Good Idea at the Time


By this point, my cock was rock hard, and I pulled down my trousers and underwear and began slowly stroking myself.

And as I watched from my chair, Paul glanced quickly at me then lowered himself to the bed. His tremendous cock was fully erect now, so huge that I wondered how my wife could possibly take him.

As Kathy felt his weight lower on to her, her eyes flew upon and their mouths pressed hard against each other, their tongues swirling and probing against the other...

Then Kathy broke the kiss to say in a jumble of words, "Don't make me....don't make me....don't make me wait. Can't wait any more for you...for your cock baby.. Do it to me it..."

Paul murmured to her, "Tell me, baby.. Tell me what you want. Tell me."

"Put it in now, now now Neeed your cock inside me now, baby. Ohhhh it." Her hands were still fluttering between her legs, stroking his cock, pulling it towards her.

"Do what, Kathy?" he said, teasing my wife with his cock pressing against her entrance. "Say it.....say what you want."

"Ohhhh Goddd yess!!!" she screamed. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me with your huge cock. Fill me inside. Fuck me...fuck meee fuck meee.

Paul's ass moved just a fraction, his cock head barely entering her. Her eyes opened wide now, filled with lust, and surprise at just how huge he was.

He took it very slow. Moved imperceptibly deeper, then slowly moved out again. Then, as he leaned in for a deep kiss, slowly deeper again. Then out once more, still slowly, and gradually in again, each stroke moving just a little further inside my lovely wife. Kathy's hips moved up against him with his every thrust, and then pulled back as he did, then repeated the motion slowly, rhythmically.

He repositioned his hands outside her shoulders, levering himself above her on the king sized bed, his biceps and triceps knotted and bulging as his arms support his weight. She moved her hands behind his arms now, grasping him on both sides just behind the elbow, her head pulling up as he withdrew and then bending backward against the pillow as his huge cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her.

His lower back muscles rippled as his ass pumped again and again, levering his cock ever further into Kathy's opening. And now her arms moved around to caress his back, pulling him into her harder and harder, cupping his ass cheeks as they thrust again, again, again. Their bodies were moving faster now, together in time.

As they both began to pick up the pace, the room was filled with the sounds of their sheer physical effort, his deep grunts mixing with her higher pitched squeals and cries.

I thought back to our past sporadic episodes of lovemaking. Usually I was good for about a minute or two before cumming in her. And she,happy that her duty was done, was more than glad for it to be over, even though she never orgasmed, not from straight fucking, not in our entire married life together.

"Ohhhhh godddd yesssss, Paul," my wife's loud cry arose me from my reverie. His huge cock was all the way in her now as he was continuing to pick up the pace, and she was having a little trouble putting words together.

"Never knew......never......oh like this....ohhhh doooo ittttttt ahhhhhhh!"

Paul was working hard. Sweat glistened on his back and arms, trailing down into his ass crack as his grunting got louder and louder and his speed faster and faster. As he levered above Kathy, his eyes closed in concentration, his hair now soaked with perspiration, sweat dripped off his glistening, contorted face down onto her breasts, and trickled down to the wedding ring on the thin gold chain.

Kathy's face was glistening too. She moved her arms to extend above her head as she continued thrusting her hips up against him with all her might.

Now her head started moving back and forth, slowly at first, then more and more rapidly. Her hair, partly matted against her face, began whipping back and forth at a frenetic speed. Her eyes opened, bearing an expression of wonder and surprise at the excitement Paul was giving her. His strength and stamina were simply amazing as he continued to fuck my wife, his ass thrusting again and again, harder and faster.

Then Kathy's eyes closed once more, tightly this time, her head bouncing from the force of Paul's thrusting cock. Her chin was tilting up now, her back arching off the bed as she screamed louder than I had ever heard her

"Yessss.. That's it, baby...yes, yess...yesss.s...aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm cummminnnnggg. Cummmminnggg for you Paul.....Cumminnngg onn yourrrr cock, baby,,,,,,cummming nowwwww....oooohhhhh,....aggaiiinnn...aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I came then too, my cock spurting all over my right hand.

I don't know if Paul came or not. He never said a word, but as Kathy collapsed beneath him, moaning incoherently, he pulled out of her, and got off the bed and walked into the living room. As he slipped back into his clothes, he turned to me and said,

"Pleasure meeting you Mike. Tell Kathy I enjoyed her company."

And with that he walked out of the hotel room door.

Leaving me to ponder whether my marriage would ever be the same.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/17/18

Could be better

Quality writing no doubt. In my opinion this type of story is much better when it includes all of the aftermath. The leap from frigid wife to big cock slut was just to extreme.

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by allsop7201/17/18

rats in the house

I smell 2 well acquainted rats and a well planned meet dumb as a stump hubby.

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