Grabbing Granny


Even as the last fireworks were going off in my head June climbed onto the bed and pulled me up to the head of it to join her. I removed my clothes and we lay cuddling for a minute, me revelling in the feel of her huge squashy breasts rubbing against my hairless chest. The girls I'd had sex with up to that point had all been quite slim, and I found it incredibly erotic to hold a big, soft, fleshy woman in my arms. She kissed my face tenderly and, after a few minutes, whispered, "Right Pete, now it's my turn. What did you say in your e-mail? You're going to lick out every inch of my cunt?" Feeling slightly embarrassed at the memory of that, I slid down her body, pausing to take one of her nipples between my lips. I sucked on it and wrapped both my hands around the massive tit, gently kneading it. She sighed and put one hand on the back of my head, her other hand, resting lightly around my semi-erect cock, which quickly stiffened again. After a few minutes I switched breast, but just as I was preparing to move down to her cunt she stopped me. "I'll tell you what sweetie, let's leave that for now. I've been looking forward to this tit fuck you promised me."

I had to admit that, having now experienced her tits first-hand, so was I. I slid up the bed and she slid down, and we sort of met in the middle. June pressed her big breasts around my rod and I started pumping it up and down between them. I'd never done anything like that before, and it took me a minute or so to get my technique right, but I soon built up a steady rhythm. June pressed her lips to my stomach and gave me little kisses and licks, which I found incredibly sexy. It wasn't long before I was shooting off again. June caught some of it in her mouth, but the rest landed on her chin. She reached out her long tongue and licked it off, waggling her coated tongue at me obscenely.

For a lady of 78, June had an amazing amount of stamina. I thought she might want a rest after that, but not at all. She put her hand on my head and pushed me firmly but gently down towards her pussy. On the way I stopped off at the big fleshy folds on her belly, dipping my tongue into them and tasting the salty sweat which had collected there. June squirmed and giggled as I did that, then I lowered my head between her thighs. They were huge, and I had to push her quaking flesh out of the way to get to her slit. Surprisingly I found that erotic rather than a turn off. Once there I plunged my whole face into her wet hole, appreciating her perfume and waggling my tongue. June hissed and pushed herself onto me still harder. To be honest, despite my boasts in my e-mail I'd never licked a woman's pussy before, but I seemed to be doing the right things for this woman. I quickly found her clitoris and licked it while I used my entire hand to finger fuck her. She was burning hot inside, and after a couple of minutes she wailed and her hips bucked as she exploded to orgasm. Gasping for breath, she groaned, "My God, I never thought that would happen again."

I loved the taste of her pussy, and I would have liked to stay there longer, but I'd made her a promise and I was going to see it through. I lifted her big thighs onto my shoulders and started squirming beneath her. June realised what I was doing and, with a gasp of delight, rolled onto her front. Then she reached behind her, parted her cheeks, and I stared into my grandmother's arsehole. Summoning up my courage, I closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue and went it. I don't know what I was expecting, but in fact the main taste was of her salty sweat. Her passage quickly narrowed to a tight little hole, and I found I quite enjoyed pressing my tongue into it and flicking it around. I also enjoyed the sounds of June's obvious pleasure at the sensation. As I licked her I re-inserted a couple of fingers in her pussy and twirled them around. After a few minutes, almost sobbing with joy, June begged me, "Oh shit, Petey, please, stop, I can't take any more."

After that she did have a bit of a rest, and I went and made myself a sandwich and watched a bit of TV. As I sat completely naked in June's favourite chair, I reflected that I'd never had so much sex in such a short period, or in so many different varieties. I still hadn't done what I most wanted to do though, which was fuck that glorious big cunt of hers. I found myself chuckling as I wondered how my dad would react if he knew I'd just spent an afternoon with his mother's mouth round my cock and my face in her pussy.

After a couple of hours I heard June stirring, so I took her a cup of tea. She lay on her back her thighs wide apart, and gave me a loving smile. "Thanks darlin', that's just what I need. Well, one of the things I need. I 'phoned you mum and said you were going to spend the night here -- is that all right?" In answer I lay on the bed, rolled her on her side, and hugged her to me, my prick again nestling in the crease of her bum. As I kneaded her boobs she sighed and reached back, stroking my hip with her fingertips. "God, how can my grandson be such a dirty little fucker? I'm going to want a lot more of this from you, you know."

I couldn't wait any longer. My prick felt as if it was bursting, and I lay on top of her and rubbed it against her coarse pubic bush. She put her hands on my bum, and at last my eager cock entered her warm, sopping wet cunt. Her hole felt wonderful and, as I'd predicted in my e-mail, silky. I kept my prick still inside her for a moment, just enjoying the feeling, then I started stirring it around as June chuckled. Finally, still laughing, she dug her fingertips into my bum and growled, "Come on you little bastard, I want a good hard fuck." I started slowly, and gradually increased my pace, ramming my dick to the hilt into her huge wet snatch. I put all my strength into it, and with each stroke my balls slapped against her. At one point I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror on her wardrobe -- my lean, muscular, lightly tanned body on top of her huge, quaking white one. I liked the image so much I started fucking her even harder and quicker. I lasted longer than I ever had before until, finally, I erupted into her with one last extra-long stroke. Finally I collapsed onto her big cushiony body, my prick still up her.

The following weekend I moved in with June. I told my parents it cut my journey to work -- well, it did, but only by about five minutes. Naturally they don't have the slightest idea of the truth. I find June incredibly sexy, and having a regular seeing to seems to have put new life into her. Often I wake up during the night to find her mouth around my prick, or I'll climb on top of her and fuck her to wakefulness. As I promised when I e-mailed her, I have fucked her on all fours, plenty of times. One thing I especially enjoy is that, every evening when I get home from work, she greets me in the hallway by dropping to her knees in front of me and sucking me off, there and then. As far as I'm concerned you can keep skinny, shaved young girls. I'm more than satisfied with my big fat, hairy old granny.

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