tagSci-Fi & FantasyGordon Bk. 02 Ch. 01

Gordon Bk. 02 Ch. 01


This new story takes place after the survey of the Dyson Sphere in Lt. Gordon's Transformation. As that work is now in preparation for publishing, I am starting this one with the same changes. There are no more references to Star Trek in anyway. The governing body of the galaxy is the Galactic Alliance. All ships are Galactic Star Ships, GSS. Stardates have been replaced with stellar dates and the rank structure is more in line with proper naval rank structure.


Lt. Cmdr Jamie Gordon stood on the flight deck of the starcarrier GSS Triton and watched the squadron of new F-305 Hawks work through their maneuvers and work ups. She had been transferred to the carrier three months ago, after recovering from the disastrous survey of the Dyson sphere last year. She had been certain that any new assignment would be out in the backside of beyond, but the Alliance had chosen her to be part of the team to get the Triton up and running.

The Triton was the newest starcarrier in the fleet, the first to handle the new fighters and after being involved in the design of the Hawk fighter Jamie had been tapped to teach the training squadrons how to handle them and then sent to the carrier. She now commanded a section in the squadron and was responsible for all structural repairs for all the fighters. The Alliance had understood her flat refusal to ever use the transfer beam again and had relented to make her a pilot and permanently assign her a Hawk fighter. The negative reaction that her story of the bodily changes she had undergone on her last two separate trips through the beam would have completely undermined the use of the system. They would have given her anything to keep her quiet.

The design for the carrier had been available to the Alliance for several earth years, but nothing had been done with it. The Alliance High Command had not seen the need for vessel until humans had joined the Alliance and found the plans. With Earth becoming a major force in the Alliance, they had taken the plans and with typical human stubbornness had built the vessel along lines familiar to them and then proved it to be an exceptional asset to Earth's fleet.

The carrier was cylindrical with a flat deck on top, the flight deck. Each end was bulbous and rounded. The ship looked like a giant dumbbell. She was nine hundred meters long and four hundred meters a beam. The flight deck was seven hundred meters long. The entire flight deck had cover that sealed it during wormhole travel. The bulbous ends were one hundred meters each. The bow contained the chase armament, shield generators, and wormhole projector. The stern held the exhaust for the normal space engines, the aft chase weapons and shield generators.

The flight deck was a series of elevators that led to the hanger deck. Each elevator was green, when lowered a red cover slid over the opening, so that the hanger deck could be pressurized. Combat landings were completed on the flight deck, each elevator was magnetized, the landing skids of each plane were also magnetized. The spacecraft would come in at speed, barely clearing the deck and the magnetic fields would grab them and lock them to the deck in a jarring halt. It was more like a controlled crash than a landing. The landing signal officer had a platform on the rear of the ship where he could observe and control the landings of the planes. The hanger bays could also be used for combat landings, each one had a magnetic web installed to grab and hold the fighter incoming.

Spacecraft were launched from the launch tunnels on each side of the carrier for combat launches. There were three decks of tunnels on each beam for launching fighters. Each tunnel had a magnetic catapult that threw the fighters down the one hundred metre shaft into space. Each tunnel was shielded at the bay end and a solid door closed the launch end. When a fighter was ready for launch, it was moved into the launch bay, the electromagnetic shield was engaged, the outer door opened and the mag-rail launched the fighter. In close quarters battle, the launch rails could be used a last ditch weapon from the twentieth century, called a rail gun.

The fleet command had looked back into Earth history for examples of how a vessel like the Triton could and would function. The former United States wet navy had had several operational aircraft carriers and submarines and Earth command took everything that they needed from those examples, deck gangs, hand signals, commands and titles were studied, revised as needed and applied to the new starcarrier.

Earth fleet had built a stationary flight deck in Earth orbit for training and now the fighters were sent from there to the Triton. Jamie had completed her carrier qualifications in record time and her graduation training flight against the lead instructor had become the talk of legend and part of the training course. She had a slight advantage, being part of the team that designed the Hawk fighter gave her the ability to push the spacecraft harder than anyone else. Also her high gravity origins had given her a higher tolerance for pulling G-forces before she blacked out. Now Jamie stood on the Landing Signal Officer's (LSO) platform, her boots magnetically locked to the deck and observed the last squadron of the watch perform.

With her was the Commander Air Group (CAG), the Air Boss, the LSO and the other squadron leaders that had completed their check runs. There was little chatter on the radio, as they listened to the pilots work their way through a series of maneuvers and then a set of standard landings and several combat landings and launches. The ship carried a total of fifteen squadrons, ten fighter squadrons of the F-305 Hawk, two of the B-211 Broadsword bomber, two of the R-945 Eagle reconnaissance and one of courier ships for transfer of men and material, and all pilots had to be completely qualified in launches and landings.

The Triton had moved from Earth space and was about three day's wormhole travel from the Sol system. The reason was to remove all reference points from the pilot's vision, except the landing deck. This was important to see if they could still function without a large body to use as lining up point. The pilots were totally dependent on the ship, their instruments and most importantly each other. The last squadron completed its cycle through the maneuvers and the CAG ordered them to land.

"Not bad, but Epsilon has a lot of ground to make up. Commander, schedule them for the first CAP and let's get secured and underway."

"Aye sir," Commander Harris, the XO of the fighter wing replied.

The LSO platform lowered into the hanger deck and the observation party stepped off when it locked into place. The cover secured and the platform pressurized, allowing them to open the hatch and step into the hanger deck. The scene was controlled chaos. Every ship had its own place in the hanger and most were still being located by the deck gang. Repair crews were swarming over the planes in place while the crew chiefs spoke to the pilots and their Electronic Countermeasures Officers, ECO (normally called EChO's) for any gripes or problems.

"Dismissed," the CAG told the crew on the platform as he headed off to his office to continue his ongoing battle with unending stream of paperwork that was required to keep the air wing functioning.

Jamie disconnected her tether and umbilical from the platform and back to her quarters. She was exhausted. This was the third straight watch that she had stood and she was aching with fatigue. Fortunately, she was off for the next three watches. She hit the release on her wrist and her suit took a reading of the atmosphere and retracted her helmet into its holding space. Her suit was a marvel of R&D. It was only about a micron thick, but was almost as tough as the hull of the Triton. It had to be thin to allow delicate repairs in vacuum should the ship take damage. It was made too large for her, but another push of a button and the suit's smart fabric shrank to fit her body like skin. It took some time to get used to the fact that she looked and felt naked in her suit, but everyone went through the same thing. At least they had reinforced the torso so that there were no unwanted protrusions, on either gender.

The trip to her quarters took only a few minutes, thanks to the lift just outside the hanger. All pilots were billeted as close to their crafts as possible, to cut down on the time required for a combat launch, but on days like this, it was good to be this close. She stepped through the hatch and pressed the button on her wrist. The suit exploded outward and it looked like she was wearing a tent. Quickly stripping the suit she hung it in the proper locker in the bedroom, confirmed that the power relays were connected properly and the suit would purge all waste and take on new supplies, she stepped directly to the shower.

The bathroom was steamed and she could not see anything, but the sounds coming from the shower told her all she needed to know. Storming across the room she ripped open the shower door and stared inside at the two people embraced in each other's arms and a billowing cloud of steam.

"What the hell is this?" She demanded. "Would you mind telling me what you are doing with my husband?"

"Just keeping him warm for you," Carol Webster smiled and reached for her.

"I thought I told you to wait for me?" Jamie accused the man in the shower.

"I did, but Carol suggested a shower would be the best way to greet you and your sore muscles after so long in that suit. Now get in here, you are letting the heat out." Charlie Burton said and pulled her into the shower and closed the door.

"OHHHHHH, you have no idea how much I need this." Jamie purred as four hands started to rub her down. Charlie started on her hair and head, massaging gently from behind, while Carol's soapy hands caressed her breasts and stomach. Jamie just stood under their caring ministrations for several minutes as they worked to relax her tense muscles.

Charlie rinsed her hair and worked his way down her back and Carol matched him stroke for stroke on her front. When Charlie slid his hand between her ass cheeks, Carol grabbed Jamie's clit and slide two fingers into Jamie's dripping pussy. Jamie moaned again and spread her legs for them. Carol started to jerk her clit hard and drive her fingers in and out of Jamie's cunt. Charlie leaned around Jamie and nodded at Carol. Together they stepped close to Jamie and drove into her together.

The upside of the flight suit that Jamie wore was the plumbing connections. A tube was inserted up her anus and into her vagina, as well as a tube covering her clit to transport waste from the body. This just kept her body open for other invaders.

Charlie's large cock drove into her open asshole as Carol slide balls deep into her pussy. Jamie howled in delight as she was filled at both ends at once. Charlie had her hips and started to lift and drop her onto the intruding cocks, as Carol held her breasts in a tight grip, pinching her nipples. Jamie's feet dangled off the floor as she was buffeted between her lovers. She leaned down and kissed Carol, their tongues dueling in each other's mouths, her other hand curved behind her and pulled Charlie's head down and he started to nibble on her shoulders.

Jamie's clit was dripping pre-cum and she could feel the tremors in her body that spelled her approaching orgasm. Breaking her kiss with Carol she screamed into the shower her delight and she started to cum. Sperm shot from her clit as her body tensed, both her openings slammed shut on the hard shafts, locking them in place as Jamie lost control.

Charlie and Carol froze in place, fighting to keep from coming with her. They both knew from experience that Jamie could cum far more often from both of her organs than they could, and they wanted this to last a while yet.

Jamie slumped between them and gasped for breath, her chest heaving with exertion as her muscles relaxed. Carol pulled out of her first and rinsed herself off. Charlie lowered Jamie to her feet after the pulled his dick from her ass and rinsed off as well. Jamie just stood under the spray, trying to come back into her body.

The other two lead her out of the shower to the drying area, where warm air currents blow over them to whisk the water away. Then they lead her to bed, the king size mattress was big enough to hold all three of them, if they were friendly, and they were ready to be really friendly.

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