tagBDSMGorgon Eyes Ch. 05

Gorgon Eyes Ch. 05


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Ch. 5 Patience

I could hear rustling of sheets in his room. The device had stopped vibrating hours ago, yet I was still unable to sleep for the rest of the night. I heard the doorknob to his room turn as I saw him walk out. His jeans not even zipped or buttoned as he rubbed his head then his eyes. He looked at me and I cringed, looking away from him. I was scared of him at this point. He wasn't the same guy I met and "B-Sed" with at work. He walked over to me and undid the belt from my wrists and removed the harness from my waist. Without a word, he walked to the couch across from me. I immediately moved into position, but with my head hung low. The tension was thick between us. I didn't know what to do or say. The silence was hard to sit through until I hear him sigh.

"Slave, Master need to talk to you. Come sit closer to me," he said. I crawled to his feet with my head still pointing to the ground.

"You can come sit up here with me," he granted as he patted the couch cushion. I reluctantly climbed on the couch and returned to my position.

"Master has been going through some personal things and he's taking it out on you," he began to say as he rubbed his hand on my cheek, but I still don't raise my head to him.

"Master is very sorry for the way he's been treating you," he continued.

"Master, you hurt me," I spoke up in a defeated and defenseless tone. Master's hand fell from my face, making me look up at him. His eyes were clouded with shame and regret. He held his arms open and said, "Come here, my pet."

I plunged in his arms. He squeezed me tight and petted my head down to my back.

"Master is sorry, slave. He will make it up to you later. But first we have to get ready for work," he told me. His hand ran across my still sore ass making me cringe. His hand stopped and examined the situation.

"Go get me a bag of ice," he instructed. After retrieving a bag and filling it with ice, Master wanted me across his lap. After I laid across him he softly rested the bag over my ass. I flinched and giggled by the cold.

After the swelling had gone down, Master stood up from his seat, stretched his arms to the air and grunted. He walked to his room and I could hear him start his shower. I giggled to myself at the thought of him nude in the shower. I sat patiently for a few on the couch where he left me, when I heard Master call out to me,

"I forgot to grab a towel. Bring me one," he yelled out to me past the roaring shower head. He didn't actually tell me where he kept them. So I searched around to for a second before I actually found them. I grab a large and soft towel and walked in his room. It felt forbidden to be in there but I was granted permission. I knocked politely on this bathroom door, but with no answer.

"Master, I'm coming in with the towel," I warned. I gave it a second and walked in. The room was steamy and relaxing against my cold skin. I timidly looked in the shower. I could see Master rinsing the soap from his shaved head. I froze, not knowing what I should do. My eyes could not leave his beautiful body. The way the water brushed against his thick strong arms, down his firm chest. He turned to me but I had no strength to move my eyes away from what they wanted to see. It felt wrong to place my eyes on such beauty but so wonderful. He turned his body towards me and with his hand extended out to me. I wanted him to invite me in.

"Slave, I'd like to get out now," he said in a chuckle. My eyes slowly climbed up his body to his eyes, wet from the water, I stared in them.

"Slave, what have I told you about discipline and controlling your urges for me?" I swallowed hard and looked away from him as I handed him his towel. I stood back and let him climb out of the shower. He rubbed his head then wrapped the blasted towel around his waist. We walked through his room where I showed myself out. A few seconds later Master came out fully dressed in his unbuttoned work shirt and jeans. I walked to him and started to button his shirt respectively. Grazing my fingers across his chest. When I finished I shyly smiled to him and retook my position. He petted my head and praised me.

"Go take a nice hot bath, my pet and relax yourself," he demanded. I nodded and walked to the bathroom and ran the water.

After the water was filled I climbed in slowly. Relaxing my skin against the hot water. I sat down in the tub and sighed softly. I was happy with Master's wish for me. I can enjoy some peace in the steam of the room. I rested in the water a while before Master came in the room.

"Hurry up my slave, we have t-uh..," he began to say. He paused looking at me as I rested comfortably in the water. I instinctively shield myself from his wondering eyes. He smiled and walked up to the tub to knelled beside it, crossing his arms on the rim and laying his head on his arms.

"I haven't gotten a chance to appreciate this body," he said. I smiled nervously. He grabbed the washcloth and lathered it with the body wash. He grabbed my arm and began to wash it. My body tensed with the feel of his hand on me.

"Relax my pet, Master won't hurt you," he explained with a warm smile. He continued to my other arm then my back. He gently scrubbed across my chest then my legs. He handed me the rag and got up and left the room. I cleaned my more intimate areas while he was gone. He returned with a towel and held it open for me. I climbed out the tub and lunged for his strong arms as he wrapped them around me. We walked in his bedroom and he grabbed a bag, "I bought these yesterday and I want you to wear them."

He pulled each article of clothing from the bag and folded each one and displayed it across his bed. He smiled and left the room. As I finished dressing I realized how revealingly tight the clothes were. I felt a little uncomfortable going to work in my outfit. I walked in the living room very timidly. I see Master sitting on the couch arms across the back of the couch, waiting for me. His sinister smile painted across his lips. He signaled me to come to him. I cautiously tip toed to him.

"What's wrong, my pet," he asked scanning up and down my body.

"I don't feel very comfortable in this," I whined.

"Master wants to see you with little effort," he said standing up. He walked to me tracing my shape with his fingertips. He lifted up my lowered head with the side of his finger.

"You want your Master happy don't you," he whispered. I nodded in agreement. He kissed my forehead and said, "Off to work." But he paused and said

"Oh one more thing," he walked away as I stood there patently. A few seconds later he returned holding something behind his back and said "Return to your position." I slowly returned back to my knees and crossed my arms, looking in his beautiful eyes.

"Present your neck to me, my slave" I arched my back in his direction and extended my neck. He lowered and wrapped a thick leather around my neck. After hooking it in the back he stood back to look at his art. My hand traced the leather and my finger hooked on the metal ring in the front. I looked at Master, who looked please and gave him a weak smile.

"But I can't wear this to work, M-Master," I complained. He glared at me. It was such a glare that terrified and excited me. I lowered my head again, so I wouldn't upset him even more. I wasn't sure how to feel about him claiming me with a collar. He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the ground and to him.

"You will wear what I tell you. The only time this comes off..." he explained yanking on the little ring as it jerked my head to him. "Is if I remove it, understand," He finished, burning his eyes through me. I nodded but it didn't seem good enough.

"Yes Master," I corrected to him. A victory smile spread across his lips as he let the ring and me go as we walked to the truck to go to work.

Work was rather frustrating, with nothing going well and Master's intimidating eyes; I grew tried of this day. Lunchtime came around and while everyone went to lunch, I stayed behind to take care of last minuet work. I ran to make up for all the lost time I wasted. Moments later after I caught up to the time, I sighed and sat on one of the machine's tables. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths.

"Exhausted, my pet?" I heard Master's voice. I cringed shyly with my eyes still closed. I bowed my head low in respect to his dominance as my timid side began to show. I opened my eyes and noticed how close Master stood in front of me. He leaned over and placed his hands on either sides of my rested waist. The different environment made me more nervous of him. We were not hidden by the secrets of his apartment anymore; we were out in the open. Nothing but two coworkers face to face. Those eyes freezing me in their stare.

"Why are you so shy?" he asked me. I could not think of any excuse but to shrug my shoulders timidly. He snickered to himself and leaned in closer to me. My instinct told me to move backwards. I could sense Master's eyes scanning me; examining my every flaw. I cringed at the thought. He leaned closer but too fast for me to react as his lips connected to mine. His lips lightly grazed mine. The man is such a tease. I can feel his laughter against my lips as he kissed me softly. I could only imagine what people could see if they were here. He placed his hand against my cheek and began to kiss me deeply. His tongue finding its way in and reconnect with my own. He was gentle while attacking my venerability. His other hand moved to the other side of my face, holding me in place. I could feel his passion across my lips as he slowly pulled away. He looked in my eyes and rubbed his thumb against my skin, tracing the outline of my eye.

"Master has something for you," he whispered.

"I want you to put this on," he whispered pilling something out his pocket. It was the harness from last night.

"You look so down, I thought you might like to be cheered up some," he reassured. I smirked at the thought of Master's idea. He placed the device in my hand and I sprinted to the restroom.

After placing it on, I could already feel the vibrations. I was surprised by the distance his controller can reach. I walk back to him. He leaned against the machine, arms crossed waiting for me. I could see him press the button that sent chills from my clit to the back of my neck. This was different; we were at work in front of people. I groaned to control myself. I could tell that he kept the controls in his right pocket. Never taking his hand out. He held his hand out to me and as if I read his mind, I gave him my panties that I had to remove to put the harness on. He snickered and walked away as people were coming back from break.

As the day went on, he never pressed the button again. I seen him walk past me as I anticipated the vibrations, I even cringed but he never pressed it. He was driving me crazy and in the back of my mind I knew it was his plan but the more I watch him tempt me and tease me, the more I can't keep him out of my head. Master had more control over his feelings than me. His straight face, as if nothing was happening, only builds my frustrations.

I tried my best to ignore his games because I still had to work. I needed to go into the warehouse to find an important product, so I walked to look for it. The boxes were stacked high near the ceiling, but every row had a number so it was easier to search for it. All of a sudden I could feel the vibrations again, almost jumping from the surprise. I searched around for him but could not find him. The farther I walked in the warehouse the more intense the harness was. I tried to hide my reactions from him and continued to keep looking for the product. The closer I walked to my designated row the stronger the vibrations yet I still couldn't find him. I let out an uncontrollable sigh of pleasure. I didn't care anymore about what ever it was I was looking for I needed to find him before I came with out permission. I dashed off to look in each row, but all I saw were boxes. I past a few more rows and realized the vibrations slowing down.

"He can see me but I can't see him," I thought to myself. I walked back and my clit was tickled faster again. I sighed louder and knew I was on the right track. My excitement grew too much as I called out to him,

"Oh Master, where are you? I can't handle it much longer." He said nothing. I continued my search for him unable to barely stand. At one moment as I walked past a row of boxes, I heard a snicker. I walked back and poked my head thought the side of the boxes to see Master leaning against a stack of boxes. Someone must not have pushed the pallet of boxes against the other leaving a hollow center between the two where Master stood smugly. I squeezed through and met up with Master. I looked around his little hide out and realized our security inside the high stacked boxes. Still leaning against the boxes he pressed the button in his pocket again, on what seemed to be the highest setting. I dropped to my knees, moaning out loud. He stood there arms crossed just watching. I lowered my body to press myself more on the device. I looked up at him and became more aroused. My breath grew rapidly as I knew I was getting closer. I saw him take the controller out his pocket and changed the settings to a high pulsing sensation. He placed the controller in his pocket and walked up to me. I crawled backwards till my back hit the boxes behind me. I was breathing through my mouth trying to guess his next move. He knelled down and placed his hand on my cheek. He traced the outline of my lips slowly as I stared at his eyes.

"Master is proud of your control," he praised.

"Would you like a treat," he asked with a sexy smirk. I knew what he meant by it and with the vibrations tickling my lower half; I was all for pleasing him. I nodded eagerly, which seemed to be a satisfying sight to him. He grabbed at his zipper but I stopped his hands and asked,

"May I, Master?" His smile grew wider and I felt a twitch from within his jeans. I brushed a trail down his long hard member with my trembling fingertips, as my excitement became overwhelming. A groan deep from his throat escape his lips, watching me take my time unzipping his jeans. I set him free and was amazed at how excited he was, much more than usual. I looked up at him as if asking him if I should continue. He nodded, reading my mind and patted my head. I licked from the bottom to his tip slowly as I watched his reaction. His eyes narrowed with pleasure as I began to tease him. I moved my head to another side and repeated the same technique slowly. He twitched again once I moved to his head. I swirled my tongue around his tip, dragging it behind my lips.

"You're teasing me slave," he said, almost like a warning. I ignored his threat and began kissing up and down his shaft to his tip and gently sucked on it. Master groaned again and grabbed the back of my head and pushed me further down him. My lips tightened around him as I was pushed down his whole length.

"You are such a tease my pet," Master snickered. I moved back and forth his long length in a slow and steady pace. Master placed his hand on the stack of boxes behind me, pushing my head flat against the box right behind me. He reached back in his pocket and set the vibrator on a high and constant tempo and threw it to the other side of the area. He grabbed my head with his other hand and rocked his cock in and out of my mouth. He had taken the control I had and started using me the way he wanted it. He laid his head against the boxes and began to move faster. The vibrator was running wild against my clit but I had to pay attention to Master's needs, if I were to succeed in pleasing him. Master groaned again and it only excited me more. I tightened my lips and sucked harder around his now pulsing member. His hips pushed me against the boxes as I could feel Master getting closer. I looked up at him and I could see his beautiful face sweating and enjoying himself as his head leaned against the cardboard. His jaw dropped the minuet I rubbed my tongue back and forth while he pumped faster in me.

"Oh slave, you feel so good," Master grunted as he breathed rapidly against the boxes. I watched as his eyes tightened and his teeth grinned each other. The grip in my hair grew firmer and I knew it was time. He stood up straight and held me again. He pushed me faster as his head swung back. Then I felt it. A warm stream dripped heavily down, as Master pushed himself further down my tired throat. He took a deep breath and pulled himself out. I stopped him and licked his head clean, which he seemed to enjoy. He pets my hair as I licked the corners of my mouth. After tucking himself back in his pants, Master sat beside me and held me tight. I blushed by the closeness I was to him. But then I realized the harness was still vibrating. He laughed and took it off of me and examined me.

"You must have enjoyed that a lot, my slave. It seems you made a great mess," he said. He held me close so that I leaned against his chest. His heart beating so fast, it could have burst. He rubbed my shoulder softly and kissed my forehead. He nuzzles to my ear and whispers,

"I can't wait to take you home." I blushed by his statement as he stood up and held his hand out to me, helping me off the floor.

The rest of the work day was long and tedious but all I could think about was Him. It was like he rewired my brain to only think of him and to breath. Someone asked me my name and I almost answered 'slave'.

"He is driving me crazy! I used to have control and now I will take it back," I demanded of myself. A few moments later, he came walking up to me. I stood my ground despite my urge to melt under those eyes. I swallowed hard and opened my mouth to speak.

"Yes, my pet?" he questioned to me. His voice melted into my ear, brainwashing any idea of rebellion out the other ear. I froze and just smiled shyly said,

"Oh never mind, Master. It wasn't important." He snickered to himself and petted my head the way he always does.

After finishing up the long and interesting day, I sheepishly kept quiet on the truck ride home. My anticipation grew the longer we sat in his truck. I could only imagine what he would do to me once we make it to his place. After we made it to his apartment, we walked in and he lit a cigarette, sighed to himself and plopped on the couch with his arms spread out across the back of the couch. Once I made it inside I took my standard position beside him on the floor. My heart raced in anticipation making me fidgety. He reached for the remote and turned the T.V. on. I quietly groaned to myself. Master turned on ESPN and continued to smoke.

I sat on my legs for an hour and a half, before I started to lose feeling in them. But I knew Master hasn't told me to move yet and I didn't want to upset them. I slowly glanced up at him to see him looking down at me. He had a strange pleased smile on his face, making me look away blushingly. He turned the T.V. off and stood up. He held out his hand to me as he wanted me to stand up. I stood up with his aid and he lifted me off the ground and wrapped me around his shoulder and held me in one arm with his hand firmly on my ass.

"Master?" was all I could say but he seemed to ignore it and carried me off into his room.

He has never invited me in there before, so I assumed I've done something right. He threw me on the bed causing me to bounce a couple of times. I squirmed to the center of his bed and held my legs to my chest.

"Don't be so nervous all the time," he said standing in front of me. He crawled with his thick arms closer to me on the bed.

"I will make sure you enjoy this," he said and pulled my legs straight forcing me to lie on the bed. He unbuttoned the jeans he picked out for me and pulled them off my legs. He kissed up my shivering legs and stopped just short of my core. I swallowed hard and tried to speak. I wasn't sure what I wanted to say.

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