tagHumor & SatireGood Ol' Mom

Good Ol' Mom


Starring Busty Blonde Bimbo Bombshells Hilda and Harriet Humper in the sequel to "Harriet Gets Her Wee Wee Juice":

"Good Ol' Mom"

Written by Meet The Humpers founder Victor C. Nathan


"Thanks for helping me with my homework, Ricky," Harriet Humper said softly and gratefully as Ricky Cummings pushed her back onto the queen-sized mattress of the bed in her bedroom, having already stripped her clothes off before removing his own. "I really appreciate it."

"Homework?" Ricky responded absent-mindedly as he concentrated on pushing the young Humper's legs apart as he eased his nearly ten inch staff between them. "Oh, yeah, sure. I love to work with numbers and all that fucking educational shit. Uhhhhhh, it was my pleasure. Okay, I'm going to stick my dick in that honeypot, you big-boobed little fuck doll. Do you want it, you busty trollop? You want every fucking inch of my motherfucking cock, Pumpkin Tits?"

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh! You bet your balls I want it, you horny well-hung son of a bitch! Ram that fucker home, sweet fucker! Fuck my cunny good, Ricky! Bury your boner, horndog!" Harriet moaned as Ricky's enormous penis slid into her sheath, slipping like heaven into her receptive cockpit to fuck her smooth as silk until he came. "Oh, baby, that feels goooooooood in there! Fuck me proud, proud fucker! Fuck the shit out of me!"

The springs of the bed creaked as the couple began a steady rhythm that felt heavenly to their sexual organs, their pelvises smacking violently together in jubilation, Harriet's triple H honkers swaying and swinging back and forth like sacks in a storm. Their coupling was wonderful and they rutted harder and harder, exerting their fuck powers, their motivations lying now deep within their individual loins, motivations craving the fucking fruition, the hungry explosive release of fucks unconstrained from any impediments to orgasmic fucking discharges. They fucked and fucked and fucked. Ricky slammed his pecker in and out of Harriet's overdone pussy and grunted with the exertion of their humping, their union of carnality and frivolous fornication.

"Shit, you're fucking tight," Ricky managed through clenched teeth as his big wee wee went full length into her deep cunny, the young man feeling almost as if he was in her womb by now, so deep was his traversing. "Oh, fuck, but you're hot, Harriet. You are hot and tight as a virgin's honeypot."

"Maybe I'm just full, you big motherfucker. Tee hee," Harriet giggled as her eager fuckmate took two handfuls of her plethora of tittie flesh, squeezing and kneading her globular girly glands in the midst of his plumbing of her depths. "That's the more likely fucking scenario when it comes to my pussy, Ricky. Cause I've had my cunny slammed more times than a screen door. Tee hee hee. Oh, fuck it deep, hard fucker. Cunny needs wee wee. Cunny's hungry for fucky. So give my funny cunny a fuckhappy motherfucking fuckity fuck fuck with your motherfucking fuckstick. Tee hee. Did I mention the fact that I like motherfucking fucking, motherfucker?"

"I did catch your insinuation," Ricky laughed as he rolled her overswelled knockers in a circular pattern upon her chest, savoring her feminine womanly humps of fleshy sweat glands, the glands, the titties, the bodacious boobie bazoom boom booms that made him want to come as he boned her moist insides with gusto, stabbing his wee wee hard-on to the nadir of her sleek tunnel and then excavating it until only the massive head of his penis remained inside her vaginal tract.

Harriet drove her hips upward, copulating like the strumpet she had always been, letting her lover's dick go much deeper than would be normally possible, loving the feel of his fondling of her funbag jugs and the fucking of her cunny slot. But they were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway.

"Who the fuck could that be?" Harriet asked between labored breaths, between the upward thrusts she exercised upon his throbbing tool, knowing that her whopping titanic titties were what had brought his wee wee to her pussy in the first place. "Who the fuck would be stopping by right now? I mean, school just let out twenty fucking minutes ago."

"It looks like Chuck Dicker's car," Ricky observed, stopping his plunges and holding his penis still in her as he looked up and out of the bedroom window. "Yep, Chuck's getting out of the car."

"Oh, fuck," Harriet cursed as she forced Ricky to pull his big fucker out of her pussy and to unhand her bouncing boobies. She then pushed Ricky off of her and rose to her feet, sliding her discarded blouse over her ridiculous chest charms and then pulling her shorts over her plump round fanny. "But at least my car is still in the shop. He won't even know I'm fucking home. I better go down and get Mom to make up some lie and tell him some bullshit story. It would be awkward if he came in while we were up here getting hot and heavy. We have an open relationship, but it would still be awkward as shit. We just try to be honest with each other about shit. That's how relationships work. I'll be right back, baby. Keep that wee wee warm for me. Tee hee. You are my after school fuck machine, darling."

"Well, please hurry, Angeltits. Mr. Wee Wee gets lonely when his tittie princess is away," Ricky said in a mock whine as he reached beneath the blonde teenager's blouse to cup her overgrown outcroppings of tittie, their appealing tittieness apparent to his touch.

"Oh, you naughty boy," Harriet cooed with a grin as she forcefully gripped his naked cock in her hand, sighing inwardly as it throbbed under her touch. "I'll take care of you in due time, Mr. Wee Wee. Would you like a sucky after our fucky, Mr. Wee Wee? I thought you would. Such a good boy. Yes, you are. Tee hee."

Harriet raced downstairs and found her mother in the kitchen putting dishes into the dishwasher. She was just pushing the door closed with her insanely large rack as Harriet entered the room.

"Hey, sweetie," Hilda said with a naughty wink, poking her daughter in the arm with her elbow. "You kids having fun up there? Hee hee. Ricky giving you a little pokey?"

"Never mind that right now," Harriet spoke speedily, dismissing her mother's pride in her promiscuity. "Chuck Dicker just pulled into the driveway and I don't want to talk to him right now, not with my being busy and everything. Could you tell him I'm not here or just keep him occupied for a while while Ricky and I are upstairs? Please?"

"Oh, don't you worry a bit about that, sweetheart," Hilda Humper assured her with a grin, unbuttoning a button on her blouse to reveal just a smidgen of luscious cleavage, her top heavy gifts containing much more that was still concealed by her clothing. "Momma will take care of everything. I can assure you of that, sweetie. Run along, baby. Momma will handle this."

Harriet had no doubt that Hilda would definitely handle this dilemma in the usual Humper fashion. Harriet dashed back up the stairs, her boobie baggage bouncing like the basketballs that she often dribbled on the high school court, her heaving heaviness apparent in the bobbing of her jugs. She reached the door and stepped into her bedroom again, closing and locking the door behind her. On the bed, Ricky was stretched out naked, his dormant dick drooping from lack of activity as he smoked a Marlboro cigarette, blowing the smoke out in rings.

"Shit, baby," Ricky spoke impatiently as he laughingly threw a hand playfully across his cock. "You make a guy go a long time without some pussy. Hop in the bed, sexy, and let's take up where we left off. You ready for me to fuck the living shit out of you, tittie princess? Mr. Wee Wee's ready to do a little muff-diving, if you know what I mean."

"You know I know what you fucking mean, big boy," Harriet cooed, removing her blouse as she swung her assets back and forth to turn her lover on. She discarded her shorts to get naked once more and shook her round beautiful ass in his face provocatively before she turned and began to rub his manhood, watching it get instantly hard. "Wow. He's a frisky little fucker, isn't he? How about I hop in the saddle this time, big fellow? Would you like that? You want mommy to slide on top and ride the baloney pony? Holy shit, but your wee wee's gettin' big thinking about that shit, isn't he, fucker?"

Ricky remarked that he would love to have Harriet on top and so without missing a beat she happily impaled herself on his straight stalk and let it slide inside of her full hilt until she cried out.

"Fuck! That feels good, sugartits!" Ricky cried as she began to place herself firmly in the saddle and rode his wee wee stickhorse like a wild pony. "Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa, motherfucker! Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa! Save the horses! Ride a motherfucking cowboy!"

Downstairs, the doorbell rang loudly and annoyingly and Hilda Humper strode quickly to answer it, undoing another button on her orange blouse as she walked, uncovering a bit more of the two swells that made getting laid such an easy task for the blonde educator.

"Hi, Miss Humper," Chuck Dicker greeted her as she beckoned him in. "Is Harriet home?"

"No, sweetie," Hilda said, feigning honesty as she led him into her humble abode and turned to smile seductively at the young man, her left hand sliding over the curve of her big right boob. "I think she went to the movies with some friends or something."

"Darn it," Chuck said, disappointed in her absence but noticing Hilda's eccentric behavior. "Uhhhhh, I wanted to see her."

"Don't be annoyed, Chuck," Hilda replied, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'll go get you a soft drink and then maybe I can get you to help me hang the new framed painting I bought. I need a big strong man to do it. I just love buying Norman Rockwell paintings. He's so traditional and shit. I like the fucking traditional artwork better than all that avant garde trashy shit being pushed on the public by the pseudo-artists on the Left. All it does is undermine traditional values. Fuck the fuckers. That's what I say. A bunch of Commie cocksuckers, all of 'em. Faking their Vietnam service and shit. You can't trust a damn one of 'em."

"That's true, Miss Humper," Chuck Dicker said nodding, feeling his penis growing hard inside his pants as he managed to look down the blouse of his girlfriend's mother, gazing at cleavage so deep that it looked as if someone could fall into it and never be seen again. "Most of them are Fifth Columnists and fellow travelers who brag about their kitsch Marxism at Hollywood dinner parties. Fuck 'em. They are the enemy within."

"Right as rain, Chuckie, you smart motherfucker," Hilda laughed aloud as she patted the youngster softly on his bottom, her hand lingering several seconds longer than it probably should have as she leaned towards him, pressing one of her heaving boobies into his shoulder, laughing as it mashed hard against him, the pliable flesh of her knocker squashing when pressed to his inplacable form. "Smart boys with big wee wees are the ones I like. Tee hee. And I think you qualify."

After he consumed the soft drink, Hilda led him into the den and had him stand on a sturdy chair to place her new Norman Rockwell painting in an ideal place on the wall. Hilda smiled as she checked Chuck out from behind with much admiration and then without warning, she reached up between his legs, going up and under as her hand snaked around to grab his crotch.

"Hee hee! It feels like that fucker's getting hard already!" Hilda laughed and Chuck jumped down from the chair, somewhat surprised at her behavior.

"Miss Humper!" Chuck sputtered, his eyes wide. "What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing, sweetie pie? I'm grabbing your motherfucking wee wee. Why don't you just calm down and let me play with him, baby. Mr. Wee Wee will be oh so happy if you do. Come on, sweetie fucker. Just let your momma Hildy work. She just wants to touch your private boy parts, what your mommy probably called your bathing suit area when you were little."

"I don't know about this," Chuck said, worry covering his visage, but his eyes would not leave Miss Humper's bustline.

"You don't know about what?" Hilda asked, slightly taken aback as she undid her orange blouse and yanked it off, tossing it on the love seat nearby as her super-sized knockers sprang forth, rolling out of her top like they were being hatched and Chuck was the first one to behold their insane circumference. "You don't know if you want titties this big? Come on, Chuckie. Don't be afraid of momma. She knows what's best. And what's best is what makes that wee wee of yours feel good, right, Chuckie? Yours won't be the first young wee wee in the world to have top-heavy Hilda get her naughty little hands on it. Just think of all those wee wees in the world that I've played with, okay, good fucker."

Hilda let Chuck Dicker touch her big breasts. The teenaged horndog handled her like he was hungry for what she had on her chest, like he was starving for boobies, big boobies that bounced and jounced and fucking sashayed till it made his putter stand up. Hilda moaned as Chuck felt her, then squeezed her, then kneaded and pulled on her, and then sucked the living fuck out of her tee tees. Her boom booms tingled their approval as he sucked the pert nipples and abundant areola. Finally, she dropped in front of him and undid his Levi's, pulling them down with his briefs, seeing his long wee wee pop up and squealing with joyfulness as it did.

"Oh, yeah, baby," Hilda moaned, touching and then kissing him. "I just love the nice young cocks like yours. So young and full of promise. Mmmmmmmmmm. And full of jizz too, come to think of it. Tee hee. All those young wee wees in the world, all just for me and my little mouth to suck."

"Oh, Miss Humper. That feels good," Chuck proclaimed as she lapped at his johnson and then began to fellate his private parts, sucking his stalk like a nipple on a tittie.

Chuck cried out. He let out a roar of happiness as the pleasurable tingles rushed over his pole like electrical current. For a second, he thought that he must have jammed his hard-on into a wall socket.

"Oh, shiiiiittttttttt!" Chuck Dicker screamed as Hilda's blonde head moved on his penis, decorating his dick with her saliva as she applied almost life-threatening suction to the boy's prick. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Wee wees of the world, UNITE!"

Fellatio was the order of the day and Hilda was, in several minutes, feeling the phlegm-like discharge excreting itself from his oversucked planting tool as it coated her throat.

"Oh, holy merciful fucking shit!" the boy said in a voice that sounded like begging. "Don't let my squirtsies end, Miss Humper! Don't let my squirtsies end! I'll never doubt momma Hildy again!"

After Chuck came and time had revived his spent pecker, the two of them agreed with the idea of momma Hildy, that they should definitely fuck.

Upstairs, Harriet screamed, cried and swore as her orgasm took her to new heights and she finally dismounted after Ricky had squirted all his pent-up jism upward and right into her waiting pussy.

"I'm going down to get a glass of water," Harriet told him before she threw on her blouse and shorts again. "All this fucking has made me so thirsty. I'll be back to suck your wee wee in a jiffy. Hope you have a stiffy. Tee hee."

Harriet reiterated this comment by showing him she meant business, by grabbing his naked cock again and squeezing it, feeling confident as it grew in her hand. Ricky again reprised his earlier behavior and reached beneath her blouse to cup her twin tawdry titties, her bountiful bosom buddies. Harriet giggled and left the room.

When Harriet reached the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to retrieve a pitcher of water, she suddenly heard the cries and moans of her mother and Chuck coming from the den, the fact that they were fucking quite evident.

Pouring herself some of the water into a glass, the blonde bimbo quipped with a grin, "Good ol' Mom. She always takes care of everything."


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