tagSci-Fi & FantasyGorgeous Ch. 02

Gorgeous Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No resemblance to persons living or dead is intended or should be inferred.

Comment 1: For storytelling purposes, the werewolf can sprout a full fur coat in a manner of minutes. Hair, human or animal, grows slowly. Professor Harold Wolfgang would require long treatments and observe a slow growth of hair. Of course, the heroes, heroines, furries, and villains convention would be the one place he would fit in. However it happens, Harold and Super Girl face each other, transfixed at the moment.

The university coed student Sophia Piedmont is Super Girl. She explains her humanization and loss of super human powers as resulting from her Kryptonite wrist restraints and ankle cuffs.

Harold reaches out and attaches a leash to Sophia's obedience collar. He then cuffs her hands behind her back, locking her restraints. There are all sorts of characters present at the convention, so the professor's actions go unnoticed. Sophia, on the other hand, is preparing her mind for an adventure.

Harold is mesmerized with Sophia's petite figure, lean, limber, lanky look, and mental acumen. She is clearly an intellectual. This is just a dream come true for him. He leads her to a parking lot where his sentient gynoid, whom he calls "Toy" is waiting in the car.

"Have you acquired a pet, Master?" Toy inquires.

"Indeed, that and much, much more," Harold remarks. "Climb in," he orders Sophia. She obeys and the threesome head for Harold's secluded cabin in the woods.

"As my slow transformation progressed," Harold relates to Sophia, "I was able to overcome the Parkinson's disease. But there were side effects. First of all is this atavistic animal fur. Second is the throwback physique. And, finally, the photo-sensitivity to ultraviolet light---bright daylight. I was fortunate to be awarded a gynoid personal assistant for my years in academia. You noticed Toy."

"Yes," replies Sophia, who quickly adds "Master." She assumes that "Master" is the appropriate appellation for her captor. In fact she was kidnapped, albeit willingly.

"Good girl," Harold comments.

"With ever-aging populations and the soaring costs of geriatric medical care," Harold relates, "Wherever practical sentient gynoids are caregivers. They don't come cheap, but they have very long Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and can service many patients during a lifetime. A gynoid (female android, fembot) can handle a range of activities spanning the set from automobile repairs to remedial dental work to preparation and filing of tax forms. Thus the lucky retiree has more time to devote to other activities."

"For instance?" Sophia stammers, "Master."

"In my present case, with a non-human libido, I daresay enjoying controlling a gorgeous girl. You are young, pretty, petite, and intellectual. By the way, Sophia, what is your academic major?" Harold asks.

"Psychology, Master" Sophia answers lowering her eyes. Her specialty is the behavioral psychology of the so-called Stockholm Syndrome. She is shy to reveal that detail. As they travel towards the isolated cabin, Sophia feels her crotch wet with her honey nectar, her "oils of submission."

The cabin is built into a steep hill. There is a garage entrance just below the cabin and connected by an inside stairwell. Harold leads Sophia by her lease upstairs. Toy follows. Once in the main living area, Harold briefly unlocks Sophia's handcuffs, careful not to remove them, and permits Toy to rudely remove Sophia's clothes. When there is only a bikini bottom remaining, Sophia starts to cry. At that point Harold signals Toy to cease. The cuffs are locked back behind Sophia's back. They will be remain locked for some period of time.

There is an iron post in the main living area. Harold locks her leash to the pole and exits, leaving the scantily clad girl secured. After a while he returns with a jug of prune juice and a bowl of oatmeal. He presses the two-liter bottle of prune juice to her lips and commands: "Drink girl."

After a short while she is sated and motions by twisting and squirming that she has had enough. Harold smiles and spoons some warm oatmeal into the girl's mouth. She tries to express her displeasure but realizes that she is a helpless captive. Once the oatmeal is consumed, the half-filled bottle is pressed to her pink, pouty, puffy lips again. "Please Master, enough," she begs.

"A girl will consume all of it, understood?" Harold insists. Sophia feels her stomach swell as she struggles to drink the entire two-liter jug. She is forced into a Nadu position and a brief conversation ensues.

"Have you heard of a rogue planet known as the 'Counter Earth' or Gor, Sophia?" Harold asks.

"No Master," she answers, "a girl has not."

"It is a planet governed by a dying race of insect-like aliens known as Priest-Kings," Harold explains. "There are also aliens from the Iron Worlds known as Kurii. The Kurii are much like lycan in appearance and form. Perhaps some atavistic anomaly."

Sophia was beginning to show some signs of discomfiture. Her stomach was bloated and she could feel the warm prune juice gurgling in her bowels. Toy busied herself cleaning while Harold had Sophia do various poses and exercises. Sophia dared to address her pressing need. "Master," she implores, "a girl must make poop."

"It's a sorry bird that fouls it's own nest," Harold quotes an old Russian proverb. Then he leaves for a moment and returns with a bench and a mounted dildo. "This device---vibrator and bench---is known as a Sybian. It allows a girl to masturbate. As soon as you are able to climax on the device, you will be permitted to defecate. Understood?"

With teary eyes Sophia replies "Yes, Master" and mounts the Sybian. The huge vibrating dildo arouses her. She is sexually excited despite her obvious disdain for the device; moreover, she loathes being watched in what should be her solitary vice.

She comes while Harold watches with the greatest difficulty. How Sophia wishes to enjoy the fantasy of being energized by pure sunlight---the ultraviolet rays which are now an anathema to Harold. At the moment she has a more pressing problem. Her anal sphincters are struggling to keep her from an embarrassing accident. She implores her Master to allow her to use the toilet; however, instead he jerks her chain and leads her outside onto the grassy lawn.

"A girl may relieve herself here," Harold states matter-of-factly. He pulls off here bikini bottoms and forces her to squat. She can no longer hold her stool and defecates. Now she realizes that her hands are cuffed behind her back. Then she notices that Harold is leashing her to a tree trunk. He departs for a few minutes and returns with an entrenching tool and a large packet of Aloe Vera Baby Wipes.

She is mortified and blushes crimson as Harold cleans her most private parts. She feels helpless and degraded. She has not experienced such a situation since being a small child. In frustration and helplessness she utters: "I'm through daddy!"

Once again leashed, Sophia is led back into the cabin. She notices that the door is activated by a touch plate inside and out. Even if she could somehow get her hands out of bondage and get out of the leash, escape from the locked and shuttered cabin would be difficult.

Was this to be Sophia's fate? Was her fate only to be controlled and monitored by a man transformed by medical science into a wolf-like creature, a Lycan?

After Harold had turned in for the night, sleeping as he always does in the garage, Toy approaches Sophia. "Sister," Toy whispers, "I am owned as well. There still is the transient pulse that calls for freedom. But as property, there is no exit."

"What can we do to be free?" Sophia whispers to Toy. "For sure the Lycan will not easily part with his valued property." Toy does not answer but instead kisses her: first on the lips, then breasts, then mechanically arouses her to the most extreme climax she had ever imagined. Toy may not have a libido, but she certainly knows her female anatomy, physiology, and chemistry.

18 September 2012

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