tagErotic CouplingsGrab, Pull and Thrust

Grab, Pull and Thrust


Stretching as I stand in the throngs of holiday shoppers, feeling the hot bodies so close to me. I can hear heavy breathing but can't quite tell which of the many shoppers is labouring so hot and hard at their respiration.

Twisting and turning, a frown making my lips pout, and a crease in my brow, I feel the firm grope of a hand on my ass. That was more than just a casual brush, and I find myself looking into the darkest pair of eyes I have ever seen. His hand snakes forward to find mine and he pulls me, tugging insistently until we are free of the crowd, facing each other in a darkened corner of the store.

So shocked by his bold and rash behaviour that I gasp aloud and drop my packages at my feet as his other hand finds mine. Held tightly, he pulls me close and wraps his arms around me, my hands still held firmly in his. My heaving breasts jutting forward, scraping on his hard chest.

I part my lips ready to speak and he drops his onto mine. A hard bruising kiss, pushing his tongue past my lips and exploring my mouth. A shudder runs along my spine and I quiver against him, rubbing my body to his.

We are tucked behind a Christmas tree, the lights pointed outward, shrouded in shadows and no one offers the briefest of glimpses our way.

His body pressing mine to the corner, he pushes his leg between my thighs and rubs my aching pussy with his knee, firmly rocking back and forth. My hands still held tight in his, I am too shocked to fight back, and soon the overwhelming feelings of arousal cloud my judgement.

His mouth never ceases its assault on my lips, his tongue dancing a sensuous waltz with mine and I hear my moans spilling from my lips.

Arching to him, my body cleaving to his, my pussy releasing its fragrant juices, the heat of my body letting the aroma drift upwards to infuse my every ragged breath. Nostrils flared as I inhale deeply, wriggling on his leg, rubbing my aching pussy.

His groans becoming deeper as he lowers his knee and thrusts his hardness to me. Letting me feel his desire. He lets go of my hands and pushes my leggings down, lifting my skirt and drops to his knees. I watch, my hands resting on his head, disbelief a palpable sensation as I blink rapidly, expecting him to disappear.

The hot breath washing over my moist lips drags a growl from my throat and I lift one leg to rest it on his shoulder, opening my heavy puffy lips, they drape aside and the trickle of oil tickles my heated flesh. He touches the tip of his tongue to the moisture before burying his face in my folds.

His tongue expertly parting my tingling flesh, he finds my pleasure centre and licks hard and fast. I push his head to me, my fingers balling to fists as I grip his hair. My hips rocking as I grind to his mouth.

The orgasm hits hard and fast, stifling a scream as I stuff my hand in my mouth, at the moment of my release he forces three fingers deep inside me, drills at my g-spot, prolonging my pleasure, making me weak and I slump against him. Deep shudders wracking my body, strong cunt muscles squeezing his fingers.

He pulls his hand out and offers his dripping fingers to my mouth, I suckle greedily as I watch him drop his pants. Wide eyed as his long thick cock springs free. I offer an appreciative groan as my hand reaches to touch, to squeeze and to stroke. He grabs me and bends me forward on wobbly legs, and I feel the huge head of his cock at my trembling pussy lips. He reaches forward and grabs my shoulders and with one quick thrust drives his thickness deep inside me.

Raw animal rutting, our groans and grunts loud in my ears as my vaginal vault squeezes his shaft, holding him deep, the taste of my own pussy juices still rolling on my tongue.

His strokes are full and sure, taking my pussy, owning it. Making me squeal with desire, passion, a lust so strong it won't be denied. And I cum again, all over his cock, hot, wet, creamy girl cum gushing out, bathing his length as he fucks me.

I can feel his cock grow inside me as he pushes in and holds, his fingers tearing into my shoulders, the hot spunk filling my passage, warming me from the inside. I groan as his cock pulls free, starting to turn to him, he pushes my head down and I feel his lips and his tongue on my sloppy pussy, sucking me clean, licking the intoxicating mixture.

Shuddering as the last of my orgasm ripples through I turn and bend to kiss his lips, tasting him, me the heady brew.

Lowering my head, returning the favour, licking his cock clean, feeling it still throbbing under my tongue. He pulls me up into a tight embrace, kissing me deeply. We at last pull apart and align our clothing, smiling like goofy teenagers. He grips my arm, raising my sleeve and with a felt tip marker, writes his phone number, making me tremble with anticipation of a 'second date.'

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