tagMind ControlGotham's Finest

Gotham's Finest


Sharon Armstrong huffed great lung fulls of air as she ran down the dark alleyway, her service pistol drawn and her eyes darting about madly. Sweat dripped down from her pale face, caused from the exertion of running after the criminal she had been chasing as well as the fear that raced through her heart. She was alone, in a dank, deserted alley, running after one of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham City.

The police officer slowed down her run, panting and slightly out of breath. She adjusted her uniform cap over her blond hair and looked around, her eyes adjusting to the shadows of the alleyway. As she breathed, her chest rose and fell, the blue uniform top barely managing to keep her enormous breasts restrained. She wiped away at her sweaty forehead with a sleeve before trying her radio again. Sharon would definitely feel a whole lot better if she weren't the only cop here, but unfortunately all she received from the radio was static. The officer cursed softly, before walking further into the alley.

As her eyes darted about, searching the gloom for any sign of her quarry, she couldn't help but hear her mother's voice, a voice that echoed from the deep reaches of her mind. It was as familiar to her as her own, as was its ever nagging and criticizing tone. "Sharon, being a police officer is no job for a woman. You're a beautiful girl, you should find a husband and settle down. Leave the crime fighting to the men, and that crazy bat man thing."

Sharon shook her mother's voice out of her head, trying to focus on the task at hand instead. She needed to find the criminal she had been chasing, then arrest him. That was her job, her duty. She swore an oath to uphold the law, and by God, she would do so to the best of her abilities. The policewoman crept further into the alley, her gun held firm. She would catch the madman she was after, or die trying.

Unfortunately for her, she did not see the dark figure move up to her from behind some boxes until it was too late. The man was on her before she could whirl around and shoot, grabbing her shoulder while slipping a thin metal card into the band of her police officer's cap.


Jervis Tetch was quite pleased with himself. He had managed to not only elude the Batman after the vile miscreant broke into his secret lab, but had escaped from the numerous police officers that had chased after him as well. Although he knew the fact that he was a genius helped his escape, he also realized that luck had a much larger role in it. It was luck that allowed him to slip away from the Bat and the waves of police, it was luck that led him into this deserted alleyway, and it was luck that he managed to slip one of his mental control devices onto the lone policewoman whom had managed to track him. Now he was free and clear, with no one else chasing after him.

"Huzzah!" laughed the Mad Hatter, finally allowing himself a bout of good cheer. He had been feeling incredibly depressed lately, as many of his schemes fell flat due to the actions of the Batman. Now though, after his daring escape and eluding capture, he felt on top of the world. Of course his lab and all his equipment were in the hands of the police, but he was confident that in time he could replace them.

It was unfortunate that he was not able to take more of his mental control disks with him before he hastily left his lab. He had only managed to grab a handful, and those were of the older variety that merely left his victims' minds open to suggestions. He could not directly control them through the master mind control device in his hat, thereby limiting him to vocal commands.

"Oh well," he muttered. "I'll just have to make do."

His glance went over to the pretty young police officer that was now under his control. She was definitely a curvaceous little thing, her blue uniform emphasizing both her bust and her bottom. Jervis quickly shook off his lascivious thoughts; he was, after all, a gentleman, and gentlemen didn't think such things.

"Well, my dear," The Mad Hatter tipped his hat before bending over to kiss the young woman's hand. "I must leave you now. Do not worry though, I'm sure your fellows will arrive soon to aid you. It has been a pleasure meeting you, but I'm afraid I must bid you farewell."

Jervis turned around to leave, but quickly whirled back and grabbed Sharon's gun. It never hurt to have some firepower, in case one of his mental control disks failed to activate. The Mad Hatter slipped the pistol into his coat, then dashed away from the still police woman towards the entrance of the alley.

He was hungry, and a spot of tea would do him a world of good.


John Baker could not believe his eyes. He had been walking home from his friend Todd's place, when he decided to cut across the alleyway between Todd's apartment complex and the local butcher's. To his absolute shock, he saw a tall, lanky man in a thick overcoat and top hat rush a lady cop and plant something on her head. The cop then turned all zombie-like and limp, standing in front of the man as if she were asleep standing up. The man then started talking to himself before grabbing the cop's gun and running out the other side of the alley.

John took a deep breath to quell his excitement. He was a skinny, short, nerdy eighteen year old, and was a fan of the daily criminal activities of this dark city. Unlike the other geeky teenage boys in his neighborhood, he didn't bother reading comic books or watching cartoons or movies. After all, they lived in what seemed like a real-life comic book, with real-life superheroes and villains. He read the news accounts of the mysterious Batman, as well as the more colorful cast of Gotham's bizarre criminal underworld. He knew all about the Joker, Two-Face, and Killer Croc. He'd read about all their capers, from the Penguin's attempted heist of the Scarlet Diamond to the Scarecrow's poisoning of the city's water supply. It all fascinated John, and now he had actually seen one of his beloved super villains in action!

There was no denying whom the man in the coat and hat was: Jervis Tech, a.k.a. the Mad Hatter. It was so exciting for the high school senior to actually catch a glimpse of the famous criminal in person! He was tempted to slink out of his hiding place and ask the madman for an autograph, but thankfully his common sense won out. Tech was, after all, a dangerous criminal. Who knows what he'd do if he had found out John was a witness to his dastardly acts?

Speaking of dastardly acts, John thought, that cop is still standing there. Wondering if she was alright, the boy stood up from his hiding place and cautiously approached her. He was wary that the Mad Hatter might still be in the area.

When John was less than five feet away, he was struck by how beautiful the lady police officer was. She was older than him, probably in her mid to late twenties. She was also taller than he was (not surprising, since he was rather short for his age) and had long blond hair tied into a bun. Her face was pretty, with soft skin, pouty lips, and the most amazingly blue eyes he had ever seen. Her body was great too; she had an athletic physique and obviously worked out. The blue police uniform seemed to hug all her curves, from her tight butt to her most impressive chest. That part of her anatomy held John's attention the most. Her breasts were pretty big, definitely bigger than his mom's. He had snuck a peak at his mother's brassier drawer once and saw hers to be a "D" size, whatever that meant. He had thought at the time that his mom's boobs were pretty big, but they didn't compare to this cop's!

John suddenly realized that he had been circling the officer like a hawk, scanning every inch of the woman's fabulous body with hungry eyes. Yet the cop didn't move; she just continued staring into nothing, as if in a trance.

The teenage boy cautiously approached the older woman. Once he was directly in front of her, he tried looking into her blank blue eyes, but he was too short. His eye level was at her shoulder-height, and he gulped when he realized just how close his face was to her big breasts. John forced his eyes back up to the lady cop's face, then waved a hand in front of it. Nothing.

"Hey, uh, ma'am?" he asked her, his voice cracking with nervousness. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." Sharon answered in a soft tone.

John gulped again, this time seriously freaked out. He had read about the Mad Hatter of course, and how the deranged lunatic was able to control his victims. But seeing it in action was all too creepy for him. He waved his hand in front of the police officer again, coming up with the same results. She was definitely out of it.

"You sure you're okay?" he asked again.

"Yes." Sharon answered once more.

The teenage boy scratched his head, uncertain about what to do. He glanced down at the cop's bulky utility belt, which held her radio. Should he call for backup or something?

As he reached over to get the radio, his eyes traveled once more up Sharon's tone stomach and towards her bulging breasts. The massive orbs all but strained within the confines of the tight uniform dress shirt. It looked as if any strain at all would pop the buttons open and spill the gorgeous melons out for all to see.

John fantasized about that. In his head he could see this beautiful lady cop running after some mugger through the busy streets of Gotham, her big tits bouncing with each step. People would stop and gawk at the sight of those two beauties bouncing about in that tight uniform top, barely restrained by the bra underneath it. Suddenly, the cheap buttons could no longer hold back the abundant flesh, and off they pop. The big boobies would burst free from their blue confines, spilling forth out into the world. Her front-clasp bra would also snap open, leaving her naked breasts out in the sunlight for everyone to see. Of course, the cop would be too focused on the chase to notice that her whoppers are out in public, so she runs ever onwards, her naked titties flopping about unrestrained. She'll then tackle the mugger, her boobs bouncing the whole time. Just as she bends down to grab his arms and cuff them, she'll notice that her tits are hanging out of her open shirt to the view and delight of everyone on the street. Before she could move to cover them though, the mugger, whose face is pressed pretty close to the copper's whoppers, moves his mouth up. His thick, thuggish tongue then comes out and licks a hanging nipple.

John gasps and stops fantasizing, as he nearly comes in his pants. "Shit," he gasped, taking deep breaths to avoid making a mess in his jockeys. "That was too close!"

The teenager looks up at the sexy lady cop in front of him, who was still staring blankly at nothing. His dick was straining against the tightness of his jeans, his mind a cloud of hormonal lust. John glanced down once more at the officer's large tits, which were rising slowly, up and down, with each breath the hypnotized woman took.

His dick was ruling his brain now. His horny teenage mind, clouded in lust, was not about to let an opportunity like this pass. He was short, skinny as a stringbean, and wasn't too popular with the ladies. Unlike many of his classmates, he was still a virgin. Hell, at 18 years of age, he still hadn't managed to kiss a girl. But now, here was a sexy older woman, completely in his control, plus she was a cop as well! He wanted, no, needed to have her.

His eyes focused on her bulging breasts. His stare was intense, and it looked as if he were trying to burn a hole slowly through the layers of cloth to see the creamy flesh within. Slowly, cautiously, he reached out a hand. His index finger came out and he slowly, cautiously, poked at her left tit, right below where her badge was. John moaned as he pushed the pad of his fingertip into the soft flesh; it felt so firm, so soft, so yielding. He pushed his finger even deeper into the large boob, until his finger was all but buried in the warm, fatty flesh.

John glanced back up into Sharon's face, but she remained as impassive as ever.

"Yes!" the boy silently cheered. He pulled his finger away, then roughly grabbed the entire tit in his hand. "Oh my god!"

It felt so soft! John crudely groped the big breast in his hand, his teenage palm all but overflowing with the massive mammary. His inexperienced fingers rubbed, poked, and squeezed the yielding flesh, the feeling of the uniform and her bra only adding to his pleasure. He reached up with his other hand and molested Sharon's other breast, squishing and squeezing it in tune with its twin.

John moaned in pure delight. He never thought feeling a woman's tits would be this good! Oh god, and to have a sexy, hot, beautiful bitch like this to feel as his first time! Damn, he'll be spoiled for life! No other woman could possibly make him feel as good as this hot cop could!

His mind was fogged over with lust. His penis strained in his jeans, demanding to be set free. Uncaring of the consequences, John began undoing his belt. His head dived down to Sharon's chest, his mouth clamping over her right breast before sucking the nipple through the layers of blue cloth. His right hand continued its assault on her left boob, squeezing and pulling at it roughly.

John managed to free his dick and he began stroking it in earnest. His lips and mouth slobbered over Sharon's breast, his saliva making the material of her top over the orb almost transparent. He sucked harder and began softly chewing on the breast in his mouth, his lust addled brain trying to force as much of the tit into his mouth as he could.

The teenager's hand flew fast and hard over his penis. Precum dribbled out fiercely, causing his dick to be slick and wet. John began panting through his nose, his mouth still full of tit flesh, as he began to feel his balls welling up with pressure. He viciously squeezed the police officer's left breast in his hand as intense arcs of pleasure shot up from his dick, engulfing his body in one fantastic orgasm.

"Holy shit!" John screamed into the boob in his mouth. His body tensed as pulse after pulse of pleasure shot through him. His dick erupted, spurting white, hot ejaculate onto Sharon's clean and crisp uniform trousers. The cum spattered against her crotch and left inner thigh, soaking the blue material. John moaned and pressed his dick forwards, pushing the still spurting organ tightly against the officer's cum-stained thigh.

The teenager all but collapsed after his intense climax. He fell backwards and away from the hypnotized policewoman, falling on his butt on the dirty, filthy floor of the alleyway. He didn't care though, as his eyes took in the magnificent sight of the officer in front of him.

Sharon was in a very disheveled state. Her uniform blouse was a mess, as John's manhandling had managed to tear away the top three buttons. The shirt was opened slightly, revealing a generous amount of succulent cleavage to his eyes. The fabric around her right breast was a mess; his slobber had turned it all but transparent, and he could see the black bra she wore underneath it. The spit had also collected heavily, and was dripping down the blouse in streaks, even wetting the leather utility belt tied around her waist. The best part were her trousers, though. John had cum bucket loads, and all of them seemed to have spattered against the policewoman's dark blue pants. Spatters of white could still be seen on her crotch and thigh, and the entire area of the inside of her left leg was stained with his fluids. John smiled; he had marked her. She was his. His dick, which did not go soft, grew harder at the thought.

John stood up, smiling brightly. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Here was the sexiest woman he had ever seen in his life, and she was his, to do with as he pleased. Her breasts, her ass, her pussy ... they were all his. He couldn't wait to try all of her. To his teenage, hormone-filled mind, Sharon was the best toy money could buy.

The teenager waddled over to the vacant-eyed police officer, not bothering to do up the pants that had fallen around his ankles. His penis was demanding attention again, and John desperately wanted to get off once more. He stopped in front of Sharon, his breath barely controlled. His hands reached out and groped at her fabulous tits again, squeezing and molding the flesh to his delight.

"Oh man, I'll never get tired of this," he told the lady cop as he shook her boobs in his hands. John looked up at Sharon's face, which was still staring vacantly at nothing. The boy smiled, feeling slightly light headed at the power he wielded over the pretty young police officer.

"Bitch," he told her out loud, squeezing her tits even harder as he said it. "You like this, don't you? Is that why you're not stopping me? Stupid fucking whore. Cunt. Slut. Did you like when I came all over you? Bet ya did, you stupid blond bitch!"

Usually, John would never dream of calling anyone, especially a police officer, such horrendous things, but his lust addled mind had gone somewhat mad with the power he had. His hands groped heavily at Sharon's breasts, his palms pushing and kneading at the tit flesh like they were lumps of bread dough ready for baking.

"God, your tits are spectacular! So fucking huge! I bet you get off on all the guys staring at them, don't you, cunt?"

"Yes, sometimes," spoke up Sharon.

John almost shrieked. He stopped mauling at her chest, his wide frightened eyes shooting up to the officer's face. To his relief, she still had the blank, vacant look on her face. He quickly remembered that when he had first found her, she had answered some of his questions, so this was probably normal. Whatever the Mad Hatter had done to her, she was still under its control.

John let out a sigh of relief, then continued his squeezing. He suddenly smiled as he realized that he could add a whole new dimension of fun to his pleasure. "Do you like what I'm doing to you?" He asked while he squeezed her breasts in his hands. The boy then threw in, "Slut?" as an addendum.

"No," answered Sharon. "You're squeezing me too hard. It kind of hurts."

John frowned at this, his young male pride a bit stung. Like all guys his age, he felt that he was a stud, that there would be nothing wrong with his sexual technique even if it was non-existent until a few moments ago. He glared up at Sharon, as if his lack of experience were her fault.

"Well, you WILL like it, slut! You like it when I squeeze too hard! You like it rough! Got it?" To enunciate the command, John squeezed her breasts viciously, trapping the sensitive mammaries in an almost vice-like grip.

"Y-yes," Sharon spoke up with a gasp. John noticed a change in her as well; her eyes ceased its glassy, vacant quality, turning instead into an almost dreamy, hazy state. Her chest and neck suddenly turned red in a flush of arousal, and he felt her nipples harden into rock-hard points in his palms.

"Holy shit," John muttered in absolute amazement. He groped at her tits enthusiastically, causing Sharon to moan softly in pleasure. "Oh man! This is great!"

The teenager visibly calmed himself, as he had come very dangerously close to coming once more. He took a deep breath, then eased his hands off the cop's lovely titties. Sharon was breathing hoarsely, her neck and face red with need.

Once John was in control of himself, his hands reached out to the officer's chest once more and began to undo the uniform blouse's remaining buttons. He had to see the magnificent melons that he had been squeezing so roughly all night. He noticed to his delight that Sharon's nipples were pushing out against the layers of fabric of her bra and uniform.

As soon as he had unbuttoned the blouse to her belly, John pushed the fabric apart to reveal the most perfect set of tits his young eyes had ever laid eyes on. The massive, creamy balloons of flesh were encased in a lacy black bra, the deep cleavage caused by their confinement making John drool in stupefied amazement. He had seen his mother's breasts in her bra numerous times, as well as a few quick peeks down his teacher, Mrs. Rinoe's, blouse, but in his opinion no tits in the world could compare to this hot cop's pair.

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