tagIncest/TabooGot Caught by Daddy

Got Caught by Daddy


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Sitting outside of my dad's apartment, I fill my pipe with some weed and start taking hits. About four hits in, I can start feeling the effect as I finished off the left over weed. Recollecting myself, I sneak back into the apartment quietly not trying to wake my stepdad up in fear of the discovery of my high. Shutting and dead bolting the door, I tiptoe into my room where I get ready for bed. My blue lacy thong peeks out through my grey shorts and my nipples make a prominent marking through my blank tank top.

I walk into the bathroom where I find myself sitting in a daze on the toilet as I wipe myself from the nightly pee break I take before succumbing to the day's exhaustion. I slowly walk into my room where I fall into bed and pass out to my body's needs.


(Stepdad's POV)

I hear Emaline sneak back into the house as she locks the door. Grabbing my sweatpants, I quietly put them on and walk out into the living room. Where could she have gone? Was she out with a guy? What a fucking whore just like her mother.

The toilet flushes and I see her rush into her bedroom and close the door. Thirty minutes passed and I can hear her snores coming from her dark bedroom. I quietly turn the knob on her door and slightly see her form on the bed as the sheets were kicked off the bed. Her firm ass was out in the air while she cuddled a stuffed owl. I had bought her that for her birthday seeing that she loves stuffed animals.

I turn her lamp on to the lowest setting that would not wake her up but provide enough light for me to see her. Searching through her hoodie, I find a pipe and a bag of weed sitting in the pocket. What have I told her? If she is gonna live under my roof then she has to follow my rules. She stirs and moves onto her back as she smacks her lips.

Wow what a beauty. I had always loved her double d cups and her firm yet spankable ass. She invaded my thoughts every night and had always turned me down whenever I would try to cop a feel, but tonight was going to be different. I was going to get what I wanted. In the end, she will admit to her inner desires as she fully submits to me.

Reaching out I see my big hands touch her smooth pale skin on her stomach. I play with the blue lace as I lean down and roll her clothed nipple between my tongue. Little whimpers came out of her mouth with the nipple stimulation my tongue was giving her. I moved my fingers down to her covered pussy as I feel the warmth radiate from it. The thong felt wet and slippery as her pussy begged for attention.

I pulled the thong to the side as I got a picture of her wet pussy. Her clit was begging to be played with as it peeked out of the hood. I flicked it and she released a moan. The way she responds to my touch makes my dick jump to attention. I had to have her as I am only teasing myself. I open her legs as I maneuver between them. Opening my sweatpants, I take my hard cock out and rub the precum off my head. I insert myself into her as her warm pussy clutches around me. I groan as I start to pull her tits out of her tank.

I roll her nipples between my two fingers as she moans. I slowly start to thrust into her as I take her hard nipples into my mouth when something surprising happens. Emaline moves her hips against mine as she pushes herself deeper onto my cock. A low groan emits from my throat as I start to fasten my pace. I take my hand and grab her throat as I start to plunge into her.

Emaline stirs as I tighten my grip around her throat. She opens her eyes as she grips at my hands with her eyes begging for me to release her. I lighten up my grip as I continue to ravish her. Her body responds to my cock as her pussy clenches as I thrust into her harder. I can see her eyes roll back as she cums hard and clenches around my cock.

I pull out and motion for her to roll over onto her stomach as she complies I see her ass jiggle with her rough movement. She finally relaxes as I take my hand and harshly spank her ass. The smack leaves a red mark on her pale ass as I prod at her asshole. Her tight ass is not willing to give in to the pressure and I take the initiative to scoop up some of her juices and rub it into her asshole.

Giving it another try, her entrance gives in as I push all the way into the tight space. I can hear a whimper come out of her mouth as she gets used to to my size. Starting out with steady movements, I fasten my thrusts as her moans become louder and more frequent.

"Daddy is gonna fill your ass with his cum. This is my ass do you understand?" I whisper into her ear as my thrusts become sloppy. She doesn't say anything and I become impatient as I bring my hand harshly down onto her ass with a loud smack.

She cries out, "My ass is yours daddy!"

She clutches the pillow as an orgasm overcomes her and draws me to the brink. I finally cum into her ass as she shakes from the orgasm. I pull out my softening cock as my cum spills out of her ass and drops all over her wet pussy.

"Also no more weed, do you understand?" I yell as I grab her weed.

"Yes daddy" she whimpers as she takes deep breaths to recover. I walk out with my sweatpants and a grin on my face.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/10/19

Ignore them

Ignore them pussy white knight morons your story is amazing

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by Anonymous12/24/18

The other comments are harsh

The storyline was good, but you need to work on your grammar etc. This is rape though, so be careful how you write things. If he woke her before entering and she clearly consented it may have been better.more...

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by Anonymous12/22/18

Double D cups

One can usually equate an immature fascination with big tits with a poor quality story and this one didn't disappoint.

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by Anonymous12/22/18


This is the first time I gave a story one star. You have some old dude RAPING a woman. Then you progress to chocking a woman. What the fuck is wrong with you??? I am glad you made this one page so it ENDEDmore...

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by Anonymous12/21/18


This was rape pure and simple

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