He must know this. I hear him walking again. His hands tangle themselves in my hair and gather it tightly in his fist. Hot breath escapes his lips and his teeth bite down on my left ear as he says... "You were a very good girl. You may kiss me good night now."

With the same hand holding my hair back, he adjusts the blindfold out of my way, but before my eyes can adjust, his face is on top of mine again kissing me wildly. I feel his other hand enclose tight and steady around my throat - just almost choking me. I accept this kiss and pray I have pleased him and earned my release. Finally, I can see through the tears in my eyes that this is no Stranger kissing me...

Now I know that it was no accident you allowed my music to stay on during my capture. You knew I would need it to maintain my sanity and your careful plan took everything into consideration.

"...From breasts to lips to cheek to mane. I pull your hair, you feel no pain... when I lay my hands on you..."

The End.

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