tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 13

Gotham Nights Ch. 13


Stephanie Brown, Batgirl, slid her tongue into the warm, eager mouth of Cassandra Cain, also Batgirl.

Stephanie could hardly contain her joy, having finally gotten to seduce the latest Batgirl recruit, the cute Asian girl sitting in her lap. Unlike Stephanie, Cassandra didn't pair her costume with a cowl, just a domino mask, allowing her silk black hair to fall in front of her face. Stephanie removed the mask, and then brushed her hair as their tongues danced together. (Barbara probably wouldn't approve of her proteges fooling around on duty), Stephanie thought. (But Barbara's probably too busy getting off to watching her boyfriend get tied up and fucked by another woman to notice.)

Stephanie's hands went to work, scrambling across Cass's body to remove to latex suit as quickly as possible, leaving a sports bra covering her small breasts. Finally breaking away from the passionate makeout, Stephanie tugged on the sides of the sports bra, pulling it over her body as the blushing Cassandra raised her arms. Stephanie cupped both bare breasts in her hands; they were a bit smaller than any of her other lady lovers, but they were a delight nonetheless. She lowered her mouth to one breast, tongue bathing one nipple as she tweaked the other with her nimble fingers. Stephanie had wanted the petite Asian beauty the moment she first encountered her, and she wanted to enjoy every inch of her. The poor girl had been raised to be an assassin, and Stephanie was going to make sure her first sexual experience would be one she would never forget.

"Stephanie," whined a voice behind her, "when do we get to join in?"

Steph rolled her eyes at Tim and Jason behind her, the two former Robins waiting eagerly, barely able to contain themselves. It was practically a tradition for Batgirls and Robins to hook up, and those two, while not quite on par with the original, were more than adequate, especially when taken together. But tonight, they were barely on her mind.

"Fine," she capitulated. "One of you gets to play with me, while I take care of Cassandra. But no one else touches her." She had barely finished her sentence before Tim, her off-and-on-again boyfriend, jumped at the chance, immediately falling to hands and knees to get behind her. Stephanie, still busy undressing Cassandra, perked her bottom up, giving Red Robin easier access to her belt buckle. She barely felt her legggings being removed, as she was too distracted with peeling the last remaining undergarment away from the nubile body in front of her, to reveal an unexpected surprise.

"Cassandra!" Stephanie exclaimed. "Did you... shave?"

The Asian girl with the heart-shaped face nodded adorably. "For you," she replied.

Stephanie gripped Cassandra's legs, gently pulling them apart. With a few fingers, she gently parted Cassandra's delicate lips. Her barrier had probably already been broken due to so much fighting, but Stephanie had little doubt that this precious flower had not experienced the joy of carnal pleasure at the hand of another human being, or even at all. She traced the tip of her tongue around the inexperienced girl's labia, eliciting light gasps. It took every ounce of her willpower to not just rush in and slobber all over this delectable treat.

She had nearly forgotten about Red Robin, until she felt a familiar tongue attempt to snake in between her legs. Mercifully, Stephanie raised her hips and widened her legs, giving her boyfriend better access. He was diligent, she could give him that. He had his hands on her ass, as he pushed his face in further, pushing his tongue in to explore her nethers. The warm feelings he produced encouraged Steph to give her new girlfriend the same. Holding tightly onto her legs, Stephanie dipped her tongue into Cassandra's folds, up and down her wet slit. Every time her tongue passed by Cassandra's clit, she gave the erect bud a light flick, evoking a sensuous moan.

"Stephanie... Stephanie... Stephanie," the Asian girl moaned again and again. It was the most words that Steph had ever heard coming out of her mouth in a short span of time, and it was well-earned. Knowing that she was close, Stephanie went in for the kill, placing her lips on the swollen love button, and lashing her tongue against it. Cassandra's lithe body convulsed as she came, drenching Stephanie's face with her juices. Cass had collapsed on top of her cape from the orgasmic experience, her young body not used to such pleasures.

"Well?" a voiced demanded, "is it our turn now?"

Jason, the Red Hood, stood impatiently clutching his member in his hand. Admidst Red Robin's protests, Stephanie stood up and brushed her hand against Jason's cock, before turning her back on him. Slowly, she removed the rest of her clothing, mask and cape included. "Alright, Tim here has done a good job getting me nice and lubricated, haven't you, Tim?" she taunted. "Why don't you finish what he started, Jason?"

"Wait..." Tim began to protest, before Stephanie interrupted him by encircling her hands around his rigid cock. "Oh, I haven't forgotten about you, sweet Timmy," she spoke, as she got onto her knees and touched her lips to his swollen head. Behind her, a pair of hands gripped on each of her thighs, lifting her up, as she held onto Tim's legs for support. Jason's hands held her legs on either side of his body, keeping her suspended in the air as Tim shifted his body to give Stephanie an ideal angle to go down on him. With one hand, she held onto Tim's shaft as her head bobbled up and down, as Jason skewered her from behind, going balls deep into her with the very first thrust. She moaned into Tim's prick as Jason held onto her like a wheelbarrow and plowed into her repeatedly.


Meanwhile, Cassandra Cain was finally recovering from her out-of-body experience. As an assassin trained from birth, she had been in hundreds of deadly battles, but none have left her so exhausted as this perky blonde woman. Cassandra decided she wanted to experience more, but her friend was occupied. Cassandra's... "lover" was being spitroasted, as Stephanie had once called it. She appeared in pain, and yet in pleasure at the same time.

The sight of seeing her newfound friend being... pleasured as such brought an arousal to Cass, and she instinctively lowered one hand between her legs, rubbing herself as she had watched Stephanie do to herself many times before. With her other hand, she played with her own breasts, the same way that Stephanie had played with her earlier, rubbing and tweaking her own nipples. As Cassandra watched her new best friend have her orifices stuffed again and again by large fleshy cocks, she began to grown bold with her own pleasure, inserting a finger into herself, and then a second. She thrusted those fingers in and out of herself, rubbing her clit at the same time, as she watched her friend get closer to climax.


Sensing that Cassandra was just about to cum at the same time as her, Stephanie couldn't resist abandoning Tim's prick in favor of pulling in Cassandra for a deep kiss, as their orgasms struck them at the same time. They moaned and stared into each other as they came simultaenously. Meanwhile, Jason himself had popped as well, shooting a stream of his seed into her. And not one to deliberately blueball her boyfriend, Stephanie had kept her hand on Tim, stroking him until he burst, spraying his cum over her and Cassandra's faces. When he had finished, she pushed him aside, more interested in continuing her post-coital makeout with her new girlfriend.

"You two can leave now," she told the boys, who silently followed her orders. Once alone, the two young women cuddled together in their capes, taking turns licking the semen off each other's faces. (And to think that Babs was worried that we wouldn't bond,) Steph thought. She wondered if her mentor was up to any sort of bonding.


Elsewhere, Barbara Gordon was indeed doing some bonding of her own, as Dick Grayson, tied up and gagged with two pairs of panties, watched intently. A pair of supple bodies were bodies were entangled in an erotic 69 style, as an abundance of red hair was everywhere. The two bodies, of course, belonged to two women he loved very much, one being the current love of his life Barbara, and the other being an alien woman who changed his life, Starfire. And unfortunately for him, they had taken to their first meeting exceedingly well to the point of insisting on punshing him for not introducing them earlier.

Barbara was the first to come, as Dick knew very well from personal experience how skilled Kori's tongue was. But never one to fall easily behind, Barbara had worked the alien princess up to her own orgasm, as the girls' bodies shuddered nearly in unison in the throes of orgasm. The redheads embraced in the warm glow of each other, before turning their attention back to their bound captive.

"Look at him," Kori spoke as she crawled over Dick, her large breasts brushing up right again Dick's twitching penis. "He looks sorry for lying to us all those years. Should we forgive him?"

Barbara leaned over him and removed her and Kori's underwear from his mouth. "Well, Dick," she asked teasingly, "have you learned your lesson yet?" Her erect nipples were just inches out of reach from his lips.

"Yes," he gasped, "I'm so sorry, and I love both of you very much!"

"I think..." Barbara pondered as she gave his wanting pecker a light kiss on its tip, "he needs just one more round of punishment. Don't you agree, Kori?"

The alien princess stood up from the bed, in all her tall naked glory.

"Oh yes," she replied. "Tell me, Barbara, have you ever eaten a woman upside down?"

"No," Barbara replied, exchanging a kiss (and bodily fluids) with the lustful alien princess. "But I'm all for trying new things."

As Kori flipped his girlfriend upside down for a standing 69, Dick pleaded, "Wait!"

"Yes, Dick?" Barbara turned, hanging upside down and seconds away from feasting on Kori's crotch once again.

Dick paused. "Be sure to play with her ass a bit, she likes it."

"Aw, that's sweet of you," she replied before returning to her carnal pleasures. "Now shut up and watch. If you're a good boy, we might even let you come. In both of us."

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