tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 09

Gotham Nights Ch. 09


Dick loved women.

He loved working with them, being with them, and pleasuring them. And as he laid back on his bed, his hands behind his back (he didn't dare touch himself), he loving the sight of the two women standing on either side of the bed. Black Canary and Zatanna, two of the most famous heroines of the Justice League. Both were in their late twenties, older than him by a decent margin, but Dick didn't discriminate. Older, younger, redhead, blonde, brunette, Dick couldn't say no to any gorgeous woman who looked his way. It was just his nature to provide carnal pleasures. And appropriate, given his name. Barbara wouldn't be back for some time, as she was busy with Huntress. The thoughts of all the dirty things that Dick's ex-lover was doing to his current girlfriend...

On one side stood Dinah Lance, the Black Canary. Her lean but athletic body was near perfect, with curves in all the right places and smooth legs that seemed to go on forever. Her beautiful blonde hair fell to her shoulders. She was also naked, save for a black choker around her neck, and her trademark fishnet tights. Crotchless tights.

On the other side was Zatanna Zatara, the sultry magician. The brunette was a performer at heart, and she knew how to entice an audience. She stood a few inches shorter than her blonde partner, but the sight of her nude figure was no less jaw-dropping. She had perfect C-cup breasts (with erect nipples), lustful eyes, and smooth black hair. And like her partner-in-crime, she, too, was wearing only fishnets. A pair of fishnet stockings held up by a lacy garter belt, that is. And her hat.

The two women crawled onto the bed, two hungry predators surrounding their prize. Each woman placed a hand on Dick's erect member, giving him a teasing glance as they gently stroked him. Their faces met, and came together, engaging into a lustful kiss, merely inches away from Dick's engorged namesake. When they were satisfied with swallowing each other's faces, they turned their attention to eager monster in front of them. Dinah started first, touching the tip of her tongue to the aroused flesh, and lightly licking the shaft from the base to the tip. Zatanna was a bit more giving. She flattened her tongue, covering more of his surface area, as she brushed her tongue along him. The two girls continued their unusual massage, licking him up and down, their tongues often meeting.

"Oh god," Dick moaned. He could have ejaculated right there, all over their gorgeous faces, and would not feel the slightest bit of shame. But he wouldn't. This night was getting started, and by the end of the night, Dick was determined to fill both lovely ladies with as much of his cum as humanly possible. But not yet. They would have to work a bit harder for that.

As if she had read his thoughts, Dinah was in the process of taking things to the next step. She lightly pushed her black-haired contemporary to the side, to kneel directly in front of Dick. She gave the underside of his shaft one final lick, before inserting him into her mouth. She slid him in, her tongue swirling around his length as she swallowed him down to the hilt.

(Maybe she could teach Barbara a few lessons,) Dick mused, as he watched his namesake disappear behind those ruby red lips. His view of the gorgeous head of blonde hair between his legs was quickly obstructed by Zatanna. The brunette beauty situated herself directly over Dick's face, her fishnet-covered legs on either side of him. She stuck her velvet lips in his face, her intent clear. Dick was all too happy to oblige, grasping her perfect butt to bring her closer, and dipping his tongue into her wet folds. He licked, slowly but firmly, eliciting the first of (what will hopefully be many) moans out of the magician. Her legs closed in around his head, boxing his ears in, as his tongue pushed in deeper, exploring her tight, wet tunnel, all while his manhood was lavished with the Black Canary's expert mouth.

Feeling his first orgasm coming, Dick decided that he wouldn't be the first to cum tonight. He worked his tongue into a frenzy, making sure to graze Zatanna's clit with every motion. He flattened his tongue against her, massaging her love button until she came. He held tightly, keeping his mouth on her as her hips bucked in pleasure. Satisified that he already got one woman off, he allowed himself to release a jet of hot semen into Dinah's inviting mouth. He felt her lips clench tightly around him, as if not to let a single drop of him out. When Zatanna had come down from her orgasm, she mercifully loosened her leg lock on Dick's head, granting him the wonderful view of watching the blonde vixen place her mouth on her brunette friend, sharing her spoils. By the time they had finished swallowing his seed, Dick was already hard and ready for another.


Dinah Lance felt quite a bit of satisfaction, making the young man come so much. She had her share of older men, but there was no thrill like making a young and confident stud moan like he just did. Barbara Gordon had a fine piece of meat, and Dinah was happy that she talked her into loaning him for a night. And watching her friend and colleague Zatanna cum hard certainly enhanced the experience. Ever since she first seduced him in front of his girlfriend, she was looking forward to another intense round, and she was all too happy to have Zatanna join in as well.

She gripped him, feeling him harden in no time at all. To her surprise, Zatanna took the first initiative, grabbing Dinah's legs, throwing her on her back. The raven vixen straddled her, with her legs on either side of her waist, as she dove down for a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Dinah's lower lips were not neglected, either. She felt another tongue lick between her folds, and flatten itself on her clit. This pattern repeated itself for some time, before Dinah felt the tip of a rock hard penis nuzzle against her moistened lips. She held her breath, in anticipation of that first penetration.


Dick Grayson loved pleasing women, from young sidekicks of barely legal age, to senior members of the Justice League. He loved seeing them melt before him, and writhe in ecstasy. And having worked alongside so many women of so many different backgrounds and superpowers, he had long learned to make the most of every body part he had, penis, mouth, hands, to make his female colleagues cum. As he prepared to stuff himself between the inviting legs of Black Canary, he was certainly not going neglect the equally beautiful Zatanna. Already, he had a hand nestled between her legs, his index and middle fingers lovingly caressing her labia.


The first thrust was not gentle. Dinah grunted into Zatanna's mouth as the former sidekick's rod impaled her suddenly and forcefully. He buried his fleshy tool inside her again and again, each time pushing Dinah closer to new sensations. Zatanna had taken the opportunity to pin Dinah's arms to the side, getting a lovely view of her heaving breasts as she lay there helpless, her body jerking every time her wet tunnel took in the meaty machine. Above her, Zatanna was clearly enjoying the affections that Dick's hand was giving to her, as the brunette made her way down to Dinah's neck, biting her affectionately.

Dinah tensed up, knowing that her orgasm was in reach as Dick continued to slam into her cervix. She wanted his cum, she needed it. Her body craved it. Sweat and tears dripped down her face.

"Come inside me, that's an order!" she barked. Her legs instinctively hooked around her lover's waist, clinging tightly to him as her climax hit, screaming as waves of pleasure shattered her. Seconds later, she felt him climax as well, her body still twitching as his warm seed filled her, giving her what she desired so badly.


Above the buxom blonde, Zatanna felt the seeds of her own orgasm. But she had no intention on getting off to the just the boy wonder's hand. She wanted his namesake, the tool that women in the Justice League went crazy for, the same weapon that turned her confident and powerful friend below her into a cum receptacle.

"You're not done yet!" she pleaded. "Fuck me on top of her! She needs to watch"

"Wait, let me..." he protested.

"Kcuf em, nosyarG!"

Whether it was her magic actually at work, or just the impressive stamina of a young man occupied with two of the most ravishing women in the world, Zatanna felt his prick, already hard again, lined up at her quivering womanhood. A pair of strong arms grabbed her hands, pulling her arms behind her, using her own body as extra leverage. She took a deep breath right before he plunged into her slick heat. Wet and well-lubricated from being eaten out, she accepted his entire girth into her tightness. There was little pain, just pure pleasure, as she felt the sensation of just being filled, her tight tunnel clenching around his manhood each time he drove himself into her. Her breasts bounced with every thrust, and she couldn't help but moan each time.

Below her, Dinah had shifted up the bed, such that her heat was displayed in front of Zatanna. Dinah's hands gripped her head, pushing Zatanna's into her crotch. Zatanna plunged her tongue into her friend's depths, tasting her juices, and the semen that resided in her love canal. She licked Dinah up and down, paying careful attention to her special bundle of nerves, all while the boy wonder continued to thrust into her, bringing her to a sexual frenzy.

Dinah's legs hooked themselves around Zatanna's head, as both women came simultaneously. Zatanna winced as her blonde partner's juices gushed onto her face. Her cries of pleasure of silenced as the blonde's legs clenched tightly around her. Behind her, she felt Dick sink his length into her once more, following by wonderful warmth of his seed. Fully satisfied, she cuddled up to her blonde colleague, nuzzling her breasts.

"Had enough, ladies?" Dick asked, with the charming confidence of a man who had indeed filled two lust-filled women with his cum. He collapsed onto the bed behind Zatanna, his eyes clearly taking in the sight of two gorgeous women basking in the glow of their orgasms. His fingers playfully crawled up Zatanna's body. "I'm only one man."

Zatanna smiled.

"Not if my magic has something to say about that."

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