tagMind ControlGoodbye, Jerilee Ch. 03

Goodbye, Jerilee Ch. 03


Jerilee made her own way to Dez's house. She told him that she didn't want him to pick her up.

Not feeling very good about this whole situation, but wanting it more than she cared to admit. Eventually she managed to get herself ready and went and told her parents that she wouldn't be back that night.

"Why? Who are you staying with?" Her father asked her as she came into the living room looking so attractive that he could hardly glance her way. He had seen a big change in her in the last few months and he felt sad because he knew he was losing her to the big bad world out there.

"I'll be staying at Sally's for a night." She lied. She had asked Sally to lie if either of her parents rang her. Sally just told her to be careful. She didn't agree with Jerilee doing dangerous things like this, but Jerilee was a law onto herself at times.

"Be careful then." Jerilee heard her mum say as she was thinking of other things.

"I will mum. Promise! See you both tomorrow." Jerilee kissed both parents and fled from the house.

That was three hours ago. It was six o'clock when she finally rang the doorbell of Dez's grand looking house in a posh part of Peckham. She found the place easily enough, but she didn't want to seem too eager.

Though, this gesture wasn't appreciated by Dez. When he opened the door he looked very upset.

"Hi." Jerilee said as she smiled happy to see him again. He didn't reply to her. He just held the door open to let her pass. She did so feeling very uneasy that he seemed to be angry with her. She didn't like that at all.

He slammed the door and walked towards her with a mean expression upon his handsome face.

"Hi." Jerilee said again hoping it was just because he hadn't heard her the first time, but that wasn't the case at all. Her heart was beating faster with every step he took towards her. He was right up close now and pressed himself up against her. Jerilee giggled nervously, but she wasn't finding this very funny. She tried moving away, but he grabbed hold of her arms and held them above her head.

"I thought you weren't coming!" Dez hissed in her face. Her legs were forced apart by one of his knees and he started rubbing her groin with it. She went weak and allowed whatever was going to happen to take place. He then suddenly let go of her and she slid to the floor. Gently, he bent down and picked her up and carried her into the living room. It was more like a lounge of a big mansion.

Going to one of the many sofas Dez flung Jerilee on to the biggest one. She felt as if he had dropped her from a big height, but it was just a few feet. Her tight dress had risen up exposing her tight tiny thong she wore. He looked at her as he rubbed his face. Stressed and extremely horny he wanted to rip her apart. Jerilee stayed where she was. She wasn't sure what was going to happen next. The bulge in his loose trousers told her that she could be in for some pain one way or another.

Crouching down her thong was ripped off her. It caused her to yell out in pain. The material caught her clitoris which was already sore. He put the thong to his mouth and started licking it. This caused Jerilee to whither in desire she never knew existed.

"You taste so good that I could live off your cunt!" He hissed in her face. He dropped the material and his fingers dived into her tight swollen hole. Again, she couldn't help giving little yelps as he pushed harder with each shove. "You like pain?" He asked. All she could do was nod her head. "You little perv! How many fingers do you think I have up you?" This time he needed her to talk, but she couldn't and so she held two fingers up. "No, say words." He ordered her angrily.

"Two." She answered him through tears of agony.

"Clever girl!" Though two fingers is not enough to stretch you for my massive cock." He told her as her pushed hard up her. She climaxed all over his hand at that moment. He felt her clench her muscles. She wanted him to stay up her until she had finished pouring her cum out. Her hips couldn't keep still.

She lay limp on the sofa out of breath. She couldn't move she was so tired.

"You're highly sexed aren't you girl?" He said as he caressed her. She melted under his touch. It was as if he had cast a spell on her.

He got up and left her for a while. She immediately dozed off forgetting where she was. He went and sorted the dinner out. He hoped she was able to eat.

It must have been an hour that he had left her to sleep. She woke up to the sound of music. Bobby Womack was singing his latest tune. She loved it and had bought the album only last week. Still in a sleepy state she had thought she was at home lying on her bed listening to sweet sounds. Though, with a tall shadow standing above her she soon realized where she was.

"Hi sleepy head. Had a good nap?" Dez crouched down and kissed her hard on the lips. She responded and that was the first kiss they had. Jerilee thought she had gone to heaven and back. They kissed for at least five minute. She was a good kisser he found out.

Jerilee found herself wanting to start kissing somewhere else though and this shocked her. Sitting up she looked up at him and slowly with her hands she tugged at his linen trousers and pulled them down. Dez couldn't believe his luck. Was she really going to kiss him there?

"Ooooh, that's it girl! Do your stuff. Fuck!" He hissed as he held her head lightly. She didn't need any encouragement. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked the tip as if she was sucking an ice lolly. He just could not believe what he was feeling.

He came minutes later and most of it she swallowed. He saw that she seemed to enjoy the taste.

He couldn't stand up a minute later. She had zapped everything out of him. He sat down beside her.

"Where the fuck did you learn to be that good at doing that?" He asked her as he caught his breath.

"Huh? That was my first time. I don't sleep around and I certainly haven't done that before." She said softly looking down and feeling ashamed that he thought that of her. He saw the hurt she felt.

"I believe you, but fuck, you're what? Eighteen?" He asked knowing she was. She nodded. "So what else haven't you done?" He asked expecting her to say that she had done everything else.

"What do you mean?" She asked softly. She picked at her nails just for something to do.

"Surely you've had proper sex?" He asked, again expecting her to say yes she had.

"Nope! I'm a virgin. I've had fingers up me. I mean I've had boyfriends, but once they started wanting full on sex I dumped them." Jerilee said. She knew he was going to find this hard to believe and she couldn't stop herself from giggling. This must have looked like she was messing with him, but luckily he saw she was giggling through nerves.

"But why?" He asked.

"Because none of them I really wanted. The first time has to be special." Her voice trailed off. She knew she was opening herself up to a load of questions and she knew what the first one would be, but it seemed that he was lost for words for a few minutes. His mood was forever changing from where Jerilee was sitting. It kept her on her toes though.

"So why are you here with me then?" He wasn't going to make it easy for her he just decided.

"What do you mean?" She asked. She knew what he was getting at, but she wasn't going to make it easy for him either.

"Am I just one of your boys that you don't want to have full on sex with?" He said this in a way that he knew might make her giggle and she did just that. Though, he wasn't finding it funny. That was when he turned to her and rammed two fingers up her making her cry out. "So is this all you're going to allow me to do to you girl? Huh?" He hissed in her face as she was squirming around him. He thought he saw her shake her head implying no, but he couldn't be sure. He needed to hear her say something. "I need to hear words girl!" He demanded as he pushed harder into her.

"No, I want all of you!" She said as she tried to speak in between groans and yelps.

"Really?" He asked not believing she had said this.

"Yes!" She hissed back at him and she came again. She clamped his hand between her legs until she had finish climaxing.

She sat there panting realizing what she had just said. He carried on kissing and stroking her until she had calmed down. She loved his smell as she sat there. Her hand was rubbing his thigh very gently.

He jumped up and pulled her into a standing position. He had forgotten she was extremely weak. She nearly stumbled, but he caught her in time. She had to lean on him.

"Well, I want to be the special man!" He whispered as he held her tightly to him. He massaged her bare bum roughly. She desired him so much now that however worn out she felt one touch from him made her come alive.

"Let's go upstairs so that I can make you mine." He led the way while fear ripped through her.

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