tagHumor & SatireGosh, I've Missed My Dose of Badger

Gosh, I've Missed My Dose of Badger


It was nice to be with Badger again, I'd been away with my work in Portugal for a month and I really missed him, I really did. What really started as a bit if fun in his allotment shed has developed into something much more stable. I guess I just adore being with him that's all - even though I guess he is just a dirty old man, married at that but, he says he finds consolation when he has me because he no longer has sex with his wife.

He tells me it is all much less complicated with another guy, no strings attached and no emotional ties like with a woman. He says he loves women, admits he relishes the sight of a young girl in tight jeans imagining what he would like to do with her - but then he thinks to himself, he has me - that's was he told me - and I fit the part beautifully - is he saying I have a carriage like a female? I don't know - but I do know I just so enjoy his passion so much, feeling his old rough allotment hands touching and doing things to me, the way he grasps my up rising cock in his mouth and sucks me like he does is heaven on earth. Yes I have missed all that whilst away and now I am back home and checking on my allotment, which happens to be next to Badgers again I feel all excited that it wont be long before Badger comes. He knows I am back, I telephoned him and he said 'great!' That he couldn't wait to see me again!

He said I smelt of onions when he invited me into his shack as I called it, you should see it, he has done it up like a dogs dinner, curtains, smart two-seater settee with ample cushions for those wonderful exciting positions we do, a bottle of brandy to break the ice and curtains too.

"Sorry - about the onions, I've been harvesting in my allotment before you came."

"As long as your cock don't taste of 'em I guess I can take the whiff!" he chuckled

Just because he said that my heart was thumping already and a tingle went up and down my spine. Then he felt me after I'd sat down beside him on the settee.

"It has been a long time, Pete, I've missed you too, missed this especially - this alright?"

He was rolling my already aroused cock and balls through my chino's, leaning his head down to sniff me as he slowly opened my zip. It was so thrilling the way Badger did that, I loved his touch and knew in a very short time I would be relishing the feel of his mouth wrap around my pulsing cock, his big tongue working on its p-hole as he squeezed its base which always made it more rampant and respondent to his suck.

"Now that's nice, Lad - so nice to taste young cock again, you'll never know I guess just how good that makes an old man feel."

"Maybe I will, when I am old" I returned feeling my senses go into a frenzy as he started to suck me harder. I simply watched him enjoy me, his grey hair looking ever so distinguished, he may be an old guy but he still had a good prick on him and he always gave me what I craved for, something I had never quite known before his first fuck of me. He'd taught me to suck cock too, I reckoned I had it off to a tee when I left for Portugal and do you know what? I often took it upon myself to do it with an anal thrusters vibrator I bought from Ann Summers - just imagining it was Badger up inside me, and that wondrous suck before, but it could never be a substitute for Badger, no way - but it did the trick whilst I was away. I had to tell Badger, just to let him know just how much I missed his fuck.

As he always did, he tied a red ribbon he kept in his tool drawer tightly around the base of my cock. It was fun but had a purpose too, we'd learnt by trial and error that once I'd cum I lost the impetus to have him inside me because, for me, that was what it is all about, the foreplay and build up to the climax which, once reached, satisfied me for the duration. But in doing that Badger knew I could not cum no matter what he did with me, but when the time did come, when he'd reached that waterloo deep up inside my ass, he'd release the bond, briskly wank me to a gushing finale - and somehow that made the whole thing of being with Badger much more sensual.

"I'd like to try pushing that up your ass" he said looking all excited when I told him what I'd been doing with the anal vibrator - he wanted to play with the vibrator, I'd bring it a long next time.

"Will look forward to that, better than a carrot aye, lad?"

He was referring to the time he was having difficulty getting a suitable hard on, hard enough to fuck me, so unselfish was he that I'd be missing out that he smothered this ample carrot in KY jelly and worked it into me. The thought of him doing that at first revolted me, but I thought so much of him I let him do it - and do you know what, it was quite nice really, the rough edges giving me wondrous erotic spasms. "Tell you what, Pete" he said after trying it, realising that it was a hit, "I will shape the end like this..." He cleverly used a penknife to carve a knob shape and, chuckling he even notched a chip from the point to represent my p-hole. It was all great fun and we both derived a lot of ingenious pleasure, first me sucking the carrot with all the sexual magic I could muster and then the way he bent me over his lap, legs astride and then fucked my ass what he laughingly called the carrot fuck. Then he'd make me suck it and he did too - relishing the taste of fresh fucked asshole (his words, he was so kinky like that) Looking back now it was something we remembered with great passion and I can't tell you what he brought in from his allotment afterwards - the strawberries were a delight - he relished squeezing them into me and sucking the juices out again - but put a neat stop to it when he brought in this huge, huge marrow - "no way are you going to push that inside me" I yelled. But he laughed and said it was to take home for dinner, stuffed with mince! So long as it wasn't going to stuff me then" I responded

He spanked me for that. Said I was getting far to bossy, That he was the one who should be bossy, but any excuse to give me that sound spanking and he took the full advantage - he often enjoyed that of me. He made me wear these tight braces, so as to accentuate my ass he said, my ass feeling like it was being split apart in my blue jeans - he loved to see my ass bulging and waiting for it, and he didn't mean just the spanking - for after the spanking he shafted me like a good'un, his cock thrusting in and out of me like a piston engine, somehow the spanking really turned him on, and given time, when I got used to it me too, it inevitably stung at first, his rough hands coming down hard on my separated buttocks, but the way he ripped down my tight jeans afterwards was magic, and the way he took me bent steep bare back on all fours, smothering my credentials with his face, licking me out with his big long tongue was a joy - and then the feel of his heavy hard prick sliding inside right up to the hilt every time, gave me what I wanted, an ass full of pure unadulterated hot cock, like Badger could give me - holding it there still sometimes, until I screamed for him to move, to fuck me more - feeling the energy of his throb pulsing inside me, he'd fuck the ass off me - made me shake from side to side, his balls slapping my ass every time he pushed into me. I wanted to be all ass for Badger I really did, and when I was away from him, I felt him there inside me - until I was again quenched by his fuck the following weekend in his allotment hut..

It became a really strange affair, I mean strange in as much as we seemed to grow on each other, the need was forever there like a hunger for food, his hunger he said - for the taste of me, the fuck of me and the same for me, to taste his pungent cream spurt hot into my mouth was an everlasting experience I always want to repeat, just as long as he has anything left after fucking me.

I suck him dry afterwards, it is good tasting the both of us when he presses his mouth to mine when I have taken his cum, and we share the experience, when at last he releases my bond from my throbbing hard cock, when it erupts like a volcano that is possibly the most intimate any two people can do with each other, to me it is now the most natural thing in the world to want to share that esurience with my beloved Badger...

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