tagErotic CouplingsGrab, Pull and Thrust Ch. 02

Grab, Pull and Thrust Ch. 02


Post holiday blues settle in around the 10th of January. The pretty lights all packed up for the year and the friendly attitude of pre - Christmas folks have settled into an impatient tolerance. Sitting in front of the computer, I let my mind wander back to the department store and the stranger who gave me a little unexpected present. Grinning, I push my hand into my panties and rub my growing clit.

A little glow coming to my eyes, a slight flush to my cheeks as I wonder if I dare call his number. Rubbing faster, my breath quickened, closing my eyes as the orgasm comes quickly, rippling over my body, transporting me briefly to a blissful state. Slowly pulling my hand free, sucking on my wetted fingers, I reach forward and grab the slip of paper from under the monitor.

Before I can change my mind I pick up the phone and dial his number, hesitating briefly before pushing the talk button, I don't even know his name. Jabbing the button hard with my damp index finger, I listen to the ringing. After 4 rings a voice mail system kicks in and I hear an automated machine giving the standard speech.

Shocked as the system's robotic voice says "Press 6 if you are the woman from the Department store I met on Christmas Eve, behind the Christmas tree."

In disbelief, I move the phone away from my ear, not coming out of my stupor until I hear the phone beeping in my hand. I look at the screen as if it will give me an answer and then I touch the disconnect button.

I must have heard that wrong, I must have had more than one glass of wine with supper. Hallucinations, wishful thinking...I need a hobby. Laughing out loud I leave the room and run myself a bath. Sprinkling in my favourite bubble bath, running my fingers through the thick foam. That last orgasm must have knocked a screw or two loose in my head.

Dropping my clothes in a heap on the floor, I start to step into the tub, but instead grab my phone and put it on the edge of the tub before climbing in and sinking chin deep in hot water, pillowed by the fluffy bubbles.

The effects of a glass of wine, a hot bath and an over-active imagination are more than I can stand and I reach for the phone again. Pressing redial, I listen as the fourth ring gives way to the machine...holding my breath as I hear press six...and yes that is what it says.

Punching the six, I still dare not breathe for fear of missing what the machine says. "It's about time you got around to calling, sorry I'm not here right now, but I am never far away...leave me your address if you dare and I'll see you within the hour. I'll bring the wine."

Quickly reciting my address into the phone, before I can change my mind, then hanging up...laying back and letting the water soothe.

As the realization of what I have done dawns on me, and I check the time, it has been forty minutes already, the water is cool, and I veritably leap from the tub. Grabbing a towel and running through the house, preparing for company, just in case. Tucking a pair of shoes away, hanging up my discarded jacket, putting the dishwasher on. And only then remembering the towel. Running to my room, tossing the towel aside and grabbing comfy clothes, not really believing that he will arrive in...looking at the clock...oh no...now. And with that thought comes the pealing of the doorbell. The soft tintinnabulations of the chimes spurring me on as I pull on a pair of shorts, pulling on the shirt as my hand reaches for the doorknob.

Smiling, and there he is with time to spare. My voice suddenly gone, I can only stare open mouthed at his grinning face. He finally breaks the silence by asking, "Are you going to invite me in, or shall I ravish you here on the doorstep?"

Stifling the gasp that bubbles up, I stand aside, giving him room to enter the house. As the door shuts behind him he reaches for me pulling me into the circle of his arms. "Hi, my name is Dave, it is a pleasure to meet you." Before I can formulate an answer in my mind his lips descend, claiming my very breath as he kisses me into submission.

My heart pounding as I hear the sound of blood rushing through my veins, I lean into him, letting him have his way with my lips. His strong hands kneading the firm flesh of my ass, my mound pressed tightly to his crotch, I hear him groan as he pulls away.

My face flushed from the kiss, my lips trembling and my knees almost knocking together he watches me as he takes off his jacket and hangs it on the hook by the door. He bends to slip out of his boots and as he stands up, he grabs my hand and tells me to lead him on a tour of the house.

Still silent, I obey, leading him first into the living room. He turns me to him and kisses me again, fiercely this time, bruising my lips with the urgency of his kiss. He pulls away from me once again and surveys the room, and then says, "Keep on giving me the tour."

So I do, room after room, being kissed in each one, his lips leaving mine tingling, aching for the next kiss, the heat of his body as he draws close to me.

Finally, my room., I lead him in, turning to face him in the doorway, blushing at the fact that we are in my bedroom, my lips kiss swollen and my nether lips puffy and wet. Suddenly breathless at his nearness, my legs weak, I lean into him, demanding him to wrap his arms around me, to hold me upright. My chin tilted up, lips parted for this next kiss.

My breasts press against his chest, heart thudding, taking away any thought of resisting, I allow myself to be propelled backwards, my legs hitting the edge of the bed, and without a hesitation, he lifts me and dumps me on the bed. Taking a deep breath at last, I feel my shorts being pulled over my ass, I lift to let him pull them off. He pushes my knees wide and kneels, inhaling the sweet fragrance of my moist sex. My body shaking with arousal, my thighs quivery as he leans in, until I can feel his heated breath, stroking my puffy lips.

My feet find his shoulders and I lift up, thrusting my moist mound towards his mouth and am rewarded with the light touch of his tongue, protruding from those freshly kissed lips, touching my fiery flesh. With a groan I reach down, tangle my fingers in his short dark curls and push his head to my wet slit, my thighs opening wider until I feel those nether lips part, the pink soft flesh glistening in the light, awaiting his tongue.

The heat of his breath, mixing with the heat of my wet flesh, sends an electric like shock, it travels along taut nerve endings, firing each one, sending my body into a paroxysm of spasms, instantly bringing me so close to the edge of orgasm. Sheer anticipation turning my body into a conductive receptacle, soaking up every sensation, magnifying it and causing my hips to gyrate, grind at his mouth.

His tongue never ceasing, it drags over my sensitive and swollen clit, and without warning, I scream, it echoes in the confines of my bedroom. He seals his mouth to my nether mouth and drinks as I cum, sucks the sweet nectar from my pussy as it convulses on itself, muscles pushing the juice out, a stream of hot liquid as my climax rolls through me.

He pulls his lips from my sex and stands, leaning over me to kiss me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, sharing the nectar. My head swims, an intoxicating taste, so intimate, his tongue seeks mine and playfully stabs, licks and twirls with my own.

Grabbing my hands, he pulls me to my feet, and slowly lifts the hem of my shirt, lifting it over my head, leaving me quivering in the afterglow of orgasm, shivering with the cool air brushing my swollen nipples. He steps back, and stares into my eyes, then lets them wander down, lingering on my breasts, he traces the path his eyes have taken with one finger, his touch as light as a breath.

His eyes travel lower, as does that one tantalizing finger, touching me, caressing me and stealing the very air from my lungs. Breathless I watch, his finger stabbing gently into my navel before it strokes the upper curve of my mound, still swollen, still spasming with the after shocks.

He takes a step backwards, just beyond my reach and smiles, his eyes sparkling with delight and says, "Undress me!"

Licking my lips, I advance, close that gap and brush my lips across his, my tongue snaking out to wet his, and I whisper, "I want to see you naked."

His only response is a growl as I watch his eyes darken, his lips wet from my tongue and I grip the hem of his t-shirt and slowly pull it up and over his head, dropping it on the floor, adding it to my own discarded pile of clothing.

My nails trace circles around his nipples, watching them stiffen, as I kiss his neck, poking my tongue at the beating pulse on his neck. Kissing a path to his collarbone as my nails draw tighter circles until they are raking his nipples.

He grabs both of my wrists, squeezing tight, almost painfully, but does not pull my hands away. I pinch his nipples, hard. Nipping at his shoulder with my teeth, loving it as I hear the drawn in breath, sucked loudly over clenched teeth. My fingers twist his nipples, then release as I let them wander downwards, over his ribs, stroking his belly, then fumbling with his pants, button and the wondrous sound as the zipper lowers.

Pulling my mouth from his shoulder, I look into his eyes as I push his pants down, grinning as I find that he is commando under those jeans. I lift my foot and hook the waistband, pushing them down over his thighs, letting them puddle at his feet. My eyes look down and it is my turn to suck in a noisy breath as his cock springs free, long and hard and ooooh so much thicker than I remember. Wetting my lips, I drop to my knees, the urge to taste that jutting cock too much to bear.

Parting my lips, I take his head into my mouth, swirling his slit with my tongue, poking and stabbing, before pushing onto the long shaft, until I feel the soft curls of his dark pubic hair tickling my nose. It bucks in my mouth, twitching deliciously, a trickle of precum on my tongue, a growl from deep in my throat vibrates along his hard cock.

I start to move back and forth, a slow but steady rhythm, thick drool making it easy to slide it deeper into my throat, it stretches my lips, scrapes the back of my throat as one hand grips his ass, and the other cradles his balls. Saliva dripping out from around the tight seal of my lips, bathing, coating his balls. His fingers twist in my hair, helping me find a tempo that makes him shiver, his cock growing thicker in my mouth until with a scream, he pulls me off. Tilts my head and looks down into my eyes and says, "Mercy! Please no more, I have been thinking of this moment for weeks, and I do not want to cum too soon."

With that, I drop my mouth lower, taking his sac into my mouth, already wet with drool, my tongue exploring, poking at the single nut I have managed to trap between my lips. Sucking, tonguing, moaning onto his balls, fingers pushing at the other until my mouth is filled with his balls, my tongue pushing between them, his groans making me dizzy with desire.

My knees slipping apart, my free hand lowering to play with my clit, rocking my hips, guttural groans muffled by my mouthful of man parts. He grabs a handful of hair and pulls me up, kissing my lips, feeding on my tongue, biting, sucking air, until I can no longer get a breath. My hands planted on his chest, squeezed between us, I push ineffectively at him, trying to find a way to breathe, lungs bursting with need.

He pulls away at last, panting, his shoulders heaving, he turns me and pushes me forward onto the bed, "Get on your hands and knees, I want to taste that ass!"

Moaning, just the thought of his tongue, running along my crack, I move quickly, assuming the position, bracing myself, arms folded on the bed, ass high in the air, my cheek resting on my forearm, and then the touch of his hands, on my ass, parting my cheeks. A noisy exhalation as I realize I had been holding my breath. His breath, warm and moist on my ass, my puckered bud winking, muscles already flexing, and then, ohhhhhh, yes. My hips moving, rocking back onto his tongue as he licks, stopping at my tight backdoor, pushing, making it open up as he forces past that ring of muscle.

His hands kneading my cheeks, spreading them wider as his tongue forges forward, opening that fiery ring, and stabbing at the sensitive nerve endings just inside that most forbidden of dark holes. My mind reeling with the intensity of his attentions, heart pounding, galloping as if it will beat free of my chest. His fingers dancing along my puffy pussy lips, toying with me, teasing my slit, as his tongue starts to fuck my ass.

My hips bucking at his face, my ass crack kissing his cheeks as he drives deeper, his fingers plying my clit, making it swollen and aching with need once again. Biting hard on my bottom lip, stifling the impending scream, his finger pushes in beside his tongue, then a second finger forces its way inside and I am spread, my ass gaping open, allowing his tongue freedom to lick and rake over that inner ring of nerves.

The sudden rise of my passion, the scream poised on my lips letting loose, once again filling my tiny room with the sound of my arousal, his fingers pinch my clit, hard, holding it in a vise like grip as I try to pull away. His two fingers, strong inside my ass, pulling me back onto his tongue as I cum again. A torrent of thick juices pouring over his hand, his fingers still holding my convulsing clit trapped tightly in his grip.

Wave after wave of ecstasy, keeping me pouring sweet nectar, and then his fingers let go of my clit. The pain searing into me as blood rushes back to fill that button, it throbs with a white hot sensation of heated sex, and as I peak on a wave of bliss, he pushes four fingers into my pussy, fingers curled, dragging over that inner stretch of skin, the place where my body yearns to be stroked. He fucks me with those thick fingers, rubbing harder over my gspot, bringing my body to a fever pitch, my entire body shuddering as the orgasm is sustained.

With a scream ripped from deep inside me, my body explodes, convulsing, shaking as I writhe on the bed. My only thought is to prolong that pressure inside me, but it will not be contained. A stream of thin sweet cum jets from around his fingers, splashing over his chest, while his tongue never ceases fucking my ass. As the ecstasy reaches its apex, the downward swing is one of absolute exquisite agony as my pussy tries to turn itself inside out, strong muscles constricting on his fingers, my forbidden ring of muscle dancing on his impaling fingers and tongue.

With a forward motion, I pull, fling, toss myself forward onto the bed, collapsing into a writhing heap of soaked and tingling flesh. He follows me forward, hand still entrenched in my spasming pussy, his other hand finding a handful of hair, and turning my face to his, he kisses me deeply. I can smell and taste myself on his mouth, my breathing ragged, lungs aching as they force themselves to pull in air, my body weak from the force of those orgasms, yet still begging for more as I suck his fingers deeper inside me.

Twisting his hand inside me, he repositions, and my eyes fly wide, shock and pain flickering over my face as he tucks his thumb and corkscrews his entire hand inside me. Knuckles dragging over that abused gspot, making me groan, and wriggle, trying to pull away. His hand twists in my hair, pulling, bringing tears to my eyes, and as he continues to kiss me, his hand starts to curl within, and with short fast strokes, I can feel that pressure build again.

Growling, I push at his chest, my fingers digging into him, nails raking over his skin, but still his hand is insistent, faster and harder, reaching all the way inside, then pulling back, stretching my vaginal vault painfully. Yet, my body responds, constantly feeding more lube to his fist, making the way slippery, wet and hot.

His hand twisting, knuckles tearing over that sensitive spot, he pulls my head away, his lips leaving mine, letting me gasp for a full breath and his voice, demanding, "Cum for me. Cum for me NOW!"

As his words ring out in the room, his head dips and gathers a nipple into his mouth, his teeth tearing into the soft tissue, clamping down. A flash of light, white hot and searing burns into my closed eyes, the pain rippling out from my nipple, and my body starts to buck on the bed, my pussy fucking itself on his hand and the orgasm arrives as he demanded. The pain and pleasure, morphed into one sensation, separate, yet rolled into one long climax. My throat raw as the scream peals out, echoing in the room, intensifying, urgent, a primal yell as my pussy lets loose, like a dam whose floodgates have been released, soaking us both, showering us as it splashes out forcefully, not unlike a fountain of sweet liquid.

Wet from my orgasmic flow, sweat and possibly a little drool, I lay limp on the bed, unable to move. His hand still nestled deep inside, his fingers barely moving, slowly and gently stroking my walls. We lay like that for a long time, until the heated wetness cools beneath us, the sweat dries on my skin, and when I finally open my eyes, I see him staring at me, watching me, and smiling.

His tongue snakes forward to taste the saltiness of my flesh, teasing along the length of my shoulder, then he moves to kiss me, his free hand gathering me close.

"How do you like me so far?" his voice muffled against my lips, I can only groan an answer.

His soft chuckle thrilling me as he says, "Can you please stop that wanton and greedy pussy of yours from trying to strangle my hand, I don't think I can feel my fingers, you are cutting off the circulation."

My eyes wide as I stare at him, the corners of his mouth twitching as he nears the point of outright laughter.

Shaking my head, I push with strong vaginal muscles and enjoy the slight grimace of pain as he finally pulls his hand free of my heated vault. Rolling over on top of him, I look down, a bit of energy seeping back into my body and smile.

"It's very nice to know your name." I lean in for a kiss, my thighs straddling his, my pussy still damp, still quivering as I rock on his body. "Next time, I know what name to scream at least." smiling I nip gently at his bottom lip, then lower myself down his body until my lips are even with his cock.

I lick my lips, sneak a peek up to make sure he is watching and then lick his balls. My tongue wet and hard, stabbing at him, fingers splayed on his chest, caressing his nipples, stroking them in time with the lapping of my tongue. I am quickly rewarded with the tell tale sign of his twitching cock. Knowing that I am the cause of his arousal makes me bolder, and without waiting for an invitation, I take his semi erect cock in my mouth. My tongue swirling around his head, poking at his slit, pushing hard, trying to push my tongue into his tiny pee hole.

With a growl he grabs me and flips me under him, pinning me to the bed, staring at me, grinning, mischievous eyes dancing with lust.. His head ducks to my nipple, ripping his teeth into me again, sending me into a paroxysm of spasms as I let loose with a new howl of pain and pleasure.

Before the scream had died from my lips, his hands had scooped up my legs, his body positioned between my well spread thighs, my ass lifted, pointing almost skyward and with a movement, so fluid it was like his body had become an extension of mine, he slid his cock into my well lubed, upturned ass.

The stretching of my tight sphincter taking my breath, it whooshed forcibly out, dragging over my teeth, my knees pressed back, compressing my chest...and his eyes, now dark with desire, staring into mine, seeing beyond me, boring into my soul.

His long thick rod, impaling into the depths of my bowels as my elastic ring of muscle danced on the thickness of his shaft, pushing me down and into the bed, before he finally started to pull back, slowly withdrawing. I could hear the wet plop as my ass closed, his cock pulled free and with a growl ... he drove deep once more, finding a rhythm, fucking my ass, making my head spin with a giddiness, so light-headed that it threatened to take me into a dark sightless realm. My lungs chose that moment to start breathing again, and the sound and colour returned to my consciousness, my breath wheezing in and out as his cock hammered at my ass.

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