tagMatureGoodness Gracious Pt. 05

Goodness Gracious Pt. 05


Here is some more from Grace and Brian, as they settle into their new life of domestic bliss together.

Disclaimer: If your name is Philipp Kirkland, I'm sorry. Nothing personal. I had to name the bad guy something.


Life was much different in the new apartment.

For one thing, we didn't crash into each other as much as before, not that it was a bad thing to bump into her. We just did it now intentionally. Grace would often drag her big tits across my back as she passed, despite there being plenty of room behind her.

"Oops. So sorry about that, honey," she smiled, obviously not sorry at all.

Well, two can play that game, can't they?

Reaching around her to get something easily accessible was my move. Pressed firmly against her rump, and usually sporting at least a semi, I would whisper a gratuitous apology in her ear, while looking down her cavernous cleavage. She would just giggle, and try to get her breasts in my way, forcing me to manually move them.

In other words, we were looking for excuses to grope and tease each other, on a daily basis. Not that excuses were necessary. With my parents thousands of miles away, we had no reason to hide our feelings for each other. Old habits do die hard, but replacing them with new ones can be fun.

Lots and lots of fun.

Saturday mornings were a perfect example. More often than not, Grace was still asleep in my arms, as she only worked when she was taking someone else's shift, as a favour.

Since I was well past getting up to watch cartoons, we would do something animated together, and it normally began with my soft, sexy darling slithering south. From under the sheets, I would feel her tongue licking my morning wood like a stick of candy, before moving to more direct stimulation.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; my sexy nurse gives one hell of a blowjob.

Slow, languid, and unhurried, she would suck me, gradually bringing me to the top of the metaphorical mountain, until I was teetering on the brink. She would then hold me there, balanced on the knife edge, until I was begging for release. Thankfully, she was a nurse, trained to ease suffering.... and she rather enjoyed the feeling of my hot load trickling down her throat.

There was more to our new arrangement than just sex, of course. I had plenty of thinking to do.

When we had gone on our first hike, Grace had confessed a past that she wasn't proud of. It was well and truly history, having ended a decade ago, and the only possible effect it could have on us was a good one.

My personal feeling is that we.... men.... have a problem with what we want. We want our cake, and to eat it too. We want one woman in public, and another in the bedroom. It seems like we enjoy, even relish, the dichotomy; the vestal virgin of virtue we show Mom, who miraculously becomes a thousand-dollar-a-night call girl in the privacy of our bedroom.

Well, I may be young, but even I know we're not born with an innate knowledge of how to make the opposite sex scream in pleasure. It's a learned process. Isn't that the most obvious reason for choosing a mature lover in the first place?

So, I decided to just accept the gift of her well experienced past. She had chosen to provide her attention and love to me alone, and I wasn't going to complain about how she learned to be such a fantastic partner.

No, I would just be grateful. Grateful she had learned.... grateful she had made her decision.... grateful she had chosen me to love.

Since I had chosen her as well, this is the point when I let her lay back, relax, and enjoy my own oral attention. I needed recharging time anyway, so why not make that time productive?

So, I took my place between her thighs. She put one arm behind her head, propping herself up so she could see what I was doing. Even then, her big boobs blocked most of her view, save the slice of clear space in the valley between them.

I remember when Grace had been helping me with my physiotherapy. Perhaps 'inspiring' would be a more accurate word. She had taken her panties off, and put her pussy in the way of my foot, urging me to rub my instep against her. It had been a symbiotic agreement; I wanted to touch the thick, outward-pouting lips I could see down there, and she was desperate to cum. Ever since then, her dangling labia had been a particular favourite of mine.

I just loved running my tongue between the lips, and tasting the yummy juices that always seemed to greet me. I would suck on each lip individually, pulling it out to its maximum extent, and drawing more blood into her excited vulva. Then I'd bury my face in her gaping orifice, plunging my tongue deep.

Grace was usually screaming into her pillow by now. Having only recently moved in, we were trying to be good neighbours, and keep the noise down, so her previous commentary of enjoyment now reached my ears in a muffled state. No matter. I knew what she liked, and was most pleased to give it to her.

Thus, the tradition was established. Weekends were spent mostly involved in sex of some sort or other, and that brand-new bed got broken in very quickly.

The summer couldn't last forever, however, and I soon found myself getting ready for school. A new school, in a new city, where I knew no one, except Grace. I would be starting from scratch, socially. It was a bit overwhelming, but I knew I could get through the awkward stages, and Grace would be there to ease my pain, in her own special way.

I was ready. Bring it on.


Okay, I'm full of shit. I wasn't ready at all. As I said before, I was leaving my old life behind, cold turkey. The last several weeks had merely put off the pain of that realization, and Grace had become my whole world, which was great while she really was my whole world. Now, she would have company, as I needed to concentrate on something other than her emotional and physical needs, at least occasionally. The world of Engineering and Architecture beckoned.

I was thrown into the deep end, from day one, and forced to deal with my scholastic solitude immediately. I was fortunate to find a few other students who took pity on me, pointing me in the right direction for classes, and then to join them afterward. The beginnings of a whole new network of friends seemed to appear as if by magic, out of thin air. I was still the outsider, but that turned out to be a good thing, as I was new, and new was popular. At least it made me feel somewhat welcome, while I was dealing with the changes in professors, curriculum, and campus layout.

Grace was home already when I returned. She had wished me good luck in the morning, with a kiss, before she headed to the hospital, and had sent me a few supportive texts throughout the day. All much appreciated, but pale in comparison to her embrace when we were reunited. She greeted me with a huge hug, a generous kiss, and the smell of a lovely dinner, already under construction in the kitchen.

"Hi honey. How was your first day of school?" she giggled, clearly feeling as strange asking as I felt hearing it. "Meet any new friends?"

I laughed, and shook my head. The last time someone asked me that was a long way away, and many, many years ago. I think I was four, at the time.

"The day actually wasn't too bad. No personality conflicts, and no surprises in the course outlines. I should be fine," I nodded, "and I did make some new friends. They helped me find my way around."

"That's great, baby," she smiled. "Do you have homework to do?"

"Just a little reading. Nothing too strenuous," I replied.

"Well, dinner will be ready in about a half hour, so get to it. Don't make me crack my whip," she giggled. "Unless you want me to?"

Mmmmm, that sounded like fun. Actually, she did have a whip. Well, a riding crop, anyway. It went with a black leather bustier she owned. The bustier laced up tight in front, and had no cups, so her huge knockers were free to entice me. She liked to wear it with these thigh-high black boots. Six inch stilettos made her quite imposing, and bounced her tits nicely when she walked.

"If you wish, Madam," I grinned, telling her I would service her willingly tonight. She liked to play, just one of the things I loved about her.

"Ooooo, goodie!" she chuckled, hopping happily. "You read.... I'll go put on something less comfortable."

I cracked open a textbook, and was looking through formulas involved in calculating the strength of building materials when I felt the soft touch of leather against the side of my neck. She ran the tip of the crop along my jaw, tickling me slightly, and turning my head in her direction.

"Good boy. Mommy likes it when you do as asked," she smiled, as my eyes ran up her body. Like most women, she had read 'Fifty Shades', more out of curiosity than anything. This outfit had followed that reading, but she didn't really like it too rough, or need to be the dominant participant. She just liked the way it felt against her skin, and the way it cinched her waist tighter, making her chest even more prominent.

"I'll have to give you a special treat, for being so obedient," she hissed, my eyes finally reaching her face after the long journey upwards. It took a few seconds to find a way past the avalanche of breasts that blocked my way, but her smoldering brown eyes locked on mine. "I'll check on dinner. You keep studying."

With that, she spun on her heels, and sashayed into the kitchen, swinging her hips and bare, firm rump as she did. She tucked the crop into the top of her left boot, keeping it handy if I should need disciplining, but she knew I responded better to the carrot than the stick.

Believe me, with carrots like hers, I'd do just about anything to stay on the good list.

Minutes later, she called me to the table, and carried in our dinner, carefully holding the warm dish away from her ample chest, which held my attention more than the food did. We ate in relative silence, and I can't honestly remember what it was, other than chicken. The sight of her sitting there across from me, with her huge rack hanging free.... well, I'm surprised I remembered to eat at all. Quite the distraction.

We finished our meal, and Grace cleared the table of obstructions, then sauntered back in, riding crop in hand.

"In the interest of maintaining my girlish figure," she giggled, "I am going to forego dessert." She took a seat on the table edge in front of my chair, and tapped the crop on my head. "You, however, should feel free to indulge. Do you see anything you'd like?" Her thighs spread slowly, and the riding crop directed my gaze lower, until her juicy pussy came into view. Her thick, pouty labia were spread open, revealing the moist interior, glistening deliciously.

Do I see anything I'd like? Hmmmm.

I dipped my head, nuzzling my cheek against the soft skin of her inner thigh, just above the cuff of her boots, as she eased herself back onto the table.

"Mmmmm, oh yes, my darling," she sighed, settling in position with her legs askew. She hooked her heels on the back of my chair, and awaited my tongue.

I inhaled her scent, letting the musky sweetness fill my head. Shifting in my chair, I extended my leg into a less painful position, as my knee reminded me just exactly how I met this woman, whom I loved so dearly.

Back then, several months ago, my over-ambitious / under-skilled skiing activities had landed me in her ward of the hospital. Talk about a silver lining. Painful, and at the time less than desirable, it had nonetheless brought us together. If I had anything to say about it, that togetherness would last forever. A bit of an ache was worth it.

"Far be it for me to complain," she said softly, "but you're making me crazy, darling. Please, lick my pussy. I've been thinking about it all day."

Well, she did say 'please'.... It would be impolite to deny her.

I leaned closer, and ran my tongue up the moist crevice, causing a sharp gasp and a moan from her.

"Mmmmm, yes, that's my good boy," she breathed. "Mommy's pussy just loves your tongue. It feels so good."

I was happy Grace had finally embraced our age difference. Most of the time, we both just ignored it altogether, but over time, her inner MILF had asserted itself. Now, she seemed to find the situation very arousing. She didn't always do the 'Mommy' routine, but when she did, it was pretty hot. I was happy to play along.

"Yes, Mommy," I moaned between licks. "Your pussy is delicious. So warm, and wet, and fragrant. The only thing I like more than eating you, is fucking you."

"Well, fortunately, you don't need to make a choice," she moaned, squirming on the tabletop as I wriggled my tongue deeper into her cunt. "After you finish your dessert, I want you to take that big, hard cock, and fuck my brains out. Does that sound like fun?"

"Oh yes. That sounds great," I whispered, delving deeper still. Her bright pink interior folds were extremely wet, dripping with her natural lubricant. "Is this my incentive to get good grades?"

"Absolutely, my love," she smiled peeking down at me past her breasts. "I prefer to reward positive behaviour, rather than punish negative ones. Besides, I get to be the beneficiary of your incentive. My Momma didn't raise a dummy. When you win, I win." She groaned as my tongue swirled around her clit. "Oh boy, do I win!"

I silently continued to feast on her succulent vagina, slurping up the copious juices that flowed freely from her. I could feel her excitement growing, and hear the passion in her soft moans. The buttery soft black leather, both around her thighs and her torso, made little squeaks that enhanced the sounds of pleasure she was making. I noticed that she was teasing her erect nipples with the tasseled tip of the riding crop. She was very, very aroused, and tasted delicious.

I had my face buried between her thighs, licking, sucking, and caressing every delicate surface I could reach. Her moans elevated in volume each time I pressed harder with my nose, using the bridge against her clit while spearing her to the full extent of my tongue. I knew she liked it. I also knew she liked me to lick her asshole, so I went down there several times as well. I could hear the leather bustier squeaking faster as her breathing grew more desperate. She was now on the brink, and the view up her body from my place between her thighs was spectacular; breasts heaving and shuddering with her gasps of need, and her tummy rising and falling under the leather laces.

I faced a choice. One, I could sit comfortably in my chair, and continue to graze on her slippery snatch, for as long as I wanted. I knew from previous experience that she would have a ginormous orgasm this way, but I also knew she'd be wrecked afterward. This led me to lean toward option two, which got her off right now, and gave me a willing and active partner to fuck, and I really wanted to fuck. My cock was straining to escape my pants, eager to plumb her depths again. I chose the quicker option.

I fluttered my tongue over her clit, and then sucked it. I felt her body clench tight, and she bit the riding crop to stifle her groan as the climax hit her.

"GNNAAAHHHHHNNNNNNN!" she grunted, grabbing my head with her free hand. She mashed her pussy against my face, holding me in place while her gash gushed hot honey, which I did my best to keep from reaching the tabletop. I was unsuccessful, and a small puddle grew under her. Finally, she relaxed, as the waves passed.

"Oh fuck, that was good," she smiled rubbing her face. "You made Mommy feel wonderful. Thank you."

I slid my chair back, and stood up, starting to unbuckle my pants. I could feel her eyes, watching intently, as I pushed everything down my legs, letting my erection spring out in freedom.

"Mmmmm, yes.... That's the big cock Mommy wants," she giggled, spreading her legs wider. Her swollen pussy gaped open, begging to be filled. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard, and deep. Make me cum again, please."

That little puddle of pussy juice? It provided a convenient source of lubrication, and I swished the head of my cock through it a couple of times before pressing into her smooth, wet opening, which readily accepted the full length of my hard meat in one slow stroke.

"Oh, shit, that's what I wanted," I groaned, grinding deeper into her. She moaned, and smiled up at me, gripping my cock with her well-used vaginal muscles. I settled into position, and started to fuck her slowly, enjoying the exquisite sensation of her cunt around my cock.

Sex with Grace was so much more than just a means to a very pleasurable end. She had taught me how to truly appreciate the intimacy we shared. Every tiny look, move and sound we shared was a direct connection to each other's souls. I loved her more than words could possibly express.

Yet, she was also exciting as hell. As loving, gentle, and caring as she often was, she could also be an absolute hellion.... a slut of the highest calibre. Dressed as she was tonight in black leather, I believe you can guess which side of her was in control this evening.

"That's it," she growled, hooking her spiked heels behind my back. I felt the riding crop sliding across my bare butt, and she tapped me softly. "Don't spare the horses, baby. Fuck me, or I'll be forced to remind you who's boss, here."

"Yes, Mommy," I nodded, and slammed into her harder. The table protested, but held up.

When we moved in here, we had taken steps to make sure our furniture didn't damage the beautiful hardwood floors. Everything was treated to new felt pads under the feet, including the table, and now the downside of that protection was showing up.

The table was moving, and my thrusts into her drove it, inch by inch, across the shiny floor, heading slowly toward the kitchen. Every ten strokes or so, I would need to catch up to her, shifting my position to continue thrashing her receptive cunt. Grace had her eyes closed, and head tilted back, so she didn't notice what was happening at first, until I had to pull the whole unit of her and the table to the side, to avoid the light fixture dangling in my face. Once she saw what was going on, it seemed to spur her desires even more.

"Oh fuck, yeah! Fuck me hard! Push me across the apartment! Fuck my pussy with your hard cock!" she hissed, now gazing into my eyes as I pounded her cunt furiously. Finally, the table leg ran up against the end of the kitchen counter, and brought the chase to an end. It meant that the full force of my strokes was now being absorbed by her body, and she loved it. "Yes! Yes! Harder! Fuck me harder!"

Her boobs were swinging crazily across her chest, wobbling, bouncing, and slapping together with each of my urgent lunges. I was never going to tire of that sight, and it always had the same effect on me, bringing me to my peak faster. She could read my eyes, and knew what I was feeling.

"Yeah, that's it! Fuck me! You want to cum, don't you, baby? You want to shoot your hot juice all over Mommy's big tits, don't you?

Well, yeah, that goes without saying. I nodded.

"Do it!" she growled, spanking me sharply with the crop again. "Fuck me hard! I'm so close! Make me cum again, then go ahead and shoot your jizz on my tits! Do it! I love it!"

I responded to her whip, thrusting my hips forward with greater energy. It felt so good, fucking her in our home, without worry. Her head tilted back, and she grunted as her body clenched in orgasm.

"Oh god, that's what I needed!" she gasped, her eyes wide with passion. "Now, it's your turn, baby! Cum on me!"

Without delay, I pulled out and stepped up beside her, pumping my slick shaft with my hand. An evil grin crossed her face as she watched my hand move, urging me on like some sort of sexual cheerleader.

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