tagIncest/TabooGoodnight, Jolie

Goodnight, Jolie


It was almost like old times. Uncle Joe had stopped by, like he used to do every Friday night, before he had moved east a couple years ago. He was back as a special favor for his sister, who had asked him to come visit to keep an eye on Jolie while Sis was enjoying herself in Las Vegas.

Joe had arrived early that evening, but was still getting used to his 18-year-old niece. The last time he had seen her, she was just becoming a woman. Now she was a stunning beauty, and she seemed to still have her old crush on Uncle Joe. They had spent the evening talking and catching up. She was wearing an old t-shirt and sweat pants. Uncle Joe tried to get her to laugh, because she wasn't wearing a bra, and he liked to watch her breasts. He didn't know why, but laughing made her nipples go erect, right behind that thin layer of cotton. He kept the conversation going, asking how school was going, friends (boyfriends none, girlfriends a couple), and her struggles with her mom (typical teenage bustin' out stuff). As he listened to her talk, he let her sweet voice go straight to his heart, while his head kept wondering if she had any panties on under those pants. But after a couple hours, even Uncle Joe ran out of chit-chat questions. Jolie got up to leave, "bedtime," she said.

"It's really great to see you, again, Uncle Joe," she said.

"You, too," Joe said.

He gave his 18-year-old niece a hug and kiss on the cheek. Jolie held on a little tighter and a little longer than he remembered. She wasn't afraid to press herself into his body like he remembered when she was sixteen. Then, before he knew it, she gave her uncle a lingering kiss on the lips. When she eased back, he looked her in the eyes, and saw her looking right back. He blinked to keep himself from falling into those beautiful green pools. He glanced over at the television, then back at Jolie.

"Hey, you want to watch a movie before going to bed?" he asked.

A tremor went through his body when he asked, ending in a pulse to his dick. He hoped the tremor hadn't shown up in his voice. Jolie cocked her head, then smiled.

"Sure," she answered.

Joe reflected Jolie's infectious grin.

Joe had helped raise Jolie since she was an infant. He had watched her grow up to become a beautiful, young woman. He loved her like his own daughter. But when she looked into his eyes the way she just did, Joe got a different feeling for Jolie, a feeling he knew was more about her being a woman than being his niece.

Jolie picked out a movie, a romantic comedy she knew he liked. They sat down on the couch, Joe still feeling warm from his reaction to her gaze.

"Mind if I turn out the lights," she asked.

"No, go ahead," Joe replied.

Joe always watched movies with the lights out and the sound up. He got more from the movie that way. He smiled as he thought how he and his niece were in the dark, like on a date to the movie theater. Jolie took the comforter off the back of the couch.

"I'm cold," she said, with the slightest pout.

Even without looking, Joe knew she was pursing her lips, just from the way she had said it. He had heard her say she was cold ever since she was old enough to talk. Over the years she had perfected her sad puppy-dog face to get what she wanted from her uncle. This time, he was afraid to look, afraid what his reaction might be to those beautiful, tender, lips and her exaggerated sad eyes.

She stretched her legs and put her feet up in Joe's lap. She'd been doing this since she was a child, too.

"Feet cold, again?" Joe asked.

"Always!" she said.

He rubbed her feet between his hands, but they remained cold as stone.

"Here, put them under my leg," Joe said. He lifted one of his legs and let Jolie slip her feet under his thigh. He put his leg back down, her feet now kept warm between his legs. He had done this, too, since she was a kid, but tonight it felt different. Thoughts were creeping into his head and he pushed them out. He tried to act as if everything were the same, as when she was just a child.

"Here," Joe said as he handed Jolie the remote for the DVD player, "tonight you're in control,"

"Ok," she said. But when she took the DVD from him, he couldn't help thinking that they were talking about something other than the movie. She gave him what looked like a knowing nod, then pressed play to start the movie.

They liked watching romantic comedies, and shared a few laughs together as the movie introduced the bumbling beau. When Joe laughed, he would look over at Jolie. He enjoyed watching her laugh. She didn't look at him, but let him watch her, acting as if she didn't know he was looking.

When the inevitable first touch between the couple in the movie took place, Joe was surprised to feel Jolie's toes curl into his inner thigh. He wasn't sure if she was just reacting to the movie, or she intended to give him a squeeze. But when the movie showed the first kiss, there was no mistaking as she pressed her foot gently, tentatively, into his crotch. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the gentle pressure on his balls. He leaned back against the couch, sliding his crotch ever so slightly against her foot. Then he clenched his thighs and gave her a squeeze. She responded with the slightest wiggle of her toes, a move that sent shivers up Joe's spine and blood rushing to his dick.

Joe opened his eyes, looking down at her feet between his legs. He moved his hand to her leg. As he raised his eyes to look at her face, he slowly slid his hand up her leg to just above her knee. She was looking right at him, her lids heavy and her lips slightly parted. She was breathing faster. When he squeezed her leg just above the knee, she closed her eyes for a couple seconds, then re-opened them.

"Did you mean what you said?" she asked, looking at him, her eyes playful and her smile revealing that she knew a secret.

"What do you mean?"

"About me being in control."

For an instant, he hesitated. But his doubts evaporated as he searched her eyes.

"Yes," he said.

"I'm cold," she said. She pulled her legs out from under him, moved over to him, and snuggled her head between his arm and his chest.

"Here," Joe said. He put a pillow at the top of the couch and lay down on his back. He kicked off his shoes and brought his legs up so that he was lying lengthwise on the couch. Jolie let herself down beside him, her head onto his chest, his arm around her back.

She curled up like a cat, nestled between the back of the couch, Joe's arm and Joe's body. She pulled her knees up and Joe lifted his legs to let her bring them up against his butt. He put his legs down behind hers and tucked her in tight. He smiled as he felt her pressing against his nut sack.

"This is nice," she said, wiggling her body as close as she could get to his, being sure to jostle her knees against his butt.

Joe was very happy and content. As he watched the TV, the couple in the movie become more friendly to each other. Every time the actor wanted to touch the actress, Joe would give Jolie a squeeze, his hand around her back and resting on her waist. Jolie responded each time by moving her hand over his stomach, up to his chest, and then down the side of his body to his waist, where she would give him a squeeze.

When the couple in the movie began to touch each other, Jolie seemed to follow their lead. Her fingers found Joe's skin where his shirt had come untucked. She slipped her hand under his shirt.

"Is this alright?" she asked, as her hand climbed his chest.

"Mmmm," he said. "You feel nice."

She ran her fingers up to the hair on his chest. She found the small tip of his nipple. Jolie circled it with her fingertips.

"I like the hair on your chest," she said, then gave Joe a little kiss on the neck.

Joe felt his head swimming. He was light-heady and so full of happiness, enjoying the woman touching him.

Hesitantly, unsure and shaky, Joe followed her lead. He slowly lifted her t-shirt and put his hand underneath. He stopped and stroked the smooth skin of her waist. When she lifted herself to release more of her t-shirt, he moved his hand forward under her shirt and found her soft belly.

"Your skin is so soft," he whispered.

"Mmmm," she cooed back, then slipped her fingertips lightly across Joe's nipple.

He pressed his legs into hers, then moved his hand slowly up her chest. When he reached her breast, he lifted his hand so that only his fingertips circled her nipple. Then he lightly scraped her hardened tip with his fingernails.

"Unhh...," she let out, twitching with each fingernail, flattening her palm against his chest and pulling him closer.

He turned his hand over and grasped her engorged and erect nipple between two knuckles and rolled it between them. She let out a soft moan. Her breath gently tickling the hairs at the base of his neck.

Joe moved his legs to shift his now very large hard-on. He straightened his legs. Jolie straightened her legs, too, then put one leg up on top of his legs. She bent her leg at the knee and slowly pulled the leg up. She pressed her knee into his pants when she got to his crotch.

"Mmmm..., that's nice," Joe said.

As Joe rolled her nipple between his fingers, Jolie moved her knee up and down over the bulge at Joe's crotch. Joe closed his eyes as he enjoyed feeling her knee giving his elongated dick a massage. He also became aware that she was not only moving her knee up and down, she was rotating her hips and pressing her crotch into his hip. Joe reached down and grasped her bent leg behind the knee. Each time she moved her knee up, he tilted his hip up into her crotch and pulled her leg across, causing her to press harder and roll across his hip bone. Soon, her movements became more urgent, and she rocked her crotch faster and faster into his hip.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhh..." she cried out, quietly at first, then louder and more frantically as her movements became wilder.

Joe felt Jolie's body tense as her thighs clamped down on his leg.


Her nails dug into his chest as she seemed to freeze. Then her body shuddered with her orgasm, her head pressing hard into his back. Joe continued to rock her gently until her body relaxed. He gave her a hug and held her close to him.

"Mmmm," she said. She lifted her head, pulled herself up to his face, and looked into his eyes. He pulled her closer, their lips touching in a sweet, gentle kiss. Jolie parted her lips and Joe responded, opened his mouth and pressed his tongue into hers.

As Joe explored her tongue, Jolie shifted her weight, moved on top of Joe. She spread her legs over Joe's crotch. She began to rock back and forth over the bulge in his pants. Joe's hands reached under her t-shirt to find her breasts and began massaging them. Jolie sat up, still rocking over his cock, grabbed her t-shirt at the bottom, and slowly pulled it up over her head. Throwing the t-shirt on the floor, she leaned forward, putting her hands on his chest. He watched as her beautiful small breasts jiggled in time to her rocking hips. Joe rested his hands on her hips and started a rhythm, until they were moving together, then he let his hands slide up her sides to her breasts. He let the soft skin swing against his hands. He traced circles on his palms with the tips of her nipples.

Joe looked up at Jolie and said, "This could feel a whole lot better, if you wanted it to."

Jolie slowed, then stopped. She looked down, embarrassed.

"I've never... I'm..." she stammered.

"It's alright," Joe said. "Don't be embarrassed."

When she didn't say anything, Joe went on, "I can show you," he said, "but it's up to you." Then, with a smile, "You're in control, remember?"

Her tension eased a bit and she smiled. She looked him in the eyes for a long time. Then she leaned down and kissed his lips ever so gently.

"Yes," she whispered in his ear.

He put his arms around her and hugged her closer. He turned on his side, and then continued to roll her over on to her back. He slipped between her knees and descended until his crotch was once again against hers.

He leaned forward and began kissing her eyelids, her nose, her lips, then her neck, her shoulder, and the top of her breasts. His tongue drew circles around her nipples. He nuzzled the base of her breasts, but left the nipples yearning for his touch. He kissed her ribs, one by one, until he came to her soft belly. He leaned back and reached for the top of her sweat pants. The crotch was wet with her anticipation. He looked at her face. He gave a slight tug and she lifted her butt off the couch as his fingers scraped down her legs, her pants in tow. As he slid them over her feet, he gave them a squeeze.

"Still cold, aren't they?" he laughed. "Let's see if I can't warm them up." He put her feet at his sides. "Bend at the knees and let your legs go limp," he said, as he put one hand on each knee and gently spread her legs. He saw her red, swollen pussy lips, glistening with her love juice. She watched as his face dropped down and disappeared between her legs. As his mouth got closer, he could smell the sweet odor of her woman's crotch. He stopped when he felt her pubic hairs on his lips. He took a deep breath through his nose, letting the smell intoxicate him.

"You smell so sexy!" he whispered.

Then he exhaled, blowing gently on her puffy labia lips. He lowered his hands down her thighs until his fingers found her crotch and tugged at the sides of her slit, opening her magic cavern to his view. He breathed in, again, and blew a jet of air into the now exposed beginning of her love cave. He imagined what it would feel like, when the head of his dick was pressing, spreading her lips, on its way deep inside.

Jolie gasped as his fingers climbed further down her labia and pulled her wider open. He let his tongue dip down and taste her slippery juices and she moaned, her hips twitching up, bumping his face into her waiting love cave.

He let his tongue touch her everywhere, except where she wanted it most. He nipped and sucked on her outer labia, her desire growing with each new sensation. He knew she was almost ready when he saw her lubrication seeping down from the base of her pussy toward her ass hole. Joe flattened his tongue into her crevice and licked up, catching the slippery fluid. He lifted his tongue, which became more and more slippery as he climbed. He flicked his tongue from side to side, barely entering her, teasing her. As he reached the top of her slit, he made his tongue stiff and pointed, then barely touched the hood of her clitoris. As he continued to tease her, she wrapped her fingers in the hair on his head and lifted her mound to his mouth. She tried to push him into her, wanting more of his tongue, his lips, anything touching her clitoris, but he just kept barely glancing over it.

"Please... please..." Her voice came in short pants as her fingers grasped and pulled on his hair.

Joe lifted his head and slowly climbed with his tongue back up her belly to the base of her breasts. He tickled the bottom and sides of each breast with his fingertips. Then he began to knead them. Finally, he squeezed each breast and took the protruding nipple into him mouth. As he rolled the nipple between his tongue and the roof of his mouth, Jolie let out a moan.

"Please..." she whimpered.

As Joe's body settled between her legs, her hips began to squirm, trying to get pressure against her crotch. She wiggled and moaned again as he switched his mouth to the other breast.

Then he stopped. Her breathing was ragged and tense. She was flushed, her breasts swollen and full. He lifted himself up and stood beside the couch. She lay there, legs sprawled open, eyes begging.

Joe pulled off his shirt. She took his hand in hers and tugged at him to lie back down, to fill the space between her legs. Joe reached for his belt and undid his buckle. Jolie watched as he slowly undid the button. Then she heard the zipper. Her heart began to race as he slid his fingers down the sides of his legs, carrying with them his pants. Her eyes widened as she watched in slow motion when his dick appeared from beneath his underwear and slapped up against his belly.

Jolie had seen pictures before, but Joe seemed so much bigger. Her breath grew shorter and faster, as fear and excitement crashed together in what she knew was about to happen. She began to shake as Joe lowered his body back between her legs. He could feel her anxiety as he pressed on her knees with his hands, leaned forward, and spread her legs with his hips. He climbed her body with kisses, on her belly, her chest, her nipples, her neck, her lips.

Jolie had never tasted her own juices before, but now she hungrily sucked on Joe's tongue. He pressed as far as he could into her mouth, licking the top of her mouth and playing with her tongue. He lowered himself on to her, his fingers finding her breasts. As he rolled her nipples between his fingers, her pelvis began to lift up, reaching, searching. As he descended, she felt the bare bulge that was his engorged cock. He lowered his hips on to her, moistening himself by rubbing his cock from side to side over her cunt lips. Then slowly, carefully, he rocked his butt back. The head of his cock slid down past her clitoris, coming to rest on her outer lips.

Jolie had stopped bucking now, and looked into Joe's eyes. He saw the fear. He reassured her by looking deep into her eyes, and slowly, gently, letting the swollen head of his cock slide into her. He went in half an inch, then pulled out, lifted and slipped his dick head over the top of her clit. Then he went back in, an inch this time, pulled out and slid over her clit. He kept rocking in and out, going a little further with each thrust. The fear passed out of Jolie's eyes and was replaced by pleasure. She closed her eyes and moaned each time he passed over her pleasure button. Then she would moan again as she felt him push deeper inside of her.

She began to rock, too, finding the rhythm to their dance. By the time he was thrusting his whole length inside her tight pussy, and crashing into her now-hooded clit, she was overwhelmed by the sensation that was growing in her. His cock was sliding into her and she was bucking into him harder and harder. Deep from within her, from a place she didn't even know existed, Jolie let out a cry as his whole cock sunk into her and the base of his dick bumped in to her clitoris. He pulled his cock out of her, then thrust it into her in one fell swoop. She groaned. He repeated the thrust, bumping her again and again, each thrust becoming more and more urgent, her body tightening from deep inside. She grabbed his head and yanked his lips to hers. His thrusting was lifting her off the couch as her fingernails dug into his back and she pulled herself up. He felt her climax coming, coming...

"Ahgggg...," she screamed, giving in to the pleasure, as her body arched into a solid muscle mass. Her cunt clamped down on Joe's cock and became prickly with goose bumps. Joe felt himself pass the point of no return.

"Uhnh...," he joined her as he felt his cock begin to spasm.

She felt his powerful thrusts and tried to widen her legs to let him get deeper, deeper. He was crashing against her. She held him tight as he pushed her forward. He stopped and shuddered. His orgasm triggered another orgasm for her. She felt her vagina clamp around his shaft while a series of cramps sucked his seed deep inside her. Joe and Jolie clung to each other as their bodies merged into one, hanging there for what seemed a moment outside of time and space.

Slowly, gently, never wanting it to end, they both relaxed from exhaustion. Joe looked at Jolie, smiled, and gave her a gigantic squeeze of a hug with a deep, sensuous kiss. He let his lips linger, then pulled back enough to say,

"I love you, Jolie."

"I love you, Joe."

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