tagBDSMGood Things Cum in Small Packages

Good Things Cum in Small Packages


Author's Note: This story was inspired by some fun conversations I had with my friend StrawberryAngel. I dedicate this story to her with my thanks.


Robert Robinson locked up his home, got in his car and drove to meet the Real estate agent. It was hard to believe he was selling his home after living there for over 20 years, but with Kate gone, it just wasn't his home anymore.

As he sped down the Expressway, Robert thought about his late wife. He missed her, missed her with an ache that he hadn't thought possible. They'd had a great 23 years together, raised 2 wonderful children, now both in University. This was supposed to have been their time together, to enjoy their alone time and be wild and crazy again.

Kate had adored her "Bear" as she called him. She'd begun calling him that when she was 16 and they first started dating. It was because his late mother, who was French, always pronounced his name "Row-Bear." Being burly and 6'5" tall, the nickname had stuck.

He'd had the good sense to marry Kate while they were still in college. When they graduated, both got great jobs and bought the house. Kate had furnished it with her exquisite sense of taste and style and made it into a home for the two of them, with Emily and Jonathan coming along in short order.

Kate was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Wild, crazy, a free spirit. Their sex life had been wonderful from the first time they'd made love until the last. There was little that Kate would not try. She loved giving him head, her brown eyes would look up at him as she sucked his big cock and it nearly made him cum every time. After a few tries, she'd learned to love it Greek style, taking his big dick up her tight little ass a few times a week. She'd shared him with her best friend Emily [ their daughter was named for her ] on his 30th birthday. She had come to his office, dressed in the trench coat, wearing a leather corset, stockings and heels underneath. Kate had locked the door so his secretary wouldn't come in unexpectedly, but said with a grin "If she does happen to come in, I might just have to have her join us."

Beautiful, tempestuous auburn-haired Kate had been the love of his life. When she got cancer last year, it had shattered their world. She'd fought valiantly, with her "Bear" and kids by her side, but it was too late. She was gone and it seemed she had taken Robert's heart with her.

Friends and relatives tried to pick up his spirits. He had a few arranged dates, but they paled in comparison to Kate. No one seemed to have her fire, her zeal and zest for life. The kids called frequently, but Robert felt alone in the big home.

So, he was selling it and moving to a new Condo, taking some of the furnishings, selling others. He was meeting with the Agent to discuss final details. Barbara Hall had sounded pleasant over the phone, he didn't expect this to have any obstacles.

He pulled his Beemer into the parking lot, got out of the car and walked towards her office. He was met by her and ....

Robert caught his breath. She was adorable, scrumptious, gorgeous. He felt his heart beating like it hadn't in a long while. Barbara Hall was a tiny, Strawberry-Blonde, sweet little pixie. She had a light smattering of freckles across her face, her hair was neat and styled. She wore faint traces of makeup, but didn't need much. She couldn't have been much more than 5'4" tall, even in the high heels she wore.

She had great legs, beautifully shaped, that tapered into perfect calves. She had on a cream-colored blouse and he could make out a lacy bra underneath. Barbara was also wearing a decadently short black mini. This girl, he thought to himself, is a hottie.

"Like what you see?"

Robert blushed and stammered. "I'm sorry, that was rude. You're a very attractive young woman."

She held out her hand and took his. "It's okay, I'm used to it. Barbara Hall, but everyone calls me Barbii – with two `I's', okay?" She had the sexiest voice, young, but husky and vibrant. Her eyes met his, they were a light blue and piercing. She was sheer perfection.

They went into her office and signed the papers on his new Condo, while she went over how she planned to market his old place. Barbii was very professional and sure of herself, which impressed him very much.

"You're very confident for such a young woman!" he told her, paying her a sincere compliment.

She leaned back in her chair, crossing her lovely legs. "I'm 25 and started doing this out of school to help my folks out. I found something I was good at and I kept with it."

"Well, I am grateful. Your hard work will save me a lot of time and money, thank you."

She smiled at Robert, showing a row of dazzling white teeth. "Buy a girl a drink to say thanks, then?"

Astonished at himself, Robert agreed. She accompanied him to his Beemer and got in. He got a look at her breasts as she sat down, round and perfectly shaped. Damn!, he thought to himself, she is one sexy little honey!

Barbii gave him directions on how to get to a nearby Cocktail Lounge. He liked it at once, it was small and intimate, with light jazz playing in the background. They could sit and talk and he found himself liking her more. When she talked to him, she made a point of reaching out and touching his hand or arm.

The place was full of people, but Robert found himself lost in her beautiful blue eyes. They were so expressive and full of life. He wanted to get to know her better and told her so.

"Tell you what ... " she said, leaning in and giving him a nice view of her cleavage "How about when you settle in to that new Condo of yours, I come over and pay you a visit?"

Robert smiled at her and said "I'd like that, very much."

He drove Barbii back to her car and they parted. She gave him a perfunctory peck on the cheek and said goodnight. He watched her drive off and he was still smiling. It had been a nice evening, one of the nicest in a long, long time.

The next few days went by in a blur of activity. He had taken a week off work and handled all moving of his furnishings, the disposal of the rest and the setting up of his new place. He was just pouring himself a cup of coffee one evening when he heard the doorbell ring.

He used the peephole, looked out and opened the door. Barbii stood there, in a long coat, with her face beaming.

"Hiya!" she said, kissing him on the cheek again. "I figured I'd give you a couple of days to settle in." She looked around the place, taking it all in, the rich leather of the furniture, the lighting and the artwork that hung on the walls. "This place is fabulous."

"Thanks!" he said to her. "Oh, I'm being rude. Can I take your coat and get you a drink?"

Barbii declined the offer to take her coat, which puzzled Robert, but she accepted his offer of a drink, joining him in a cup of coffee. Once again, the pair found themselves in easy banter.

Barbii did seem nervous though, somewhat fidgety. She kept swinging her leg over the other, back and forth and squirmed a bit on the couch. Robert did notice she's worn stilettos though, which he though looked very sexy on her.

"So, what brings you here Barbii, not that I'm not glad of the company," Robert told her.

She smiled and fidgeted a bit more. "I came to bring you a housewarming gift. I hope you like it."

He looked around, puzzled. "I didn't see you bring anything in with you."

Barbii smiled that pretty smile again, stood up and unbuttoned her coat. Robert looked at her with astonishment. Underneath it she wore a black satin bustier, a tiny black G-string, garter and stockings. That wasn't all, however. On her neck, she wore a small, black leather collar. Attached to the collar was a thin silver chain. He looked back at her, puzzled.

"What the heck is going on?"

"I would be honored if you would accept me as your gift – Master." She held out the silver chain to Robert, who was still confused.

"I'm afraid I don't understand Barbii."

She had knelt down and was looking up at him with those beautiful eyes, full of life. "Robert, all of my life I've been independent, strong-willed. I've set all my goals and achieved them. I'm a very sexual woman, yet never met a man who could keep up with me. I promised myself when I found that man, I would give myself to him. You are that man Robert, you are my Master."

Robert looked down at the still-kneeling young woman. "Barbii, I can't --"

"Why Master? Do you not find me attractive?"

"Don't be ridiculous, you're an incredible young woman. But for one thing, I am old enough to be your father."

"Perhaps that is part of the appeal Master."

"And another thing ... " Robert stopped himself and looked into her eyes. They were so blue, so full of life and passion. The things he'd been missing since Kate died. He looked at Barbii again.

"This is what you want? To be my possession, my slave, my fuck toy?"

Barbii's eyes grew even brighter and she nodded her head animatedly. "Oh yes, Robert, Master. So very, very much!"

He thought over her offer for what seemed like a few minutes more, but was likely only a minute. "All right. I may be crazy, or you may be crazy, but damn it, I want this." Robert took the chain from her hand. "Stand up, my sweet Slave." Barbii did as she was told.

"Follow me to the bedroom." Barbii did so, eagerly, ready to surrender herself to her Master's every whim. She knew she could please him and would be happy to do so.

"Sit on the bed." Barbii obeyed his command.

"You will please me in every way I command. You will do as I say. I am the Master, you are the fuck toy. Do I make myself clear?"

Barbii felt herself getting wet. Robert was really getting into this and she was thrilled. "Yes, my Master."

"Good. I want you to unzip my pants, take out my cock and give me a blow job. Make it a good one, got that?" Robert felt the thrill go through his body, he hadn't been this sexually charged in a long time.

Barbii nodded and did as she was told. Her Master's cock was so beautiful, thick and long, with a large, purple head. She slid her mouth over it and began sucking on it, her tongue tracing every vein, her hand caressing and cupping his large balls. She wanted to make a good impression on her new Master and from his groans, she knew she was doing so.

Robert could barely contain himself. The tiny vixen was good, damned good. She was a natural cocksucker and it thrilled him that she was his toy. Her head bobbed and weaved as he threaded his fingers through her thick, Strawberry-blonde curls and fed her his cock.

Barbii was enjoying every mouthful of her Master's tool in her mouth. She didn't know if she could take it all at first, but the petite sexpot was going to try. She was soon deep-throating him all the way down to the base and hearing him moan only pleased her more.

"You're doing well, my Pet. My fucktoy is pleasing me, oh, so very much. All right – enough!" he commanded, sternly.

She removed her full, red lips from his cock and looked up. "Master?"

He smiled at his Barbii – she was that now, he knew – and told her "I want to tie your arms to the bedposts. But what can I use?"

Barbii smiled at her new Master. "Perhaps the hand towels in the bathroom, my Master?"

Robert smiled at her again. "Excellent idea, my dear Slave. You have pleased me again." She smiled at him, practically glowing. "Remove the top and panties while I go to get them, but leave on the stockings and shoes, understand?" She nodded as he left the room.

Robert came back in a few minutes, to find his little Barbii sitting on the bed, naked as he had instructed. Her breasts were round, perfect, like little cupcakes. He tweaked each nipple and she squealed at him with pleasure. "I like that Master!" she said excitedly.

"Good. Now, get on the bed and face the wall. That's a good girl." He tied both of her wrists to the bedposts, tightly. She could move her body, but she'd be unable to get off the bed.

He undressed in front of his Barbii, she looked at him, eyes glazed with delight. He was so macho, so confident and self-assured. His body was firm still, his chest broad and covered with hair. She ached to have him take her as his fucktoy. Her pussy was dripping with anticipation.

He leaned over to her, cupped her chin in his hand and kissed her. "You're going to love this."

He got on the bed behind her, she could barely see him, but all of a sudden, she could feel him. His tongue had delved into her tiny, nearly-bald cunt and was eating her with the skill of a practiced lover. He twirled it around her clit, buried his face in her as he ate her out. She was squirming on his tongue as it invaded her nether regions, but wasn't able to move very far. She ached for release already, but that was for her Master to decide.

Robert sensed that she wanted to cum, so he said "You may cum, fucktoy. Make it loud."

Barbii screamed, loud enough for his new neighbors to hear. "OHHHH, GODDD, YESS, ROBERT, MASTER, I'M CUMMMINNGGG!!" Her tight, compact little body shook as she did so.

Again, he leaned over and kissed her. Her eyes looked adoringly into his and she knew he had won her heart already. She felt he was likely feeling the same, but did not voice her opinion.

Barbii felt his strong hands on her hips and all of a sudden, his big cock was buried deep in her pussy. He was pounding her savagely, all of the pent-up lusts of the last year were being unleashed on her. He gripped Barbii tight and fucked her hard, his beautiful young fuck toy moved back against him as best she could. She was so tight, so wet and horny, she was an incredible fuck.

Determined to please her Master, Barbii moved back against him as best she could. She tightened her pussy muscles around his member and he groaned, which made her smile. Her body was aching, yet it felt good, so good to have Robert fucking her. His big cock felt so good in her sweet pussy, she never wanted him to stop fucking her.

He did stop. He pulled out, she whimpered a little. "Master?" she said in her soft little voice.

She felt his cock poke at the rosebud of her anus and screamed, "Master, no! I've never taken it in there!"

His face grew stern. "But you want to?"

She nodded at him. "I want to do anything that pleases you, my Master, my Robert."

He grinned at her, obviously pleased with her quick response. "All right, my Pet, not tonight. But you have refused a command and must be punished. How can I do that?"

An almost-evil smile came over her sweet face. "Go look in the pocket of my coat Master."

He did as she suggested and came back into the bedroom with a small, black riding crop. "Is this what you had in mind, fucktoy?"

She looked over at him and said "Yes. My Master must keep me in line. If his toy is bad, she must be punished. I am his to command."

He laughed heartily and rejoined her on the bed. "Then, punished you shall be." He brought the crop down on her ass, and not lightly. He knew somehow that his Barbii wanted to feel it, so he continued to lash her with the crop until her ass cheeks glowed bright red. She was crying in pain, but he could also sense there was pleasure there as well. Her pussy was damp and her eyes were now ablaze with excitement.

Robert ceased striking her with the crop, laying it down on the bed. He got behind Barbii again and slammed his cock back into her again, fucking her with fury. Although their fucking was savage and brutal, Robert knew he felt genuine affection for the tiny beauty. She'd reinvigorated his life and she would love every minute of being his Slave and fucktoy. He'd make sure of that.

Tiny yelps of pleasure were coming from Barbii's lips, little "OhOhOh's" that let him know he was doing a good job fucking her. He'd be wild with her, he'd let her please him in ways he couldn't even think of just yet, and Barbii would love every minute of it.

Harder and harder he fucked, she gave as good as she got. Her tight young pussy milked his cock and he ached to cum. Finally, he told her he was about to cum and went to pull out, but Barbii stopped him.

"I'm on the pill, my Master, but if you ever wished to give me your babies, I would gladly accept them." He hugged her hips tightly, eyes nearly tearing, and came deep within the confines of her cunt. She screamed with him and orgasmed yet again.

He released her a few minutes later and she sat astride him, little kisses feathering his cheeks. "You were wonderful Master, truly. I am so, so happy."

They went into the bathroom, were he instructed her to clean him, then herself. Barbii did as she was told, teasing him a little. He knew he was too tired for now and chided her softly, saying "Another time, Pet."

She put the bustier back on and Robert put on his robe. They went out into the living room and he made more coffee, although he supposed he should have had her do it. This was going to take some getting used to, but he had ideas.

He went back into the living room and handed her the steaming mug. Barbii looked up at him and said a quiet "Thank You."

He sat down beside her and cuddled her head into his body. "Do you have any plans for the weekend?"

She smiled. "I have some paperwork to do and some friends wanted to go to a movie and ..." Robert shook his head. "No."

Robert said to Barbii "You are to be here at precisely 9 PM on Friday evening. If you are late, you will be punished. You must be prepared to be fucked the minute I am ready for you. Have a meal earlier, we won't have much time until later."

She smiled and he continued. "Bring your sexiest outfits, some toys and some changes of clothing, street clothing."

The last command puzzled her. "Master?"

He hugged her and kissed her sweet freckled face. "There will be times, if my sweet fucktoy pleases me, I may not want her going home in the evenings. She will need a change of clothing then, won't she?"

She squealed and hugged him tight again, joyous in his embrace. Robert looked down and knew they'd be very happy, she delighted him in every way.

"My little pet – when we're in public? Call me Bear."

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