tagErotic CouplingsGood Morning

Good Morning


You lay next to me in contented sleep, peaceful and relaxed. I can't help the urge to run a hand gently over your shoulder and down your arm, feeling the warm smooth skin beneath my fingertips. You sigh and roll just the slightest bit towards me and I smile to myself at your reaction. I continue my exploration, running my hand down your chest, stroking my fingernails lightly over your stomach to feel your muscles contract. You moan softly and stretch, wanting more.

I push the blanket down slowly, exposing your body to your knees. I know my eyes glitter with my intent but yours remain closed. Should I let you rest? You stretch again, shifting closer as I have paused and you seek my touch even in slumber. My hand returns, continuing its soft exploration of your skin. I've never craved anything like I do the feel, the taste, of your bare skin. Leaning over, I gently kiss your neck and lick softly, trailing kisses lower.

Your hand raises seekingly in your sleep, cupping the back of my head, urging me lower still. I can't help but wonder what your mind is dreaming at this moment in time. I kiss your belly, nipping softly here and there until I reach the waistband of the shorts you sleep in. I run my tongue across the skin just above the waistband and you moan, your voice slightly louder this time, and the hand becomes more insistent guiding me lower.

I know what you want and for a second I debate if I should give in or continue teasing you. I want it too much myself, that taste of you, to resist. My tongue runs down your hardness, through your shorts. Your hips raise, your hand threads into my hair holding my head in place. I use my teeth to tease you, to grip the tip of you between my lips. You're always more forceful in your sleep and I enjoy that as well.

Reaching up I start tugging the shorts down. Often this is when you awake but not today. I kiss the skin and nuzzle that soft spot on either side of your hips where your pelvis joins. I continue tugging the shorts down until I am able to free you. Your hardness amazes me. I did that -- your flesh is mine.

Gently, I lay a kiss on the tip of you and taste the saltiness of the moisture there. I take the tip into my mouth and suck gently. Just the tip, in an out, sucking and licking as if you were a lollipop. I lick my way down your shaft to what lays beneath. I love licking you there, feeling you tighten in my mouth. The texture rougher in comparison, but still a part of you.

I know what will wake you and I'm ready for you to join me. I shift between your legs so I can watch your face and I slowly suck you all the way in using more pressure and opening my throat to take every last inch. Bobbing slowly, I suck you. The hand eases as it always does right before you join me. You stretch, smile, and look down. "Good morning," you say cheerfully with a yawn. I smile and my head returns to its ministrations.

I can slow down now; I have you where I want you. I wonder at times why you always wake up before finishing but I doubt you have an answer. Waking up is like starting fresh -- more time to play, more time to taste.

My hands grip your hips, I feel like your body was made for mine as we fit perfectly together. I slide my hands up and across you, stroking you abdomen and running back down to your thighs as I watch your face. Your eyes are closed now but it's not the same as before. There's a tension there as you anticipate my mouth returning.

I don't make you wait long before I resume licking you, bathing you with my tongue from the base to tip in a slow swipe. You groan and settle back. My hands urge your hips higher, my mouth now the vessel for your thrusts. Take me, make me yours, use me for your pleasure. You slide through my lips and I feel my body pulse as if you were thrusting lower into my pussy. I feel the moisture gather and know that I will cum soon from the pleasure that I am giving to you.

It doesn't take long. Your grip tightens in my hair as you erupt, hot semen pouring out. Your body pulses and slowly you relax and snuggle me close. I think to myself how much I love mornings with you.

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