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Good Pet


When you open the door, I'm exactly where you left me an hour ago: hanging from the hook where you usually keep your jacket, my hands bound by a silk scarf.

"Hello, pet," you say to me. Your hand caresses my smooth face and my eyes search yours. I've been waiting for so long, and you know it.

You take your tie off, slowly, and wrap it around my eyes. "Can you see, pet?"

"No sir," I reply. The room, already dark with the lights off, is suddenly pitch black. I can't see. I dare not speak. I can only feel.

Your hands brush over my arms, my breasts, my stomach. My breath catches as you reach down, down, to my dripping wet pussy. Your finger rubs my clit in slow circles, and I moan.

"Good pet," you say. "Do you want more?"

"Yes sir," I whisper. "Oh, yes, sir."

Your fingers slide into my wet snatch and I moan again, thrusting myself onto you and wiggling back and forth. It's not enough. "Please..." I beg.

"Please what?" you ask, still moving your fingers inside of me. I can hear the amusement in your voice. You love making me beg, love having me in such a vulnerable position.

"Please...please fuck me," I say. My mind is racing, thinking of all the things you'll do to me if I ask. "I want to be your whore."

"Oh do you? Show me then," you say, and before I know it, you've lifted my bound hands off of the hook and dropped me onto the floor.

I struggle to my knees, my mouth already open and waiting. "Come and get it," you tell me, and I lean towards you, moving forward until I finally feel your thick cock in my mouth. You groan in pleasure as I take you in all the way, until you hit the back of my throat. I bob my head back and forth, back and forth, swirling my tongue around every inch of you. You push further into my mouth. I'm gagging, barely able to breathe...

And finally, you release me. I gasp for air as you lift me up and throw me on the bed.

"Tell me how much you want it," you say. "Tell me that you want my dick buried deep inside you."

"I want you," I pant. "I'd do anything to have you inside me now."

You chuckle. "Anything? Well, I'll have to keep that in mind for next time. You're lucky this time that all I want to do is fuck you."

With that, you thrust your cock inside my hot pussy. I was expecting it, but I still gasp. I almost forgot how good it felt to have you inside of me, filling me up with your thickness. You pump into me, harder, faster, and I beg for more. The blindfold, somehow, is still on.

"You want more?" you growl. "I'll give you more, you cock-loving slut!"

You flip me over and pull me down so that my feet are on the ground and my ass is to you. Your dick keeps pumping, harder and harder. You reach over and yank my hair, pulling my head back.

"Ooooohhhh!" I shout. "Oh, yes, yes, keep going, please sir, keep going." I love the feeling of having you deep inside of me while my head aches with the beautiful pain of your hand wrapped tightly around my hair. "I'm going to cum!" I shout.

"Good," you say, "Cum for me, slut. Show me how much you love letting me fuck you!"

And I do, in waves and waves of pleasure. You shoot your load inside of me and moan, tossing your head back. When you're done, you throw my head back onto the bed and lie down beside me. Your seed leaks out of me, mixing with my juices on the floor.

"What a good whore," you say, stroking my head as I sigh. "Do you want more later?"

"Yes," I say breathlessly. "Yes, I want more."

I can almost hear your wicked grin. "What a good whore," you say again.

I hear you get up and head towards the door, but then you stop. I wonder if you're going to untie me and remove the blindfold, but no. You smack my ass, hard, and I yelp, a shiver of pleasure and pain running through me.

You leave me there, still bound and blind, waiting desperately for you to return and ravage me again.

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