Got ItAgain


Even though my cousin and have had consensual sex in the past, ever since she had gotten married she had one day, after a good round of oral sex, that she would no longer sleep with me anymore. I was very disappointed in her decision, but I did respect it until today.

Before I get to the good part let me tell you that I watch my cousin go from being a slim extremely sexy young woman, to a very overweight mother. At the time she made her horrid decision, she had already begun to put on quite a bit of weight. So even though I was upset, after a while I really did not mind.

I had not seen her in months until the other day. She got out of her car and I noticed that she had lost about 40 pounds since the last time we had spoken. "Wow" I said. You look good. She smiled and gave me a big hug. I instantly got hard, thinking about all the freaky things we used to do.

Not having a car, I asked her to take me somewhere close by, and we talked allot while on our way. I told her how I missed her and that I wish she would reconsider her decision. She told me that she would always be faithful and that the last time was the last time.

I just smiled and told her okay that I respected her decision. She had no idea what I had in mind.

The Internet is such a big but yet a very small world. Although we can chat and communicate with people form all over the world we always end up talking and becoming familiar with folks from our state and often times even our city or town. The Internet is nothing but a bunch of small communities within a small one. Therefore it is never a surprise to meet someone with whom you have a mutual friend. And this my friends is what I used as my leverage to get one of the best blowjob I've ever had. Along with that blowjob came a sweet pussy and an even sweet virgin ass hole.

I happened to have gotten information that my cousin was secretly dating an acquaintance of mine. She had no idea that I had this incriminating information, or would she ever think that I would use it against her to fuck her again. She does not know me too well obviously.

Two days after seeing each other for the first time in about a year, I called her again to ask for a ride somewhere but I had so much more planned. She came and got me at 10 am as I had asked her. I made sure to take care of everything before I put my plan into effect. I had decided to fuck her in my new office that I had just rented. The couch had already been delivered but I was still waiting for my new desk, so the office was empty.

We drove to the office and I invited her up to see the new place. She unsuspectingly followed me up the stairs. When we got to my office door I held it opened so that she could go first. As she walked by me I took a palm full of her ass and squeezed. She smacked my hand away and told me she was ready to go now. I pushed her into the office and told her that I was not quite ready. She tried to push me out of the way but I grabbed her arms and explained to her that I was very disappointed and so would her husband, to find out that she was sleeping with Chris. When the name Chris slipped out of my mouth her jaw dropped to the floor. She knew that I knew too much. Her body just relaxed and she asked me what could she do to keep my mouth shut.

That was all I needed to hear. I closed the shades while she got undressed. The following is the monologue as I remember it:

Okay stay there and get on your knees and crawl to me. Now pull down my zipper and pull my pants and boxers down. Wait take my shoes off first. Okay now take y pants off. Now stand up and unbutton my shirt and take it off. Kiss me. Kiss my neck and lick down to my nipples and suck until I tell you to stop. OOOhhhh!!!! Yeah like that. Now go down to my belly button and lick me there and keep going down until you start sucking my dick. When you get to my dick I want you to suck me real slow and deep. Don't forget to play with my balls. Lick my balls too. Yeah lick them slow too. OOOhhhh just like that. Lick my inner thighs also like you used to do, and don't forget I like my asshole licked too. Oh my god ... yes that's it, oooohh you bitch keep sucking my dick ... oh damn... ooooh baby I love it like that... hhhhhmmmmm I see you didn't forget the way I like.

Shit you actually got better at this. Maybe I should thank your husband. Now suck me fast until I cum. ooooh yeah ... jus... j..j..jjjust like that oh my god I'm cumin oh god oh god I'm cumin I'm cumin ... aaarrrrhhhhggggggg... Oh no bitch lick it up and swallow it all. Yeah, like that!!! Just like that. Eat all that cum you fucking hoe. Okay now suck me again until I get hard again. No!!! Do it slow. Yeah like that, just like that, yeah that's the way. You feel it growing don't you. Keep sucking it until I'm hard, okay now come sit your pussy on my dick and ride. Damn your pussy is wet... wait let me finger you first. Bend over I want to get my fingering your ass first. Okay, oh my your husband still hasn't fucked you up the ass huh... oh well he should have because I'm about to ... you have any Vaseline in your purse? Okay lotion will do.

Put some on my dick and bend your ass over the couch.

Her Monologue...

Please don't fuck me in my ass, I don't think I could take your big dick in there, I swear I'll fuck you everyday for a year, only not in my ass please baby I can't... oh my god you are going to go through with this. I can't believe you. Aaahhhhhh, (now there was crying) why did you slap me... please don't sl.. Aaaahhhh... okay fuck me in my ass just don't hit me anymore. Oh my god I will never cheat on my husband again. Not if this is what it get me. Oh shit... oh my god that hurts oh my ggggodddddddd, oh shit... aaaaahhhhhh that shit hurts like hell. Oh god not so fast please go slowly you are going to rip me open, oh god oh my!!! Ooooohhh wait do that again... yeah like aaaaahhhhh!! Damn that feel okay now... oooohh yeah right there. Oh shit oh my god I'm cumin I'm Cummins ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt... What the fuck wwwaassss that you did do it again p..p_ p_pppplease, ohhh shit oohhhh my god I'm Cumin again... oh my god I'm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Cum in my ass please cum in my ass... oh god Jae I fuckin hate you!!!! Cum in my asssss...


Oh yesssssss!!!! I'm cumin I'm cumin...

God that felt good!!! I went in my way too small restroom and washed off. She came in behind me and washed me off. When she was done she went back to the couch and sat down with her legs spread open... fuck me right here Daddy... she said pointing to her pussy. I obliged... We spent the rest of the day and night fucking our brains out. We even ordered pizza in. After today I will never bother her again, it's just that I had to have the last word on when we should stop our secret fucks, and boy did I.

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