tagBDSMGoodbye, Master

Goodbye, Master


She came to the room alone. It was dark, musty, and dank. An almost fetid odor mixed with the dust.

She stood in the doorway unsure what to do. Her eyes struggled as it became accustomed to the darkness until finally she felt confident enough to walk in.

She went straight to the bed.

The covers were straight and tidy, but the scent of lavender that had always been present was gone. She touched a bedpost fondly remembering the times one of her wrists or ankles had been bound to it. She caressed the wood longingly, tenderly, her eyes beginning to water.

Quickly, she wrapped her arms around herself.

"No, I will not cry. I am happy for Master, I AM!"

She turned from the bed, the memories still swamping her. The times He stood over her demandingly bringing her to great need. The times He came to her tenderly, filling her with so much love and joy.

Slowly she turned towards the large, over-stuffed chair her Master had been so fond of sitting in. She ran her hand along the arm, up the back and across, then down the other. Then she knelt beside it.

In the kneeling, the longing became so overpowering she couldn't stop the pain. It tore from her throat and poured from her lips in a howl, the tears streaming down her face and not for the first time. She fell prostrate where His feet would have been and wept inconsolably.

Finally, when it seemed that there was no tears left, she raised back to kneeling. She ran her hand over the seat still smelling Him there. Simply soap and water. No cologne, yet masculine and strong.

Her hand came back dust covered and she found herself staring at it, the feeling of loss threatening to put her back on the floor. She remembered the times she'd spent on her knees at just this spot bringing her Master pleasure with her mouth.

She loved His cock, she worshipped it. He and His cock had been her universe. but no longer.

He had explained that there was a New One. He no longer had time to spend with her. She understood this, right?

With great determination, she grasped the arms on either side and dragged herself to her feet. She lifted her head high and gave a indignant sniff.

"She may be new, but she hasn't the devotion... at least not yet."

Bolstered by the thought, she turned to the fireplace and the rug on the hearth. She smiled a soft smile as she remembered the hours spent making love on that rug. The heat from the fireplace seemingly fueling them to greater heights.

She placed her hand on the mantle and found the ashes from their last fire. Shaking her head, she picked up the andirons and began the task of cleaning.

She tidied it up and set the logs for the next fire. She wouldn't be there when it burned. It would be the New One. So she made doubly sure she constructed it so that it would burn properly.

She chose hickory for the wonderful scent it would pour into the room and added enough kindling so that the fire would start easily. She placed some kindling in the front shaping it like a star to show Him it had been her hand that had laid it. Then she reached up to the mantle and placed the long matchstick where it would be easily found.

She stepped back and smiled.

She didn't want to look any further, but she knew she must. She knew she had to completely say her farewells.

Slowly, her eyes lowered, she made her way to the center of the room.

She came upon the back of it, her hands going to either side and her forehead resting at the top. She braced herself emotionally, then lifted her head to take in the sight of the training chair.

Heavy and strongly made, the seat was raised a bit so that it came to the height of her hips. Crossing to stand before it, she released the catch that allowed the seat to separate. She looked down between and saw the two arms that held the toys.

She removed them and placed them on the floor beside the chair. Moving to the cabinet at the side, she withdrew two thin, long boxes.

Setting the shorter of the two boxes on the floor beside the chair she opened the other and set a brand new dildo in the first arm that belonged in the front below the seat. Opening the other, she placed the butt plug in the arm for the back. After fitting the arms back in place, she set a fresh tube of lubricant right where Master could find it.

Closing the seat back, she moved to the electronics. She was so tempted to hit "play" but instead hit "eject" and the console opened. No matter what, she couldn't bear thinking that the New One would be trained with the very same recording Master had made for her. She slipped it into her pocket and closed the console.

She picked up the toys that He had used on her and moved back to the cabinet. She placed them gently at the bottom of the wastebasket next to it then opened the cabinet doors.

She brought out a fresh, thick cloth and the tub of beeswax, and returned to the chair. She began working on the adjustable legs that her own had been strapped to so often.

With tender care, she applied the wax and buffed it until it gleamed. She did the same to the back of the chair, the arms, the legs that stood the chair on the floor. Then she started working on the seat.

She had no true memory of the time she had spent in that chair, but she knew the results. She also knew this was Master's favorite training device. She wanted it fresh and clean for Master to use on His New One.

Once she was finished, she leaned over and gently kissed the center of the seat.

She softly sighed and whispered, "Learn well, New One."

After replacing the tub and cloth in their proper place, she turned to the door she had been dreading.

She walked to it slowly.

Once she stood before it, she gently placed one hand on the knob bringing the other up to bite her knuckle to stifle another fit of crying.

She struggled to get control once again, but she simply couldn't. She reached into her pocket and removed the key. She brought it to her lips and kissed it. Then, holding it in her fist, she hugged herself tightly rocking back and forth as she silently wept.

Then she simply set the key into the keyhole and turned away.

Her shoulders shook with the emotions being released as she crossed again to the door of the room. She looked back towards the Library door she had just left and remembered the times Master had allowed her time in there. The joy of new discoveries, the eloquence of other's words, the freedom she had loved whenever He allowed her entrance would forever be denied her now. She could always visit other libraries, but it wouldn't be the same.

She turned to leave but His mantra came back to her thoughts. She decided to give herself one last time. One last opportunity before it too went the way of dreams.

She kneeled there before the door, turning to face the room and said in a strong clear voice:

"Master, my mind, thoughts, and will are Yours

Master, my mouth is Yours to bring You pleasure at Your beck and call

Master, my breasts are Yours and respond to Your touch alone

Master, my pussy and my orgasm are Yours

Master, my ass and its use is Yours however You wish

Master, my heart, love, adoration and worship is Yours

Master, I give myself completely and utterly to You

Master, with each repetition, Your ownership increases.

But I will never repeat this again.

I have belonged and will only belong to You alone

I am Yours


I love You, Master"

Goodbye, Master

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Such a saddening short story. Loved the description of the room and her surrender of the time she spent there.

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