tagText With AudioGoodbye and Good Luck

Goodbye and Good Luck


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The couple who had introduced me to bisexual threesomes were moving away. Frank and Terri were in the midst of selling their home when I asked them if they would like to get together for a fourth time. When they agreed we knew it would be a goodbye, a last chance to enjoy sex together.

For our encounter, I took a hotel suite with a sitting area and half kitchen on the entry floor and a bedroom loft with a king bed and a bathroom. I registered, set out some sweets and snacks on the kitchen bar counter, and started brewing a pot of very strong tea and filling a pipe with marijuana. Frank, Terri and I shared a taste for strong hot tea as well as a taste for kinky hot sex.

Frank and Terri were busy around town with details for their move to the East. Frank arrived first and headed for the shower. He had just come downstairs in a hotel robe when Terri came from a tense session about selling their house. She stopped downstairs just long enough to say hello and to snag two china cups from the bar counter. She gave me a pretty, coy smile and explained, "I need these. You have more for the tea?" I found more cups, and she took off to the upper level, where I could hear a brief conversation about the hectic day and Terri starting a bath.

I wanted to run upstairs and get a glimpse of Terri in a bubble bath, her petit but curvy figure pushing up the bubbles and her brown hair twisted on top her head, but she might consider that too intimate, like she did kissing on the mouth. Too intimate for someone who was only a sex partner she shared with her husband. Instead I greeted Frank coming down to the sitting area. He obviously needed to talk about all the frustrations of their move, so I listened and sympathized.

Their situation had become more nerve-racking as Frank's promised new job on the east coast had become doubtful. His boss very sick, and it suddenly seemed he would not be offering Frank a job in the East. They had to find an alternative. Moving to the east coast was fine. It would put them closer to their families. Their fallback business plan was to start a Tae Kwon Do school and use their 5-th degree black belts as credentials. I knew Terri could play the part of martial arts teacher; she was a bit dominant. Frank, on the contrary, was toned and fit, but he was more laid back and passive. I wasn't so sure he would be a commanding teacher.

Frank had begun to unwind when Terri came downstairs in another hotel robe which was way too big for her and showed the shift of her breasts with her every move. She tucked the robe under her on a sofa with lots of smooth, white leg exposed. Terri had to unload her frustration, too, but I admit hearing less of her story as I stared at Frank and Terri. I could imagine Frank's cock lying limp against his leg and his balls hanging like ripe grapes over the edge of his seat. The last time we had a threesome, I had finally sucked his cock to orgasm and tasted his cum, felt it pumped into my mouth. Under Terri's oversized robe I imagined her soft skin, wet and tight pussy, heart-shaped ass and perky, rounded breasts. I had fucked Terri's sweet pussy missionary the first time we had a threesome and doggy the second. The third time, I hadn't gotten into her pussy but had feasted on her breasts, without and then with cum on them. Frank and Terri were winding down their day's tensions while I fantasized about having them one last time.

The marijuana pipe started making rounds. We chatted about the virtues of east coast and west coast. I poured tea and passed around small cake squares. The corners got rounded off Frank and Terri's rough day.

When conversation seemed to slow down, Terri looked me in the eye and said, "I want you to know Frank hasn't had an orgasm for five days." I was shocked, pleased and a little disappointed. It was a shock that Frank had departed from his usual cum every day. I had never known that to happen. On one hand, Frank and Terri were treating our getting together as special, and that certainly pleased me. On the other hand, I especially enjoyed feeling Frank's cock grow from limp to big and hard, and he might be starting further along than I had liked best. I couldn't detect an erection under the robe, but it could already be there.

Frank's response was, "And it's time for me to get my cock out and use it!" He started the stairs to the second level bedroom, shedding the robe. Indeed, an erection was at half-mast. His balls were probably tighter than usual, too. Terri was right behind him, shrugging out of her robe and letting it slide down the stairs. Her shiny brown hair and pretty face I'd already seen today. Now, her shapely breasts with dark nipples and her tight, curvy ass were revealed as she climbed the stairs. For the first time, Terri was not wearing a body suit for our encounter! She must be comfortable enough to let the small stretch marks on her belly from carrying two children show! The marks were a badge of fertile, vital womanhood to me, sexy and wanton in mute testimony to her sharing her body with men in front of her husband. I had more than a robe to doff, but I tore off my clothes. The stretch marks were extremely hot!

The three of us dove into bed, Terri in the middle. Immediately, Terri crawled over Frank, pushing him to the middle. She lay with her head at his crotch and, with eyes steady on mine, propped her shoulder over his leg. His cock stood up a little straighter in anticipation. Terri started gently sucking his dick, popping it straight into her lipsticked mouth. She still stared into my eyes, with a little smile around her sucking mouth. Terri was not much prone to sucking cock, so the scene before me was especially intense.

Frank reached between Terri's legs as she propped one up to give him access. He started slowly carressing her gorgeous pussy, gently rubbing her clit through the covering lips. Watching them was mesmerizing, but it was not enough. I swiveled on the bed to rest my head on one hand and watch the cock sucking close up while I played with Terri's breasts with the other hand. I cupped a heavy breast in my hand, rubbed the hard nipple with my thumb, and enjoyed the further hardening into a little marble. Terri ran her tongue the length of Frank's cock, and I ran my hand slowly from the bottom of her breast until I flicked my thumb over her nipple. She shuddered.

Terri angled Frank's hard cock a little toward me, gave a couple long strokes of her hand over its length. "Come here and take over for me," she invited. I was glad to shift so my elbows supported my head over Frank's wet erection and started very gentle, wet tonguing and sucking. Frank was near orgasm, and I was determined to have more of him before he came.

Terri slid away and walked around the bed. Frank moaned to cum and not to cum at the same time. I worked his balls into my mouth, knowing he would enjoy a tonguing there while he cooled off a little.

I felt Terri's weight slide onto the bed around my feet. Her hand closed over the shaft of my hard dick. She started to stroke the shaft with her hand and treat the head to quick, feather kisses and licks. I felt my cock fill and harden. She teased me, "You know I can't suck long enough to get you off, so enjoy this while it lasts." Then, she returned to suck and lick more vigorously. The exposive force gathering in me might surprise her!

With the timing of a pro, Terri dialed down her sucking. She took a hard grip on my cock, pulled, and demanded, "Up on your knees. You two get in a 69. I want to see who cums first." Terri was an eager voyeur for guy-on-guy sex. Frank and I had amused her plenty before. My knees now held my cock up in front of Frank's face, and he lifted up to slide his mouth over the head of my cock. One of his hands tickled the back of my balls. He started sucking hard, so hard that it almost hurt. I kept quiet, since the slight sense of pain would prolong my orgasm, and I would probably get a reward for being last to cum. I concentrated on opening my throat to take Frank's cock all the way to the bottom, which brought a flow of saliva to lubricate my lips when I drew back to the tip. I knew a light, really wet, pressure would get Frank to cum.

Frank tensed beneath me. I felt him tremble. With a great effort and a little slack from me, he delayed his orgasm. Carefully, I licked, sucked, ran him down my throat, and slid around his cock head with my tongue. He held back. I milked a few drops of precum from his cock. His load would have to follow soon!

While Frank and I were working on each other so intensely, Terri had her head propped on a pillow for the view and one hand dancing over her pussy. She watched one end of our 69, then the other, driving two fingers into her soaking pussy. Her breathing was getting faster and shallower, rasping and almost gurgling. She got wetter. She took her sloppy fingers out of her pussy and replaced that hand with the other on her pussy. The first hand appeared from behind and under her, as her shoulder bent backward to extend her arm. One wet finger, then the second, slid slowly into her asshole. Now she pumped both her holes with glistening fingers. Frank and I were still teasing and tormenting each other when she shuddered into a massive orgasm. Her face contorted with the final strokes of her fingers, and she gave a combined moan and scream as she came. Afterward, she collapsed for a moment, two fingers of one hand still planted in her pussy and two on the other hand wedged into her asshole. It was an awesome sight.

Seeing Terri in our peripheral vision distracted Frank and I from our oral delights. I was sure Frank was about to blast my face when Terri recovered from her orgasmic daze and sat up. She barked at us, "Stop. Don't cum! Get on your knees facing me." It was her martial arts instructor voice, and we obeyed immediately. Dominance was Terri's great game, and we had always played for her.

Our cocks were both rock hard, standing out straight. Our balls were tight. Terri commanded, "Get next to each other and face me." I felt heat from Frank when our sides touched. Terri reached out and deposited a few drops of lube that I had sitting on the beside on each cock. She handed each of us a china cup and demanded, "Reach over and jack each other, and keep these cups handy to catch your cum." Frank and I had never been so openly submissive to Terri, and I know we both wanted to finish each other orally, but we complied. I had my left hand stroking Frank's engorged cock, slipping around with the lube. In my right hand the china cup waited for my own cum, while Frank stroked me with his right hand.

Terri stood on the shifting bed and hung on to our shoulders. She stepped into us, pushing one round breast and its hard nipple into Frank's mouth. I could hear Frank hungrily licking and sucking and see the breast flatten against Terri's chest and move with Frank's attentions. Terri shifted to me and put her other breast in my face. When presented with the prize, I licked and sucked wildly. The side of my face was wet where Frank's saliva transferred from the other breast. She repeated offering the treats to each of us. Then, she lay back on the bed in front of us, snatched the lube from the bedside, pushed her pelvis up, and started one lubed finger up her pussy. She turned the finger to give us the best view of her glistening flesh. Her pussy was red and swollen from her previous orgasm and the current rubbing. She stopped, added lube to fingers on the other hand, and drove two fingers from that hand straight into her asshole. The fingers sank quickly to full length, and she stroked her hole. Her small hands were attacking pussy and ass with the force of a blow. She was getting off on our faces as we watched her slam fuck herself.

I was about to cum from Frank's lubed hand pumping my cock. Involuntarily, my hips shifted forward to thrust my cock out. Frank had to be similarly hot.

I suppose the signs of our heat were evident to Terri. She kept on pounding her own pussy and ass with stiff fingers but focused on us. She gave us an order, "Put out your cups, and get all your cum in them. Don't waste any! Each of you finish yourself off." I had forgotten I was holding the china cup, but now I shifted it underneath my cock while I brought my lubed hand back from Frank's dick to my own. My cock felt hot and huge to my hand. Ten or 15 strokes, and I started to cum from somewhere deep inside. I felt each pulse of cum fly along the underside of my cock and watched each glob land in the cup. Like Frank, I had abstained from cumming for several days before our threesome. My cum load was big. As my spasms and cum shots abated the load in the cup approached one-third capacity. I slumped backward, holding the cup upright with some effort. Frank gave a gasp and did the same. I hadn't seen much of his orgasm as I concentrated on catching my load in the cup. I had sampled his one-day load before, and it was more than a mouthful. Today's output would be a lot larger.

While filling my cup I also had not seen Terri dash down the stairs, but I saw her now returning more slowly with the tea in its warmer pot and another china cup. She set the tea and cup on a side table and crawled into bed. She stopped in front of Frank, dipped her head to his cock, and used one hand to milk his last possible cum into her mouth. She opened her mouth to him and swallowed. After she swallowed, she smiled at us and said, "Very creamy. It's good you stored it up all those days."

Terri moved to me and repeated the milking process. Her open mouth showed me a dot of my cum on her tongue, then she swallowed. "Sweet," she said, "And I see your cup is as full as Frank's. Good job."

"Sit up," Terri commanded, and we did. Terri dipped a finger in Frank's cup and presented the shiny white digit to my face. "Try this, I think you'll like it." I opened my mouth to receive her finger and sucked Frank's cum. It was, in fact, creamy, as well as salty and slick. She stuck the finger in my cup and repeated the process with Frank. "I'm so glad you like it. I love to see guys enjoy each other thoroughly." Frank and I were mute. Terri had never been so domineering in my presence, and Frank's demeanor suggested he hadn't seen her so agressive either.

Terri took our cups and put them on the side table. She poured tea into my cup until it was nearly full, then into Frank's. She stirred each cup with a finger. Then, she carefully poured from each of our cups into the third cup. Smiling like a child giving out party presents, she handed me Frank's cup and Frank mine. Frank and I looked into cups of tea brewed nearly black and turned dark rust brown by each other's cum. Terri raised her cup in a signal to join her, and we clicked cups. "To our threesome," she toasted, and we followed her example taking a deep drink from the cups. The atmosphere of the loft bedroom was so bizarre and sexually charged that draining cups of cum-polluted tea seemed quite natural. We had come to a perverted and wonderful place together.

We slowly became more aware of the ordinary, physical surroundings. I could tell Frank and Terri didn't want to go back to frustrations and uncertainty. I admit I stole some last admiring glances at Frank and Terri's bodies as we all dressed. I would miss the mere anticipation of enjoying them again. The only appropriate farewell was "Goodbye and Good Luck."


Postscript: The stories of my threesomes with Frank and Terri have been easy to conceive, because they are true, down to the dialogue. My memories of those four encounters are incredibly sharp.

Frank and Terri moved to the east coast where they established store front martial arts schools. Sadly, their business worked out but their marriage did not. I spoke with Frank about two years after our last encounter. He told me they had not been happily married even when I knew them, which was a shock. The end came when Terri quite openly took up with an 18-year old from one of their martial arts operations. Frank was remarried, staying monogamous and straight. Society makes it easier to be all straight or all gay than somewhere in the middle.

I continued on the path I had started with Frank and Terri. This is not "Goodbye" for me. I have more true stories to share. Thanks to those who have emailed appreciation or encouragement. Now you know why my stories have context and an aura of realism. And, you know that hot, kinky sex can come to those who pursue it. Only for now,

"Goodbye and Good Luck."

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