tagRomanceGood Morning

Good Morning


It's still dark outside, I'm laying in my bed, nude except for my panties. I'm asleep but not, part of me is on edge, listening for any sound or movement to let me know he's arrived.

I'm expecting him, I look at the clock each of the few times my eyes open, I'm nervous- though it's nothing that I haven't done before, not often enough for my liking but I enjoy what little I can get.

The panties I wear are his favorite- black lace hipsters, not my most comfortable pair but yet they give me a feeling of sensuality that I don't expect. My ears perk up, I can hear him opening the door I left unlocked for him, he is as usual trying to be quiet and not disturb me in my sleep, even though by now he should know better.

"You don't have to try and be so quiet you know" I sleepily call out to him, a muffled laugh and a "sorry" are my answers, my ears seem hyper sensitive catching every little sound- his feet on the carpet, the sound his jeans make as he walks down the hall, he's talking to me a little, but I'm too caught between my excitement and my sleep clouded mind to remember what he's saying.

I'm facing the wall, but as he enters the room I turn to watch him, two steps in and he's already pulling off his shirt, four and he's undoing his belt, then his pants are falling onto the floor, he' looks at me and then I see him shrug in a "what the hell manner" and his boxers follow his pants, in my sleepy state I almost giggle at that look, but manage not to. I move over on the bed, to make room for him, and turn back to the wall.

He slides in the bed behind me, nude, and - though I shouldn't be at this point, a part of me always is- I'm surprised to find him hard, this knowledge sparks a small warmth between my legs, he moves closer pulling me into his arms, and I cuddle in closer, just for this first few moments enjoying being held, I breathe in, and his unique sent fills my lungs, my mind, and something more.

I'm sleepy still, and part of me is debating as always just sleeping in his arms for a bit, the safety and comfort I've been missing here lately a strong pull, but not strong enough, he's started rubbing my arms, my back, any where his hand falls, any where it wants to go, each touch sending shivers down my spine, and adding to the warmth and tingles I feel in my belly and between my legs.

I hear him breathing a bit harder though he's trying to hide it, and this sparks my wicked side, I chuckle softly, and he asks me "what?" "nothing" I reply I can feel the smirk in my words though I try to hide it, I move my hand, slowly, naturally, over his chest, his tummy, his legs, lazily and almost innocently getting closer to his dick.

I give in to my desire, and wrap my hand around his hard length -it's female pride that floods me and encourages me to do more of what my playful side is thinking when I hear his almost hidden groan.

I start stroking him slowly just enjoying the feeling of him in my hand, but that's not enough for me it never is, I always desire more, so I slide down on the bed till I am able to start kissing his dick, and I do, from base to tip, just kissing and licking, nibbling lightly with my lips, swirling my tongue over the tip of his dick.

It's as much for me as for him, I've always loved this part, the feeling of control it gives me, each positive reaction from him- each groan, each gasp, sigh, each movement- makes me a bit more hot, and I admit it makes me a bit wet.

Finally I take his dick in my mouth and I start sucking, I still use my tongue as much as I can, I take him all in slowly, I know my limits and my pace, I set up my pattern of moving up and down, letting his length in and out of my mouth, as deep as it can go then back. His hands have been grasping at me this whole time, sometimes in my hair, others over my back, even grabbing at my ass, and for some reason the last part makes me even hotter.... I know I have to stop, any more and things will be over too quickly, part of me is reluctant to give up my lollipop but the other part is more demanding, with it's heat, its need to be touched, be filled, be fucked.

"How do you want me?" I always ask, it's my desire to be controlled, this one place it is wanted, needed even. "On your back" is what he manages to get out, and I comply with his demand, I lay back, and I feel him position himself, the rubbing of his dick between my legs is so wonderful I know I am shivering, when he enters me, I almost moan, I'm trying to stay quiet as he starts thrusting, slowly at first, I know I'm failing when he speeds up, my mind is blank, except for the wonderful feeling that he is creating within me, I'm begging him now, to fuck me harder, faster, I know I'm getting louder with each moan.

I pull my legs up, to help him get deeper, the feelings seem to last forever, but yet not long enough, he moans and shudders and I know he is finished, he slips out of me and lays back, knowing what I need, he slips his hand between my still parted legs and starts rubbing my clit as I have shown him I enjoy, soon I am the one moaning and shuddering, my whole body jerking as I cum, hard the first time, then a little less with each after shock, he keeps rubbing my clit till I press my legs together, and again we curl up in each others arms.

It is a beautiful, wonderful, Good Morning.

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