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Got Milk?


Disclaimer: This is all fictional.


I'm a new mom, and a single parent! It's been difficult. From the lack of sleep, to all the hormonal changes - I feel like I haven't been able to catch a break! Parenting is hard, but so is feeling lonely. Especially late at night. I decided I'd download a dating app onto my phone to keep me distracted while I pumped a few bottles (what else is there to do?) Scrolling through I found a few cute guys. After messaging on the app for a few minutes, one asked for my number and I handed it out. Nervously I waited for the text. After exchanging some pleasantries, I mentioned I had a 2 month old.

"Oh, how sweet! Are you breastfeeding?" he asked. As I read it he quickly sent another message, "Sorry if that's an uncomfortable question..."

I responded, telling him that yes I was breastfeeding, and not to worry. His question hadn't offended me.

I watched him type for awhile, it started and then would stop again. And finally his next text appeared - "I don't know if you'll find this strange or not, but I find that extremely attractive." That surprised me! I hadn't ever really thought about a man being turned on by something that seemed so... well natural. While I didn't experience any kind of sexual stimulation while breastfeeding directly, pumping almost always got me feeling hot and bothered. I told him that, and the conversation progressed. We decided it might be a good idea to meet up and do some experimenting. That next week, I dropped my son off at his grandparents to have some much needed "mommy time". Adam (my new texting friend) was to meet me back over at my house. As I waited, I found myself getting worked up. I glanced at my phone, checking the time. He should be here any minute.

And as if on cue, I saw a car pull into the driveway - I prepared myself for his visit.

He came in, and we sat for a few minutes chatting on the couch. He had tattoos up his arm, and I scooted closer to him to look. Our knees touched as I studied the designs on his muscled forearm. I traced my finger over one of the tattoos lightly, and glanced up under my lashes at him. He was watching me, his eyes tracing the profile of my face. Then my neck. And finally rested on my breasts.

I had chosen to wear a low cut shirt for this reason specifically. I had grown, and was now a DD and enjoyed the fullness of them.

He reached over and lightly tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and trailed his finger down the side of my neck to my collar bone. He stopped there, letting his palm rest on the top of my breast.

"They feel.. heavy." He said softly. He swallowed and glanced at me, only momentarily taking his eyes away from my cleavage.

"I haven't pumped at all today," I responded. "They're so sensitive. I feel like they're about to burst." My face flushed as he slipped his fingertips down the front of my shirt and into the top of my bra. He stopped there for a minute, stroking my soft skin with his thumb. My breathing came fast and shallow waiting for his next move. My heart felt like it was pounding, and I was sure that he could feel it. He leaned forward tentatively and brushed his lips against my ear. I shivered slightly, and I heard a low chuckle rise up in his throat at my reaction. He kissed my earlobe, his mouth opening slightly. He paused for a moment and then I felt his teeth graze my skin. A burning started between my thighs. Adam kissed down the hollow of my neck, up my jaw and then lightly on the lips. At that moment, he delved deeper into my bra and I felt my skin come alive. His touch almost burned as his palm pushed my clothes to the side, exposing my breast to the cool air. I felt my nipple harden as he lightly traced over it. He had pulled back from his kissing and watched my face during this. Obviously enjoying watching my reaction, he leaned in and kissed me again. Gently, and then grabbing my whole breast in his hand - his tongue pushed into my mouth. My breath seemed to escape me, and a soft moan erupted from my throat into his mouth, as his hands maneuvered over my breasts.


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