tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 01

Gotham Nights Ch. 01


Catwoman. Why did it have to be Catwoman?

Dick Grayson pondered this as he raced across the rooftop, just trying to keep the fleeing feline criminal in sight. Tonight was supposed to be an easy night. He was going to make a quick patrol around Gotham as Nightwing, and then head off to see Babs. Babs, Barbara Gordon, that is. The commissioner's daughter who donned a makeshift costume all those years ago, and pronounced herself as the independent superhero Batgirl, catching the eye of Dick when he was a young Robin. And after so many years of dancing around their feelings for each other, they had finally decided to make things work. So much had happened over the years, with his time leading the Titans, her tragic injury (and recovery) at the hands of the Joker, and his undercover work as an international spy, but he was finally home to see the girl that he had crushed on since he was a teen.

But no, he just had to swing by the museum, where Selina Kyle, the notorious Catwoman, just had to be in the middle of a heist. Luckily, Dick had interrupted the heist before any goods could be stolen, and part of him was tempted to just let Catwoman go. After all, no harm had been done, right? But no, Dick was a hero, and he had his duty to give chase after the criminal. It's certainly what Bruce would have done (though Bruce would also have other motives).

Dick's thoughts came to a halt as the sound of a whip cracked through the air, as something ensnared his leg and pulled him to the ground.

(Stupid, Dick. Stupid. Way to lose focus, just because she was on your mind. Now's not the time to be thinking with the wrong head).

"My my, someone wasn't paying attention," a devious voice called out. "Your mentor chases me a bit longer before I have my way with him."

Dick groaned. He did not need to be hearing about Bruce's rooftop escapades. Looking up, he was treated to the luscious sight of Catwoman, standing directly over him in all of her leather. Her tightly clad one-piece body suit accentuated every curve of her fit and very flexible body. Moving his gaze upward, Dick could see that the Cat's zipper was slightly undone, giving him just a glimpse at her cleavage.

"What's the matter, boy wonder?" Selina asked coyly. "Now I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time you've been in this position."

It was true, it certainly wasn't. Between his time with the Titans, in Gotham, and as a spy, Dick had his share of quite a few women, many of them superpowered. Starfire, Donna, Helena... they all meant something to him, and none were in the slightest bit timid in the bedroom. But none of them were ever as intimidating as the femme fatale standing over him, legs on either side of his torso. Ever since he was Robin, the sight of Catwoman had always overwhelmed him. If the Batman himself couldn't avoid crumbling to her seductive charms, what chance did a young teenager have?

"What do you want, Catwoman?" he grumbled as he attempted to sit up. Catwoman kneeled down, and lightly pushed him back down. (What are you doing, Dick? You can overpower her. So why are you just lying there?)

"Well, I was planning to take home a big score for tonight, but a little birdie stuck their beak in and ruined everything," she mockingly pouted. "But maybe, tonight won't be a complete waste, will it?"

She leaned closer, resting her arms on either side of his chest, with her face just inches from his, and her bulging neckline in plain view of his eyes.

"Enough, I don't have time for these games." (Easy, Dick. Don't let her get to you. Just think of Barbara, waiting for you.)

"Oh? You have plans? Is it with that cute redhead who used to follow you around? Now what would she think if she saw us like this?"

(Don't even think about it, Dick.)

"Are you going to take her to a nice dinner, and then make love to her?" Catwoman continued to goad. "Or is something else on your mind?"

(Ignore her. She's just toying with you.)

Taking one hand off the ground, she moved her hand down his chest, copping a nice feel on his finely toned abs, and then below his belt, where her hand just brushed by Dick's bulging namesake.

"Hmmm... maybe I should call you 'man wonder' instead," she whispered sultrily into his ear. "You've certainly surpassed your mentor in one aspect."

(Oh fuck it.)

Why he gave into temptation, he would never know. This was all sorts of wrong, especially with the first girl he had ever liked patiently waiting for him. But the first woman he had ever lusted after was right there, and he had to have her right there, right now. He threw his face forward and locked his lips with hers in a forceful kiss, grabbed her by the arms, and threw her on her back. His tongue still dueling with hers, he pulled her zipper down to her wait, revealing her mounds in all of their glory. Dick's mouth moved down her neck, biting aggressively, before going to town on her exposed bosom.


Selina Kyle had hoped to land the score of a lifetime tonight. A lightly guarded museum temporarily being the home of precious jewels worth millions. But the former Robin just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and ruined it all. Still, as she lay there, moaning as the grown boy wonder cupped and suckled on her fine breasts, she couldn't help but wonder if she did land the score of a lifetime after all. She did have the Dark Knight's golden protege (as well as Batgirl's dreamy sweetheart) devouring her tits, getting ready to fuck her raw. Never would she have thought that the boy that she playfully teased those years ago would grow and fill out the way he did, especially below the utility belt. And despite the back-and-forth tension between her and the Batman, their chases had rarely culminated in anything more than teases and awkward departures. But Nightwing, here was a man without of his mentor's sexual hangups, who just seemed all too eager to please. If she had to guess, he was in his early twenties, putting her right in the middle of the age difference between the blue bird and his mentor. The thought of getting double-teamed by the Dark Knight and his grown up squire crossed her mind, exciting her even more.

Sitting up, she pushed Nightwing back onto his feet, and reached over to Nightwing's utility belt, her fingers skimming around until they found the button that unclasped the belt. She ripped off her own mask and cowl, pulled down Nightwing's leggings until the monster that she had briefly felt sprang free. Eight inches, and still not quite hard yet. Well, she could certainly take care of that. Taking his member into her hands, she started off with a slow lick along the underside of his shaft, eliciting the groan she was seeking as it grew another inch. Using one hand to cup his balls and the other to hold onto his base, she looked up and saw Nightwing, beneath his domino mask, give her pleading puppy dog eyes. Firing a quick sweet smile, she opened her mouth and took the entire length of the shaft in her mouth, expertly guiding the length down her throat. Looking up so that he could stare deep into her seductive eyes, she bobbed her head back and forth, while her hand furiously pumped his cock. Steadily, she pumped faster and faster, her reward for her effort coming in the form of a whimper from the hero's mouth.

"Oh god."

She felt a smug satisfaction hearing him utter those words. Out of all the partners (which weren't as many as her reputation would suggest), male and female, she's taken, all of them had been bent to her will. But none had quite the physique or were as well-endowed as the specimen she had before her. Even the big Bat himself merely passed as just above average.

She felt his hands clutch the back of her head, and his hips thrusted in sync with her head bobbing. Over and over again, he pistoned in and out of her throat. It was no matter, despite the size, as she had no problem taking in the young hero's member. It wasn't long at all until he exploded, firing his warm seed into her. Not willing to let any of him spill out, Selina sealed her lips tightly around his spent cock, her tongue swirling around the shaft as she slowly pulled back, sucking and swallowing every last drop of his cum. She was rather surprised at how much cum a man could unload.

(Poor boy must not be getting enough from the redhead.)

Satisfied with having given the former teen wonder the blowjob of his life (probably), it was time for her pleasure. She laid back on her arms, her chest enjoying the cool night air, and her one-piece suit still halfway on.

"Get rid of your suit," she barked. "But keep the mask."

The masked hero quickly complied, and Selina enjoyed the sight of his toned and lightly scarred body.

"Now, be a good dear, and peel this thing off of me," she continued. "I don't think I need to tell you what comes next, do I?"

As he subserviently pulled the bodysuit down her shapely legs, she bent back a leg, giving him a nice view of her shaved kitty. He gently gripped her thighs and spread them apart, and proceeded to slowly lick his way down to her center.

(Oh, he's adorable), she thought, as he continued to lick around her lower lips, directly avoiding her center pleasures. (He's thinking of foreplay.)

"I'm not your virginal girlfriend, bird boy. Do you want to make love, or do you want to fuck?"

His mouth may have been occupied, but there was no mistaking the devious grin in his eyes, as if to say "be careful what you wish for". And all of a sudden, Selina knew that the tables had been turned on her.


Dick loved pleasuring women. Ever since his best friend Donna Troy had taught him how to go down on a girl, he had loved diving between his lovers' legs, and watching them succumb to his oral abilities. He had planned to make Barbara squeal in delight over and over again, as they had lost time to make up for. And with him encountering his childhood lust, he had considering giving her that same treatment. But if the Catwoman wanted to fuck, and then they were going to fuck. She challenged him, pushed him to the edge, and demanded it from him, in a way that even Starfire never did. And despite receiving the blowjob of his life (not that he would tell any of his exes that), he was hard and ready to go again. Recovery was another gift that he prided himself with.

He gave Catwoman two deep licks between her folds and up to her clit, drawing one more moan before swiftly lifting her up and flipping her onto her hands and knees, on top of her discarded costume. Before she could react, he gave her a light slap on her perfectly shaped ass, prompting her to raise her buttocks to him. Grabbing her hips, he brushed his hardened tool at her rear entrance, evoking a gasp, before parking the tip right outside her wet and willing vagina.

"Do it," she demanded, with the faintest hint of pleading. "Show me what a man wonder you really are."

And he did. He started with just an inch, giving her a mere tease. Another inch into her tight but moistened tunnel, and he was rewarded with another gasp.


He retracted his length out briefly, just long enough for her to peer over her shoulder, and betray the desperation in her eyes, before shoving his full length into her. Her muscles tightened around him and he penetrated her, filling her tight box beyond what seemed physically possible. She screamed in pain, and then in pleasure. He pulled back and thrusted once again, even harder. And again and again, each thrust more vicious than the last. He gripped her shoulders, giving him leverage to put even more power behind each thrust.


Selina cried out with each penetration. She was no longer dealing with the boy scout that she thought he was. No, this was who Nightwing really was, not the man who used to be Robin, but the man who ramming her relentlessly from behind, filling her slick heat with more cock than she ever thought she could accommodate. She didn't care if she was heard. Every thrust took her to discover a new height of pleasure, as Nightwing's tool skewered her, his balls slapping against her clit. He gave no mercy, and she loved him for it.

Her orgasm came, hard and sudden. Her vaginal muscles clenched tightly around his cock, as if they wanted to never let go. Her body spasmed, and Selina would have collapsed onto the ground, were it not for Nightwing's loving arms catching her and pulling her back to his warm body. She felt his orgasm, too, his hot semen flooding her tight passage as her walls tightened around his penis, squeezing out every last drop.

Her energy all but spent, Selina collapsed onto her dirtied costume, a thoroughly satisfied woman filled with more cum than seemed humanly possible. Panting deeply, she mustered all the strength she had left to look behind her. To her surprise, Nightwing had already vanished, and had even absconded with his discarded costume in hand. (Well, he's certainly a Bat through and through.) She wondered if she had awakened an animalist nature in him. If he ever showed half the lustful frenzy that he displayed tonight, then that Batgirl was going to have the time of her life.


(Well, that was quite a show. And I thought my screams were loud.)

A rooftop away, Dinah Lance, the veteran superheroine Black Canary, was reveling on the exhibition she had just watched through her binoculars. Poor Batgirl. She had a hero crush on her (or so Dinah suspected) ever since they first crossed paths on a case. And the little Bat had been so enthusiastic to spar with ever since she recovered from her injury. But tonight, she had cut her training short for a "date night" with Nightwing, who Dinah had just watched plow Catwoman without a care in the world. And what a sight it was. It certainly put the buxom blonde in the mood. Perhaps she should pay Barbara a visit. The poor redhead must be so lonely having been stood up, and as her mentor, it was Dinah's job to see through that her pupil's needs are fulfilled...

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