tagErotic HorrorGoodbye, Jerilee Ch. 04

Goodbye, Jerilee Ch. 04


Goodbye, Jerilee

By Tracey Thomas

10th June 11

Chapter 4

Jerilee lie withering on Dez's bed as he grinded his hips. She screamed the place down the first time he managed to fit himself inside her tight hole. It took some doing, but once she was wet he got in there. He took his time in

ejaculating so he was inside her for about twenty minutes. She lost count of how many climaxes she had, but when he came she could feel his warm cum flow through her. That was when she realized the condom had split.

That soon slipped her mind because she fell asleep she was worn out. She woke up a few hours later. By herself, in a big double bed. She hadn't forgotten where she was. She opened her eyes slowly. It was dark. The curtains were still drawn and it was fair dark. Trying to move she found she had lots of aches and pain. She lay there for a few seconds and then she made herself get up. She was wrecked, but it was a nice feeling somehow.

All of a sudden she was aware that she could hear voices coming from downstairs. Dez must have friends here. She began to panic. Finding her dress on the floor she quickly dressed herself. The dress barely covered her and she began to panic even more.

She looked around for something else to wear. There was a white robe hanging on the back of the door. She quickly put that on, but before she managed to wrap it around herself the bedroom door swung open.

"Hi," Dez said smiling. He came towards her. "How you're doing?"

"Fine." She said softly.

"Come downstairs and meet some mates." He said as he held her in his arms and caressed her boob and kissed her neck. She tensed at the thought of meeting his friends. She leaned against him. Her head rested on his shoulder.

"Let me tie this up first." Jerilee giggled as she felt Dez caressed her sore nipple. The giggling stopped as he squeezed it hard. She gasped in pain.

"Sorry." He said and stepped back and tied the robe up.

"I need to brush my hair and wash my face." She said. She needed five minutes to make her presentable. Nerves were getting the better of her. She began to realize this man wasn't just after some sexy moments, he was at her any minute he could get. And now he was inviting her to meet his mates.

"OK. Don't be long." He told her as he backed away from her and went out of the room. She smiled at him. Though she wasn't smiling inside. Fear took hold of her and she just wanted to run. She was upstairs, there wasn't any way she could escape.

Going to wash her face she found the bathroom and locked the door. Eventually she calmed her nerves and got herself together. She promised that she would never do this again.

Opening the door she listened to the sounds that were coming from downstairs. She was painfully aware that there were no female voices. Just male deep tones. Hovering on the landing she made herself go down the stairs very quietly. An idea was forming in her mind. Perhaps she could slip out of the front door without them noticing her. Suddenly this was all she wanted to do. So, one by one, she tiptoed down, but it became impossible because each stair creaked with every step she there.

"Arh, there you are!" Dez said as he crept up on her. Jerilee nearly tripped over, but he caught her just in time. He grabbed her around her waist and carried her down the last few steps. "Whoopsi! Careful there!" He held her to him as he guided her towards where the voices were coming from. This wasn't what she wanted to happen. She wanted just to say her goodbyes and leave them to it. "Come and meet people. Here we are! Everyone, this is Jerilee." Dez was showing her off as if she was his prize possession and she felt extremely awkward.

"Hi!" That was all she could say. A load of "Hi's" came back at her, but also she saw a load of eyes popping out of heads as three or four men stood in the living room gawking at her.

"What would you like to drink love?" Dez asked as he continued holding her around the waist.

"Could I just have cold water please?" Jerilee said quietly.

"Sure you can. Sit down!" Dez said as he made room for her on the luxury sofas. One of many in the room. Jerilee did so. Her whole body was aching from head to toe. She couldn't sit comfortably though because her dress barely covered her and no guy in the room didn't unnoticed this fact.

"Here we go! Nice glass of cold water for you with ice." Dez sat down beside her. At least this gave her some privacy from eyes seeing what she didn't have on.

Everyone chatted around her and she wasn't taking anything in. She just felt out of place. What had she got herself into she didn't know. All she did know is that she could end up being fucked again, but not only by Dez this time, but by one or more of his mates. As soon as she admitted this to herself she immediately felt her body react to the thought.

This made her relax and Dez didn't miss that she had snuggled nearer to him and he in return held her tighter.

"So how do you feel?" Dez whispered in her ear. She fell on to him.

"Fine!" She whispered back shyly. He kissed her ear. She felt his fingers caress her thigh. Levi had been watching and he was getting hot under the collar with excitement.

"Excuse me! Can I sit down?" Jerilee looked up and immediately nudged up to Dez to make room for this other gorgeous guy to sit down.

"Hi." The guy said to Jerilee smiling from ear to ear. She thought she heard an American accent, but wasn't quite sure. Her mind was so full of other stuff she couldn't concentrate on anything. Dez's hand was now on Jerilee's bum and the guy next to them was fully aware of what was happening. In fact, she could sense they were communicating behind her head. She tried her best to focus on other things, but it was just impossible.

Then she was suddenly aware that another hand had slipped through between her legs. She knew dam well that it couldn't have been Dez's other hand.

The fun was just beginning and fear rose within her. She knew she should just get up and go. That was exactly what she did do. Abruptly she stood.

"Look, I think it's about time I leave you guys to it. My parents will be w------" There came no more words from Jerilee's mouth. She couldn't speak because hands were molesting her bare backside. She tried getting away, but she felt herself being pulled down on to the sofa. "No, please, I'm so."

Everyone else in the room turned to see what was happening and their eyes never left the scene they were witnessing. A sight any group of men would find thrilling to watch.

Jerilee tried her best to convince them that this wasn't what she should be doing, but her body was telling them that she was up for everything and anything. Dez's mouth was covering Jerilee's hairless mound and they assumed his tongue was firmly inside her. The American guy's mouth was sucking her nipple. Jerilee withered away like a worm. Squealing and crying at the same time. She came a thousands times over.

She was then fucked very roughly by Dez while Wayne held her down. Jerilee couldn't believe how nasty this was getting, but at the same time she was enjoying the nastiness. She struggled and kicked in between whimpering and squealing. And then the shocking thing started to happen. She was slapped hard across the face. She giggled at first, but when it happened again, harder this time, she opened her eyes and stopped laughing.

"There! Be a good girl!" Dez told her sternly with menace in his eyes.

"Huh?" Jerilee asked.

"Be a good girl!" He repeated again as he pumped deeper inside her. She screamed out in sheer agony. That was when she realized she was being properly dominated. Fear rose within her and she tried doing exactly what she was asked to do. She stayed quiet apart from the moans and groans that came with the fucking that she was getting.

Dez came up her yet again and again the thought that he had no protection. What was she doing? She asked herself as she laid there trying to catch her breath. She felt hands caress her.

She knew she had to get her wits about her and get out of there as soon as she could. She opened her eyes and saw the American guy looking down on her with an expression she told her that she was about to be pounded again if she was careful.

"I need a drink of water." She said sitting up and was about to get into a standing position when she was firmly held down. The American guy held her shoulders and started kissing her neck. "Please!" She whined as she shoved the guy away.

"Hey madam! I decide when you get your water." He hissed in her face.

"Huh?" Jerilee turned her head sharply. She started to feel anger now. "I need water!" She showed her anger, but she soon regretted it. Her face was slapped and she fell backwards. The American guy caught her before she smashed her head.

"There! That was silly wasn't it?" Dez said as he knelt down and cuddled her.

"I need water! Let me get a glass of water." She said and that time she managed to free herself and escape into the kitchen.

Jerilee managed to get into the kitchen. Though that wasn't easy. The other guys in the room were joining in with the fun. She was being prevented from going to the kitchen. They were stepping in her way. Hands were touching her as she passed. It couldn't be more daunting a situation if it tried.

Finally there she found a glass and gulped down a pint of water. She stood by the sink completely out of breath. She couldn't even think straight, but she knew she had to get out.

She was in no fit state to go anywhere though. Her dress barely covered her, no underwear on, she wasn't going nowhere soon.

Jerilee heard someone creep up behind her and she jumped out of her skin turning on the spot. It was Dez. He had got dressed and looked his old handsome self. Jerilee felt fear as he strolled towards her.

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