tagIncest/TabooGood Morning In The Bathroom

Good Morning In The Bathroom


This is a story inspired by my best friend and his recently college graduated daughter. After graduation she moved back home to find a job and be close to her dad and mom.

I woke up to the sound of water running in my bathroom sink. I know who that is. I get up and walk over to the bathroom. I sound a fake cough to let my presence be known to my sweet gorgeous little babygirl. My naughty princess, if I may, as she makes a point to wear hip hugger short shorts and tank tops around the house or, my favorite, short pleated skirts with half tee-shirts.

She almost never wears a bra. When she wears a skirt she almost always forgets to wear panties. Her brain just doesn't register the need to wear panties with short short skirts around the house knowing very well that every move she makes reveals naughty parts of her body to her big daddy.

Right now I am wearing my silk boxers and a tee shirt. I just woke up but am still in bed feeling cozy warm and comfortable. A few minutes later, I get up and walk over to my bathroom where the sound of running water continues to distract me.

My babygirl is standing at the bathroom sink doing whatever babygirls do in the morning. Wearing flannel short short boxers and a half tank top. Her gorgeous round sweet butt is sticking out and the material of her boxers creating a nice valley between the two butt cheeks giving the most awesome view of her hot little tight crack.

She caught me behind her in the mirror and gave me a very naughty sexy sweet innocent little babygirl smile telling me that she knows I am behind her but she is going to pretend that she doesn't know. And that she is anxiously waiting for me to come closer. She game me a very very naughty smile indeed. I think she also bit her lower lip while doing that. That turns me on very much.

I move very close to her almost touching my front with her back. Since she is sticking her butt out like a gorgeous supermodel would, the front of my crotch touches her butt first. I move closer so I can press more of myself against her. I look down and notice how the largeness and thickness of my fat cock is causing the valley of her crack to become even deeper and shoving the cloth of her boxers even deeper into the crack of her ass. I slide my hand around her waist and pull her more into me. A soft moan escapes her mouth uncontrollably letting me know that she likes the hard fatness she is feeling against her butt. By now the thick fatness of my cock is completely buried into her crack and the cloth of her boxers is shoved up deep inside.

Now I am getting harder and thicker as I feel her wiggle her butt against my fat cock. She said;

"Oh God daddy, that thing is so fucking thick. Bring that bad boy closer into my butt. You like my ass daddy?"

I can only respond with, "Ummm yeah sweetie daddy loves his babygirl's hot little ass. I can do things to it all day"

"Oh yeah daddy? What sorta things would you do to my hot little ass?"

She said that as she wiggled her butt and pressed it even harder into me making me slide my thick fat hard cock in the crack of her ass completely. Burying my cock in her crack along with the fabric of her boxers. I slide my hands over her gorgeous large breasts and rub her nipples through her shirt and then go back to rubbing her flat tummy and that gorgeous belly button. She pulled me more into her ass by sticking her ass back into me.

I notice that she is now leaning forward a bit so to be able to feel the thick fat cock against the crack of her ass even better. I can't take this anymore. I have never been so hard and fat and thick and pulsating in my life. It hurts to be inside my boxers.

"Oh God daddy get that thing out of your fucking boxers. I want to feel the hot skin and hardness against my butt"

"Sweetie you will have to take off your boxers in order to feel my skin" I smile.

"Oh fuck yeah! ummm oh God daddy! I thought you'd never command."

In one quick motion she slid her boxers off of her butt. Now they are around her thighs, close to her knees but not all the way down. That is the hottest site of my babygirl's ass I have seen. I quickly drop my boxers around my ankles and slide my hands around her tummy and push her back into me. This time pointing my fat cock straight up and in her crack. My balls now touching against her wet pussy and the tip of my cock and the soft cock ring now brushing up against her tight little ass hole. Her gorgeous soft white butt cheeks wrap around my cock and engulf it into the crack. Her crack and her pussy were so hot I almost oozed pre-cum. She bends over some more opening up her ass even more and making my cock go deeper in her crack.

"Oh God daddy that's a fucking monster in my crack. I don't think it will fit in my pussy let alone in my anus. You're so fucking huge daddy"

She is making it sound like its a bad thing but all the while she has that evil naughty babygirl smile on her face constantly biting her lower lip. Now she is completely bent over and pushed back into me.

"God damn-it daddy fuck my pussy already you fucking tease. Never let a horny girl deprive of cock so much. Come on old man fuck your babygirls tight pussy already. Damnit I am craving fat daddy-cock right now"

Always to oblige to my sweetest babygirl I bent her over some more, took a step back so my cock can stick up straight, spread her ass cheeks wide, saw the sexy fucking pink ass hole winking at me as I nudge the slit of her pussy open with the thick swollen fat head of my big daddy-cock.

"Oh fuck yeah that's it. Push it in daddy please"

I smile and start to slide my fat cock inside my babygirl's extremely wet pussy. I grabbed hold of her waist and her ass cheeks spread them wide and shove the entire length of my fat hard cock deep inside her horny little pussy.

"Oh god damn fuck yeah daddy"

I went mad with those words and started pounding her tight little pussy harder and deeper. Hearing her yelp and scream and call out ...

"Fuck, god damn, shove that fat fucker deeper daddy. Fuck me please daddy harder please daddy. Ohhhh God!"

And that only made me harder and fatter until I couldn't take it anymore. After ramming my cock in her pussy from behind for a few minutes I turned her around and without hesitation just slammed the whole fat cock deep inside her pussy. Grinding her hard clitty every time my shaft would slide in and out. I finally couldn't take it anymore. I spread her legs wide and slammed my cock deeper and faster feeling my balls slap against her ass hole. I bucked and moaned she screamed and I felt her pussy convulse and start to ooze pussy cream from either sides of my cock onto my balls and cock. It was enough to feel her pussy muscles grab my cock and milk it that I shot my thick white creamy load deep inside of my babygirls pussy. Some of it dripped out of her sweet pussy.

We stayed like that for a few minutes before smiling at each other kissing deep.

"Good morning babygirl"

"Ummm good morning big daddy"

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