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Gorean Locales Ch. 02

byJoseki Ko©

John Norman created the world of Gor in the late 1960's and early 1970's in a series of 25 books. These books were written on a level for adults to be able to understand the philosophy he was trying to convey. Many people became infatuated with the philosophy and began to develop and insert many of the Gorean ways and beliefs into their daily lives. These are locations from his books

North Central Gor


Ko-ro-ba is an archaic expression for a village market. High in the northern latitudes of Gor, below the Northern Forests, the city lies northwest of the Thentis Mountains, with the Sardar over one thousand pasangs away. It is also northwest of Ar, across the Vosk. The city is also known as the Towers of the Morning. Its Administrator is Matthew Cabot, the father of Tarl Cabot, born on Earth, he has been alive since before 1640 A.D. and was the Ubar at one time. The city was destroyed by the Priest-Kings once but was permitted to be rebuilt. The Free women of the city having more freedoms then many other cities on Gor.


A city in the northern hemisphere, far northeast of Corcyrus. Tharna owns many valuable silver mines and is sometimes called the City of Silver. This city was once ruled by a Tatrix and women dominated. A revolution came about though and changed everything, now, there are very few free women in Tharna. All Tharnan men have 2 yellow cords about 18 inches long, commonly worn in their belt. These cords are presented to them as youth's as part of the Home Stone ceremony. They represent the mastery of men, and are suitable for binding a female hand and foot. In the same ceremony, young women are brought into the presence of the Home Stone, though they are not allowed to kiss it as do the men. They are stripped, collared, and bound by the young men. By virture of this ceremony, the females are now counted as slave. Kron, once a metal worker, is currently the Administrator. The Caste of Poets is outlawed here.

Fort Haskins:

"The next town northward is Fort Haskins," I said. This lay at the foot of the Boswell Pass. Originally it had been a trading post, maintained by the Haskins Company, a company of Merchants, primarily at Thentis. A military outpost, flying the banners of Thentis, garrisoned by mercenaries, was later established at the same point. The military and strategic importance of controlling the eastern termination of the Boswell Pass was clear. It was at this time that the place came to be known as Fort Haskins. A fort remains at this point but the name, generally, is now given to the town which grew up in the vicinity of the fort, primarily to the west and south. The fort itself, incidentally, was twice burned, once by soldiers from Port Olni, before that town joined the Salerian Confederation, and once by marauding Dust Legs, a tribe of red savages, from the interior of the Barrens. The military significance of the fort has declined with the growth of population in the area and the development of tarn cavalries in Thentis. The fort now serves primarily as a trading post, maintained by the caste of Merchants, from Thentis, an interesting recollection of the origins of the area.

-Savages of Gor, pg. 76-77

North Western Gor

Sadar Mountains:

The Sardar Mountains Home of the Priest-Kings. It is believed that the HomeStone of the planet is there, in the Sardar Mountains, guarded by the Priest-Kings. The mountains of the Sardar are not such a vast, magnificent range as the rugged scarlet crags of the Voltai. The Sardar Range is not the superb natural wilderness that is the Voltai. It is inferior to the Voltai in both dimension and grandeur. The mountains are black, except for the high peaks and passes, covered with white patches and threads of cold, gleaming snow. There is no green to be found in the Sardar. No vegetation. In the Sardar Range nothing grows. The only way to enter the Sardar is by foot. It is said that many men enter the Sardar Mountains, but no man ever returns.


A remote city in the mountains from which it takes its name, famed for its tarn flocks. It is one day by tarn from Ko-ro-ba to Thentis, but by wagon it would take the better part of a month. It has some silver mines but they are not as rich as Tharna.


A trade town on the Frontier of The Barrens, northeast of Fort Haskins; the easternmost town at the foot of the Thentis mountains. It is a major trade center for the purchase, processing and selling of kailiauk hides taken from the massive herds which traverse The Barrens. It is also a slave trade center, dealing primarily in barbarian girls which are sold at various points along the perimeter. It lies almost at the edge of the Ihanke, or Boundary, which marks the start of the lands of the red savages. The Administrator is a Merchant named Publius Crassus.

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