tagFetishGot Milk? - Delilah & Mac Ch. 02

Got Milk? - Delilah & Mac Ch. 02


[One Year Earlier]

"Oh, come on, PIN HIM!"

"I swear, if Cena kicks out again, I'm watchin' hockey from now on!"

Delilah and Mac are enjoying a quiet evening of watching WWE Monday Night Raw at Mac's house. Both of them are resting comfortably on the couch, with Del sitting on the right side, and Mac on the left. Mac is already in his pajamas: a pair of black shorts, a red-and-orange striped tank top and plain white ankle socks. Delilah, on the other hand, is wearing a faded out CM Punk T-shirt, followed by sheer white leggings, and brand new-ish white ballet flats.

"Come on, fucking PIN HIM!" Delilah loudly boasts, getting into the main event match. "Dude, not so loud, my parents gotta get up at 6 in the morning!" Mac responds with a yelled whisper. "Ah, sorry. I'm just really getting into it" she quietly states.

"No worries, I'm just hoping Cena doesn't win this time."

"Get real, man. It's pretty obvious he's gonna win. I mean, he's fighting friggin' Luke Harper of all people. What are the odds of him beating Cena? Haha!"

"Stranger things have happened. And would you get your damn legs off the table? I don't want scuff marks from your shoes!"

"Geez, SORR-REE!" With a chuckle and a quick gesture, Delilah shifts her back to the armrest of the couch, and in a humorous manner, places both her white-legging-covered legs on Mac's unexpecting lap. "There," Del says with a chuckle. "Better?"

And thus, so began the downward spiral of Mac.

"Uh... not... really?" Mac answers with such uncertainty. As much as he loved his best friend, this was an all new experience for him. They were close, but not on a physical level. Throughout all the years that they've known each other, Delilah has never got comfortable to even lean against him or cuddle with him.

As Mac continued his rhetorical shrugs, Delilah replies with another chuckle. "Aww... but it's so comforting now, so I hope you don't mind. Besides, I just got these flats last week!" As she giggled, she shifted her ankles back and forth on his lap, doing her best to show off her white flats to him as much as she could. "Aren't they cute? They're ballet flats!"

Deep within Mac, a dormant urge was beginning to ascend, the surface of his waist slightly trembling with an unknown force of temptation; There in his lap was Delilah's bare feet inside brand new white flats. From Mac's visual experience, she was always a sneaker and boot type of girl, but here she sat before him in his favorite type of girl footwear he loved to observe. The sight was beautiful and sexy all at once. So sexy that it was starting to awaken Mac's foot fetish once again.

Doing his best to keep his cool, Mac replied to her the only way he knew how... "Uh, they're ok, I guess."

"Ugh, you're such a dork. I got them last week." She says, crossing her feet at the ankles, with her right foot overlapping her left. With a slighty audible gulp, Mac responds "I see... Are you gonna start wearing them at school?"

"Eh, nah, these are more to wear around the house. Like slippers, you know?"

"Oh, I see..."

"Why do you ask, though?"

"Oh, um... I was just wondering. Since you just got them, I figured you were gonna show them off and stuff."

"Haha, right? Nah, these are just for me and me only. Plus, I know that flats can sometimes make your feet sweat and all that." As soon as her lips mouthed the word "sweat", she flexes her toes on her right foot extremely high, making her heel pop out of her flat. Mac could only watch in unspoken ecstasy, studying the smoothness of her bare heel as it wrinkled and stretched with her rotating ankle. An audible inhale of Mac's lungs figuratively echoed throughout the living room, with Delilah noticing.

"Are you ok, dude?" she asks. "They aren't starting to smell now, are they?" With another high flex of her toes inside both of her flats, Mac became overcome with forbidden desire, but still tried his best to hold his foot thirst inside. "Uh, no I don't think so... Nah..." Mac licked his lips, trying to resume watching wrestling on the flat screen. The match was already over, but Delilah didn't mind staying a bit more until she had to leave. She loved every moment she had with her best friend, being as comfortable as ever around him. She could finally be herself. She could finally be unrestricted. She could finally be free.

Uncrossing her ankles, Delilah leans over towards Mac, and innocently asks in a quiet tone "Are you sure that my feet don't smell in these flats?" Chuckling at him, she watched on as Mac was now visibly squirming a little, as if he was holding back something. Mac wasn't any better for the wear, and now his blood was pumping away at his manhood, like air pumping into a hot-air balloon.

Her ankles now shaking away to where they were almost grinding into his lap, Delilah asked him again, determined to figure out the case of her new flats. "Dude, just tell me, I won't get mad. Are these flats making my feet stink?"

"Delilah, I..."

"You what...? You can smell it already? Hmm?" She asks in a curious manner as she slowly lifts her right flat towards his face.

And there it went. Mac's erection finally revived itself, poking through his shorts and attacking the side of Del's left arch inside her flat. Feeling it instantly, Del quickly scurried her feet towards her way, covering her knees with both hands. "Oh, God! Dude, I'm so sorry!" she cried as the realization finally hit her. "Mac, really, I had no idea what this was doing to you..."

Breathing hard, Mac could only look at her, ashamed, aroused and defeated. "Delilah, I'M sorry... it's just... I can't... I can't lie like this wasn't getting to me. It was fucking killing me..."

Del looked at him as she sat back, gathering her thoughts. She quietly asks him, ready to bring out the truth. "Mac... I want you to be completely honest with me..." As Mac slowly nodded, she took a deep breath of her own, and brought out the obvious question:

"Mac... do you like feet?"

"Yeah... y-yeah, uh, yes. Yes, I do... I like feet, Del."

"Ok... um... this is hard for me to ask now, but... do you like MY feet?"

"... Del, I... um..."

Hugging her knees tightly, she pushes him with her ambition "Honestly, Mac, just tell me. Spit it out. Do you like my feet or not?" With nowhere left to go but down, Mac looked into her eyes, paranoid that this might end their friendship. But he owed her the truth. They've been so through much together, but he was petrified that the smallest honesty could send them to a point of no return. Opening his lips, Mac surrendered to his fetish. "Yes, Delilah... I... I don't just like them. I... I love your feet. I... I have a foot fetish..."

Delilah quietly nodded, but suddenly stands up. "I'm sorry, Mac... but I have to go now."

Walking towards the front door, Mac quickly followed her and pleaded, "Can't we please just talk about this? Del, please..."

Del opened the door, revealing the darkness of the porch. "I'm sorry, Mac... I just need time to process this. It's too much, just... just give me time to think about this."

Mac was confused. "Think about what? I don't even know what is going to happen! Do you hate me now? Do you think I'm a freak? Just please tell me!"

Taking a deep breath, Del looked at her best friend with an uncertain sorrow. "I have to go, Mac. I'm sorry." As a tear escaped her cheek, she darts outside, becoming engulfed by the obscurity of the night.

Mac, not knowing what is going to happen next, could only stand inside, staring into the abyss. The more he stared, the more thoughts he collected. The more he pondered, the more his eyes swelled up. Did he just lose his best friend? Did he lose the love he kept hidden for so long?

Did he lose... Delilah?

[Present Day]

"Slow down, dude! I kinda need that arm!" Delilah yells in a comical gesture.

Determined to get to the bottom of this, Mac gently, but in a fast pace, dragged Delilah's blouse-sleeved-covered arm into the nearest janitor storage room. Confused and amused all into one, there was only thing one thing on his mind now. He never expected her to dress that way, not even in a million millenniums. And the way she just so nonchalantly brought up his fetish, like it was no big deal. Because it clearly was the exact complete opposite a year ago.

Mac guides Delilah into the room and flicks on the light switch, closing the door behind them. Finally he was face to face with her, and he questions her unknown motives. "What the hellilah, Delilah? What was up with all that in the hallway? Are you trying to get one on me or something?"

Delilah can only laugh, this tickling her funny bone. "Haha, not at all, dude. This is legit!"

"What, all of a sudden, it's okay for me to be a foot guy around you now? All of a sudden, I'm Quentin FUCKIN' Tarantino?!"

"Would you just chill the hell out, Mac? I'm just tryi-"

"One year, Delilah... one WHOLE year, I waited to talk to you about that incident!"

"I-I, know, and I didn't mean to keep you waiting for so long on that. I just ha-"

"Do you have ANY idea how hard it was to ju-just... LET THAT GO? Seriously, just put yourself in my shoes... No pun intended, alright? I was scared, ok? I was terrified out of my mind. I thought I destroyed our friendship because I couldn't keep my dick in my shorts!"

"I know, I know! Just calm down and let me explain, please!"

"As much as I want to, I can't! This was eating me alive! It's like it was a bacteria tearing away at my brain! Do you know what I did after you left that night? I punched a hole through my wall! I didn't even know I was that strong!"

"Trust me, dude, you're not."

"No time for jokes here! The point is, after that happened, I made a promise to myself not to bring it back up around you ever again. You don't understand, Del... you don't know how it feels to believe that I lost you. I thought I lost you forever..." Mac stops, on the verge of an miniscule breakdown. Delilah softly smiles and approaches him.

"Relax... just relax... Shhhh... you didn't, ok? You didn't lose me..."

Closer they came towards each other. Slowly, but surely.

Del grins, calming his worries. "You didn't lose me at all... Like I said, I just needed time to process this. I even did research on it and everything." Mac raised an eyebrow at her. "Really... research?"

She nodded. "Yes... and I gotta tell ya... you guys are sickos." Sticking a tongue out at him, she laughs as Mac begins to try to defend himself. "Oh, come on, you didn't have to go there, you really di-"

Placing her finger on his lips once again, she quiets him. "Just shut up and listen, ok? The point is... you're MY sicko." Mac raises his eyes at her; Was she really saying what she just said?

Delilah continues "Yes. You're my sicko, and you're MY pervert. Dude... you're my best friend, and I'll be damned if you're not gonna be completely comfortable around me after all these years. Mac... I want you to be completely honest and comfortable around me. Even with your fetish, understand?"

Mac looked at her for a moment, and quietly nodded. "It might get... it might get crazy, I'm just saying... I don't want to chase you off again" he says to her. Smiling her biggest smile, she rubs on his right cheek, and stares into his eyes. "Don't worry, tiger... I'm not going anywhere. I want to experience this with you, and only you." Mac smiles crookedly at her as she continues:

"Just be ready when we meet in free period before school ends, ok?" Mac nods, "Not a problem. But um... be ready for what?"

She scratches his sideburns as she answers, "Just trust me and be ready. I'll take care of it. This is going to be a day you will never forget. Now... just do me this one last favor."


Bringing herself closer to him, she innocently whispers once again... "Kiss me before the bell rings."

And with a wide eyed gesture and a new form of acceptance, Mac brought himself closer to his best friend, his object of desire and affection, placed his lips towards hers. Closing her eyes, Delilah sighed as she felt the gentle touch of his warm lips fusing with hers.

With a slight exhale, followed by a loud smooching sound, the bell for first period finally rang...


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