tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGood Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad


It had been 4 years since Carrie Underwood had released a full-length studio album, and as such, I had already heard the rumors that she was looking to make a bit of a splash with who she brought on as a record producer for her next project.

Where I fit into the equation was that I had a bit of a reputation as someone who didn't fit in around Nashville.

In a town full of straight-laced record executive types, I was the veritable "little long-haired outlaw" that everyone tried to stay away from, and my past as both a buyer and user of drugs out of the little two-story house I had converted partially into a recording studio didn't help.

But despite my status as the guy most self-respecting country artists should stay away from, I had recently enjoyed some success, and not just with the quote-unquote "rebel children" of country, guys like Eric Church who would often be considered outlaws by today's take on the word, but also with a recent hit by Little Big Town, which is how Carrie found out about me.

What she didn't know about my recording session with LBT is how I hit on Karen Fairchild all night then managed to ply her with drugs (mostly ecstasy) to get her alone with me so we could fuck all night long.

It was risky behavior to be sure, as a girl that is perceived to be a clean-living country artist like her would most likely be ruined if people knew she had an affair with the likes of me, but it was my musical abilities that had brought Carrie to my door.

"Carrie, hi. After having spoken to you on the phone for so many times, it's good to finally meet you in person," I politely said to Carrie as I answered the front door and saw her standing on the other side of it dressed in a loose-fitting t-shirt and pair of cut-off shorts that showed off a lot of leg.

"I hear you can do a lot of different things with my music, so that's why I'm here," Carrie told me, smiling at me as I invited her in and directed her to the recording studio I had set up in the basement.

"I could do a lot of different things with you tonight, too, Carrie," I said to myself as I walked behind her, admiring her tight ass and already envisioning a night of drugs and sex between us.

"This is a nice place you have here John. Especially the recording studio," Carrie told me as we entered it, beginning to let her guard down with me as I brought her over to the state-of-the-art equipment I was using.

"It's kind of small, but it gets the job done Carrie. I understand you called me up because you want to "take chances" musically with your next record?" I told her as we conversed, purposely emphasizing the words "take chances" so that she would maybe get the subliminal message I was trying to send her.

"Yes, that is correct John. I take my position as one of the top stars of country music seriously, and as such, I don't want to get pigeon-holed a certain way," she told me, making my cock jump at the sound of her use of the word "position."

As the minutes turned to hours, I found myself wanting to hook up with Carrie even more, and it seemed as though she was falling for me, too, so after we had spent some time recording some songs that reflected what we were both sure was a positive new direction for her music, I decided to make my move on her.

"I'm glad we could get together and make some beautiful music together tonight Carrie. And I can think of a few other places we could make some beautiful music together while you're here," I told her, grabbing her arm and attempting to kiss her.

"John, I appreciate all you've done for my musically, but this wouldn't be right. I'm married and have a kid now," she whispered, not really making much of an effort to push me away as I leaned into kiss her again.

"Everything you've heard about me is true Carrie. EVERYTHING," I whispered to her as I pulled her in for a kiss and led her to the bedroom adjacent to the studio where I stashed my drugs.

"There's enough cocaine and ecstasy here to last us a whole weekend Carrie. But I'd settle for one night with you baby," I told her as I kissed her roughly, pushing her into the wall as she moaned into my mouth and pushed me away.

"I'm not that kind of girl," she whispered to me softly, her eyes telling a different story as she gazed at the piles of coke and the numerous bottles of X in the room.

"You did say you felt like taking chances with your music, Carrie. How about you take some chances with me tonight, as well?" I whispered as I kissed her again, feeling her start to kiss me back as I slid a hand into her shorts and felt the growing wet spot between her legs.

"Is this "bad boy" turning you Carrie? How about we do some drugs together then," I whispered to her as I led her to the bed that was in the middle of the room and laid her down on it.

"This is getting out of hand. I don't want to do this anymore," Carrie whispered as I made out with her, sliding her shorts off and pulling her shirt off as she tried to find the will to stop me.

"The wet spot between your legs says that you do Carrie," I told her as I got up and brought a bag full of coke and a bottle of ecstasy tablets over to the bed, Carrie looking at the drugs with lust in her eyes as I took a tablet in my hand and placed it at her lips.

"You don't have to be the "Good Girl" all the time Carrie. Take this. It'll make you feel good," I whispered to her as I rubbed between her legs and pulled her panties down, Carrie devouring the pill and swallowing it down almost whole as I unhooked her bra and began placing lines of coke on her tits and along her glistening pussy slit.

"UH," Carrie hissed as I started to snort the lines off of her tits, handing Carrie a few more ecstasy pills as I made my way between her legs and started snorting off her pussy.

"OHGOD...lick...me..." Carrie purred as I snorted the coke off her cunt, running my tongue along her slit and licking her before doing another line off of her tits, starting to suck on them when I was done.

"I feel so good right now...and I want you so bad...I don't know what's come over me," Carrie dreamily hissed, her eyes trying to focus on her wedding ring as her clouded mind took control of her emotions.

"Have a few more baby. Then there's something else I want to give you that will make you feel good," I whispered in her ear as she downed a few more pills, giggling uncontrollably as the feeling of euphoria swept over her.

"MMM..." she hissed as I sucked on her tits some more, her eyes rolling into her head as she began to feel the extra sexual stimulation the ecstasy was giving her.

"FUCK...I've never felt this way before..." she moaned as I kissed her lips, kissing all the way down between her legs as Carrie wiggled in joy with every touch of my lips on hyper-sensitive body.

"Then I guess you won't mind if I do this," I whispered to her as I placed a couple more lines on her pussy and licked them off, stabbing her insides with my tongue before lining my dick up with it and sliding it into her.

"OHGOD. You're inside me," Carrie hissed, wanting to push me away but feeling too good thanks to the effects of the drugs on her to fight me off as I began to thrust in and out of her, every movement I made inside of her rocking her sensitive pussy and causing her to moan louder and louder as her cunt wrapped itself around my dick.

"Relax Carrie. Let the drugs, and my dick, take you to your happy place," I whispered to her as I made out with her, Carrie's long legs finding their way onto my shoulders as I started sucking on her tits and thrusting harder and deeper into her.

"UH. UH. UH. OHGOD. You feel so good inside me..." Carrie hissed, trying to process what was happening to her and why she suddenly felt so okay with being unfaithful to her husband as I drove myself in and out of her, kissing her neck and sucking on her tits to keep the overwhelming sexual stimulation she was feeling going.

"And you feel so tight around my cock Carrie," I whispered as I pushed all the way inside of her, Carrie arching her back and yelping in sexual satisfaction when she felt my dick pushing against her cervix and threatening to enter her womb.

"Cum for me Carrie. Relax and cum for me, baby," I whispered to her, feeding her another ecstasy pill as she threw her head back and came for me, pushing her hips into mine and arching her back as she shot a load of her fresh cream out onto my dick.

"OH FUCK. OHGODYES. I'm cumming. Please cum inside me," she begged me, clawing at her own nipples to help give her the stimulation and sexual desire she craved as I felt my balls getting ready to explode inside of her.

"The "Good Girl's" gone bad," I teased her as I thrust one last time into her and came deep inside of her, her walls clutching and grabbing at my dick as I held it inside of her and filled her womb with my baby batter, Carrie twisting her hips around my dick and begging me for more of my sperm as I did so.

"OHGOD. I didn't mean for it to go this far," Carrie whispered as she felt my cum shooting inside of her and filling up her insides a few more times before I managed to pull out of her, her heart wanting to push me away but her drug-addled mind overriding it as she pulled me in and kissed me.

"Ride me cowgirl," I softly whispered to her as she pushed me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me, the euphoric feeling the ecstasy had given her completely relaxing her and giving her a sense of closeness with me that she wouldn't ordinarily have felt.

"MMM," Carrie moaned as I sucked on her tits, little bolts of electricity still shooting through her sensitive skin every time I touched her as I grabbed her hips and lowered them onto my dick.

"That's it. Ride me Carrie. We've only just started having fun together," I softly told her as I grabbed her hips and led her down onto my dick, showing her the rhythm I wanted her to go at as she started to bounce up and down on it.

"UH. UH. OHGOD. I feel so dirty," Carrie hissed, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as she rode my dick, squeezing her legs around my waist as I sharply thrust my dick up into her.

"Makes you hot for me, doesn't it?" I cockily told her as I grabbed her hips and brought her roughly down onto my dick.

"UH-HUH. OHGOD, cumming..." Carrie hissed, squeezing her eyes shut as she bounced up and down on my dick a few times and rode out her orgasm, her cunt walls clinging to my dick as she shot a brand new load of cum all over it and went limp.

"Time to fill you up again Carrie," I whispered as she threw her head back, driving her hips down into mine one last time as I shot my second load of the night into her, her spasming cunt squeezing the life out of my cock as I spewed the sticky contents of it into her.

"Let's go to the bathroom and have a little more dirty fun Carrie," I whispered to her as I pushed her off of me and motioned for her to follow me, ensuring she would follow me by holding up another ecstasy pill as a reward for her if she did.

"Druggie," I teased her as I watched her ingest the pill and close the door behind us, stepping out of my clothes as I cut some coke and covered my cock with it.

"MMM...I'll only suck it if you agree to put it back inside me later..." she hissed as she snorted her first line of coke, giggling as it went up her nose and she wrapped her lips around my dick.

"I don't think that will be a problem," I teased her as she dropped to her knees and started sucking on it, one of my hands sliding over her pussy lips as she worked over my dick.

"I am so high right now," she whispered, giggling to herself as she did another line of coke and went back to sucking my dick, three of my fingers disappearing inside her pussy and thrusting in and out of her as she deep-throated my dick, the glistening of her wedding ring in the light doing nothing to snap her out of her drug-induced sexcapade as she wrapped her hands around my dick and squeezed my balls.

"Gonna cum Carrie. Swallow it like the good little drugged-up country girl you are," I told her as I placed my hands on the back of her head, running my hands through her hair as I slammed it to the back of her throat and came.

"MMM..." she moaned as she swallowed my load down in one gulp, her hungry pussy gripping my fingers as she begged me for something harder to fuck.

"We should get together and do this more often Carrie," I told her as I bent her over the sink in the bathroom and cut a few lines for us, both of us snorting down as much as we could and downing a few more ecstasy pills as my dick ran along her ass cheeks and her tight pussy lips.

"Pussy or ass?" I asked her, pretty sure she was willing to let me have whatever hole I wanted to have, as I reached around and tweaked her nipples, sending more supercharged bolts of sexual energy through her as I ran my dick over her openings again.

"P-pussy. OHGOD. Fuck my pussy again," she moaned, giving in to her desires once again as I slid into her and started giving it to her, her hips pushing back into mine as she looked at herself in the mirror and laughed.

"I look hot when I'm high," she laughed, snorting some more coke up into her nose as she did, my dick burying itself deep inside of her pussy as I grabbed her hips and started pounding away on it.

"You look hot doing anything," I told her, kissing her neck with so much passion that it drove her wild all over again, her hips pushing back into mine as she felt her walls start clinging to my dick again.

"OHGOD. Cumming..." she hissed, softly throwing her hips into mine as she came with force all over my dick, her eyes rolling into her head as I pulled on her hair and felt my own cum erupting into her, flooding her snatch with a third load of my baby seed.

"Time to have this ass," I whispered to her, the drugs that were coursing through our system finally beginning to wear off from our night of sex as Carrie threw her hips back into mine, moaning out in lust as my dick pulled out of her thoroughly-seeded cunt and slid into her ass.

"OHGOD. OHGOD. Fuck my ass..." Carrie hissed, doing one last line of coke with me as I thrust in and out of her ass, throwing her head back as I grabbed her hips and worked myself in and out of her.

"FUCK. You feel so good in my ass," she hissed, throwing her hips back into mine one last time as she threw her head back, a trickle of her cunt cream running down her legs as I buried my dick up to my balls in her ass and came deep in her bowels.

"Cumming Carrie," I softly told her as my cum shot into her ass, her breath getting more and more ragged as she fought off the series of orgasms she was experiencing.

"FUCK...SHIT...I can't believe I just spent the night here doing drugs and having sex with you," Carrie cried out, starting to panic when we returned to my bedroom and saw the sun rising up through the curtains.

"Carrie...Carrie. Don't panic. The last thing I want is for this to get out and ruin your reputation. So your secret is safe with me," I told her as I scheduled her for another recording session a week later on down the line, already thinking about the things I could do to her if I got my hands on her again.

"It is kind of nice to get away and be able to try new things now and then. And I don't just mean musically," she teased me, giving me a long, deep kiss as she started to gather her things to go, still walking wobbly-legged from the drugs in her system and the hard fucking she had received all night as she blushed and told me she would see me at the next session.

"Stick with me and you can have a hot night of drugs and sex anytime you want it," I told her as I slipped her my number and sent her on her way, anxiously awaiting the next time I would see her again and all the while hoping nothing unexpected would come out of the night we had just shared together.

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