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Got Milk?


One time, shortly after the birth of one of our children, we had the opportunity to attend a really neat social function, a dinner and a dance with some good friends. This took a lot of planning on our part because our newest child was only four months old. We had never left him with a sitter, even a grandparent, for any time at all. Needless to say, we were ready to get away for an evening. I had been nursing the baby, so I had to be sure there was enough milk set aside from me to feed him for the night. We were lucky to have plenty of family to do the sitting while we went out, and this was a welcome overnight respite from being mom and dad.

Our friends, Dave and Jacki, and Wayne and Annie, had been companions for a long time. The evening was sure to be a success.

The party was held at a local resort hotel, a big deal locally, and we were ready. The evening was fantastic, we danced and carried on until late, and I especially had a good time since I hadn't been out in a long while.

After it was all over, we headed over to our house for desert and coffee. It was a cold, kind of snowy night, and we lit a fire as soon as we arrived.

At this point, I kind of had a problem. I had been joking about it for a little while with everyone. I was just loaded with milk, and no baby to take care of the problem. I was prepared to unload by expressing it, but that was going to take awhile using a breast pump, and it would take me from the party. Jacki, my best friend, kidded me, saying that my husband could take care of the problem. Recently, I had told her that he really liked to have a little taste every once in a while. He really did. He told me that it tasted sweet. It was kind of an uncomfortable idea to me, but it was also kind of sexy at the same time. I enjoyed letting him suck it from me. He really got quite good at doing it.

Out loud in front of everybody, Jacki said that she would like to help me out with my problem. Well, this was a new development, kind of. Jackie and I had something of an attraction to each other, but not much had come of it. We had played around some, you know, kisses and pats, but no fem sex, as yet. We both knew that the possibility was out there, but it just hadn't happened yet. She said she was just curious about the milk.

That evening I wore a kind of long black dress, nothing formal, but kind of dressy, with thin straps on my shoulder, and a sheer, flower print top over that, closed with one button at the top. I felt real sexy in the dress with my big, full breasts, and kind of uncomfortable at the same time. My husband could not keep his hands off of me, and I had to practically slap him to keep him in line.

During the party, Dave and Wayne were very attentive, and obviously attracted to my big titties, brushing them and giving them little squeezes while we danced. For some reason, I didn't feel the need to slap them, funny, huh?

Anyway, when we reached home, and Jacki let everyone know about her interest in coming to my aid, my husband took me aside and said that it would be his pleasure to join Jackie in relieving my discomfort. Well, the whole idea was kind of shocking, and, at the same time... Well, I decided to take them up on it. In order to do this, I needed to have some privacy, so I shooed everyone into the kitchen except Jacki.

After putting on the coffee and returning to the living room, I turned the stereo on kind of low, with relaxing music playing. I left just one lamp on, with the setting put on low. I went over to the chair that Jackie was sitting in and stood in front of her, removed the sheer top, and then I pushed the straps of my dress down on my arms. She raised her hands and helped me slide into the chair with her. I did my best to relax as she rubbed my tits with her face, kissing each of them all over, and finally placing her lips on a nipple, starting tentatively to suck. A little milk came out. I encouraged her, and she really got into it, making it flow. I had that wonderful feeling that starts at my breast and moves through my body as the milk flows. It takes over and feels so fulfilling. It made me catch my breath, over and over, and it felt so good. With Jacki sucking, it was so sexy. She put her arms around me and really worked on both of them.

Things kind of got messy and I was afraid of getting milk on my dress. I kept moving it around and Jacki told me to get up and she would help me out. I stood up, she reached around and slipped the dress off of me. Well, I did have a pair of panties on, black silk with an over-layer of kind of cream colored lace trimming them. I sat down and let her suck.

After a few minutes, Dave put his hand on Jackie's shoulder. She looked up and then looked at me. I nodded yes and got up with her, allowing Dave to sit down. I sat in his lap, facing him, and getting on my knees with a knee on each side of him. He hungrily took me into his mouth and started drawing the milk down. He took his mouth away for a moment and it just squirted out onto him. He went to the other breast, and, by moving from one to the other and really sucking, he managed to get them both squirting.

At this point, Wayne had to jump in. He pulled me over to the sofa and got me comfortable, lying back against the arm. He got down on the floor and came up beside me while getting on his knees. He started sucking my left breast and kind of surprised me by sliding his hand in my panties. As you can imagine, I was soaking, and trembling, and his hand was both a surprise and a relief. The panties were off in a flash, and Wayne used his fingers and thumb on me while sucking my milk. God, I needed to be fucked. I forced him up and pulled him back to the guest room. Thank goodness his shoes were off so I could help him get his pants off easily I asked him to please fuck me now. I didn't care about anything but being fucked, right now.

He was real good at popping the head of his dick in and out of me. He came once, but I needed more. I wanted to come while he was fucking me. It wasn't a tough job getting him ready again. I petted him and kissed my juices off of his cock and sucked him off a little. He wanted me from the rear. I got on my knees on the bed. Wayne took my hips in his hands and spread my cheeks. I could feel his lips and face enter my butt and then his tongue and lips started caressing my... well. Anyway, I backed up into his face and just kind of wiggled. It felt so good.

Wayne turned me over, then crawled between my legs and started gently screwing me. He started cumming and squirting. The feeling of being hosed down inside tripped off my shaking and trembling response to him. Needless to say, I was wiped out. I let Wayne get dressed and go back, and I didn't return to the party. Thank goodness everyone stayed out except to change places in the living room.

A little later my husband came in and got me pointed toward our bedroom. The next morning he claimed me back, grabbing me after he woke up. His first question, "Got Milk?"

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