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Goodbye Kiss


"That's eight years wasted, Paul," the young man hissed, "I couldn't get through to Liu that the slime-ball bastard just wanted to get himself into her panties. Michelle told you everything, did she?"

"She only told me that you'd got marriage troubles, Rory," the older man replied, setting down the glasses of beer, "Michelle's changed things around on the rota to give you a couple nights off. I'm doing your night shift tomorrow, and Michelle's covering tonight for you. So, spill the beans, what's happened, mate?"

"This contractor, who's been doing some installation work in the hospital where Liu works as a nurse, has been chatting her up. It progressed to where they exchange texts and phone calls, even when I've been at home, and they meet up together at her tea-breaks. He's your age, actually, twice as old as she is, and admits he's married with a grown-up family, living up North. Liu thinks I'm being overprotective and insists that there's no funny business, he's only giving her marriage advice."

"For how long has this been going on?"

"Four months or so. The bastard installed some laboratory testing equipment in the first instance, then returns fortnightly for a couple of days' recalibrating." Rory picked up his glass and sipped the bitter brew. "I hacked into her laptop, and know all her passwords, I can see what's on her screen at any time. I also accessed all her mobile phone messages, which Liu deletes after she reads them, but for the past two weeks I have them coming up on my laptop the moment they appear on her phone. I see that she tells him everything. He advised her to ask me for an eternity ring, to increase the level of romantic commitment between Lui and me, but it's only a ruse to put me off the scent."

"He's grooming her," Paul suggested.

"Exactly what I told her. It's so obvious. She won't listen to a word from me against him, though. Her English ain't all that hot, as you know, even after nine years working over here. She misunderstands half what's being said and won't ask for clarification. Well, I did go out and I bought that ring but I haven't given it to her, nor will I."

"I see. So, does Liu still work those Monday to Friday two-till-ten late shifts?"

"Yeah, I dropped Liu off at work almost three hours ago. Liu still can't drive, and it's a twenty minute walk home at night. Since you and I relocated offices to the next county, I'm too far away to sneak out for half an hour and pick her up like I used to. So this matey gives her a lift when he's around and she says it's all innocent. I told her that neighbours told me he was coming into the house, but she says it's only for coffee and a chat."

"That gives him ample opportunity and she's always seemed so naïve."

"They've already taken those opportunities and have slept together, twice!" Rory blurted, leaning over, trying to keep his voice down, conscious of eavesdroppers. Quieter, he continued, "The half-dozen recordings on wireless cameras are, well they started out just kissing, which was bad enough, but the last couple of times were ... devastating for my marriage."

"What now?" Paul asked.

"I moved out tonight. I've rented a flat near work, which I'll finish furnishing tomorrow. Money'll be tight though for a while with only one wage coming in, but I'll manage."

"No chance of reconciliation?"

"I've already burned all our bridges, Paul; I posted copies of the edited DVD to Matey's wife in Manchester and Liu's parents in the Philippines today. They're staunch Catholics, who only grudgingly accepted me as Liu's Scottish Presbyterian computer engineer boyfriend in the first place. Wonder how they'll take to an old still-married Rastarfarian lover?"

"How's Liu taking you leaving?"

"Liu doesn't know yet," Rory grimaced, "She pays the rent and groceries, while I pay everything else. I got the supply companies to switch off the gas an' electric today. We've separate bank accounts now. I've taken my name off our joint account, so it is in her name only and I changed her password to 'Slut101'."

"So, Liu'll find money tight without your income?"

"She's just a basic nurse, her new boyfriend's married, living two hundred miles away. Liu's only his little bit on the side. She came over here on a student's visa and, when we married, she stayed on a dependants visa, but once we're divorced she'll likely be given 28 days to leave the country."

"That's unfortunate for her."


"You all set then?"

"Well, I listed our furniture on FreeAds. Most of it was collected just now. The bedroom stuff'll go at 7pm and I'm recycling all her clothes through Oxfam. I'm moving my kitchen stuff and clothes to my new flat today."

"Leaving Liu high and dry?" Paul asked.

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Sounds like that's all she deserves."

Rory and Paul drank up and walked out of the pub.

"I've left her laptop on the kitchen counter, it's the only flat surface left in the flat, other than the floor. The battery's fully charged, she can watch a new DVD of her sexual exploits, so she knows why her mother's screaming at her when she next gets a call. I've cleared everything off her computer desktop, leaving just a file of Home Office regulations about visas and a PDF of my divorce petition."

"That's harsh!"

"Lui deceived, betrayed and disrespected me, me her faithful husband. Anyway, despite all her lies, I couldn't find it in me to lie to her with my final words and goodbye kiss, when I dropped her off at work a little while ago."

"What were your final words to her?"

"I told her, 'I love you, too, Baby'."

The end.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC12/19/18

Pretty good

I like that kind of BTB. Just leave the cheating bitch high and dry, wondering what just happened.

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by DetroitRockCity12/12/18

Seems JPB is rubbing off on SF, leaving the ending to the reader's imagination. FTDS, where are you?

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by Anonymous11/13/18

And then?

Would've been better with an aftermath roundup.

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by Anonymous03/12/18


maybe there will be a good story someday *

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by ju8streading03/08/18

would like to read her reaction when she got home

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