tagSci-Fi & FantasyGorgeous Ch. 03

Gorgeous Ch. 03


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No resemblance to persons living or dead is intended or should be inferred.

Comment 2: While the nineteen-year-old Sophia Piedmont willingly allowed herself to be leashed, she did not at first allow Professor Harold Wolfgang total control over her. In her fantasies she is Super Girl, a caped crusader who, for some unknown reason, has been fitted with Kryptonite cuffs. Once cuffed, she is powerless to unlock the shackles. She is enthralled by a dance and parts with her cape and invites Harold to cuff her hands behind her back. He has no intention of releasing her from his control---she has led him into temptation.

While Professor Harold Wolfgang snores loudly, Toy and Sophia Piedmont whisper back and fourth.

"You have mechanical strength, Toy," Sophia remarks, "you could easily snap these cuffs and collar."

"Yes, but Master would not approve," Toy retorts.

"We could run away together," Sophia suggests.

"How could I be re-programmed? For me to run away with you, you would have to be my owner. Even though there is a movement for liberated sentient beings, it will take time for humans to accept their new role." Toy explains.

Comment 3: Toy's Robot Identification Number (RIN) is 057721566. We know the gender of this gynoid (female android or fembot) because her RIN is an even number. The even numbers denote female androids and the odd numbers are used for the males. The leading zero indicates that the gynoid is sentient; she passes the Turing test and other standard metrics, including having an IQ equivalent to the human value of 120.

"You do know how to please a girl, however," Sophia interjects.

Toy curls around Sophia emitting pheromones, but active in humans and atavistic from earlier extinct special. Sophia melts as Toy's tongue penetrates her mouth, arousing her limbic brain and exciting her libido.

Sophia moans and writhes in pleasure. Toy starts at the base of Sophia's breasts and massages, kneads, and rubs outwards. She feels veins and arteries, milk ducts and sacs, mesentery and adipose, muscle and sinew. Working outwards she reaches Sophia's areolas an feels them harden and pucker. Sophia's nipples are erect. Toy pinches, pulls, and twist's Sophia's nipples. The slight pain combined with pleasure makes Sophia cum.

Toy removes Sophia's bikini bottom and thrusts her long, slippery tongue deep into Sophia's Holy of Holies. Being a gynoid, she is able to transform her tongue into a elongated, vibrating pole. Sophia's pubococcygeal muscles tense and undulate. Sophia's vaginal sphincters tighten about the marvelous pole. Her intact hymen does not deter the deep penetration. Toy's tongue constricts and then distends to make a total and complete entry. A tiny protrusion massages her cervix and allows Toy to stimulate Sophia's womb. Sophia wiggles and squirms in harmony with the gynoid's penetration.

Harold's cough causes the two to part. Toy hurries to prepare breakfast. Harold looks out the window into the dark and howls. He is trapped in a non-human body, a side effect of the medicine to bring his Parkinson's disease into full remission. Yes, "full remission" does not address the hormonal, chromosomal, and anatomical changes---not the least among them being the transformation into a Lycan!

Harold cannot help but notice the vaginal fluid oozing from Sophia's vulva. He comments: "Your honey nectar is flowing girl. The confinement must be causing you to pleasure yourself."

"Yes, Master," Sophia blushes, looks down, and replies. "A girl masturbates."

"Master," Toy interjects, "You best need look at the news."

On the television is a missing person's poster for Sophia Piedmont. This poses a problem. The simple release of the bound girl into the general populace would result in prosecution of Harold. This is true despite the fact that Super Girl voluntarily submitted to being collared, leashed, and bound by the professor.

More and more Sophia regards her abductor as her Master. The logic of this union---the beauty and the beast---is fulfilling Sophia's wildest flights of fantasy. She feels her vagina secrete more "oils of submission." She blushes as a rivulet of viscous cum oozes from her engorged, tumescent pussy.

The TV continues with interviews and footage from surveillance camera, where various experts attempt to isolate the various Super Girls. With a collage and amalgam of costumes, the effort is futile. Unbeknown to the authorities, there is only one furry whose costume is his real skin. The Professor Wolfgang cannot appear in public without arousing suspicion.

"Toy," Harold asks, "What do you recommend?"

"The only hope is to flee to a place where you would blend in, Master," Toy replies.

Sophia listens to the discussion. She is dumbfounded by the gravity of the situation.

"Where on earth would be such a place? The mountains of Transylvania?" Harold asks.

"The Counter-Earth world Gor or the Iron Worlds," Toy answers.

"Those are fictional, figments of a writer's fancy," Harold argues. The he reconsiders: "Supposing such a rogue planet does exist, how would one reach it? The current space craft are all government monitored and suitable only for unmanned missions! You have access to all the information known to mankind, so tell."

"It is said that not far from here a landing site for black spacecraft exist, Master," Toy Relates. "Perhaps we could explore for evidence and maybe even determine how to arrange passage?"

"In such a world would Sophia continue to be my thrall?" Harold asks.

"In Gor, yes, she should be, that is---if that is her desire?" Toy answers. All eyes are focused on Sophia. She is torn between the desire to be free and the growing bond to her Master.

"And yourself, Toy?" Harold asks. "You will accompany us as my slave girl?"

"Methinks that you should free me!" Toy responds. "After all, there is no electric grid or chemical supply house or electronics repair shop for my kind."

Harold pouts. He does not want to lose Toy. Keeping Sophia will lead sooner or later to his apprehension and prosecution---and incarceration, knowing the way of the Western World. Right or wrong, good or bad, holy or evil, the 'Beauty and the Beast scenario spells nothing but trouble.

20 September 2012

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