Got Screwed


My friend West and I were in the copying room, scaring pictures of our asses on the copiers. I couldn't help with all the laughing and joking and stuff, but to look down and see that my black friend West had an enormous dick. It didn't even look hard but just hung down with a pair of orange sized balls underneath. I wasn't gay or anything. I've just never seen a black man's dick before, and I was just curious if the saying all black man are hung was real. So far I'm a huge believer.

Suddenly, Miranda Peters came walking through the door, and West and I quickly pulled our dress pants up and acted like we were actually printing important stuff.

"Hi boys! Nice day outside isn't it. Just too bad we're all stuck inside working our asses away. Well, I can't chat long. All I have to do is make a copy of this page, and then I'll be out your way."

West and I hung off every single word that came out of Miranda's full cherry lips.

"I'll see you guys later," said Miranda as she walked out of the room.

"My God, man, she 's a fucking goddess," said West. "I've seen the way you look at her, Pete. Why don't you just go up to her and talk to her?"

"I can't, man. I'm too much of a nervous wrench. I'm a total dork. A big loser. Miranda would never be interested in a skinny pale kid with glasses and six toes," I explained to West.

"You've got six toes?" West said amazed.

"Yeah, man, a birth defect or something. But anyways, Miranda would never give me the time or day."

"I've seen Miranda around you, dude. She's all giddy and stuff. I think she has a crush on you and is just too shy to admit it. Just like someone else I know," West said obviously talking about me.

"I don't know, man. I think she's always cheery and giddy."

"If you don't want to talk to her face to face, then write a letter explaining your feelings. Then maybe she'll finally come to you and admit hers," West said.

"That's a good idea, West. Then I wouldn't have to feel embarrassed until she comes and confronts me about it," I replied. "But I wouldn't know what to say in the letter. I'm not a good telling your feelings kind of guy."

"Since you're my friend and you hooked me up with this boring job, I might as well write your letter for you and sign it as you."

"YOU would do that for me?" I said nearly about to explode.

"Yeah man. I'm good at writing and stuff. I could do that for you. As long as you give me your next paycheck," West said with a huge grin.

"I knew there was a catch to all of this, but fine Miranda is worth more then a stupid paycheck."

"Good. I'll deliver the letter to her house later today. If she has any questions or wants to know anything about you, I'll tell her that you're a good guy and that she could get to know you better before judging you on your appearance," West said.

West and I left the copy room with smiles. I went back to my desk and I just stared at the clock. I couldn't wait for West to deliver the letter to Miranda. As time was going by, I just thought about her and how it would be to make love to her gorgeous body.

I peaked out from my small office and saw Miranda walking down the hall. I pictured the white lights of heaven following her because she was a thing of beauty.

At the ripe young age of 25, Miranda stood at 5'7, had dark brown hair, which passed her shoulders a few inches, and the pretties blue eyes like water in an ocean. Miranda was slightly chubby but looked to weight no more then 135 or 140. It was a good thing she did have some extra meat on her bones because no skinny women in the world could walk around with enormous 34F breasts like Miranda has, thrusted out in front of her clad by a black sweater. I could watch her big tits bob and sway for hours. Her ass was nice and plump too. Her legs were long and her thighs were thick. Miranda was built for fucking. Word around the workplace had it that Miranda was still a virgin and no one had ever laid eyes on her volumptuous body.

Suddenly, I heard a soft voice snapping me out of my daydreaming. They kept repeating hello and I looked up and it was Miranda.

"H...he...hello," I finally blurred out.

"You're so cute, Pete. Bet your girlfriend or wife loves the shyness act you put on," Miranda said, followed by a small innocent giggle.

"I'm not...married. Nor do I have a...girlfriend right now," I told her and began to sweat under my armpits.

"Oh! That makes two of us. Well, I have to be going now. See you tomorrow. Have a great day, Pete," Miranda said as she walked around, leaving me with a perfect view of her jiggling ass and the crested shapes of her huge tits swaying back and forth under her sweater. Many of the male employees peeked their heads out from their offices, just to get a glimpse of her.

"I think I'm in love," I said to myself.

It was 6:00 and I was getting off of work. I immediately rushed home and called West. He didn't answer his phone like usual so I knew he had to be over at Miranda's house. I wanted to call his cell to see how everything was going, but I didn't want to risk talking to Miranda.

I reheated some leftovers and watched TV for half an hour. I kept looking and staring at the clock and my phone. Finally, I couldn't take the suspense any longer. I picked up my car keys and headed straight for Miranda's house. I figured after reading what West gave her, she might have been angry and told West not to tell me.

Once I got to Miranda's house, I parked across the street. Surprisingly West had just pulled up in her driveway. I was relieved to know that West didn't give her the letter. I wanted to get out of the car and stop West from doing it but then, Miranda had answered the door, wearing nothing but an oversized stretched white tee and black stockings. Her huge breasts were thrusted out on her chest like rockets ready to launch.

I started to get worried once I saw West enter the house. Once the door was closed behind him, I got out of my car and headed over to her house. I went over to the huge front window and ducked underneath it. I saw West and Miranda laughing and enjoying themselves. I didn't see any letter being exchanged. That kind of ticked me off. But what I saw next really blasted me through the roof.

Miranda had gotten on her knees and began unbuckling West's jeans. West just sat back and watched Miranda. Miranda looked up and smiled at him. Of course, West smiled back and got happier once Miranda had in her hands, his huge thick chocolate dick.

Miranda's mouth literally hit the floor once she held his enormous cock in both of her creamy white hands. My heart fell to the bottom of my stomach after that. I was in so much pain. But yet, I decided to continue watching to see what they did.

Miranda slowly took West's massive mushroom cockhead between her cherry lips. Her lips made a perfect O around his cockhead. West was moving about in his seat and moaning as Miranda went to work on his giant member. I felt my own member starting to throb. Even though I continued to watch West betray me, I kept asking myself, how could he betray me like that? Then it hit me hard. Everyone wanted Miranda and West was included. I was a fool for thinking West would really hook me up with a busty goddess. What an idiot I was.

I stopped watching for a little bit to think about my friendship with West. Then I returned my attention to the inside and saw Miranda sliding half of West's anaconda cock down her throat. A huge amount of his cock was still outside her juicy lips.

West began playing with Miranda's hair while she suckled and savored his huge cock between her lips. Miranda slowly removed his cock from her lips. It was now dripping in Miranda's saliva. Miranda held West's cock against his stomach and began giving his huge hairy balls a tongue bath, sliding her tongue over them in turns and then sucking one and then the other into her mouth. I could hear the pop sounds that followed every time Miranda released a giant testicle from her mouth.

Oh the pain I was in watching Miranda give West the blowjob of the year. Miranda engulfed West's huge cock again and began furiously bobbing her head up and down. The sounds of her slurping and sucking and West's moans filled the house. Her lips now resembled the top of a soup can once it's been open. She was literally cramming her mouth with as much of West's dark cock as possible. Miranda was to the point of tears in her eyes and veins popping out of her neck. Miranda finally had all of West's big dick down her throat. Miranda quickly lifted her head up from his crotch, trying to catch her breath and wipe off the saliva on her chin.

"Ohhhh, Miranda, I want to see those huge fucking tits of yours," I overheard West moan.

West had his hands planted on Miranda's gigantic shirt-clad titties. He was squeezing them in all different directions. He held as much of her huge tits as possible while letting his thumb rub back and forth over her erect nipples.

I couldn't stand it any longer seeing that West's large hands were the first hands ever to grope Miranda's 34F's. I was pissed off, but at the same time, extremely horny.

Miranda stood up and West cupped her plump bare ass in his hands. Miranda lifted her tee shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor. West was mind-boggled by the bouncing natural mass of pillowy flesh that hung down from Miranda's chest, toppled with big pink chewable nipples and surrounded by pancake-sized areolas. I too was in disbelief and jealous rage. As angry as I was, I didn't want to interrupt their session. I wanted to see what Miranda was made out of even if she was fucking my best friend West.

"Holy shit! I can't fucking believe this!" West exclaimed. "They're the most fucking amazing pair of big tits I've ever seen. How could you hide these huge melons from us? Big and fluffy. Tasty looking nipples. Hmmm! I need them now!"

West was now squeezing and kneading Miranda's giant spongy tits, running his hands all over them and playing with them. He cupped her breasts from underneath and started jiggling them, watching her flesh bags ripple and quiver. Miranda felt like she was on ecstasy as West roughly toyed with her knockers. Her tits were so enormous that West had to use both hands to grip one by the sides and squeeze it. He lifted her huge tits up by their hard nipples and began stretching her breasts up and down, sideways, and back and forth.

"Hmmm. I could play with these things for hours. Now I want to see how they taste," West moaned.

I knew what West was saying, and I agreed with him. I only wish those were my hands playing with Miranda's boobs.

"OHHH GOD!" Miranda exclaimed, as West had his lips planted against one of her giant areolas and suckled the nipple. "Ohhhh GOD! Suck my nipples! Ohhhh God! Suck them!"

West slurped and sucked the nipple for a long time. His hands were pinching and pulling at her other erect nipple. West then opened his mouth and took a huge amount of tit flesh between his big lips and began savagely sucking. His thick tongue continued rolling over her hard nipple inside his mouth. Miranda held West's head smashed against her giant tit as he nursed from it.

"Oh God! Oh God West! Ohhhh God! Hmmmm. I never knew getting my tit sucked could...feel... this....Oh God! This good," Miranda moaned, now holding her giant tit in both hands and feeding it to West.

I just wanted to rip my fucking eyeballs out of my socket, knowing that my best friend was in there with the girl of my dreams, sucking her once virgin heavenly breasts.

I heard a huge pop as West released the big tit from his lips. The entire front surface of her tits was drenched in West's saliva. West immediately closed his lips around her other very aroused nipple, pulling and stretching it from her big tit. West used both hands to cup and squeeze the giant tit that he was sucking. He started using his mouth like a vacuum and sucked up as much of the tit as possible between his lips.

All I could hear were the sounds of West slurping her precious tits and her reactions. West started alternating from nipple to nipple, licking and sucking every inch of Miranda's breasts.

Miranda was very delighted with the attention her breasts were getting. She pressed them both together, making one huge nipple. West captured both nipples in his mouth and helped Miranda with holding her breasts. Miranda's dark hairy cunt was drenched in her juices just by the tit sucking alone.

"Hmmm. Something smells really good down there," moaned West as he gave Miranda's huge jugs a few more licks before he positioned her on her back and bent her knees to her sides.

"God I'm so wet, West! I've never felt this wet before," Miranda whimpered. "OHHHH GOD! OH YES! Ohhhhh God!

West had begun his tongue lashing on Miranda's soaked pussy, wiggling and slithering his tongue between her juicy labia.

It was one thing for him to suck her big tits. Now it's another thing for him to feast upon her virgin pussy. A pussy that I wanted to taste since meeting Miranda for the first time.

I watched as Miranda held her feet and kept her legs bent to her sides while West gobbled her sweet hairy cunt. West didn't mind the hairs as he licked them as well, to taste her sweet juices that they were drenched in.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhhh! Suck my pussy! Eat me! OHHH YEAAAH!" Miranda exclaimed.

To hear Miranda say things I thought I never would hear her say, was really turning me on more. I couldn't stand my painful erection any longer. I pulled my throbbing cock out and began slowly stroking it as I watched West sliding two of his thick fingers inside Miranda's pussy. His tongue was now penetrating her clitoris.

"Mmmmm, Miranda, you taste so good. Such a tight little cunt. I think it's ready for a good fucking," West said as he furiously plowed his two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Miranda's body was shivering with pleasure as West resumed sucking her clitoris hard and digging deeper inside her with his fingers. He nibbled her clitoris and let the tip of his tongue flicker back and forth on it.

"OHHHH!! HERE I CUM!" cried Miranda, as cum spurted from her drenched pussy and into West's mouth.

Her thighs were glistening in cum as West sucked and slurped up every spurt of cum Miranda produced.

I was ready to blow my own load but I held off watching West stick his enormous cock in places Miranda probably never knew existed.

West stood up and quickly got undressed. He was now butt naked except for a pair of white socks. Miranda was naked except for her stockings.

I gritted my teeth and held my hard cock in my hands. I couldn't believe how angry I was at West but how horny I was with him fucking Miranda.

West coated his huge veiny cock with spit and gripped onto Miranda's thick flushed thighs. Miranda was sweaty and breathing very hard and heavy. West let a huge glob of pre-cum drop onto Miranda's hairy bush. Her pussy lips were open and begging for his cock to enter. Miranda started whimpering and wailing as West slowly eased his enormous juicy cockhead between her moist folds.

My eyes were glued to his thick cock and watched inch by inch of cockmeat, filling up Miranda's pussy. She began howling and grunting as she felt her virgin pussy being invaded by a giant black sausage.

West pushed Miranda's knees down to her chest and he slowly impaled more and more of his heavy dick inside her snatch. Miranda rolled her eyes in the back of her head and moaned in pleasure and pain. Miranda could swear that West was going to completely tear open her pussy with his giant bat.

"Ohhh Miranda! So fucking tight. Mmmm. The hairs on your pussy are tickling my cock, but don't worry sweetie, I'm going to fill you all up with big dick," West grunted.

West had almost his entire massive member, crammed up Miranda's pussy. Juices began spurting out of Miranda's cunt and soaking West's balls in the process. West's huge tree trunk was now implanted between Miranda's stretched out cunt.

I was astonished at how Miranda could handle such a giant cock pushed up her virgin pussy. Apparently I was right. Miranda was built for fucking and this was living proof. Every inch of West's cock was impaled inside Miranda. His huge balls were hanging on the outside of her cunt lips.

Miranda stretched her arms out and dropped her legs to West's sides. West tightly held onto Miranda's wet thighs and began slowly plowing his massive cock deep inside her womb. West began increasing the speed and really opening up her tight cunt to a loosen pussy. Miranda's huge tits were flopping up and down her chest as her face was flushed and her eyes were closed. The pain she must be in right now was making me hornier. I started beating my cock to the thrusting of West's cock. With each powerful thrust he gave Miranda, I jerked my cock.

I could see the intensity in West's face as he was determine to break Miranda's pussy with his giant log. She wrapped her legs around him with the strength she had left. The heels of her feet were bouncing off his jiggling ass cheeks as he leaned forward, pushing and thrusting his cock all the way up Miranda. I swear, at the rate he was going, his cock could have been peeking out from Miranda's mouth with each hard thrust.

"Ahhhhhh! It hurts GODDAMN IT! AHHHH GOD!!" cried Miranda, as she could feel every square inch of West's cock, drilling her snatch.

There must have been a foot of cock crammed up Miranda. West began slowly pulling out of her pussy, and I couldn't see the end of his cock coming out. West then quickly thrust back inside Miranda and pulled out slowly again and thrust back hard inside her. Miranda's titties were leaping at her face with each slow and hard thrust West gave her.

My face was glued to the window and my cock oozing pre-cum in my hands. Watching Miranda get fucked, was a huge turn on for me. But it was still painful to know that my so-called best friend was fucking the shit out of her.

They had changed positions with Miranda now on top of West and riding him like a wild bronco. She bounced up and down his massive dick, with her pussy squishing his balls every time she came down on him. I was more memorized with her giant tits, flopping up and down in front of West's face. Of course, West didn't pass up the opportunity to suck on her tits once again, capturing a huge amount of breast between his lips and sucking for all he worth. I'm sure West wished that milk would have poured into his mouth. He sucked her nipples until they were red and sore. Miranda couldn't really feel the pain in her nipples because her pussy was stuffed with a gigantic ramming tool that didn't miss a beat.

West had his hands all over Miranda's ass, squeezing her plump cheeks while his cock furiously plowed in and out of her pussy. His balls turned her ass into a bongo set.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhh fuck! Ahhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" whimpered Miranda, as she poured her cum all over his thrusting cock and flopping balls.

West was moaning with a mouthful of tit. He was covering Miranda's breasts with hickies from his hard sucking.

I was ready to blow my load all over Miranda's window until West had pulled out from under Miranda and was now kneeled behind her, with his cock slapping across her plump ass, making each ass cheek quiver.

"I'm going to fuck this tight tiny hole of yours," West said.

Miranda embraced the carpet for impact as West separated her beautiful ass cheeks and plunged his cockhead inside her asshole. She felt a powerful shock surge through her body.

"OHHHHHHH SHIT! OH GOD! Not my asshole! Oh fuck!" cried Miranda, as she was under extreme pain now.

West leaned over onto Miranda's back and wrapped his arms under her breasts. He began pushing and shoving his thick meat between her juicy ass cheeks, giving her hard and painful thrusts. Miranda was trashing her head and arms around, trying to fight off the pain of the huge dick lodged between her exit.

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