tagInterracial LoveGood Neighbor Sam Ch. 02

Good Neighbor Sam Ch. 02


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Author's note: This somewhat lengthy little tale should stand on its own, but for fuller context you might want to read the original "Good Neighbor Sam" before, or even after, you read Chapter 2. Your votes, comments and feedback are always more than welcome.

Just about everyone in the tidy townhouse community was attending the Housewarming party being thrown by Gilbert "Gil" and Suzi Williams. The young couple had just moved into their townhouse a month earlier and wanted to meet and mingle with their new neighbors.

Gil Williams was in his mid-twenties and was employed as an accountant at a prominent CPA firm in town. Suzi's maiden name was Nakamura and she was a third-generation Asian-American. Perfectly fluent in both English and Japanese, Suzi was employed part-time as an interpreter for a major corporation, working odd hours, mostly from home, translating emails, correspondence and phone calls between her company and their clients and suppliers in Japan.

Suzi, also in her mid-twenties, was very attractive with a perfect thin build, bigger-than-average breasts for an Asian, and fairly tall at about 5'6". She had a pretty face, flawless pale skin and long, silky black hair that reached almost to her cute little ass. Gil was only three inches taller than his gorgeous wife and was a typical White Ango-Saxon Protestant with a thin build and average looks. The couple got along well with their parents and in-laws, although Suzi's folks were a little disappointed that she didn't marry a Japanese boy. In their minds, Suzi's marriage to Gil was an interracial relationship.

The party got underway at 7 pm and was well-attended. Suzi got super excited when her new best friend, Kelly, arrived, accompanied by her husband, Bill. Sam, an unattached black man who lived next door to the Williams, arrived at the same time. Since moving in, Gil and Suzi had just traded a few hellos with Sam in passing and hadn't had a chance to really get acquainted. But then, that's what housewarming parties are for.

Suzi called to her husband, almost yelling, "Gil, Gil! Come over here and meet my new bestie, Kelly, and her husband, Bill! They live five townhouses up the street."

As Gil approached he noticed that Kelly was a very pretty young blonde and was obviously expecting a child. Kelly really did look stunning, wearing a short, tight-fitting black dress with thin straps and a plunging bust line. The colorful floral tattoo that covered her entire left arm, from her wrist on up, was totally visible, as were most of the flowery tattoos that flowed around each of her slender shoulders. Below her luscious round boobs the clingy dress wrapped snugly around her melon-sized baby bump, accentuating it perfectly.

Gil and Suzi hit it off right away with Kelly and Bill and they started chatting happily.

"I can see that you're really into tattoos, Kelly," Gil said. "I think Suzi would look sexy with the right tattoo but I haven't been able to talk her into it."

"Well, a year ago, when I moved into this neighborhood, I didn't have a single tattoo either," Kelly said, "Now look at me!" She held up her arm with the full sleeve for emphasis.

"And a year ago, I wasn't knocked up!" Kelly added while rubbing her swelling baby belly.

"Well, who knows, maybe this place will loosen Suzi up a little!" Gil said as he wrapped his arm around his bride and gave her a little squeeze.

Kelly smiled and thought to herself, "be careful what you wish for, Gil. If I know Sam he'd like nothing more than to loosen up Suzi's tight little pussy, just like he did mine!"

As the two couples laughed and talked, Sam wandered their way. He saw an opportunity to break the ice with Suzi and her husband, what's-his-name.

"I hear that you speak Japanese, Suzi," Sam said with the other guests looking on. "Say something to me in Japanese!"

Suzi smiled and tilted her head, as if she was thinking hard, then (in Japanese) she said to Sam and the crowd, "I hear you have a huge black cock and you fuck women better than anyone." Of course, no one had a clue as to what she'd said!

Sam laughed and spoke, purposely mutilating Suzi's words, "Now what exactly does 'hockey-socka-shinsu-toyo-dojo-chow-ding-dong' mean?"

"It means 'nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends,'" Suzi replied, telling a little white lie and thoroughly amusing all the party-goers in the process.

Suzi found Sam to be intriguing and paid close attention to his every move. Just a day earlier, Kelly had confided to her that she was carrying Sam's black baby, not her husband's, and that Sam had also impregnated their neighbors Heather, Monica and Claire, who were, incidentally, also at the party. Suzi had quickly become very close to Kelly and she was friendly with the others too. Kelly raved about what a fantastic lover Sam was, saying he had an incredibly big black cock and really knew how to use it. Still, Suzi just couldn't fathom how attractive, middle-class white ladies would elect to mate with a philandering black man who obviously prowled their neighborhood like a tomcat.

Gil kept a wary eye on Sam too, although he was totally unaware of Sam's prowess with the females. It was hard for Sam to go unnoticed, being the biggest person in the crowd and the only black one as well. Just as Kelly's husband Bill had noted at their Housewarming nearly a year earlier, Gil was a little put-off by Sam's touchy-feely manner, embracing women with bold familiarity. Gil really thought it was odd when he caught a glimpse of Sam talking to Kelly while rubbing his hands all over her bulbous belly.

Later, employing one of his most successful techniques, Sam sidled up to Suzi and whispered to her, "Hey pretty lady. I left my phone number on a slip of paper on top of your refrigerator. Call me when you're ready." Suzi's narrow eyes shot wide open and her jaw dropped in shock. She just said "okay", not knowing how else to respond. It was an exchange that her husband Gil could see but not hear from across the room.

Gil took Suzi aside a few minutes later and asked, "What did Sam say to you? He obviously caught you by surprise."

Suzi responded with "Oh, honey, you won't believe this..." Then, for reasons that Suzi herself couldn't comprehend, she instantly concocted a cover story to keep from telling her husband that Sam had practically propositioned her. "He said that we've done a beautiful job decorating our home."

"Oh, okay," Gil said. "I don't know why that would surprise you so much. You really have done a great job with this place in just a month's time."

The party lasted until the wee hours, and after the last guests left, Suzi and Gil put away the leftover food and opted to clean up later that morning.

The couple went to their bedroom, put on their night clothes and climbed into bed. After a goodnight kiss, Gil turned over and faced away from Suzi. She was still keyed up from the party and would have loved to get laid, but sex with Gil was not indicated in the chart that she kept. Suzi desperately wanted to get pregnant, which meant she could hardly ever fuck her husband.

To be explained as the story unfolds...

A friend in need

The day after the Housewarming party Suzi slept in, then got up and tidied up her place. She had tons of food left over, so she called Kelly to see if she wanted some of it. Kelly said she and Bill would love to take some free food off her hands. Suzi told Kelly she'd be right over and suggested that they could have some of it for a late lunch.

As they ate, and for some time after, the two friends chatted. Bill was not home, so they talked freely about the party and the people there. Suzi decided to tell Kelly about Sam's secret message to her, when he left his phone number.

"I couldn't believe it," Suzi said, "Sam said 'Hey pretty lady, my number is on a piece of paper on top of your fridge. Call me when you're ready.' Can you believe it, Kelly?"

Kelly started laughing and said, "Sam pulled the same stunt at my Housewarming party! I waited a few weeks before I called him. I should have called him sooner. If I were you I'd call him tomorrow."

"No, I don't think I'll be doing that," Suzi said with a grin. "How soon after you started fucking him did he get you get pregnant?"

Kelly replied, "Not right away. I stayed on the pill for a couple of months after we started fucking, then I decided that I wanted to have a black baby. I went off the pill and wham-bam, Sam knocked me up!"

Suzi got a little serious and said, "Gil and I have been trying to get me pregnant, but it's been 10 long months and so far, no luck."

"Well, at least you're having plenty of sex!" Kelly chirped, trying to cheer Suzi up.

"I wish," Suzi sighed. "A while back we went to the doctor and found out that Gil has a low sperm count. It's called oligazoospermia. Instead of hormone treatments or artificial insemination we're trying to do it the natural way right now, so we have to build up Gil's sperm count so he'll have enough of the lazy little wigglers to find my egg. That means he can't ejaculate until I'm ovulating.

"Wow, that doesn't sound like much fun," Kelly said.

"It's not," Suzi continued. "It's a big rigmarole. I keep a chart, and when I know I'm fertile I lie on the bed, with a pillow under my ass to get in the best position, then I spread my legs and Gil puts his dick in me. Of course, he's so horny, poor guy, that he comes right way - like in 30 seconds sometimes - then I lie there for a half hour so that gravity will help his sperm to find their target. We wait for two days and we do it again, while I'm still ovulating. And it hasn't worked, so far."

"Oh, you poor thing!" Kelly said. "So, you only get fucked twice a month?"

"Sometimes three times," Suzi sighed. "He gives me oral once in a while, but we can't let him get too excited or he'll blow his wad on the sheets. I've worn out two vibrators just to keep myself from going crazy!"

"That's sounds like spouse abuse!" Kelly declared, causing them both to laugh. Then Kelly said she wanted to go get something and left the room. She returned a minute later holding a 10" black dildo.

"Geez, Kelly, that's a monster!" Suzi exclaimed. "You don't really use that on yourself, do you?"

"Well, not much lately," Kelly said. "I call it Sam Junior. It's the same size that he is."

"You're shitting me!" Suzi shrieked. "Sam is that big? For real?"

"Yeah, he really is," Kelly answered, "and a little thicker. And Sam knows a hundred ways to use his big black cock too!"

"God, I can only imagine," Suzi mumbled.

"That's why you have to call him, Suzi," Kelly nearly shouted. "You know you're going to sooner or later. You haven't thrown out his number. You're going to keep it - I know you are - and you're going to call him when you just can't stand it anymore! Just go ahead and do it!"

Suzi was silent and just stared into space.

After a minute, Kelly broke the silence. "Look, in the meantime, take this dildo and use it. Just imagine it's Sam and you'll get yourself off in no time!"

Suzi smiled and nodded her head, then asked Kelly if she had a bag to put the dildo in, not wanting to walk down the street and into her house carrying it. After Kelly fetched a shopping bag Suzi stood up and said she had to go.

When the two women shared a reassuring hug Suzi felt Kelly's big baby belly pressing against her and couldn't help but feel a little envious. Suzi took the bag and headed home.

When Suzi walked in Gil was puttering around in the kitchen and he asked her what was in the bag.

"Oh, nothing much," Suzi said, "just a hand-me-down from Kelly."

Suzi went straight to the bedroom and hid the black dildo in a drawer in her nightstand, under some magazines. Gil said he had to run out to the store and asked Suzi if she wanted to go. Suzi declined, saying she was tired and wanted a nap.

As soon as Gil left, Suzi went to the fridge and reached up to find Sam's note. She stored Sam's number in her phone, telling herself that it was a good idea to have her neighbor's number handy, in case of emergency or whatever. Then Suzi went to her bedroom, stripped off her clothes, and pulled out Sam Junior. She admired the dark color and rubbed the dildo around her slit until she got wet, then eased it into her tight pussy. It took some effort, but Suzi was amazed to find that she could take almost all of it. She worked the dildo in and out became even more aroused. When she allowed herself to fantasize that it was actually Sam fucking her she had a major climax, the best orgasm she'd had in an awfully long time. Suzi put the dildo back in her drawer and took her much needed nap.

A fateful encounter

For the next week, Suzi went about her usual routine. She was constantly sex-starved and put Sam Junior to use several times. The thought of actually calling Sam crossed her mind, but she dismissed the idea each time it occurred to her.

As fate would have it, and it must have been fate Suzi thought later, she returned from an early morning errand and pulled her car into her driveway. At the same time, Sam pulled into his driveway a few feet away and parked his car too. Suzi and Sam exited at the same moment and common courtesy dictated that they say hello to each other.

"Hey pretty lady," Sam called out, "How are you doing this fine morning?"

"Oh, I'm fine," Suzi responded, "How are you, Sam?"

"I'm good, real good," Sam said, flashing a big smile. "I'm even better since I got to see you!"

Suzi and Sam walked toward each other, stopping at the edges of their driveways. Sam looked particularly handsome in his dressy casual clothing and Suzi decided it was time to broach the subject of his "call me when you're ready" invitation.

"Sam, I've been meaning to call you," Suzi said timidly. "I even saved your name and number in my phone but I never worked up the nerve to call and talk."

"You need to work up your nerve?" Sam said smiling and feigning surprise. "That sounds serious. Come on in and we can talk about it." Sam motioned for Suzi to cross the property line and enter his domain.

Suzi hesitated for a couple seconds, then set her feet in motion, stepping toward Sam and following him through his front door and into his townhouse. She glanced behind her to make sure that no one was watching.

Sam pointed toward his living room furniture and told Suzi to have a seat. There was a big leather sofa and a matching arm chair. Suzi figured if she sat in the chair there would just be talk. If she sat on the sofa there was bound to be touching. She plopped down in the chair.

Sam sat down on the sofa and said, "Now, what did you have to work up your nerve to talk to me about?" Then, patting the sofa cushion next to him, he said, "Why don't you sit over here?"

As if she had already fallen under the big man's spell, Suzi got up and moved over to the couch, taking her place next to Sam. Sam smiled and looked Suzi in the face. He held his gaze, obligating Suzi to say something.

"I've heard a lot of nice things about you from Kelly and the other girls," Suzi said. "It's kind of made me curious, you know?"

"I like it when a beautiful woman gets curious," Sam spoke in his smoothest possible voice. He then reached his big hand out and gently placed it atop Suzi's.

Suzi looked at Sam's huge hand, covering hers, and said, "I've never been touched by a black man before. Your skin is really black compared to mine."

"My skin is really black compared to anybody's," Sam chuckled. "Your light skin is just perfect, really beautiful," he continued as he began to rub Suzi's hand. "Since you're Japanese I thought your skin was supposed to be yellow," Sam added with a big grin.

"Ha ha, Sam," Suzi countered, smiling herself. "I guess we should get all the stereotypes out of the way!"

Sam smiled and nodded and asked, "Have you heard the one about 'once you go black you never go back?'"

"Yeah, I think I've heard that somewhere," Suzi said with a sly smile. "I'm not sure that I believe it, though."

"Oh, it is absolutely true," Sam said. "You'll see."

A wave of goosebumps swept over Suzi as she suddenly realized that their playful banter was evolving into something serious. To "go black" was both intimidating and enticing at that moment.

Sam almost whispered, "You can see that it's also true that black men have big lips. You know why, don't you baby?"

Knowing full well where this encounter was headed, Suzi leaned toward Sam and touched her lips to his. She pulled back and licked her lips. They looked at each other's faces, then moved together again and reconnected, holding their lips together longer this time. Suzi and Sam both tilted their heads to make better contact and kissed once more. Sam opened his mouth. Suzi took his lead and opened hers, then felt his tongue pressing against hers. She left her tongue limp for a moment then moved it to dance with Sam's. Their kissing became more prolonged, more passionate, and continued for several minutes. Finally Suzi pulled away and took a deep breath, signaling Sam that she needed to come up for air.

When Sam leaned in to resume their make-out session, Suzi recoiled.

"We should stop, Sam," Suzi said quietly.

"Why?" Sam whispered. "Don't you like kissing me?"

"I think I like it too much," Suzi murmured. "If we don't stop now we'll go too far."

Cranking his charm up a notch, Sam said, "Who's to say what's too far? If we stop now you'll always wonder what you missed. What could it have been like? Why should you deprive yourself of something you really want to feel? Something you want to know."

"Ummmm," Suzi said with an exaggerated expression, "because I'm married? Because I love my husband?"

"Of course you love him," Sam reassured her. "Or you wouldn't be married. You're a beautiful, sexy woman. I won't make love to you. That's for your husband to do, but I can make you feel special, make you feel things that you've never felt before, make you feel better than you ever have with any other man."

Suzi's resolve melted as she leaned into Sam again and attacked his mouth with hers, letting Sam know with her actions that she would resist no further. She was willing to be putty in his hands and she was ready for him to mold her.

As their kissing continued, Sam moved his hand to cover Suzi's breast and he began to squeeze and massage it through her top. Suzi moaned and squirmed. She wanted to feel Sam's touch on her nipples, so she leaned away from Sam and pulled her top up and off. Then she unhooked her bra and removed that too.

"Your tits are beautiful," Sam whispered, "but I knew they would be."

Sam twisted Suzi's plumping nipples and rubbed the skin around them. Then he leaned down and sucked one of the nipples into his mouth. Suzi moaned loudly and muttered "yes." Sam continued to suckle and Suzi stroked the back of his head. The feel of his course and closely cropped hair was foreign to her, but she savored it. Touching and being touched by a black man now excited her. Sam continued to suck and caress her breasts. When he finally backed away he whispered to Suzi, "Let's take off your shorts." Abandoning any modesty, Suzi lifted her ass off the couch and pulled her shorts off in one motion. "Your panties too," Sam directed. Again, Suzi lifted her bottom off the cushion and pulled off her last item of clothing, leaving herself stark naked.

Suzi lurched involuntarily when Sam brushed his hand across her lap and touched her bare pussy. She then leaned back against the couch and spread her legs, giving Sam the full access that she wanted him to have. Suzi started breathing heavier and let out "oooh" sounds as Sam gently slid a finger into her sopping wet slit and tickled her clit with his thumb. Suzi relaxed her entire body, her mind focused entirely on the finger fucking she was getting. To encourage Sam, as if he needed encouragement, Suzi said dreamily, "that feels so good Sam. Your finger is bigger than my husband's dick." Then she began to shudder and welcomed an orgasm, screaming "Oooooh Sam, Ooooh, Ahhhhhh," followed by some purely guttural noises.

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