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Good Morning


He tipped himself up on one elbow. She rested against him in the bed, her warm back pressing against his stomach and chest. He watched her - - - her rhythmic breathing filling the room. She was curled against her pillow, sleeping soundly, with him spooned around her. He listened to her breathe, and marveled at how good it felt to have her next to him in the morning. As he rested on his arm and watched her sleep, he thought about how far they had come and wondered how far they had yet to go.

His reverie was broken by her stirring. He took his hand and placed it against her hip, steadying her against him. He didn't want to lose this contact, this connection, with her. Not yet. Their time together was so fleeting and so precious that every moment he could spend next to her - - - touching her - - - - was magical. He draped his arm in the hollow of her waist and looked at her again. Her short hair was aflurry over her head. She was not an easy sleeper, as evidenced by the way her hair looked so disheveled every morning. This was the first time that they had spent together that he can remember her actually being still and quiet next to him. Yet she still gripped her pillow in stubborn defiance.

He eased down in the bed and carefully slipped his arm under her, pulling her even closer. He put his face into her hair and breathed. It was warm, soft, and smelled so sweet. Her hands found his and her fingers laced between, pulling his arms tighter around her. He smiled to himself that she felt safe enough to sleep even with him holding her - - - realizing that she had finally released the pillow from her clutches. He couldn't resist her shoulder that was peeking from under the covers, so he removed his face from her hair long enough to give it a long, lingering kiss. He wondered how she could sleep through his ministration .... or was she??

A small smile passed across her face when she felt his lips touch her shoulder. She loved feeling his strong arms around her, and his warm body against her. What a way to wake up! Yet, rather than break the momentum of the moment and let him know she was indeed awake, she chose to lie there and allow him to continue trying to wake her. His warm mouth kissing her shoulder was almost more than she could stand, and she began to wiggle her toes and fingers. With a gentle sigh, she began to stretch and yawn, pushing her hands over her head - - - all feigned stirrings to make him think he was just barely getting somewhere - - - but did not try to stop him. She rolled slightly toward him, opening her eyes in sleepy response. "Good morning," she whispered huskily, smiling at him.

This was his cue to take one of her breasts into his hand and hold it gently, rolling the nipple with his fingers. She softly moaned as his mouth traveled from her shoulder to her neck and up her ear, his arm underneath her curling and holding her fast against him. The feeling of his hot breath and warm, wet mouth against her drove her crazy, even when she was still a bit drowsy. He began to strip her pajamas from her, and at that moment she wondered why she even bothered wearing any - - - realizing that he had been naked all along. Turning completely to him, she offered herself. He touched her face lightly and began to kiss her. Her mouth was warm from sleep, and he took his time with this kiss - - - softly possessing her lips and tongue alternately. He kissed her nose, her eyelids, her cheeks .... then the hollow of her throat. Finally he took one of her nipples in his mouth, and she arched to meet his suckling. He knew, then, that she was not only fully awake, but fully involved in his lovemaking.

His hands traveled down between her legs. God, she was wet! He was very gentle and slow with his hands - - - using soft, loving touches - - - knowing that her nerve endings were probably not fully functional yet. He pushed open her thighs with firm pressure until she relaxed and exposed herself to him. Lightly stroking her bud, he felt a rush of wetness on his hand. He knew then that she was getting very close, and teased her open with his fingertips, thrusting two fingers deeply inside her. She arched against the intrusion and he felt her muscles tighten inside with pleasure. She groaned heartily with every movement, her breath quickening and her body arching in respondent glory. He found her pleasure center inside, carefully massaging her to an orgasm, and felt her pulse around him as she peaked. Withdrawing his fingers, he was amazed at how they were glistening with her juices. He placed them into his mouth and savored her sweetness, then kissed her deeply so that she could taste herself. He eased his arms around her, and pulled her to him, feeling her heart beating wildly against him. Looking down at her draped lovingly over him, her sighs of contentment ruffling the hair on his chest, he was suddenly overcome with emotion for her. He couldn't resist kissing her on the forehead and hugging her close.

Within the hug, she tipped her face and began to nuzzle at his neck, kissing first his chin, his cheek, then sliding up his jaw to his ear. She sucked and nibbled at it - - - breathing warmly into it as his breathing increased. She kissed down his neck, feeling his quickening pulse under her lips, until she got to his chest. There, she suckled his nipples as he had done hers, and listened to his sighs. But she was far from finished. Her wet tongue made a trail down his belly, his dark hairs matting wetly against his skin. She blew a fine, cool, burst of air onto the wetness, causing him to suck in his breath and goosebumps to appear on his arms. He ground in mock protest, and she grinned at him ..... and cocked her eyebrow as if to say, "you woke me up ... now suffer!" Suffering was the LAST thing on his mind when he felt her hot mouth envelop him.

He groaned lowly as her mouth sank down him. Her tongue teased him to attention, and her hand encircled him at the base. She tasted his nectar on her tongue as he became more and more aroused. She sucked gently on him until he asked her to suck harder. He then wondered aloud if that had upset her, but she assured him that the only way she would know what he wanted is if he asked her for it. He relaxed into her attentions, as her mouth went back to work. He asked her to get in between his legs, and she did, never releasing him from her mouth. His hands found her hair, and he buried his fingers in its softness, trying to guide her pace. She suckled slowly, teasingly, her lips tightening around him until his own hand moved and began to take over. She held the tip of him in her mouth, and stroked his thighs and around his manhood as he stroked himself. His moaning told her what to do and how hard to do it ... she watched his hands intently, trying to learn the right movements to please him. She felt his legs tensing around her, and she knew he was close, so she leaned her mouth into his scrotum and began to lick and suck there. That was all it took - - - he released a torrent into the air and onto her and himself. She eased out of the bed and retrieved a soft towel and began to gently clean him.

He beckoned her to his side, holding his arm out for her to slide into. She lay next to him, molding herself against him and wrapping her leg over his, and they kissed lingeringly. This was the part she cherished most. She had never been with anyone who cared enough to stay awake ... let alone hold her afterwards and just talk to or caress her. They had lovely, intimate conversations about life and love and everything in between. Often, it culminated in another lovemaking session, but on this morning, they were content just to hold , caress, and kiss each other - - - to just be there together. His strong arms wrapped tightly around her, and she stroked his chest, arms and hands - - - and they talked about where this all would lead. They were beginning to realize that while they neither one had any answers, they both were content to continue waking up with one another like this for a long time to come!

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