tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham City Sirens Ch. 02

Gotham City Sirens Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Point of View

Batman taps the right side of his cowl, and the lens cameras start recording. He had these installed to chronicle the battles he has faced, villains he has defeated and friends he has made. He did this to pass onto his Bat Family, but this video and many others are hidden within the Batcave, only for him to view with his personal, down time.

He looked at the sight walking towards him, with their arms around each other's waists. Harley Quinn was in the middle, naked and sweaty from the from the hard fucking she just received. Her right arm was around Poison Ivy's waist, who's one piece was unraveling with every step she took, as her body was draped with the plant life she loves and adores. Her body now becoming exposed as she got closer to the bed, her green skin a stark contrast against Harley's bleached white skin. Harley's left arm was around Catwoman's waist, who was already naked from the recent fuck session. She wasn't the fucked, she was the mediator. Her role was licking and sucking on Batman's long, thick 12" cock that was ploughing Harley's pussy deep and hard. She was a cleaner and a receptacle to be used for cum loads, but tonight she will be fucked and filled... Just like the other two sirens walking towards the bed.

Batman held his hand out to Poison Ivy and guided her towards him. He looked at Catwoman and winked "You'll be last, as I have something special for you!" Batman said, pulling Ivy closer and kissing her passionately.

His hands groping her body, feeling her big tits, and squeezing her plump, tight ass. She moaned and slid her hands down his bare chest, until she reached the key to her pleasure. She kneeled down and licked her lips. Batman's cock was millimetres away from her lips, and looking at it nearly made her crosseyed. It was big, bigger than anyone she has every been with. Veiny, muscly and the knob was the size of a cricket ball. She smiled and opened her mouth to let her tongue start to work its way around his cock. She slid her tongue down the length of his cock, all the way to his balls. She looked up at him and winked. Batman just smiled back and thought that this will be the best video of all time.

He looked over to Harley and Catwoman who were already right into it. Harley had Catwoman's tits pushed together and her face buried between them. Catwoman had her head back in pleasure, moaning from the tit play she was receiving from Harley. Catwoman looked back and pushed Harley on the bed, who flopped back and landed with a giggle. Her big tits bouncing as she had Catwoman fall on top of her, kissing her passionately.

They continued to kiss, until Catwoman gripped Harley's arms to the side and held her down firmly. Catwoman, using her knees, spread open Harley's thighs and used her knee to rub against Harley's already dripping pussy. "Fight back and you'll get the Ivy special!" Catwoman ordered. "Yes kitty, eat out my kitty!" Harley replied, submitting.

Catwoman kissed down from Harley's lips, to her neck which she nibbled gently, and then to her white melons. Catwoman licked and sucked each nipple, until Harley could take no more and whimpered to be pleasured. Catwoman kissed further down to her naval, which she licked and kissed, then with one long, continuous lick, she slid her tongue from her naval to her wet, dripping clit. Harley moaned and looked over to Batman to make sure he was getting all this.

Batman was in awe of seeing those two pleasuring each other, but he secretly wished Harley disobeyed Catwoman, and Ivy's special was unleashed. He hadn't seen it in action, but he had heard about it during pillow talk with Catwoman one night.

Batman looked down at Ivy, who was deep throating his large cock with ease. He was proud he had broken in all of the Siren's throats so that they can take his cock without gagging, but sometimes he did miss it...but that's what Barbara was for!

Ivy licked and sucked and slurped all over Batman's cock, she looked up with pleasure and lust in her eyes and he knew what she wanted. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and laid back. She got up and stood on the bed, squatting over his hard, rigid cock. She lowered herself down right onto it. Moaning as it filled her completely. She looked down at Batman and rubbed her hands into his chest, as she started to grind and ride his cock. Her green skinned tits, pushed together with her arms begging to be sucked. Batman sat up and gripped her in his arms, and started sucking the dark nipples, as she moaned and started riding his cock harder and harder!

Catwoman looked up from licking out Harley's pussy and saw the back of Ivy riding Batman. She smiled and tapped Harley to see what was happening. Harley looked up and then looked at Catwoman and whispered "Siren's seduction?"

Catwoman nodded and both women stopped and got up off the bed and walked over to each side of the bed. Harley bent down behind Ivy and started licking her ass and down to her asshole.

Catwoman went to the side of Batman and asked him to stop recording and utilise the camera that she had placed during her initial sneak in. Batman switched off the camera and Catwoman got on top of him and lowered her pussy onto his face. She let him lick up to it, teasing him, making it drip into his lips. She moaned and couldn't play this game anymore and sat on his face, forcing him to lick her out till she came. She leaned forward with her ass now in the air facing Ivy. Harley had lathered up Ivy's ass also, and then pulled a chair over and spread her legs over it exposing her pussy to the threesome on the bed.

Catwoman looked over and saw they were in position and moaned the words that Batman had wanted to hear for so long!

"Ivy, unleash your special on us!"

Ivy stopped fucking Batman and closed her eyes, as a window broke to the side of them and three smooth tree branches slithered into the bedroom. They weren't splintery or rough, but had being moulded into 15" wooden, smooth dildos. One made its way to behind Ivy and started to rub against her asshole. She moaned and leaned forward and let it enter her. She moaned and started fucking Batman harder. One of them went under the chair and crawled up in front of Harley's wet pussy. She moaned and spread her lips wide, and gestured it to enter her. It moved forward with a flash and filled her deeply, with only 2" hanging out. Harley moaned and came so hard she passed out.

Catwoman moaned as she saw Harley pass out, as her branch was now pushing up against her anus. She spread her ass cheeks and let her fill her. All Siren's were now filled with the Ivy special and loving every minute of it.

Batman was allowed to stop eating Catwoman's pussy and watch this site unfold. He was blown away at the size of them and the fact that they took them in their stride. He loved these women and he was going to show one of them how much, but first they needed to cum all over his face.

To be concluded...

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