tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 03

Gotham Nights Ch. 03


"Want to know how your girlfriend tastes?"

Dinah wandered over to the shocked Nightwing, shoving her mouth onto his before he had a chance to pick his jaw up off the floor. Her tongue dueled with his, as he licked his girlfriend's cream. Grinding up against him, Dinah could feel the young man's erection poking at naked body through his Kevlar tights.

(Not bad for a sidekick. And for the third time in one night?)

Directing her attention back to Barbara, Dinah remembered that the young redhead was still helplessly bound to the bed, with a vibrator inserted in her ass. Dinah supposed she should probably relieve of her that, given the tongue fucking she just given her. She sauntered over to the bed, and untied the young woman, planting a quick kiss on her cheek. She then reached under her and pulled out the buzzing toy that had been lodged in her rear hole. Dinah held the toy up to Barbara's lips, and the redhead responded on cue, putting her mouth on it and sucking it clean.

(The girl's learning.)

"What do you think, Batgirl? Would you like to get your boy toy wonder ready for me?"


Barbara glanced over at Dick, who had somehow managed to undress himself almost instantly. As he removed his mask, she did the same with hers. She walked up to him, gazing into his pretty blue eyes, and gave him a sweet smile before kneeling down and taking his engorged member into her diminutive hands. Her eyes widened at the size of it. Giving the tip a few hesitant licks, she swallowed and widened her mouth, wrapping her lips around his girth. She guided his prick in, using her tongue to coat him in her saliva, until he hit the back of her throat. She placed her hands on him, one hand on his base, and one to cup his balls. She looked up at him again. Even with his prick in her mouth, he still had that same dorky expression on his face that she saw in him all those years ago. He stared lovingly at her eyes, placing one hand on her cheek, and the other to brush her pretty red curls behind her. Then she started sucking.

Barbara had no idea why she was doing all of this. Never had she imagined that her first time with "the boy next door" (or so to speak) would happen like this. Maybe it was because Dinah had licked her to two mind-shattering orgasms, and that Barbara had to do something to repay her. Maybe it was because Dick had way more experience than her, despite being the same age, and she needed to see him in action before she put that monster in between her legs. Or maybe because the thought of watching her high school crush plunge into her hero inspiration was a wild fantasy she never realized she wanted until now.

"Oh god, Babs," he moaned.

As she sucked, licked, and massaged the namesake of her boyfriend, Barbara felt a Dinah's naked body behind her, followed by a pair of hands on her body. One hand fondled her breasts, alternating between the two and lightly pinching her nipples. The other went lower, rubbing her pussy and playing with her clit. With this gentle encouragement, Barbara worked her mouth even harder. She sealed her lips tightly around his girth, rubbed her tongue on his underside forced her head to take him in deeper, and worked her hands on his base, ensuring that not an inch of him was neglected. She felt him harden further, growing another inch, maybe even two.

"I think he's ready, dear," Dinah whispered. "Why don't you go lie on the bed? Give yourself a nice view of what comes next."


Dick watched as the two women made themselves comfortable on the bed, lying on their sides facing one another. His mind was still racing to process everything that had happened tonight. He gave into temptation with Catwoman, and had been overcome with guilt on the way over to Barbara's, wondering how to apologize for fooling around with someone who was not only a criminal, but also had a rather ... interesting history with the Bat crew. That guilt quickly gave way to confusion and arousal once he walked in to find his girlfriend moaning in pleasure as a veteran of the Justice League munched on her red rug. The leggy blonde was well-respected by the superhero community. Everyone, even Batman, looked to her as a voice of reason and maturity. Dick never expected that Barbara's admiration for the Canary would go beyond just hero worship. He also didn't expect to be hard so soon after dumping two heavy loads into Catwoman, but the feeling of his gorgeous redhead's mouth on him while her mentor barked orders had brought him back to life.

Dick settled onto the bed behind Dinah, so that her body was leaning diagonally between him and the bed. He lifted one of her powerful legs, and was just about to insert himself from behind when he stopped short, to take one more look at Barbara, as if to ask for her permission. She smiled a sly smile that nearly caused him to blow him load right there. She then put her mouth on him for one quick pump, followed by a lick along the older woman's wet slit. Dick acknowledge the message, and slid himself in slowly for a few inches before powering the remainder of his meat into her with one swift motion, provoking an ecstatic groan. Almost mechanically, he plunged into her heat again and again, all while staring at beautiful redhead at her side.


Barbara, however, was not one to be a mere spectator. After all, her superhero career started off with her fighting crime against the big Bat's wishes. As she watched Dick rhythmically thrust his manhood into her mentor, Barbara sprang into action. Dinah was her teacher, and there was no way in hell she was going to let him get all the credit of getting her off. She lowered her head and began kissing along the Canary's inner thighs. Dick, seeing her act, lifted Dinah's leg even higher, given Barbara better access to the goods. Barbara rubbed her tongue on Dinah's clit, tasting the union of her boyfriend's cock and her mentor's pussy, as the former slammed into the latter in a machine-like manner. Listening to Dinah's grunts and moans was bliss to Barbara's ears. It took her back to the old days of Batgirl and Robin, working together as a team. It was perfect.


For Dinah, there were few things more enjoyable than the feeling of her two lovers working together to bring her to orgasm. Briefly, she wondered what the Bat would think of his two prized former sidekicks double-teaming her in the bedroom like this, his favorite son stuffing her from behind while the daughter of the Bat's closest ally tongued her clit. Dick's arms were wrapped around her, one holding up her leg, and the other fondling her breasts. And Barbara's eager tongue made sure that her engorged clit received plenty of attention. Her body jerked uncontrollably as her climax approached, and she involuntarily grabbed the back of Barbara's head, smothering the unfortunate girl's head against her crotch as her boy toy's meat pounded incessantly pounded her own cunt raw. The muffled grunt of surprise coming from the mess of red hair could hardly be heard underneath the sounds of Dick's crotch slapping against Dinah's ass.

Reaching the peak of her orgasm, Dinah instinctively bit down into a pillow as she lost restraint and let out an unretrained Canary Cry. Thankfully, the pillow suppressed the potency of the Canary Cry to a degree, but it still left a minor trail of destruction in its wake as furniture around them splintered and glass shattered into pieces. Seconds later, Dinah felt Dick's warm seed fill her tunnel. Exasperated, Dinah released the locks of red hair at her crotch, and was pleasantly surprised to see the redhead enthusiastically licking up the spunk that had spilled out of her when the former boy wonder pulled out. The girl swallowed what she could from the mixture of her boyfriend's semen and her mentor's love juices. Behind her, Dinah heard Dick collasspe into unconsciousness.

Mustering the last of her remaining strength, Dinah stumbled off the bed and wobbled over to where she had discarded her clothing. Finding her communicator, she called for a zeta transport to the Watchtower.

"We'll continue your training next time," she told Barbara. And in an instant, she was gone.


Stark naked, Barbara lied there in bed, her mind reflecting on the events that had just transpired. Her boyfriend was nude and unconscious, the result of sexual exhaustion. Her face was splattered with drops of his cum. Her room was a mess, her bed was probably broken, and her windows were all but shattered. And yet all that was on her mind was her newfound sexual kinks, and all the sexual experiences that were ahead of her. She wondered if Dick was still friendly with that tall buxom alien he used to date, Kori. Her culture was supposedly a rather sexual one, and Barbara suspected more than once that Kori had tried to befriend her with the motive of a threesome. There was also Amazon herself, Wonder Woman. Perhaps she could talk Dinah into setting up a training session with her, and seeing what else that Lasso of Truth can do. And then there were also rumors that the new Batwoman had just gotten out of an engagement, and could use some company...

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