tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 06

Gotham Nights Ch. 06


"So, how do I look?"

Barbara couldn't help but be impressed with the sight in front of her. College student Stephanie Brown, dressed in the Batgirl costume. She had gone for a few changes, trading in the homemade look with the leather jacket and clip-on cape for a more refined Kevlar setup. The suit itself was black with a yellow Bat logo prominently displayed on her chest, not a far cry from Barbara's first look, but with a few splashes of purple on its sides.

"Like you were born for the role," Barbara answered, proudly. While part of her would miss running around rooftops in a cape, she knew that she could do so much more in her new role as Oracle, the high-tech information broker to the entire superhero network. She could find anyone, anywhere, with just the keyboard at her fingertips. She had really picked up those skills when she was in the wheelchair, but now she was ready to truly do some damage. And at least this time, it was by choice. Besides, she's still young, in her early twenties, and had the use of her legs. If needed be, she could go out and fight. (Or fuck).

Stephanie, of course, was beaming. She leapt into the redhead's arms, toppling her onto the nearby bed. The exuberant blonde planted an open-mouthed kiss on Barbara, who was surprised, but not overly displeased.

"I'm so grateful for all the work you've put in to train me," Stephanie gleefully spoke. "I'd never have gone this far without you and Dick being there for me." Her hands slipped down to Barbara's waist, unbuttoning her jeans. "So why don't I just you a token of my appreciation."

As the blonde cowl lowered its heard towards her crotch, Barbara briefly wondered where "being eaten out by my own persona" fell on her list of secret fantasies.

"Dick will be here any second."

"Good, he can watch. Then I'd like to show him my gratitude as well."


Stephanie loved the feel of the wind in her hair as she swung down feet first into a mugger's face. It was a clean hit. The thrill of taking down a criminal twice her size may have been the best part of her first night as Batgirl.

Following closely her, unfortunately, was the worst part of the her first night as Batgirl. The two worst parts, that is.

"You're too reckless, Jason! I thought we had this all planned out."

"Whatever, nerd. While you were busy playing games on your wristwatch calculator, I was kicking ass and taking names. If I had waited for you, they would have all gotten away."

"Someone did almost get away! Lucky for us, Steph chased him down..."

(How did I end up working with these two idiots?)

Stephanie groaned. Those two had finally caught up, and were still bickering. Jason Todd and Tim Drake, also known as Red Hood and Red Robin. Jason was a former Robin, the second, who had died in battle, and had recently come back to life at the age of nineteen. He also dressed himself in a brown leather jacket and a shiny red helmet. It was that "casual bad boy" look that Stephanie suspected Jason spent many hours trying to perfect. And Tim was the third Robin... and her nerdy ex-boyfriend. The two of them had shared a puppy love back in the day when they were younger, but when they turned eighteen (and were on the verge of getting a bit more serious), Tim went through his rebellious phase, left the Robin identity, and named himself after a burger joint for some odd reason. He also repainted his suit with way too much red, and added a ludicrous feathered wing-suit. And those two morons could never get along. Ever. The worst part was that Stephanie was actually a bit turned on by both of them.

"Alright, enough of this! Both of you!" Stephanie shouted, angrily glaring at them (though from their point of view, it may have looked like more of a pout). "Why can't you two get along for like five minutes!"

The two Reds stared at her for a brief second before resuming their shouting match.

(Really now? Look at this sexual tension between them? Maybe, just maybe...) Steph thought as a twisted idea popped into her mind.

She sidled up between the two, innocently flirting, "If you can't work together for each other, can you do it for me?"

Tim reacted to the proposition with a bemused look in his eyes. Jason leaned his head back and peered upwards, as if in deep in thought. (Or just thought).

Stephanie slid one hand to each of their belts, quickly finding their release buttons, disengaging both of them. She pondered if this was either of their first time with a woman. She knew that Tim, from personal experience, often turned into a nervous wreck at the first sign of intimacy. And Jason hadn't had much time to get laid, given that he had just recently come back to life and was busy being angry at Batman for anything else. (Two virgins in one night, sounds like a Dick Grayson thing to do), Steph thought.

Kneeling down, she unbuckled both of their pants, reaching in to pull out their semi-rigid cocks, both of similar (and admirable) size. She pumped each one a few times, arousing them to further hardness, before shifting her attention to Tim. Despite their awkward breakup, she still liked him. She generally gravitated towards nice guys (though she certainly wouldn't say no to getting railed by someone a little bit rough around the edges), and unlike the guys she's had in college, Tim was genuine and sweet. And more importantly, she wanted to see his face when she milked his seed out of them. She continued to pump her hand around Jason's shaft, making sure that he stayed hard and aroused, and not neglected by any means. Putting her other hand on Tim's base to keep him steady, she took him inside of her mouth. Her lips closed tightly around his cock as she guided him in, inches at a time. Her tongue swirled around his flesh, thoroughly stimulating him, and her head dipped back and forth on his shaft, carefully keeping her throat clear to take in his full length. His hands cupped her gently cupped her face, as she continued to make love to him with her mouth.

"Stephanie, I'm going to..." she heard him moan.

Her lips sealed him tightly as he burst inside of her, flooding her mouth with cum. Enjoying the awkward sight of his orgasm face, she sucked, ensuring that not a drop of him spilled out. Then, making sure that he was watching, she swallowed his seed in a single audible gulp, flashing a smile after the deed was done.


Meantime, Jason's prick had hardened, partly from the Batgirl's handiwork, and partly from watching that cute mouth devour all that cock, even if it wasn't his. He had had his eye on that perky blonde, and he was sure that she had flirted a few times with him as well. He watched as she gulped down the younger Robin's cum, and almost dutifully, she turned his attention to him. He didn't care much about getting sloppy seconds, though he did smirk under his mask at the hint of jealousy in Tim's face, as the new Batgirl gave the underside of Jason's shaft a few licks, before taking him in.

Jason put his hands behind the Batgirl's head, where her golden blonde hair protruded from beneath the cowl. He gripped the back of her head underneath her hair, as she inserted half of his length into her mouth.

"Blondie, I'm gonna-" he grunted, in his own manner of asking for permission. She looked at him nervously, just briefly, before responding with a nod.

Jason steadied her head, and then thrusted into her inviting mouth. Not too hard at first. He wanted it rough, but not enough to hurt her... yet. With his first thrust, he grazed the back of her throat. The next few thrusts, she was more ready, having opened up her throat for him, as he accelerated his pace.


Tim was not particularly pleased at hearing his sounds of his ex-girlfriend's muffled groans as his rival happily throatfucked her. Knowing that this was her choice after all, he resisted the urge to punch Jason, and instead moved behind Stephanie, placing his hands on her lower torso. At the very least, he wasn't going to stand idly by. Her body responded to his touch, and shifted to position herself on her elbows, presenting her rear to him. Tim quickly unbuckled her utility belt, and pulled down her black leggings. He took a moment to marvel at her wearing a thong, and proceeded to pull that down as well. Almost automatically, she widened her legs, to give him better access. Eagerly, put his face in between her, licking up and down her folds.


Tongue-fucked from behind, and throat-fucked in the front, Steph was very much enjoying her first threesome with two men. Her experiences in college were quite vanilla, and the other times, she was often the third wheel to Dick and Barbara's bedroom activities. It was nice to be the center of attention. She liked the balance of having her mouth abused while an eager tongue diligently licked her out. Still, she didn't want to cum just yet. Cruel as it may sound, she wanted both of them working together to get her off.

It caught Stephanie by surprised when Jason went off. She gagged on a wad of semen, and accidentally released Jason's prick from her mouth as it blasted off a few more times in her face, with one splashing into her eye. She licked around her lips, attempting to get as much of the excess semen off her face before just wiping it off. Placing her gloved hand over her mouth, she swallowed the rest of Jason's seed.

"Now then, boys. Are you going to play together nicely? For me?" she asked, standing up, and fondling both of their members to hasten their recoveries. Despite having taken both of their loads into her semen-filled belly, she wasn't done yet. Not until she got what she wanted as well.

Slowly, she kicked off her boots, and stepped out of her partially pulled down leggings and thong, giving the boys a clean view of her tight ass and trimmed blonde bush. She then motioned the boys to free her of her cape and body suit, to which they thirstily complied, freeing her pert, B-cup breasts.

(Well, that's a start).

Both stood eagerly as she looked at one, then the other, and then switched again. She leaned into Tim's ear, whispering, "I'll let you pick which hole."

Tim stared at her for a brief moment, before kissing her, and sliding his gloved fingers along her vaginal folds, indicating his choice. He grasped her thighs as she mounted him, toppling him to the ground. Her arms pinned his shoulders down, as she slowly lowered herself onto him for that loving first penetration. She could tell by the look on his face that he was surprised for her to take him all the way down to the hilt.

"Jason? Are you ready as well?" she asked lustfully.

The sensation of his tip rod poking up against her rarely used back door answered her question. A pair of hands clutched tightly to her waist, and she felt his rod drill into her tight passage. She let out a cry as the first penis she had ever taken back there went balls deep.

The two men held her lithe body in place, as they both drilled themselves into her. The mixed feelings of pain and pleasure as both of her cavities were stuffed with meat drove Stephanie wild. She didn't know if they were trying to pleasure her, or just using her body as an outlet for their anger at each other. And she didn't care. She was being fucked. Maybe they were symbolically fucking each other through her. Who knew. The sensations were magnified as one of Tim's hands found its way to her love button, and rubbed it furiously. Meanwhile, Jason's arm moved upwards and clutched at one of her bounching breasts, him riding her as she rode Tim.

"Ugh, ugh, yes! Harder!" she exclaimed as she was fucked senseless. Her orgasm took the wind out of her, euphoria pulsing through her, as the dual rods pistoned in and out of her. Her two lovers released simultaneously as well, filling both of her used tunnels with their spunk. Jason had pulled out of her as he collasped in exhaustion, and below her, Tim was panting, on the verge of passing out as he softened. Struggling, she managed to prop herself up on her two feet, and wobbled to the tattered remnants of her costume. Only bothering to wrap herself with the cape, she fired her grappling gun and left the premises.

(They'll have a lot to talk about in the morning), she thought as she grappled up to a rooftop. She was exhausted, and her body had been filled with a ridiculous amount of cum, having swallowed two loadfuls, and her lower orifices still leaking excess. She hoped that she could make her way home before anyone noticed a naked eighteen-year-old blonde stumbling around on a rooftop.


From afar, a slim Asian woman, barely nineteen but with the battle experience of many of the world's greatest assassins, watched through binoculars as a naked eighteen-year-old blonde stumbled around a rooftop. For some time, Cassandra Cain had been searching for the Bats of Gotham, and it seemed that she had found one of them. At first glance, it would appear that the blonde was injured, wounded, and need of aid. But as Cassandra studied the blonde girl's movements more carefully, she deduced that she had not been beaten, but rather... satisfied. And yet, an even more careful study showed that the blonde girl was still... yearning? Perhaps the two men did not satisfy her nearly enough? Or perhaps the blonde also desired a different companion. A female companion, perhaps one her own age, and one who could put her to the test physically.

Cassandra decided that it was time to approach.

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