tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 14

Gotham Nights Ch. 14


Kate Kane was not going home with dry panties tonight.

The strobe lights pulsed, and the music pounded. On the dance floor, a dancing young woman bumped against Kate in her red low-cut dress. Kate seized the opportunity, placing her hands around the young woman's waist, rubbing up against her as the two grinded in the crowded nightclub. The young dance partner, who couldn't be older than early 20s, had long red curls, and a slim waist. She stood a few inches shorter than Kate, and seemed to have taken care of her body. She certainly looked delectable in her pink thigh high dress. The young redhead responded to the advance by pushing her ass back against Kate's crotch.

This was the most action Kate had gotten so long. She thought about Renee, about how often their relationship had crashed and burned, and about how steamy and angry the make-up and break-up sex was. She thought about how it had been so long since the last time she had shared her bed with anyone, thanks to her work fighting crime as Batwoman. She thought about the rumors of how every single other superhero in Gotham was seemingly getting laid every night. She thought about how badly she needed a release, and how fun it would be to get this college girl with a cute ass off.

Kate decided she didn't want to wait. She brought her chest up against her dance partner's back. Her hands slid down the younger woman's slim hips and down to her bare thighs. Kate flicked her tongue against the woman's ear lobe.

"You ever been with another woman in public?" she whispered seductively into her ear.

Not waiting for a reply, Kate slipped her hands underneath the woman's dress, reaching up to find her barely protected mound. The young woman turned her head towards Kate, starring into her eyes for a brief second before closing them. The stranger then locked lips with Kate, shoving her tongue into her mouth as if she had been waiting all night to be seduced on the dance floor.

Their tongues never broke contact, as Kate hands explored more of the woman's nether regions. She felt the girl's hardened clit through her panties and her fingers rubbed circles around it, as their hips swayed to the beat of the music. Kate felt the girl moan, and her fingers continued to work their magic at a steady pace. The younger woman's knees began to buckle, and Kate turned up the heat by pushing the thin fabric aside and slipping a finger into her moist tunnel.

Kate was in bliss. It had been so long since she had her finger in a tight, wet vagina that wasn't her own. Her partner had finally broken the kiss, panting and moaning as Kate's fingers became more aggressive. She slipped a second finger into her, as her palm rubbed that engorged bud. She was hot, sweaty, and fingerfucking this woman in the middle of a crowd, and no one even noticed.

"Oh god," Kate's partner moaned. "I... I... friends. In bathroom... You should meet them." The young woman had been barely able to get the words about before climaxing. She would have stumbled onto the dance floor, had Kate not caught her. She proudly held up the fingers that had done the dirty deed. Kate tasted the younger woman's juices on one finger, and offered the second finger to her conquest, who happily sucked her own nector.

"I... have to sit down," she told Kate. "But my friends are eager to meet you. You'll find that we have a lot in common, and they'll be glad to... accomodate you."

Perplexed but horny, Kate nonetheless made her way to the ladies room. If nothing else, she could at least rub one out, since her partner didn't seem to be in the physical condition to return the favor.


Her legs still shaky, Barbara Gordon had somehow managed to make her way to an empty table to sit down. She pulled her phone out, sending a quick message to her colleagues waiting in the ladies room: "She's on her way." Barbara was hoping that after tonight, she'd have earned the trust of Batwoman. Never did she expect to get fingered to a hot and heavy orgasm in the middle of a crowd! She grew wet just thinking about what Kate's wonderful fingers did to her. Quickly, she sent out emergency messages to Dick and Dinah. She didn't care what they were up to; she needed one of them, whoever responded first, and maybe preferably both, as soon as possible.


Kate wandered into the ladies' room, only to be greeted by a wonderful sight. Two brunette women, in gorgeous dresses, appeared before her. One wore a sleek black one-shoulder dress that did little to hide her curves, or the fishnet stockings she wore on her legs. The other woman, who stood a head taller and had a visibly athletic body, had an elegant black-and-white dress. And they did not notice Kate at first, for they were busy in the middle of a passionate make-out. Kate had a feeling that these two women were the "friends" that the young redhead was talking about.

Kate let out an audible gasp when she realized that she recognized the taller woman. That got their attention.

"Kate Kane," the taller woman greeted, "it's good to see you again."

(No way, it can't be here,) Kate pondered. (What would Wonder Woman be doing here in a Gotham night club?)

Kate had remembered their team-up as Batwoman and Wonder Woman a year ago very fondly. She had regretted saying goodbye to the bodacious Amazon without inviting her back to her place. And now...

"Otni eht llats!" the other raven-haired woman shouted.

Kate felt an invisible force push her into the nearest bathroom stall. The two brunettes followed her, closing the door behind them. Wonder Woman, or Diana, was suddenly holding a brightly shining golden rope.

"We've heard that you've been having a few... troubles in Gotham," the dignified princess explained, with a smirk. "We superheroines do our best to make sure each other's needs are... attended to."

"What's the rope for?" Kate wondered aloud. Not that she was any stranger to a bit of bondage, thanks to Renee, but... in a public restroom?

"The Golden Perfect," Diana answered. "It will reveal your truths and desires. And there's nothing greater than the most intimate truth you have." Diana spoke as she wrapped the ropes around Kates wrists behind her. Kate was surprised at how she quickly acquiesed. She faced Diana's shorter friend, a sexy vixen in her own right.

"I suppose I should introduce myself," the woman responded, planting a kiss on Kate's lips. "Zatanna, the master of backwards magic!"

"Backwards magic?"

"Seitnap ffo!" Zatanna chanted.

Within a second, Kate's underwear had vanished, and she felt her wetness dripping onto the floor.

Diana's hands wrapped themselves around Kate's waist, and lifted her body up. Zatanna, being careful with to not dirty her dress, lowered her head down to between Kate's legs. She gently gripped and pulled them apart, setting them on her shoulders as Diana effortlessly held Kate up. Kate felt a soft warm tongue flicker around her lower lips. She gasped.

"Someone's going to hear us!"

"Does that worry you, Kate? Would you rather we stop, or would you prefer that others listen to a woman being pleasured the way that only another woman knows, like the goddesses intended?" Diana questioned, as she pulled Kate's dress down revealing a breast. With one hand still holding Kate's torso in the air, Diana put the other to work, fondling the exposed breast, giving it the loving attention that it hadn't gotten in ages.

"No, fuck me," Kate moaned, as she let out a number of truths. "Let them hear! I've wanted this for so long, Diana! Ever since we worked together that first time! I dreamed of you tying me up, and taking my body every which way!"

By this time, Zatanna was working on Kate's clit, lavishing it with love, the way no other woman except Renee could. Or perhaps not even. Kate's legs hooked together behind Zatanna's head, inadvertently pinning the raven beauty's shoulders. The magician seemed to take no notice, however, as she continued to tongue Kate's pussy, exploring every nook and cranny and eating the redhead to a powerful orgasm.

And what an orgasm it was. Any shame Kate previously had was washed away by a wave of ecstasy. It was the best orgasm she had had in a long time, and perhaps the best sex she'd experienced in her life. Never had she been on the receiving end of a tongue that skilled. Surely it had to be some magic trick.

Zatanna's head came up to give Kate a kiss. Naturally, Kate was all too willing to accept the taste of the amazing orgasm she had just received.

"Oh babe, we're not done yet," Zatanna teased. "No-parts odlid!"

Behind her, Kate felt Diana's strong hands slide down to her hips, lifting them up. She felt something hard and rigid pressed against her opening.

"It's bigger than any you've ever had. Do you trust me?" Diana whispered.

"Yes! Do it to me!" she shouted, still bound by the Lasso of Truth.

Diana inserted an inch at first, testing the waters. She pulled out, and then pushed back in, going in another few inches. Diana was right, this toy certainly felt larger than any of the many toys that Kate and Renee had used on each other during their biggest arguments. Diana pulled out again and then slipped back in, adding another few inches, preparing the tight passage for more. As she moved her hands to grip onto Kate's shoulders, Zatanna worked on what remained on Kate's dress, exposing the other breast. The magician switched between sucking on the two engorged nipples, right before Diana forcefully shoved the length of the dildo into her tight cunt.

Kate screamed. Loudly. She didn't care if everyone in the whole club heard her. In fact, she hoped they did. As Diana rhythmically thrusted into the redhaired snatch, Kate wanted nothing more than the whole world to hear how much pleasure she was getting from the two most voluptuous women she had ever met. Her only regret was that the cute redhead from earlier wasn't there as well. She would have loved to do to that college girl what Diana was doing to her, impaling her tight box without restraint. There was a reason why they called Wonder Woman the greatest superheroine of all time, and Kate was experiencing it firsthand. Her muscles twitched and jerked, as another orgasm brust through her body. She collapsed into the arms of Zatanna as she slipped off from the naturally lubricated dildo.

"Welcome to the Justice League, Kate," Diana said to her. "You'll see that being one of us comes with a lot of benefits. Like I said, we take very good care of each other."

"Sserd riaper!" Zatanna commanded, and in an instant, Kate's dress was as good as new, erasing all evidence that she had just been brought to astonishing orgasms.

The women propped her onto the closed-lid toilet, and exited the stall.

"See you on the dance floor, lover!"

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