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Gorean Locales Ch. 01

byJoseki Ko©

John Norman created the world of Gor in the late 1960's and early 1970's in a series of 25 books. These books were written on a level for adults to be able to understand the philosophy he was trying to convey. Many people became infatuated with the philosophy and began to develop and insert many of the Gorean ways and beliefs into their daily lives. These are locations from his books.

* * *

Northern Regions

Far North

Land of Innuit:

The twelfth book in the Gorean series, describes the lands and culture of the Red Hunters who inhabit the northern polar regions of Gor. The Red Hunters were inspired by the Earth culture of the Inuit. The Earth Inuit, also known as Eskimoes, inhabit the northern polar regions of North America, Greenland and parts of Siberia. Most people on Gor know very little about the culture and life of the Red Hunters.

The lands of the Red Hunters begin where the lands of Torvaldsland ends. Ax Glacier is at the northern border of Torvaldsland and it lies nestled in a valley between two mountain chains. These two chains are collectively known as the Hrimgar Mountains. "Hrimgar" is the Gorean word for "barrier." There are numerous passes in these mountain chains. One famous pass is called the pass of Tancred because it is where the Tancred herd of tabuk pass during their annual migrations. During the winter months, the land is cold, desolate and barren. The flower buds lie dormant, protected from the weather in a fluffy sheath. The polar basin is generally very dry. Actually, less snow falls here than in the lower latitudes such as in Torvaldsland. But any snow that does fall is less likely to melt and will thus stay around for much longer.


cruel, harsh, rocky land located NW of the Hrimgar Mountains, above the Northern Forests and below the Polar Plain (Land of Innuit) with which it shares the shores of the Arctic Sea, also known as the Thassa. There are many inlets, cliffs and mountains and little arable land. Good soil is rare and highly prized. The Torvaldslanders are seamen, travelling in their oared Serpent ships in search of parsit fish. Their men, fierce and aggresive warriors, prefer the great axe as their weapon.

Northern forests:

The forests of northern Gor, also known as the High Forests, cover hundreds of thousands of square pasangs. The forests are located north of the Laurius River and extend as far north as the start of the border of Torvaldsland. The forests also extend eastward, past the northern ridges of the Thentis Mountains and the lands of the Barrens, and no one is sure how far east they actually extend. They extend west to the very shores of Thassa. The forests are a vast, unmapped wilderness. In general, no one claims sovereignty over the entire forest though certain cities, such as Port Kar, do lay claim to sections so they may engage in logging.

North Eastern Gor


This is a terraced island about four hundred pasangs west of Port Kar and north of Tyros. It is a lofty island with level fields to the west and Mountains on the east side of island. The capital city of Cos is Telnus; the three other major cities are Selnar, Temos and Jad. Cos and Tyros have a combined navy equal to that of Port Kar. Cos is also a major enemy of Ar. The Ubar is Lurius of Jad; blue is the color of Cos. Family is very important on Cos. 100 pasangs west of Cos, is the western border of known Gor, called "The World's End" by those who have first knowledge. To those Goreans with second knowledge, who are taught that Gor is spheroid, the expression is merely a figure of speech.

Port Kar:

A port city located on the shores of the Tamber gulf, at the coastal edge of Thassa, in the northwest portion of the estuary of the Vosk. Also known as the Tarn of the Sea, the Scourge of Thassa and the Dark Jewel in her gleaming green waters, surrounded on the landward side by the vast Vosk Delta Marshes, it is virtually inaccessible except by ship or tarnback. It is very difficult to bring large armies through the delta. The nearest solid land is one hundred pasangs to the north and that land lays hundreds of pasangs from the nearest city. Known as a den of thieves and pirates, its raiding fleets are among the most feared upon Gor. Squalid and decadent, and often virtually lawless its name is a synonym for cruelty and piracy. Their fleets range from the Ta-Thassa Mountains of the South to the ice lakes of the north, and westward beyond Cos and Tyros. The Home Stone of Port Kar was created in 10120 C.A. The slave Fish was sent to find a rock in the streets of Port Kar. He brought back a common rock, bigger than a fist, gray and heavy. Tarl Cabot carved the initials of Port Kar in block script on the rock. The people of Port Kar accepted it as their Home Stone. It is ruled by a group of Ubars for a time, the Council of Captains, led by Samos the Slaver and agent of PriestKings took over the reins of the City and gave it back its home stone. Famed for its Tavern dancers and the fact that it is the only city on Gor to have an organized Caste of Thieves.


A free coastal port which make commerce possible with Cos and Tyros and the land based cities. The people are brown skinned. It was struck by a plague for a couple years.

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